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In Depth Fixture Analysis.

Well the fixtures are out. I have spent all morning studying them very closely and have noticed we play each team twice . Not only that but the FA seem to have fixed it that we don’t play ANY of our rivals twice at home.SMH. Despite this clear bias against us I think if we […]

Assembling Champions By Bradyesque7

Good day, Gooners of the positive variety. So we got a new chairman with a funny name but, other than that, there is relatively little news to bring to you fine folk. With that in mind, I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about the team and where additions may be needed. This is […]

The Eighth Circle

Aaron was enjoying his meal. The restaurant was of course exclusive and hugely expensive. Unlike many of his peers he still appreciated this simple, unarguable fact. He hadn’t lost touch with his roots and the values with which he’d been brought up still informed his life. Having said that he could hardly pop into MacDonald’s […]

On to the next one

A guest post by Varun Shukla (@WengerArmy) I am in possession of a very unique fragment of knowledge. It’s so unique that they put it under top of the line surveillance in a secret underground complex 6000 feet under Highbury Square. Electric fences, sabretooth tigers and a few TX-1000 Terminators are just a portion of […]

The Words that Define Us

A post by Anthony Hawke, from our friends over at OTBAG If I scourge through the English vocabulary, I find that the single syllable words are the ones which convey the most, and in the most effective manner as well. Allow me to explain my statement with a few examples. (The words I want you […]

Little Mozart

A post by Abhishek Iyer from among our friends over at OTBAG. You can follow him on Twitter here: @Nickspinkboots There has been a ferociously tectonic shift in the erstwhile dormant plates of English football over the best part of last decade. Nouveau riche owners have blithely sprinkled manna and gold dust on their toy-clubs, irreversibly […]

Nowt Much Doing

I am not entirely sure what this table proves,if anything.What it does show,is that according to what some hack has worked out on the back of his fag packet  Arsenal’s squad  is worth over £100 million more than we paid for it.According to this fellow from The Daily Mail then, of the major players in […]