Unstoppable Says Mel O’Reilly


Graham Taylor (possibly following his 2006 meeting with Mel)

On the Friday afternoon before the CL final last month, I happened to be at Stanstead airport and whilst waiting for the wife and kids to buy bottles of lukewarm water at treble the normal price and comics/magazines they wouldn’t be reading I noticed the waves of happy excited German fans swarming the airport having arrived for the game.

It briefly took me back to Paris 06, I remember how excited I felt at London City airport and arriving in Paris for what was to be the biggest game in our European history and ultimately our bravest defeat.

I had travelled with 3 other fellas, none of us had tickets(me being a silver member didn’t entitle me to one) but if we were gonna win ‘old big-ears’ I had to at least be in the vicinity.The 1000 euros I had put by for a ticket proved not to be enough for whatever touts I could find on the day of the game.Even a surreal drunken conversation just before kick-off with ex-England manager Graham Taylor (I liked him- he wasn’t sure about me though) was not enough to get me in.

Watching the people-carriers full of UEFA suits and hangers-on roll into the stadium made my heart sink .Some things are not to be ,although I often wonder if I’d have made it in that night whether one more screaming Gooner would have got the boys over the line?…… sorry about that! Anyway back to the airport,those lovely Germans and in particular those lovely Dortmund fans,how good are they?

I,like most of you wanted them to win,Iin many ways they remind me of Arsenal.

A club operating within its means, trying to achieve success and not buy it, having to sell players to buy players(not any more hopefully!)

Klopp has a touch of a young Arsene about him,no? They, like us are fighting the good fight, the difference is they (the fans,club,players & manager) appear to be sticking together.

The following evening I was sat in a Spanish bar ignoring another Neil Diamond tribute act watching the game, my IPhone switched onto twitter which was full of its usual experts,’lets get Klopp’ ‘let’s get this Player’ ‘lets get that player’, the game itself was great and as we know the bad guys won.

Once again my lasting memory is of those Dortmund fans after the game-just fantastic. I’d seen them at our place and they were amazing but they’d grown even better, an example to all of us.

I suspect there isn’t a media whore amongst them who piggy-backs their club for their own agenda or a blogger who dedicates his site to slagging of the manager and players or bitter ex-players that get work from gullible media outlets by abusing their former employers or worst of all impostors that want the team to fail so there is a change of manager. To quote my good friend Graham Taylor “Do I not like that“.

For the record in Paris on our CL final night I watched the game in a bar close to the stadium and our fans both inside(Iwas close enough to hear them)and outside the stadium were fantastic.Since then things have changed. Personally if I could I wouldn’t ‘get Klopp’ or ‘that Dortmund player’ I’d take their fans.

The moaning,bitching,snideness,booing and stupid banners hasn’t worked has it?

I honestly think if we took a leaf out of Dortmund’s book and started sticking together we’d be unstoppable, as our amazing away support and the good folks on Positively Arsenal have proved,its possible, it really is

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  1. Well I liked that Mel.A good effort I say.
    And perhaps the truest article yet


  2. Ah Mel I can’t imagine being that close to the stadium and not getting in. Great stuff and I agree. If we could buy a half decent support it’d be worth two of any of the silly speculation signings everyone is continually on about.


  3. Good stuff Mel – some fans ‘get’ football and some fans would not get football as long as they had a hole in their arse
    Your piece highlights the difference between the two

    Graham Taylor – anothe’r build him up then destroy the bastard’ meeja project


  4. Dead right, Mel, absolutely dead right.

    Great article: (Some) Arsenal fans out, Dortmund fans IN!


  5. Good stuff Mel.

    No mention of any transfer “targets” though. What’s the matter with you? sort it out. We are supposed to be endlessly debating how much money that Wenger hasn’t been spending.

    Marquee signings! I demand Marquee signings! Or else (or else what? you’ll moan on twitter? you do that anyway. F*ck off).

    I wonder if we could do some kind of (permanent) fan share? mind you I wouldn’t wish those twats at Le Groan on anyone. I’m heartily fed up with all the transfer hand-wringing already. It’s going to be a loooong summer. Thank the Lord for you lot, keeping my, er, pecker up. As it were.

    Coffee and croissant(s) time. Enjoy your Sunday folks.


  6. Arsene has built stadium which was funded/repaid/ by his transfers and purchase. he didnt borrow a cent. anelka petit overmars kanu vieira henry toure adebayor nasri cesc robin..and man many others.. Arsene Knows.

    doubles unbeaten seasons cups european finals stadiums and training facilities like nasa orgasmic football..Arsene Knows..always did and always will. Best Manager in the world. Of all times. And Beyond….

    …the greatest and most ethical and progressive mind that ever got involved with football..and Arsenal is extremely lucky to have him and to have soliodified the club amongst the strongest and most organised and efficient in the world. yes thats about right.

    Arsene knows


  7. I think you have read a different article Hunter


  8. Mel if you wrote a book about this I would lap it up. Love your style. You’re a funny funny guy.

    More please. The varying styles of the blog are working really well if you ask me. Never know what you’re getting til the post goes up.


  9. Thanks for the nice comments you lot, I suppose with Stew writing yesterday and me today it’s like going to Vegas and watching Elvis then going back the next day and catching Shakin Stevens……


  10. What a creep.


  11. Great piece that every Arsenal ‘fan’ should be made to read.


  12. Els, if I wrote a book (and that’s the biggest ‘if’ out there) it would be called; the importance of being like Ernie, after my all time hero from Seasame Streets Bert & Ernie.


  13. great points mel and although I didn’t have time to comment on stews post yesterday I did read and thoroughly enjoyed that as well, this site is class.
    I was in the stadium that night and although the perceived failures of the last, how ever many seasons its supposed to have been, that cup run was brilliant up until the last fifteen minutes.
    it was one of our many successes ive enjoyed over this time like the league cup run with our youngsters, and although after taking the lead only to beaten by a full strength chelski side with help from the ref.
    I think this defines supporters, on this site we can appreciate and enjoy the success of the last, enter seasons here , others can only see pots as success. im sure lots of the fans from chelski manure and city are the same but this time in our club history along with the skys skew on events has allowed numbers to grow of the disaffected and they have started to enjoy being miserable.
    I hope all us real happy people get some recognition one day but if not we still have the satisfaction of A: knowing we were right and B: knowing we truly support the club.

    p.s. George did you like the picture?


  14. Top stuff Mel, top stuff everybody on PA…..


  15. George,it’s ‘do I not like that’, my spell-check is off kilter.


  16. Thanks Mel, good post. So you’re not one of the 1.2 million gooners who claim they were inside the stadium that night?
    Enjoy Sunday, they sky is blue and cloudless in Dublin, there is a strange bright orange thing in the sky, our best scientists are reporting this as the mystical celestial object known as the ‘sun’, more research is needed but they recommend taking large quantities of cider as a precaution.
    BVD fans were brilliant at the ems last year, far better than those bavarian wankers with their post-modern ‘wit’. It’s really unbelievable but some of the haters are using Klopp as an example to beat down on Arsene Wenger Sure, Klopp has done well, he’s smart, likeable and honest, a bit like Wenger’s little brother, but he is the Dortmund manager and looks like he wants to stay there, and we can only hope Wenger wants to stay with us and benefit from the clubs new financial status; and it is new, if I read yet another hater saying Wenger has had that money for years and didn’t spend it I will scream.
    And then send Hunter after the them.


  17. oh i know george my comment had nothing to do with the fine article of the Mel..just shooting with my cannon early sunday mornings…. after reading news about wenger ready to go apeshit and spend 73 million pounds for players…higuain gudogan and bender they say…30-20 and 20 yeah right !..if only if it was that easy….no no no give us ryo give us ox give as aaaron give us jack …


  18. Lovely Mel, found myself empathising (do you remember me saying to you I had to be at the Manure game ‘cos we wouldn’t win if I wasn’t?) and/or agreeing with you as I read this (in other words saying “yes… yes… yes!!) all the way through. So glad you’re not a one hit wonder. Thanks Mel. Keep ’em coming.


  19. I do Jane,and we didn’t lose did we? I suppose some would call us lot on here romantic fools, I reckon we’re more hopeless romantics when it comes to The Arsenal. Didn’t Gerard Houlier once refer to Arsene as the ‘last great romantic left in the modern game’?


  20. hunter, yep more drivel from the press. It’s only real point can be to supply amo to be levelled at Wenger when he doesn’t sign those players listed. Instead he’ll go for a Cazorla or Koscielny (who I still like despite him hanging out the back of gunners wives), it then takes a year before the troubled fans realise that ‘oh actually Wenger was right’ and surprise surprise has more knowledge in the transfer market than any journalist. However by then the damage is done. Like a 4 line retraction for an accused rapist on page 13, damage done!

    The more and more transfers are discussed the longer the summer and further to fall we have. Also early business is for mugs. It’s like ebay, you bid early you’ll end up paying more as you’ve spooked other bidders and let them know your intentions. Only the cities and chavs of the world can do this, and that’s because they pay over the odds anyway. But guess what, because they pay £30m for Fernandinho it makes him better than if we’d have gotten him for £18m. That’s ‘Intention’ for you.


  21. Hmm it seems I’m posting as els from my phone and gunner_getcha from my mac? Oh well I can’t be arsed to change that so there you go. Same person, unintentionally, sorry.


  22. sure thing gunner_gethca….sharpening their knives….

    ” oh so now you have money to spend huh…well spend it!”

    ” what ? you aint spending?..but you have 73 million arsene…fans are waiting…spend it”

    lol….as if they are surveyors …as if they are the ones who will judge the expenditures and decide what gets spent on what ..and damned arsene if he dont follow their lead..hehe..


  23. “it then takes a year before the troubled fans realise that ‘oh actually Wenger was right’ and surprise surprise has more knowledge in the transfer market than any journalist.”


    always did..always will.

    troubles fans? media? ….meh…..uck’em …always


  24. im still laughing at all them mugs ( arsenal fans or not) telling us to get samba and cahill and being angry that we got some unknown from league b…muahaha….

    or how we got a player like cazorla for only 16 million…muahaha.. a steal…

    and wait to see giroud next year…….drogba -lewadofski hybrid …i believe..


  25. Just want to endorse the many positive comments about Mel’s piece made earlier. Mel reminds me of a good story teller. Always a good read.

    As for the silly season; it is not surprising that many of our fans display the same paranoia of regular season. They acknowledge the club is getting stronger financially as confirmed by Ivan and we are cutting the deadwood but go crazy because the club is taking its time to make new signings. Are we Chelsea or Man City who are already spending like drunks?

    Time to be patient and supportive is now. Let the drunks blow their cash while we work the deals we need without going into an arms race with these oil rich fools.


  26. Yes sorry for taking the convo away from the importance of being Ernie, a grand read, even compared to bloody Stew and his special other level posts.


  27. Agreed H. Koscielny is no Chris Samba.

    Thank fuck for that.


  28. Mel, I love your descriptions of match day experiences. Given that mine only ever involve coffee and my pajamas, I love reading about yours, even if it’s one where you never actually made it in to the stadium. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

    I’m glad you guys are here for silly season. If all I had was twitter, I might lose my mind.


  29. hi peeps… well written Mel, as per usual


  30. Hi Alabama

    I made it to 2 games this season and therefore love these posts. Okay he didn’t get inside but the match day atmos is always good to read. Especially told in good humour and well.

    Hi Team Spirit


  31. Hello PA! First time poster here even though I practically live on the blog. Used to read aclf until the place became unrecognisable. I really enjoy this place and kudos for keeping the sanity when all else lost it. George, I must say I always enjoy your contributions on fans’ forum, Steww, your literary impetus is profound. I really enjoyed yesterday’s piece. Hunter, what can I say? I’ll put it this way, you’re the one guy I’ll take with me on a debate with a doomer…….lol!(and I mean that). Keep up the good work, keep high the good name and keep strong the support! There’s a lot more of us (positive supporters) out there…….COYG!


  32. Hi Emmanuel,thanks and don’t be a stranger.


  33. Cheers George, and sure, my contributions will be more regular.


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