No More Mr. Nice guy from The Arsenal.

Hello all.

Here is the latest Youtube from Shotta amd I. Arteta and the lads get full credit for fighting fire with fire.

Blackburn George.

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  1. I’m sure I am not the first to quote that Arsenal favourite Deeney.
    “No ‘cojones’” well not from where I was sitting on Sunday.
    Now however some say we are ‘disrespectful’.
    Oh well.


  2. Really don’t think anything has drastically changed as far as cojones is concerned. We don’t argue with the ref any more than we use to and statically we tackle and foul less.
    It seems to be a modern myth that all of a sudden we have a vein of steel.

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  3. I don’t think it’s steel either Ian, just a bit of shithousing.


  4. Ok whilst I appreciate we are not seeing Leeds Utd back in the day I have witnessed a different mentality in recent games.
    They won, it isn’t perfect the atmosphere in the ground is more positive and supportive, it may well implode but I continue to welcome any small steps.


  5. Dan Critchlow
    Swindon Town have done the Arsenal u21s a favour and beaten Newport County, putting Kevin Betsy’s side through to the knockout stages of the EFL Trophy #AFC


  6. Osman 🎗
    Arteta (Wenger) “I would like him to be more present at the club. I think the players will love him, they will benefit, they will be inspired to have him around. I think for the club it would be a huge boost.”


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  8. If Stevie G got the sack today from Villa you know who would be an experienced really good fit as manager…. Dean Smith.
    Also you know who has been successful at a giant club who was just stamping their authority back on the league, just like Newcastle….. Stevie G.
    It is strange how and why boards decide to sack and appoint managers. It all seems crazy to me.


  9. Great podcast

    I agree with George Arteta’s shit housing as a player was so endearing this is why I still for emotional reasons have some hope he will improve as a coach and learn from most of his errors.

    We called him the Dark Prince. Whilst the arsehole blaggers were demanding leaders and defensive midfielders the football fans were loving up Arteta, the 100 cap German legend Mertesacker and some geezer called Cazorla. the only reason the Fans (who know unlike the arsehole blaggers) did not give Arteta a song on arrival like the other two Greats is because everyone thought it would have given him an even bigger head: and they were right to think so haha!

    The average Arsenal Fan is a lot smarter, and funnier, then the average Arsenal know nothing click baiting blagger. This is what the record states.


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  11. anyone watch the womens game today, NLD, the ref was a disgrace, might as well had a spurs kit on her. Its amazing that even the refs in the womens game as well as the academy games ref AFC in a completely different way to all other sides in their leagues.

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  12. seems kolasinac badly injured on international duty v Finland, the opponent rightly got a red card for the reckless tackle, it was more like assault, lower leg or ankle got the brunt of the challenge


  13. I think when the big four inevitably come calling for England’s soon to be number one we should get quite a bit for him.
    Difficult to know whether we will be able to keep Saka and ESR.


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