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El Capitan (Translation Provided)

Arsenal El Capitan, Mikel Arteta This is a brief blog about Mikel Arteta. Spain, Rangers, Arsenal – right midfield, central midfield, defensive midfield blah blah. You all know his evolution so I will spare you a history lesson. I believe that Santi performs brilliantly in a role designed for Arteta. It’s more defensive than that […]

Zeros To Heroes in One Week – The Arsenal Story

“The force of habit that is Arsenal football club has been restored.” – Andrew Nicoll There is an unwritten rule at Positively Arsenal that we don’t do tactics, team selections and line-ups. We are kept in line not only by George’s very firm gaze (across land and sea), but, as well, most of us are […]

Arsenal, La force d’habitude

Good evening Positive Ones and we have had a rather good afternoon, those of us who have had the good fortune to see the game from Selhurst Park and later ‘events’, haven’t we? For those like Tim who have responsibilities elsewhere then it is a pleasure to come. Reviewing what for me was the first […]

Arsenal Versus Palace: Enough Is Enough

As Manchester United marches inexorably towards the Premier League title leaving us to wait and hope that Manchester City can beat Chelsea and so keep us in touch with our neighbours and fellow strugglers at the bottom of the table, Arsenal fans are left with one question. Why? Why can’t the stubborn management at our […]

Does Arsenal First Day Loss Put An End To Its Title Ambitions ?

Without confidence you are twice defeated in the race of life. – Marcus Garvey So, in contrast to the pre-game optimism that Arsenal was a sure thing to the title, a metaphysical force which had swept up even of the most virulent doom-mongers such as Pedro of LeGrove and Phil of Angry of N5, in […]

Arsenal Disappoint, To Say The Least.

Great, just great. I suppose when I thought of calling this blog Positively Arsenal I should have considered how difficult that would make days like today. All summer I’ve been looking forward to carrying on where we left off , and within 45 minutes of the start of the new season the rug has been […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Let’s Get This Party Started

The anticipation which built throughout December with each candle John Noakes or Peter Purves lit on the Blue Peter Advent Crown inevitably resulted in an anti climactic Queen’s speech and a fight with your sister for which you were bound to be blamed regardless of her having started it. Similarly the warm, flat lemonade sensation […]