Arsenal and the green fairy


Good morning to those who are staunch Positives,

Not the result we wanted, and probably not the result most of us expected, with the Baggies languishing in the PL depths on New Years Eve and our football at Selhurst Park having some great style.

Of the things we did well I thought Granit and Jack demonstrated very effective coverage of the central midfield. The Swiss was always available and tidy in his passing and tackling. The Englishman surging forward with the ball at his feet and forcing opponents to back-off or lunge in.

I thought the defence had another good game and in contrast to March when our back 4/5 looked a bit ridiculous at the Hawthorns. Yesterday we allowed the home side very little sight of the goal and nothing from corners. There was no dithering. All passing out of defence was quick and accurate. All clearances were decisive. The wing backs worked well with their defender. Considering we lost Sead and Kosc early, and Nacho is already crocked, it was an assured performance. With Chelsea in a free scoring mode I hope that confidence stays in place.

Individually I thought Sanchez and Laca played well. What gelled less well was our movement and passing around the box. What I was also surprised was our apparent reluctance to launch the high ball over Evans, Dawson and Hegazi to see who would win the 30 yards dash. Fair play to West Brom though, they defended well throughout the game.

Our goal when it came was a bit of a mess as it looked to me that the free kick was going wide before James Maclean’s handy intervention. 83 minutes and having controlled most of the second half it looked as thought that bit of luck had brought us the points.

And then………. I have no idea what Kieran Gibbs was doing in our box, I have no ideas what Deano thought he saw that caused him to make an entirely random and wholly wrong decision. I think I heard yesterday that Dean is the longest serving PL referee. If so he should retire. In any event that  that was our balloon ‘popped’.



I do not however intend to allow poor refereeing to spoil the first day of 2018.

Enjoy your Monday.





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  1. No chance of it spoiling day for me. I purged myself of all that in the hours after the game.

    Happy new year to all.

    I’m ready to go again for Wednesday

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  2. Thanks Rich, for your truly enriching contributions to this blog.

    A happy new year to you too

    Like Andrew says, I totally concur with Dean’s retirement. It’s almost too little too late for him.

    Onwards to Wednesday, then.

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  3. Dear Positivistas
    Blame me for wrecking your New Year’s parties. In about the 84th minute, I turned to Annie and said “Well at least Dean’s having a good game.” How on earth did that comment travel so far through the ether and remind that toxic carbuncle that Pigmole pays his 30 pieces? Mea Culpa, sack cloth and ashes, woe is me. Sincere apologies all.

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  4. PS Andy. Now you know what happened.

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  5. Love to know when we last got a handball pen in our favour.

    Admittedly, don’t think we get many against. Can only remember a crucial one at Stoke, where hand was high as player jumped forward and ball headed against it from very close range.

    But for us and not given, wow, what a catalogue for those. Some choice ones were:

    Vidic pawing ball away at front post with player behind him;
    Rashford extending his arm to block on the line in 3-2 a couple of years ago;
    Bruce’s son Alex blocking one high from a fair distance in cup tie;
    Livermore batting one away near post in cup final;
    George Boyd of Hull with his arm well above his head swiping away a cross from distance (same game they were allowed to push Flamini in back to score);
    Southampton player with another blatant high one in middle of box, which ref wasn’t going to give but which we scored from as ball fell.

    (Var would at least have given us all of them, unless the system is grossly misused, applied with extreme conscious or unconscious bias, etc.)

    Those are just the ones that spring to mind. As for ones from close distance. Dozens. Which is inevitable given how crowded boxes are against us regularly.

    They are very easy penalties not to give. Even when criteria for a pen is met by their being some distance and arms high or extended, refs can still get away with saying ball to hand,etc.

    Damnit, ha, think I’ve remembered one. Hull again perhaps. Guy on the line blocking the ball and maybe getting a red. Still, I wonder if that’s the only one these last ten years or so of the Riley age.

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  6. Thanks Andy. As for those in despair that we will be screwed by the PGMO forever, the facts belie your pessimism. The PGMO’s power is in decline and their reputation is being ground into the dust as evidenced by the fact that not one single English ref will officiate in next summer’s World Cup. Think about that for a moment. England originated Association Football and their officials had a permanent grip, up to recently, on writing the laws of the game. Yet their officials are regarded as not fit, not competent enough to officiate a world cup game. Thanks Mike Dean. Thank you Mike Riley. In retrospect, Game 50 of the 2004-05 season was the apogee of your powers when you scandalously demonstrated your bias and corruption, your absolute disregard for fairplay and honesty. It has been a slippery slope to the bottom ever since.

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  7. Happy New Year to all. Think 2018 will be an interesting year for the club, in a good way of course.
    Sadly, I fear that even if Mike Dean did retire, he is the spearhead of something wider, and we seem to be regularly on the receiving end. I would imagine the likes of Mike Dean will end up sitting on the VAR panels, not because he is that good, but because someone wants him to carry on doing what he is doing.
    Yes, it is a hard job, but yesterday was a very bad day for refs, the season hasn’t been vintage either, we have lost several points to poor decisions, players getting hurt because refs let things go, Dele Alli continues to confound the laws of the game. No refs at the WC, a shortage of refs used at the top level,yet not a word about Mike Riley, perhaps he should retire, though again, I suspect he is in post, not because he is that good, but because someone likes what he is doing.
    On another note, whats happened to Theo? Is it true he’s off? Thought yesterday was a game we could have used his qualities. If he is off, that’s a lot of goals that need replacing

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  8. It well and truly spoiled mine.I have never felt less interested in football.

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  9. Shotta. Partly down to early retirements of two guys loved by Uefa/Fifa though, Webb and Clattenberg.

    In my sordid delving into ref autobiographies it was mentioned number of times that soon as our refs do make it to Uefa territory they are told straight away that they have to do things differently- following the rules closer, especially when punishing bad tackles. Ha ha, good old England.

    Evidence of those two mentioned suggests that, at least until recently, Uefa/Fifa like the best we have to offer very much, once they have recalibrated them. Fits with my impression of those two that they were indeed capable of being excellent refs. You see something similar with Atkinson on European duty- not a bad ref at all when he wants to be.

    As for our up-and-comers, a few of them have looked very promising to me at first, especially Oliver, but all then seem to succumb to pgmol ways.

    All they have to do to hold power and continue to keep things as they want, is ensure there is no rebellion from a powerful enough number of clubs, and that Scudamore and the tv boys are happy. I’m not convinced we are anywhere near that sort of point.

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  10. George, probably only reason it isn’t spoiling my day is because it did so spectacularly for a few hours yesterday.

    It’s a hard one. This site has helped me a bit in becoming more reasonable as to what to expect when three teams have us outgunned considerably financially, while still retaining hopes somehow we produce a team to fulfill my real dreams- title, world-beaters,etc.

    So I get myself set for that, albeit with interference of my emotional reactions during games; as I do for the fan situation, and the media situation; but shit like that from Dean is something I cannot prepare myself for, no matter that it merely conforms to my expectations.

    Thing is, whether it takes hours, a day, two days, or ,after Dean’s Chelsea escapade couple years back, a few games…in the end I get back to relative normality, where I look forward to seeing us again immensely *

    *Although I am pre-set for all the angst and unhappiness with refs to explode into life next time we’re done, and can’t give benefit of doubt or make allowances as I perhaps would for same decision in another non-Arsenal setting.

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  11. I have seen some pretty extensive analysis of Mike Dean vs Arsenal, and it seems there are issues for whatever reason.
    He can be a decent ref, when we are three nil ahead, don’t get a peep out of him, but it looked to me yesterday, he was just looking for an opportunity to level the scores. Have seen this before, was at last seasons NLD , where Clattenberg looked beside himself as he gave Dembele the softest of pens.
    Our pen balance does not compare favourably with the top teams over the years ,at all.
    If Clattenberg is reflective of others, and I firmly believe Dean is another, and these refs are managing games, there really isn’t a lot of point in any form of emotional investment in these fixtures whatsoever. A ref managing a game in such a way has the potential to fall into all manner of ills
    But, very little gets out, as the top refs are given a retirement fund of fifty grand if they keep quiet, which I for one find rather odd

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  12. As Ian mentioned, until the 87th minute, Dean had a fairly good game, nothing controversial. You can’t take him for granted though, even for a second !

    I’m surprised absolutely no EPL referees are going to Russia – while we have clowns like Dean we also have good officials like Oliver who are as competent as any I’ve seen in CL or Europa games. Anyone know if they’ll be using VAR in Russia ?

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  13. Rich
    (Var would at least have given us all of them, unless the system is grossly misused, applied with extreme conscious or unconscious bias, etc.)

    that is exactly how I expect they will use VAR, the diving panel and the retrospective banning panel are evidence enough of this, look at what and who have been banned or who have got away with charges, its a disgrace, there is no desire to clean up the game in England, as cleaning it up would be an admittance that it is dirty, in every sense of the word. You don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, now do you.

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  14. so who have the PGMOL wheeled out for us v CFC on Wednesday, Atkinson, Taylor, maybe Moss.

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  15. anicol I disagree with your assessment of Oliver, for me he is another Dean in the making, more and more he makes strange big calls, he seems to have a pompous full of himself attitude. I think a lot of Arsenal fans were duped into thinking he is an even handed Ref when he sent off DiMaira at OT in the cup a few years ago, forgetting that the sending off was not for any bad tackle or assault on an AFC player, but for the player having the gall to put his hand on Oliver’s shoulder as the ref had turned his back on him, the look of shock horror from Oliver the “how very dare you” sneer at the utd player told me we have another up his own arse ref here. I can envisage in the not too distant future some player will be walking away from him after the game, like Cech yesterday with Dean, after getting booked for asking him to explain his decision, and like Cech muttering the words “fucking Cunt”


  16. Thanks for the excellent report Andy, which paints a much better picture of the game than the one I was given listening on the radio. What a shame it finished as it did, an ending that leaves me in a Balotelli state of why always usness. And that’s a question I just can’t find an answer to. I can understand (much as I don’t like to) the notion of game management, I can get the appeal of a blood and thunder league which mixes skill with old-fashioned English virtues of passion and brawn, and I can see the reasons that bookmaker sponsored TV shows want playing fields tilted. But what I don’t get is what often appears to be a carefully orchestrated campaign to do The Arsenal down.
    And it is really irritating me.

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  17. i believe we have the wonderful tony manc taylor as ref. imagine the media hysterics if decision goes in our favour.


  18. just checked, the PGMOL have wheeled out

    Anthony Taylor

    for our game v Chelsea

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  19. tim the Arsenal have long been hated in the north of England, Southern softies, and not only that Bank of England club, first london club to win the league, the top london club, beating LFC at Anfield in 89, then battling with Man U, even winning the title at their ground etc etc etc,

    then look at where all the head men of the PGMOL are from, then look at where nearly all the refs are from. Add in that Arsene Wenger has actually won several charges brought against him by refs, and had refs suspended and lets not forget that Arsene and his coach Boro were two of the main men in exposing not only corrupt owners in the French league, but corrupt Refs,

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  20. ha ha ha, Mike Dean is the ref for Spurs v West Ham on Thursday

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  21. get a lump on the spuds probably at least one dodgy allie oop pen too

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  22. Part of the problem Tim was that after 87 minutes we were just 1-0 up, same as at Watford. And at 1-0 you are always one clumsy tackle, a player slipping on his arse, or as we saw yesterday a poor refereeing decision away from disappointment.

    One minor + yesterday was no one seemed to fall over !!

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  23. All we really need is for the big man to find the right words, then big change may follow


    According to Halsey there was strong suggestion first pgmol honcho Phillip Don was also removed- by Premier league- after managerial complaints from North, led by Ferguson and Allardyche about Don being too much of a stickler for rules and not giving players any leeway, i.e poor game management.

    Third time of asking got his man, he of extraordinary record of awarding Utd pens; game 50; being chosen for Cup Final when his score for season meant a number of others should have got it over him; and special dispensation to go to Euro 2004, after FA begged Uefa to bend rules and take him over the official who was set and qualified by Uefa ranking system to do so.


  24. So who are all these good Southern referees Eddy, being brutally suppressed by the Northern Coalition ?

    Are we counting in Friend, Probert or Atwell who, to a pie eater from East Lancs, could be regarded as nowt more than Southern softies ?


  25. Looking around at the leaches that have attacked themselves to the game, would be amazed if there was not out and out corruption, even in England heaven forbid, would be equally amazed if they haven’t got to officials.
    But there may well be other things going on. North South bias (ok Spurs and Chelsea do ok, but maybe more on that later), and anti whistle blower Wenger as Ed mentions. But on a more subtle level, perhaps unwritten behind the scenes agreements, mergers, alliances, turn blind eyes, accept a few dodgy goings on for desired outcomes of others, turn a blind eye to the activities of certain agents, bookies and their friends in the media, greasing of palms, in return you get an easy ride, as aforementioned southern clubs seem to. If such things exist, pretty sure they do, not only would Wenger have no part of it, he is also probably a risk of one day blowing it all wide open, his words yesterday suggests he may well be significantly down that path, especially if he really is on his final contact. Such a man would get no favours whatsoever from those involved in such deeds, quite the opposite.
    The club have , so far, kept quieter than I would expect others would when faced with these decisions and media coverage, but we have major shareholders who have done very well out of the premier league, warts and all, and there will be plenty of warts that have mutated into hideous pustulent carbuncles.
    But, for all of us who admire the manager, his principles, his record of standing up to corruption and other injustices, those of us who respect his much maligned values ( I believe he uses that very word as an indicator he will play no part in some of the goings on), I would advise enjoy this special man while we can. Maybe the club have even got fed up of things, and appointed Barcas DOF, a man who undoubtedly has ability and commands respect, but I am sure has inhabited a much murkier world than arsene Wenger would tolerate, Neymar shenanigans for starters. Times are changing for the club, in terms of being able to deal long term with what we saw yesterday, perhaps for the better, but at the back of my mind at least, there is always the fear that eventually, if you can’t beat them, join them, that would be a shame should it ever happen to this club

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  26. coutinho reported to have been left out of the LFC squad for their game v Burnely, this after Nike had Barca shirts with his name on it for sale on their website, maybe its a clue as to how LFC could pay £75M for VVD


  27. North/South thing is a lesser version ,for me, of not having the amount of refs designated at pgmol inception as correct figure

    The latter is bizarre bordering on unforgivable, given the extreme wealth within football in the country and the length of time they have been failing badly to meet their own simple target.

    The former-North South- is merely an example of them failing even more miserably to meet a sensible, desirable outcome, again despite that extreme wealth within the game which should obviously ensure reffing is excellently funded at all levels and there is plenty of money to aggressively target notable failings.

    The reality, apparently, is that while pgmol is well-funded, almost entirely by the premier league, the FA, who are charged with actually producing all refs and bringing them up to level where they can join pgmol, are stretched for cash.

    That situation is presumably one prem clubs have ample power to address during negotiations but quite clearly there has been no sufficient will to do so during all pgmol’s existence.

    This can only be as a result of their own self-interested calculations, i.e they are happy enough with the curiously small pool, the much smaller pool who do nearly all the big games, the North South imbalance, all of it.

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  28. Something for folk to chat about it seems. But it has gone.


    Roll on Wednesday.

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  29. Perhaps part of the problem is no one in their right mind wants to be a referee on account of all the abuse and, in the amateur game, the regular threats they receive ?

    Who wants to be a referee when they grow up !


  30. Happy new year!

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  31. No shortage of competent officials in the national hockey league. At less pay, and with with VARs this past decade. I think they might even have some officials from south of the watford gap. Fucking mental eh? What are they smoking?

    Come on. There are some officials worthy of being referred to as referees but don’t be making excuses for predictable and predicted cheats. The great Aussie cricket team will never get the same plaudits as the West Indian great team, because the ACB resorted to trying to benefit from cheats like Hair, and Fergusons great teams will also be (already are) regarded alongside Don Revie’s (& not Clough’s that accolade went to one AW…) and the other petro sniffing “Theatre” luvvies. Which is why I could predict the performance of the Theatre from this cheat in Home and Away fixtures following that blatant fix in Fulham (I try to not bore you all with this topic here as there is no “debate” unless you enjoy blowing in the wind…)

    There’s no shame in attempting to defend the sport we that we love, and neither is there any need to stick your foot deep into the stinking turd.

    It is: what it is.

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  32. Oxlade Chamberlain clearly bought in as Coutinho’s replacement with a Home Grown qualification, but Mane is & has been their key forward.

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  33. Remember when ARSENAL were elected to the league the Liverpool and Manchester clubs were running the league with dodgy money (nothing changes) there are rumours that ol Norris had info on them and that’s why they all voted for us to be elected. It’s something they have held against us ever since.
    By the way dean’s 87th minute intervention wasn’t his first in the game and no way was he doing ok. WB constant fowling and deliberate obstruction were not punished in the slightest slowing us down. The treatment of Jack in particular was something pep would be complaining about. If I didn’t know Dean was crooked then I would have thought he left his cards at home until late in the game.

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  34. its Jack Wilshere’s birthday today, he is 26

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  35. so back to yesterday’s game, leaving Dean out of it, my thoughts on our display

    I think most Gooners would agree that our performance yesterday v WBA was not very good, it was sluggish, lacking in many of the teams best aspects, the passing was slow, unadventurous, little goal mouth action, too much side ways, back ways passing,
    tempo is a term often used when discussing our poorer displays.
    So what is tempo
    Many will simply say its the speed at which we pass and run during the game, and to a point they are correct, but tempo is much more than just the speed of passing or the speed our players run at.
    Of course our players taking an extra touch to control the ball, or an extra touch to steady themselves, or an extra touch to decide what to do with the ball, can all lead to a lack of tempo in our game, but too often yesterday, just like in many games this season, the extra touch was not the main reason for the lack of tempo. As we actually done lots of one and two touch football, For me our lack of tempo was mostly down to two factors.

    1. passing options
    2. passing choices

    1. Passing Options – without Ozil and Ramsey, it led to a severe lack of passing options to our players in possession. They would look up and there was no midfielder making runs forward to overload or stretch the WBA defense, No Ozil there to take the pass under pressure, without both players it meant Jack was closed down much easier, and as we have seen time and again when Ozil is missing Alexis tendency to come deep for the ball is a bigger feature, again leaving us short up front.
    Hector and Iwobi seen loads of the ball down our right, but over and over they would turn back, partly cos there was so few of our players giving passing options in the WBA area, Lacazette often the sole attacker. Neither Jack nor Granit have the Ramsey late run in them, they stay outside the area, and Iwobi for a player who used to be a striker, seems very adverse to getting in there either, again he keeps staying on edge of the area. We hadn’t the injured Giroud to bring on for an extra body in the area, and Danny is another who spends most of his time too far from goal. Theo was coming on till Kos got injured, his attributes did seem needed yesterday, and I was a little surprised that AW did not go to a four at the back when Kos got injured and bring on Theo for him.

    2. Passing choices.- Again the loss of Ozil and Ramsey was felt here too, as both are inclined to look for the forward, or attacking pass as much as possible, both are assured enough in themselves to try it. They also seem more aware of the space or the openings, Bellerin, Iwobi, Xhaka and even Jack, yesterday all too often took the save option, or lacked the vision to see the switch in play that could have opened up WBA. On Jack, I was surprised the number of times yesterday that he failed to see the bigger picture, where he seemed to just have a narrow vision field, and was playing in straight lines. Several times yesterday Alexis and AMN were free in lots of space on the left, but Jack did not see them.
    Xhaka on several occasions received a pass about ten yards in line with right corner of the WBA area, 20 yards or so out, with him sideways on, and invariably he would pass the ball back towards the half way line, or back out to wide right, when if he had turned infield onto his favorite foot, there was 10 to 15 yards of space, which would have seen him going straight at the D.
    Iwobi was in safe passing mode too, back ways, sideways. Bellerin too played with narrow vision, it was normally a pass to the nearest team mate, when a more attacking option was a 20 to 30 yard pass bypassing those nearest to him.

    So what was the reasons for both these aspects of our play to be sub par.
    Well as mentioned Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud all out injured is bound to affect us. But should those that replaced them not at least make the same runs or take up the same positions as they do, even if less good at it.
    Wenger mentioned game schedule, well on that and with another game on Wednesday, should he not have rotated more, the fact was only chance from CP game was the one enforced one with Ozil injured. If as AW says the team was suffering fatigue from the lack of time between games, then surely a few more players who did not play v CP could have been brought into the starting 11, Are well rested Welbeck, AMN, Coquelin, Theo, Per, Holding etc not good enough to face WBA. We have Chelsea on Wednesday, which is a much riskier game to rotate players in, so surely the WBA game was the one for it, or are we going to see, as I would expect, little or no rotation v CFC, despite AW saying players are feeling effects of schedule.
    Would our performance v WBA been any flatter if we had made wholesale changes from the CP game, and brought in fresh players. Maybe, maybe not. But with the third game being CFC, I think the WBA game was the only real option for doing big rotation.

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  36. the penalty yesterday was the 7th Mike Dean has awarded against Arsenal, but he has over the years awarded us 3.

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  37. Reports that Stephy Mavididi will join Charton on loan tomorrow. He turned down a loan move to them last summer, deciding to join Preston North End instead, but he has found game time hard to come by and so is joining Charlton for the second time, after having a good loan spell with them last season before injury ended it.

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  38. I think Cech’s post match interview will have an impact within the PGMOL. Czech had so much gravitas I could feel it crushing the authorities….

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  39. talking of Cech, the BBC Radio five live commentator and pundit were laughing at the fact early on in the game WBA had a chance of scoring when a “foul called 99 out of a 100” times challenge on him was not called. They must have found the “99 times out of a 100 not a penalty” call hilarious

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  40. GP , Cech has massive respect in the game, but willing to suspect he had far more influence when he played for Chelsea.
    He is a giant of the game, he must be shocked at the treatment Arsenal are on the end of , like Wenger, he is another one who could write a book

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  41. Ed. Is it really only 3? Bloody hell.

    Was looking for stats on that earlier but got nowhere.

    Did stumble upon something from a while back from a betting site laughing off any suggestions Dean or anyone else could be biased against arsenal or any club.

    Here was the thing with it. They supplemented their argument with a couple of stats here and there, including a list of who he gives most pens to -Utd 14- but omitted to include the Arsenal figure for him….in an article someone had taken the time to research and write on the topic of Dean and Arsenal?!

    Now, betting sites have all the moral authority of, I don’t know, a potato…but the damning thing is they have behaved there no differently than any football journalist worth his salt would, deliberately ignoring anything that is inconvenient to their aim and position.


    The table is at the bottom. Now try to imagine how that table would look, and how absurd the article they had researched and written would look, if the Arsenal figure of 3 was added to all the double figure teams.

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  42. Yesterday’s game is an example of why Arsenal fan groups are a massive let down and lack any form of credibility.
    If as Arsenal fans we are willing to watch our team suffer at the hands of incompetent officials season after season and choosing instead to attack the only man trying to stand up to this injustice on our behalf, then maybe we do deserve to be where we are as a club. We should be organizing protests against the PGMOL, the FA and the premier league itself and demanding better standards of officiating, better fixture schedules etc instead we are busy abusing our manager and players, dragging our club name through the mad for clicks and attention.
    Sad really!
    I have seen some attempt to analyze the game, but for me how we played becomes irrelevant when the ref decides the outcome of the game as the case with that game.
    As an Arsenal fan and football enthusiast, I feel cheated.

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  43. I do especially feel for the players and manager. You spend hours training, working on tactics and all the mental and physical preparation they do before a game only to then have your hard work rendered completely useless because the guy paid to enforce the rules suddenly decided to have his moment in the limelight.
    If us fans feel this way, imagine how the players and manager feel.

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  44. I can’t imagine the West Brom players and Pardew were too chuffed when the ball span in off McLean Jeri – all their hard work apparently undone.

    It’s a hard world.

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  45. New Post up


  46. I am sorry but this complaint is Arsenal played poorly vs WBA is “counterfactual”. With the players available to the boss, one real creative in midfield in the form of Jack Wilshere, the team worked hard to create chances and like most of the other top teams scored the one goal necessary to win the game.

    @NorthBankNadim tweeted this 13 hours ago:

    Arsenal fans: “don’t let Dean take away from the fact that we were shit. We should smash West Brom, top sides hammer them”.

    Liverpool: 0-0
    Spurs: 1-1
    City: win by 1 goal
    United: win by 1 goal
    Arsenal: were also about to win by 1 goal

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