The Season So Far.

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Here is the latest guff from Shotta and I with a difference, we have the insightful young lady Byso with her matching hair and Arsenal top, it’s worth a watch for this alone, although I can’t say the same about my miserable face and incoherent ramblings.

Let us know what you make of it.

Pedantic George.

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  1. We’ll be doing worse after 12 games of this season than 12 games of Wenger’s last season.

    Arsenal after 12 games of Wenger’s last season: 22 points [1 point behind 4th place], seven wins, one draw, four defeats

    Arsenal after 11 games this season: 20 points [2 points behind 4th place], six wins, two draws, three defeats


  2. Guendouzi made his debut for France tonight


  3. The three players playing for England will help to settle in this rebuilt squad.
    It is a young squad and they will get better over time. Is Arteta the coach to take them forwards? He secured his season with the derby victory, good results afterwards stopped the fan base from curdling as they were before that match, the blaggers were preparing their dance move which the fans now call the Embarrassing Emery shuffle (lord what clowns and liars the denigrators of AW proved themselves to be! Certainly they people who know sweet fa about the footy. It was on this blog that after five minutes of the watching an eighteen year old Saka play that someone wrote the AW academy graduate is a better footballer then Kronke’s record signing. At eighteen. What kind of fraud who blags all day long could not simply point that out? Do they watch Football? They are Idiots. And Reprobates.

    we will find out if arteta is learning and improving soon enough.


  4. I do think that Pepe has a role in this squad.
    He can create goals and he is quick! For a team that needs goals, that is helpful.

    Not as a first eleven player but still an important role like many others in the past. As asked on the podcast, can Arteta make the most of him?

    For me ESR is more of a Freddie then a Pires. Heh.
    he is he is an exciting talent only entering his third full season, he’s a late bloomer IMO.
    That volley away to Tottenham last season that crashed against the bar. Not one but two exciting talents that have show themselves to be better then any of Joshy kerching manoeuvres.
    Yet certain blagging idiots this week were still running down the legacy which we are all enjoying on the pitch because they are fools who cannot acknowledge their own stupidity in supporting an act of barbarism as Ehab’s has eloquently chronicled.


  5. Fins, I don’t think ESR is a late bloomer just he has been really unlucky with injuries at key times.
    Had he been constantly fit his impact would have been seen several seasons earlier.


  6. This season has certainly been strange so far. The poor first game, which can happen in any season, the losses to two of the best teams in the league could be forgiven however the way we lost, the dire football we offered and then the terrible games against Burnley and Norwich didn’t offer much for the season ahead.
    Most teams who start poorly normally improve but it was the introduction of Aaron and dropping of Pepe that really changed our fortunes.
    So on the plus side we have three very good young England player two of which are Academy players a very young squad who have improved in the last few games and on current form are top over the last three games.
    We have a set piece coach who seems to be very good as well. However because of the six goals we have.scored from dead ball situations plus Aubas pen the other week it means only six of our meagre 13 goals were scored from open play.
    This is surely a damning stat and still shows our football is miles away from where the higher echalons of the Arsene era.

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  7. former Arsenal midfielder Giovanni van Bronkhurst has become the new manager of Rangers

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