How (Not) To Handle The Interlull

A post by Sensational Arsenal,a nice bit of fun

Day 0: Immediately after the last match before the break, go to Arsenal.com and look at the date and time of the next match and feel mild despair that it is two weeks away. Take small consolation in games coming thick and fast after the restart. Realise the tricky period coming up because of number of games coming and players being tired from their international exersions.

Day 1: Do some work and then visit Positively Arsenal to read some new comments. Repeat.

Day 2: Fuck. Looks like Szczesny is injured. Great. Oh well, Fabianksi will get a chance.

Day 3: Today is a good day. I asked some opinions on Pires from PA members and it was really good to read their responses. I love hearing from fellow supporters about the exploits and qualities of past players.

Day 4: Visit Arsenal.com. November 23rd is still a long while away. Mertesacker too ill to play? Good rest for him.

Day 5: Ah, international football results. England lost? ok. How long did Wilshere play? 70 mins!? Well, atleast it is not 90. France lost? Wow. That is a surprise. 2-0 is hard to come back from. Giroud is going to be physically and emotionally exhausted by the end of the second leg. Koscielny got a red card? Nice! Rest in the next game! Then again, he would be mentally affected. If France were to get out, all our french players would be affected, even Sagna even if he didnt play. Maybe the best thing for them to be would be to play a game for Arsenal straightaway. I havent a clue about player psychology.

Czech Republic won! Nice! Did Rosicky score anything? Oh well. Google Tomas Rosicky. Hmm, I have never read his Wikipedia page. Oh. He has a brother named Jiri Rosicky who is a retired Czech midfielder. On Tomas, Wenger has said: player with remarkable vision, precision and first touch. I remember Fabregas saying sometime ago how important a first touch was. It is mouth watering that any of Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky and even Wilshere to a certain extent can play behind Giroud and thread passes to him, Podolski and Walcott.

Www.youtube.com; search Arsenal 5 – Tottenham 2.

Day 6: Imagine that we have played a match this weekend and the next game is only a week away.

Day 7: Fuck, November 23rd is still not close

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  1. Day 8: Despair. Another meaningless friendly thousands of miles away for Santi Cazorla who is being used by del Bosque to spell Iniesta and Xavi. He will be shattered on Saturday. Thanks f**k Ozil got two weeks rest. All in the name of getting on that bloody plane to Brazil where the natives will continue to be bled dry by FIFA in the quadrennial corporate world cup.


  2. Hunter,will you Email me,I need a word.?


  3. Lovely stuff SA,didn’t know about Santi-he might need the games but he doesn’t need the air miles.


  4. sure george..whats your address?


  5. Sens
    I was going to comment about going to other blogs and reading some of the insane diatribes that pass of balanced opinions, but PG beat me to it.

    I can’t believe Roy is planning to play Jack AGAIN. What does he think Jack needs to prove, apart from having a weak ankle and badly in need of a rest.

    I don’t like the English FA and our rival’s English team players hanging around in Colney for so long either.


  6. You have it Hunter but I will send it to you via the Email you post with


  7. That’s sent Hunter.


  8. ehhhmmmm …..yeah well…i cant access that..have forgotten all passwords πŸ™‚

    try here :sxamok@gmail.com


  9. SA

    Very familiar routine. Desperate minds think alike…..

    Mind you I’ve been must less inclined to surf the Arsenal News blog aggregator lately….it is too predictable and boring….


  10. done


  11. Hunter

    I was in Thessaloniki last week….those PAOK fans are crazier than you…..


  12. yes ok george ….maybe tonight.

    georgaki….they are barbarians….we are too sometimes πŸ™‚ , but they are ALL the time…..utterly nuts.


  13. SA, hope this helps:


  14. Thank you kindly Hunter.


  15. Excuse the double post above.


  16. Oh no Samantha Rice is after Rosicky….



  17. Best news this transfer window I thought was the 5 year extension for Szcz – and they say Ivan has no business skills – get the boy when he’s concussed after the OT game – contract in front of him – pen – bingo

    But was this the same young keeper who was dismissed as never likely to make the grade ? Was this the same young keeper we were told was not, nor ever would be fit to compare, to PL giants in the keeping art like Joe Hart ?

    Oh Julio Cesar where are you now ?


  18. Oh and I forget to say thanks SA – made me smile on a grey day here


  19. Finsbury

    That montage was breathtaking, fantastic stuff….thanks…this is why I love Wengerball…it is truly beautiful football and yet we have people who still write this:


    You have to read it to believe it….


  20. What an ignorant twat that Palmer is


  21. Today feels very much like the calm before the storm.

    There are 6 weeks until year’s end and 10 games to be played in that period.

    Then the transfer window opens up as the FA Cup gets under way in January, joined in February by resumption of the Champions League. We’ll have played 19 EPL games by the end of 2013, halfway through the programme.

    Hang on to your hats because I’d say this is the last time to catch your breath before the end of the season and the summer world cup-lull. As a club we are nicely poised to have the mother of all exciting months in the run-in, having achieved a position of strength in our main competitions despite having another mother of all injury-lists and a ‘thin’ attacking front line supported by a squad that looks otherwise in terrific shape.

    Some say the coming results may largely determine Arsene’s decision on whether to re-sign or not although I think fan reaction to whatever transpires could have just as much say. Having been sat quite close to the Manager during the Villa game, I could hardly blame him if he was unprepared to repeat anything like that experience.

    If – and it’s a huge if – he did go, then in all likelihood he would take his style of football with him.

    I for one will cherish the games coming up, will take nothing for granted and will be there through thick and thin and all the while hope a new contract is finally signed.

    An interesting six months on the way, whichever way you cut it.


  22. I’m more surprised to discover Piles is actually still writing that nonsense. He’s been banging the same bloody drum for donkeys years. I thought (hoped) he may have given up the blogging ghost, dwindling audience and whatnot.

    You shouldn’t give him the continued oxygen of, er, hits GP.

    A quick interlull google came up with this:


    In a nutshell.


  23. The travel may be hard on Santi, but SA time is only two hours ahead of London time. His sleeping schedule is not going to be altered as much as a player who is playing his meaningless friendly in the western hemisphere.


  24. Georgaki-pyrovolitis @ 2:35 pm

    We’ve had some fun this season!
    I am in a slight state of disbelief that the squad are where they are having missed Walcott, Plodders and Chamberlain for so long. Two out of the three back and up to game speed for the Xmas crunch will be fantastic, one back this week would be good timing: I’m guessing that Carzola and Giroud may need a breather against Southampton. As I wrote earlier in the season Plodders’ injury was unfortunate for him, otherwise he could well have been auditioning as Germany’s CF in tomorrows friendly game.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t click on that link without vomiting upon this recently cleaned keyboard so I’d better defer for now.


  25. I suspect that having had a beating from Chile and with a further duffing up fromhe Germans on the cards Theo and the Ox might well regard this as good international break to be on the sidelines

    I would be disappointed if Theo was not a certainty for Brazil as he was badly let down with his omission by Capello in South Africa and he has been by some distance the best English flank player in the four years since – and then there was his pointless inclusion in the 2006 squad

    The notion of Townsend nipping in and taking his place would piss me off no end


  26. Thanks guys and thanks fins for the videos


  27. SA the really nice vid seems to have been taken down : (
    Completely absurd when we consider that all the footage that was shown in the clip is available anytime anyone wants to look at it on the Arsenal.com player!


  28. Anicoll

    It’s a good incentive for Theo to work his socks off with Arsenal to show the media that picking flavour of the month Townsend ahead of him is wrong.


  29. I have no doubt Theo will get back to work with a spring in his step and in his mind a seat on the plane to Brazil as a goal DC

    I recall though back in 2009/2010 he had an early season injury that kept him out until February/March and therefore he had just 2-3 months to get back to his best for the WC. Earlier in the qualifiers and with his hatrick against the Croatians he had been one of the main reasons we qualified.

    In spite of doing well on his return for Arsenal in those final three months Fabio did not take him – Lennon, Shawn Wright Philips, Milner and Emile fucking Heskey all chosen ahead of him

    ( Unbelievable I know)


  30. the interlul is a great opportunity to clock in on the young lads. We now have started getting a lot of them back from injury and with less out on loan this year they are queuing up to play, the villa game was excellent and we give them a good spanking in the first half before villa made a fightback in the second. game finished 4-2 worth checking out on player. Toral who we got from barca at the same time as Bellerin made his comeback from injury as did benik both look up to speed and certainly will be knocking on the first teams door in the future. the team was so strong chuks and ollson were on the bench. Both academy sides lost to chelski. so we might pick up some of those chelski players as they have an aversion to putting them in thier first team


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