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On to the next one

A guest post by Varun Shukla (@WengerArmy) I am in possession of a very unique fragment of knowledge. It’s so unique that they put it under top of the line surveillance in a secret underground complex 6000 feet under Highbury Square. Electric fences, sabretooth tigers and a few TX-1000 Terminators are just a portion of […]

The Words that Define Us

A post by Anthony Hawke, from our friends over at OTBAG If I scourge through the English vocabulary, I find that the single syllable words are the ones which convey the most, and in the most effective manner as well. Allow me to explain my statement with a few examples. (The words I want you […]

Little Mozart

A post by Abhishek Iyer from among our friends over at OTBAG. You can follow him on Twitter here: @Nickspinkboots There has been a ferociously tectonic shift in the erstwhile dormant plates of English football over the best part of last decade. Nouveau riche owners have blithely sprinkled manna and gold dust on their toy-clubs, irreversibly […]

Nowt Much Doing

I am not entirely sure what this table proves,if anything.What it does show,is that according to what some hack has worked out on the back of his fag packet  Arsenal’s squad  is worth over £100 million more than we paid for it.According to this fellow from The Daily Mail then, of the major players in […]

Unstoppable Says Mel O’Reilly

Graham Taylor (possibly following his 2006 meeting with Mel) On the Friday afternoon before the CL final last month, I happened to be at Stanstead airport and whilst waiting for the wife and kids to buy bottles of lukewarm water at treble the normal price and comics/magazines they wouldn’t be reading I noticed the waves […]

A Day In The Life

As he turned the corner at the end of the street the cold air that had been squeezed between the tall buildings of a narrow side road, angry at being so confined leapt at him from ambush. It threw dust in his eyes and swirled newspaper pages and Styrofoam take-away containers around his legs in […]

Another Rant

My thoughts are all over the place this morning.I am beginning to think I am bipolar. I read the full transcript of Ivan’s Q & A yesterday ,and was feeling ecstatic.He said everything I wanted to hear. He confirmed everything I believe to be true and filled me with hope for the future of this […]

The Fall

The ledge was impossibly high. He could never conceivably have known how far they’d climbed. The ascent had been made in breathless staggering bounds, week after week for nearly ten months and yet despite all the investment of hope that he and his fellow clamberers, crawlers, strugglers and stragglers had put into scaling the height […]

Personal experiences of 2012-2013 season & Looking forward to the next season

What a final few months of the season! What a group of players! What a manager! Ok, I will stop saying what now. What a club! …. Stop it SA! We showed remarkable fight in the 2011-2012 season to finish 3rd. However, the end of the season did not have the special feeling that I […]

Personal Experiences of the 2011-2012 season and the summer after

Before the season started, our beloved Cesc proved that he was still a boy. Na$ri left? Meh. However, there was one thing that gave me a bad feeling. Judas was muttering that he would wait until his aunty’s cold became better and after his car started giving good mileage, etc., before he would even think […]