Arsenal: The final fixture of 2017

@LaboGoon eases us into New Year’s Eve 

IMG_1546.jpgArsenal travel to the Hawthorns of West Brom this afternoon to bid au revoir to 2017 – and hopefully we do so in style.

After being victorious in the opening two PL fixtures of the season, WBA have failed to get another win since and has slipped all the way down to the foot of the table.

Tony Pulis (“should old acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon…”) who of course set them on this barren run is gone and they are now managed by Alan Pardew – who is not only still looking for his first WBA win but also his first against his old foe Arsène Wenger, and honestly… I can’t see today being the day him or his side turn any corners.

We may have left the Hawthorns without a single point on our last two visits but they are on a sticky patch at the moment and their confidence shot. However that doesn’t mean our mere presence should be enough to win us the game. We still need to continue to work on being more clinical in front of goal, improve our awareness when switching between a two and a three at the back, when either in attack or defense, and to take better care of the ball in possession to quit giving away sloppy goals.

If there’s one thing football has taught us it is not to take anything for granted. When on the field you cannot afford having your thoughts somewhere else because there are no freebies, you have to earn each point you play for. So to get over the line, it’s still expected of us to put our backs in.

Team news: with Monreal, Ramsey and Giroud still missing out and no new injuries, the Boss is likely to stick with the same XI that beat Crystal Palace last outing, just so we can build some momentum and familiarity ahead of our clash vs Chelsea on Wednesday.

We have steadily improve on our away form and today is potentially another good one for the away and travelling support. So good luck to all of them and everyone watching from home.

Thank you PA community for another year filled with thought-provoking and insightful conversations. I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2018.


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115 comments on “Arsenal: The final fixture of 2017

  1. Mandy has he said who put the restrictions on them, is it the BPL, the FA who.

    The whole thing is corrupt, even the PFA, what a shower of cunts they are.

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  2. No, doesn’t say who,set the restrictions, at least not in this thread, you,can see what he said if you scroll down the link below

    Interesting about the GAA ref, going back to Untold, they have one guy who has officiated in the top Belgium league , another top USA ref,amongst other refs as contributers, they say they have heard many similar things.
    As for I
    Licit payments, never heard any proof , but a combination of human greed, ambition, a sense of entitlement, combined with a billion dollar illegal gambling industry, I wouldn’t rule it out. Seeing Mike Dean behave just as so many of us would have predicted, hearing wengers words, I would rule nothing out. If you are going to make a fool of yourself and your profession for reasons of bias, might as well take a few pieces of silver for it.
    Just been rereading wengers transcript, basically, he has just laid into the whole English football establishment, that I find interesting on a number of levels. He is an intelligent man of measured words, who fully understands the impact of his words.

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  3. Happy New Year everyone enjoy wherever you are and whenever your celebrating the crossover.

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  4. My comment seems to have gotten lost in the spam filter. Possibly for the best, as I was angry.

    Happy New Year, lovely PA folk. May we all have a great 2018.

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  5. Keith Hackett writing in The Telegraph said Mike Dean got it wrong, and rushed too quickly to give the penalty, no surprise then.

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  6. Happy new year positive fans !

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  7. Mandy: It is well known that broadcasters sign contracts which bind them to protecting the League, which essentially bars them from exposing the truth specifically the corruption and bias of the PGMO. Worse are the journos and their bosses, who essentially buy into the racket. To continue getting FA privileges, particularly the access that it is needed to cover international games and the cups, they engage in self-censorship and falsification. That is why the mainstream media is hemorrhaging readership and credibility daily.

    Only truly independent blogs and twitter accounts, (like PA, Untold Arsenal, etc.) have the desire and willingness to do the necessary research, to unearth the facts and publish it worldwide using the internet. It is us the readers and truth-tellers who refuse to be intimidated and stonewalled by sharing and spreading this information.

    Never has the reputation of English refereeing been so low, not even one representative selected to do a game in the most prestigious tournament of all sports worldwide, the FIFA World Cup.

    Thank you Mike Riley and the PGMO, you are doing a great job.

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  8. Happy New Year to all PA…

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  9. HNY Andrew Nic and to all my friends at PA.

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  10. Welcome to 2018 make it great ARSENAL

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  11. Thanks for your comments here.

    Peace, contentment & best health to all: 2018

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  12. Happy new year all you positive gooners

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  13. Happy New Year everyone. Just waking up here in Goa.

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  14. Happy new year to all positivistas. The hottest, darkest, remotest part of hell is reserved for Dean…

    Thanks to you all for making here a haven for me and my beleaguered heart on days that the men in black choose to agitate it, my heart that is.
    I do miss Steww though. Hope he’s alright? Labogoon and Andy, thank you especially for holding the forth, bravely, stoically even, in the face of the unrelenting onslaught by the likes of (insert invective of your choice here) Mike Dean!
    2018. May it herald better things for us all.
    Much love!
    Victoria Concordia Crescit

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  15. New post up


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