Nowt Much Doing

I am not entirely sure what this table proves,if anything.What it does show,is that according to what some hack has worked out on the back of his fag packet  Arsenal’s squad  is worth over £100 million more than we paid for it.According to this fellow from The Daily Mail then, of the major players in the BPL ,that is more than any other club.

If nothing else this disproves another popular myth that has grow”Arsene has lost his eye for a bargain”

That’s it for today I don’t intend to speculate on transfer nonsense,its all driving me around the twist.

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  1. nice one george good morning.

    they lied to us man. them crooks. them evil selfish bastards. they lied to the fans, to the children, they lied to the nation and the whole world. Money was there all along mate…its that twat from strasburg who refused to spend it. had he spent a few pennies more, we would have definately won the trebles all these years. and the intercontinentals and eurosuper ones. By wow wait…they didnt lie to us …HE lied to us..its a decade of conspiracies and backstage plotting to deny our people the trophies.

    What is the punishment for lying ? Can we sue them? Can we take them to Hague like they did to Milosevic? We should be able to sue under the sale of goods act section 16.1.3 – misrepresentation. We bought tickets under the condition that money would be spent and titles would be won…No?


    Haha…i wonder man i really do…those who have been following Arsenal and Wenger the last 16 years have they not realised that our manager prefers to build or find gems to develop than waste money on agents? .. These same people have they learned nothing of the man;s ethos ? Did they think he is just going through a phase in his 60s chosing to work with players rather than pay mercenaries ?

    strike 1…half our fans havent even learned yet what type of manager wenger is or how he works

    Then i wonder, if it aint him who is lying and its that evil selfish moneymaking board. How stupid of them to lie. They should have told the fans from the beginning: “Titles? Expenditures ? Muaha..ha.. you can forget about all that pumpkins…..you see that there? MMhmm 450..millions…check”

    Ah them hopeless romantics in posa….why cant they be more open minded like the rest. i am jealous of the pragmatism exhibited elsewhere you see. I am jealous of all those who are thick and simple minded and demand to know the Truth…i always felt that a big corporation/business in the entertainment industry with a venue that sells tickets wouldnt say or do something to harm their ticket sales at a period where money was priority number 1. how foolishly romantic of me….

    they lied to us man…. 🙂


  2. you know what? its the internet with its freedom fighters that causes the moaning the fighting and the seperations…but now…after waiting a decade …i have a ticket..the fix will be live from now on..no subsittutes…. im as plastic as they come…now that we have money to spend i will support my club.

    money we have…glory we seek.

    viva cyberbole

    keep lying


  3. i would also like to express my gratitude to all them realists and arsenal freedom fighters…..silly me i thought it was owners who run businesses… but i guess its democracy that runs businesses…isnt it?


    hey george i own a business…but i dont decide about anything ..i let the public decide 🙂 democracy yeah baby!


  4. i might have invested my personal money to purchse or create the business but i dont decide on running or policy matters ……i let the people decide… the fans..the bloggers…they know… not me..nor my stuff….

    i can go on and on…disarming every realist and his cyberbole but they wont let me in will they? chickens…. muaha..


  5. Morning George. I totally concur as per transfer speculations. Just out of curiousity, how many players have been linked with arsenal since January? The media is watching, the world is waiting, Arsene is scheming………a lot will be shocked and surprise by what le prof unveils by the start of the season. I won’t because I already know what he’s capable of.
    Sit tight people we’re in for a good time.
    Hunter you’re on a roll already and it’s not even noon! (Are the smileys still banned).


  6. romantics like me wake up early to fantasise about arsenal in the cyber universe..this is how we roll.



  7. So here is evidence that AW improves players more than anyone else. As if we didn’t already know.


  8. George,that table proves what we already know-that the proffesor pulls rabbits out of hats like no-one else in football.


  9. So, we came bloody FOURTH again!!! Typical Wenger, scraping into the CL positions yet again! 🙂


  10. the table lends it self to suggest that no one second guesses ARSENE and all the obvious targets are very likely not the ones we will end up attaining.
    what we do know is ARSENE does know quality and he does improve quality, if he is allowed to buy the quality he wants we will be dangerous.


  11. Besides whether the table has good reasoning or not, what is funny and sad at the same time is how Real Madrid is nowhere to be seen. They are probably at the bottom of the pile.


  12. sure aob..if he gets the quality he wants he disgraces all around him… like he has done before…. 26.12.00

    its all about material..with the right material he breaks records..with not so right material he can still produce decent things ..unlike others who only want waitrose material or else they dont bother….

    the material he had post invincibles was sound technically ..just too young to be beating drogbas and lampards and xavis in their prime. and where th efan should have shown intelligence and understanding, he showed contempt, frustration and misery.


  13. And that +£100m figure is very much a trough as recent history goes. Had this exercise been carried out a couple of years ago when we had Cesc (bought for £3m), Judas (£2.75m), Song (£1m), Clichy (£500k), Nasri (£12m), the difference between fees paid and value would be over £200m.

    The value of Wilshere (£0 paid), Gibbs (£0), Szczesny (£0), Jenkinson (£1m), Ramsey (£5m), Chamberlain (£12m) and a few other youngsters are about to rise massively in the next couple of years and push that figure much higher once again.

    Anyone who has the cheek to says Arsene has lost his touch when it comes to identifying and nurturing talent is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

    Even in a relative ‘lull’ our squad remains one of the most prudently assembled in Europe.


  14. The only thing I can think of when perusing the table is if my Auntie had bollocks she would be my Uncle

    And a very fine Uncle I am sure she would make too


  15. @LeoS
    Very good point. This season is probably the lowest our team has been worth in recent seasons and it’s still a massive gap to everyone else.


  16. The startling figure, aside from Arsenal (which as Leo observes is under-estimated given the value appreciation in the coming seasons of rising youth stars in the team) is Dortmund. Good on them!


  17. I should get reading glasses.


  18. At the q&a session with Ivan g managed to get a question in, tried to serve it up for him but …..


  19. arse,
    I’d be really interested to hear how that Q & A went.
    Suppose i’ll have to wait till tomorrow. The AST crowd are about as clued in as Stew rat a Robbing son. And that fuckwit Pedro would have been there too.

    Thanks PG. what LeoS says is true.

    hunter, here’s a meme buster to add to the debate with the doomers: if our board are so gready to make money, why bother settling for 4th as the doomers contest we are satisfied with, why on earth wouldn’t Stan and Ivan not want to win everything? if only to collect all that lovely prize money, and melt all the throphies down into dollar coins.
    What, I hear them reply, it’s Wenger’s fault, he’s had money for years (WTF!), but he is too scared to use it and is out of date with modern football.

    Hunter, these people are gobshites and I’m with you on drumming it into them to accept the reality that AW is going to stay (can only hope) and our best days are yet to come under him.

    I saw that post about the AAA setting the new agenda and causing the board and Wenger to now spend serious dough they had hidden all along on marquee players this summer, they are patting themselves on their backs saying how fucking great they are, Ivan and Arsene have listened to them and acted.
    It truely makes me sick to see reality distorted so much.


  20. Intriguing a_or_b – what happened?!


  21. Arse,
    Did Pedro’s cronies really have the ill manners to ask Ivan some of this shit?

    My heart sinks for your ordeal.

    Oh well, at least the complete and utter radio silence in the media of any link to Lewandowski is good news, hope hope hope. Wenger usually stealth bombs his transfers.


  22. Sorry I’ve been late replying, yeah there were some really unrealistic questions.
    Someone said why don’t we take the Russian money as he wants nothing in return…what.
    There were many who sounded like ARSENAL had only been going since 2000 , and many who just had their head in the clouds.
    I some points I wanted to get up and answer the questions myself.
    Overall Ivan was polished and gave suitably political answers most of which could not be argued.
    Ivan did say the pies were now the cheapest around so there you go we can compete.


  23. Pies,!.?
    Who in London eats pies?
    I thought they only sold them in the away end to the northerners.
    They would have to be cheap.


  24. Can’t say I’ve ever tried one but if we get a trophy for it then its all good.


  25. I can’t be arsed with anyone who values the opinion of the hacks that get invited to the AST dinner and the like. One of them wrote a report after CLs game where both City & Arsenal lost (against Schalke). I saw both games, however Arsenal performed they were far better then City that week, which is why Mancini is now looking for a new job. Don’t let that get in the way of the hacky slapper writing “worst Arsenal performance ever”, a literary performance of made up bollocks that drew admiring glances from a collection of eeedjiots who have done their best to give the impression that they have grown to hate that which they love.

    So, I prefer to listen to people like the Italy manager talk. Praising Arsenal players (football gawds forbid). Game knows game and all that:
    A whirling dervish in action. If Rumi had been a footballer he would have played like Rosicky:


  26. Pies ? Could be a clue in there
    Higuain looks like a bloke who knows his way round a pie
    (taps nose)


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