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Arsenal Versus Hull: It’s Good To Talk

  Dear Stew, Like you I am an Arsenal fan, unlike you I’m really pessimistic about the team and its prospects this season and for as many seasons as I can remember. It confuses me how you remain so positive given our palpable lack of success and the vanishingly small likelihood we will fulfil our […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: How Do You Like Them Apples?

Anyone who knows me knows of my interest in obsession, addictive behaviour and the curiously exaggerated importance we attach to football. Anyone who reads Positively Arsenal (you for instance) is an example of the most successful evolutionary outcome the world has ever seen. Intelligent beyond the imagination of our ancient ancestors, dangerous and powerful by […]

Arsenal Versus Hull : Happy Valley

I have, since escaping school at the first available opportunity, travelled a wide and colourfully varied career path. I’ve been a civil servant, a builder’s labourer, a steeplejack, an interior designer and a security guard. That is to name but a few of my interesting and ultimately short lived attempts at finding the ideal method […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: The Magic Number

All the hoo-ha which followed Man United’s defeat at the hands of a bleary eyed hungover Midtjylland who had apparently only just finished a seriously long Christmas party has caused me a little discomfort.  Firstly if United’s results get any worse and the press and their own fans turn on the players and manager any […]

Patience can be bitter but the fruit is always sweet

Morning everyone and I trust there is a spring in your step this Tuesday morning? Another pleasant Start to the working week after last night’s demonstration of the football art at its best. You saw it, you coo’ed, you purred, you WOW’ed at Ozil’s back heel to Sanchez about ten minutes before the end. Even […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: Credit Where It’s Due

Manchester United have provided us with an admirable cast of pantomime villains over the years. Defectors from within our ranks like Persie and Stapleton, outrageous talents who preferred history to remember them as diving, whining cry babies like the lesser Ronaldo, and revolting cheats like Nistelrooy. Despite these and many others and despite Ferguson’s corrupt […]