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Are Arsenal In False Position ?

Today a guest post by @Swales1968 Arsenal, have not played anybody yet?  This is a term Arsenal fans have been forced to listen to from our hypocritical media over the past weeks. So let’s look at a few things  Arsenal, have played four teams in the top ten places winning two, drawing one and  losing […]

How (Not) To Handle The Interlull

A post by Sensational Arsenal,a nice bit of fun Day 0: Immediately after the last match before the break, go to and look at the date and time of the next match and feel mild despair that it is two weeks away. Take small consolation in games coming thick and fast after the restart. […]

The Media And Arsenal

Today we have a guest post by@Swales1968 Another international brake so it gives us a chance to look back at the season so far and to where Arsenal are in the grand scheme of the Premier League & Europe. As we know Arsenal are top by two points, I have read and listened to many […]

Let’s be United after United

Well, that was a disappointment. I think a draw would have been a fair result, but there is no denying that we were below our best. I feel that we lacked a bit of drive and intensity in the first half. That  would have come from ‘Jack the knackered ankle’ and ‘Tomas the poorly’. Really, […]


Those of us with a superstitious nature will be frankly terrified at all the gung ho pre match triumphalism spreading through the Arsenal world this weekend. Thank goodness we have a manager who has been there, seen and done it all before and who hopefully will prepare his team for today’s big tussle free from […]

Talking Through the Arse 9-11-13

George and Ronan discuss the latest goings on and the upcoming visit to Old Trafford.

Rejoice In The Arsenal

This morning we have a guest post from @The_Beck_ . We’ve come far since the start of the year, and it feels great. It’s 2 A.M. and I really want to write. Across my screen, news articles keep flashing every minute. “Arsenal can win Champions League – Jurgen Klopp” “Wenger knows best” – Nick Miller […]

BVB – A Contemporaneous Report

Excuse me if I suddenly introduce random sections of dialogue or bizarrely inappropriate and entirely fictitious paragraphs into this narrative. You see it’s National Novel Writing Month and I’m attempting to put down an average of 2000 words a day in order to complete the ludicrous task of writing a book in a single calendar […]

Strength In Depth

I honestly cannot remember being so nervous before a Liverpool game. Not for ages. They’ve been in fine goalscoring form and we struggle to keep a clean sheet these days. I blame Mike. Ever since he put Wojciech Szczęsny in his fantasy league team we seem determined to leak goals win lose or draw. He […]

Arsenal vs. Liverpool – It’s up to Us

They keep saying that we haven’t played any big teams yet. The same people who talk about the strength of the league and how there are no easy games are suggesting that the points we get are somehow easier gained than those of our rivals. What is a big team? Should we win today, it […]