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Arsenal: Only a 40% Correlation between Penalties-For and Avg League Position

It is amazing how far we as human beings, including us football fans; will go to deny reality, specifically to deny facts that do not conform with our deeply held beliefs. Denialism is a very common element of human behavior and is defined by the psychologists as: “…a person’s choice to deny reality, as a […]

Arsenal: Calamity at the Vitality !!

Good afternoon Positives, I shall make it brief and, I  hope, to the point. I admit the positives of the game today, though not impossible to find, are a little thin. Let me however get the brutal bit out of the way. We played today as a team lacking or short in probably two essential […]

Arsenal: The Cherry Blossom Sunday

@LaboGoon opens the programme – and he’s not predicting 0-0  Good day Positivistas …… Arsenal face Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium this afternoon, looking for some respite after recent results. We of course didn’t start 2018 the way we would have liked, so a positive result would really help set the tone for us to […]

Arsenal Trial Plan B ?

Well I’m happy with that result, I certainly have no complaints about going to the home of the champions , who are in great form with no injuries, with six of our nailed on first team starters missing, and playing in a more defensive way. It was however, not a case of parking the proverbial […]

Will It Be A Bridge Too Far ?

Seconds out , round 7. So far its won 3 drawn 2 and lost 1 in the Conte Chelsea vs Arsenal. However the 1 loss was at The Bridge. Once again I have absolutely  no idea what type of a team we will be able to scratch together for the semi final of the Cup […]

Arsenal: somewhere over the rainbow

@ReverendGooner provides an antidote to this morning’s sombre mood  Well parishioners as we sit back and pick over the still warm carcass that was 2017 and reflect on our team’s ups and downs we can either be one of two things, we can say hey it’s not all that bad and we are still in […]

A Test Of Our Squad

  This afternoon The Arsenal play the once great Nottingham Forest in the biggest domestic cup competition in the world. The fact that the mighty Arsenal have won this competition three times in just four years should not make us blase towards it. Think about the joy we all felt at the final whistle of […]