Will It Be A Bridge Too Far ?


Seconds out , round 7.

So far its won 3 drawn 2 and lost 1 in the Conte Chelsea vs Arsenal. However the 1 loss was at The Bridge.

Once again I have absolutely  no idea what type of a team we will be able to scratch together for the semi final of the Cup of Milk Trophy. or whatever you want to call it. Worryingly thought is fear we will be up against a full strength Chelsea team , in good form, in their own back yard. If we can avoid losing, I’m calling that a fantastic result.

So there you have it, try to enjoy the game and I’ll see you on the other side.

@arseblagger (Pedantic George)

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69 comments on “Will It Be A Bridge Too Far ?

  1. tonight’s game was similar to the 0-0 there in the league. Defenses on top, we were solid.

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  2. That was a more or less fully fit first Chelsea team as well

    Morata eh ?

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  3. Good result under the circumstances, but a real shame to lose Jack at this time. Perhaps fortune will finally favour us and we’ll have some midfielders back for round 2?

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  4. Wenger has confirmed that Coquelin has signed for Valencia

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  5. Hang on If it shouldn’t have been a penalty when Hector brushed Harard’s foot, then it shouldn’t have been a penalty tonight. Christ, we are more inconsistent than the refs.

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  6. That was a very good performance. I was concerned before kick off with the line up because I thought we were weaker than Chavski. All the more pleasing to hold out.

    I hope we get a few players back soon. Should get a decent night’s sleep.

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  7. I think smudger should eat his words about Ainsley Maitland-Niles, he spoke too soon. AMN had Moses and his Ten Commandments in his pocket.

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  8. After tonight I don’t know how anyone can defend the Hazard dive to get that penalty…

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  9. I was a fan of Coquelin. I will miss him…

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  10. wenger on

    Jack Wilshere

    He has an ankle strain, first look is it is not too bad. But for Sunday it might be too short, it is a ligament. It’s a shame

    Sanchez and Iwobi, discuss?

    No, not really. It is one thing to punish someone individually [Iwobi]. [Was Sanchez anything to do with Man City?] No. I do not have to justify every decision, I have managed over 1000 games. I want him [Sanchez] to stay for longer. He is an important player for us.

    Sanchez talking to other clubs, aware?

    No. People don’t know him, he is completely focused to play football. He warmed up like that and he wants to play football.

    Sanchez leaving

    The way he plays is not about the duration of the contract. I don’t understand the way you see things. It doesn’t matter about the contract, I want to win the game.


    He goes to Valencia, he didn’t get enough games. I let him go. The best way to replace him is getting Ramsey and Ozil back. Then we’ll see. We have players injured

    Konstantinos Mavropanos

    I want to keep him until May. The first few moments have been encouraging.

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  11. I’m sorry to see Coquelin go, he always played to his strengths and has contributed plenty to the club. He gets so much unwarranted abuse from the online thugs that I’m pleased that he gets to go somewhere to just play football without all the know it all bullshitters bleating on the sidelines because he’s not Zidane.

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  12. Wenger on Mavropanos: “I personally want to keep him until May. First signs have been so encouraging so we will keep him until May.”

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  13. I’d have been pleased with that result with full strength team, so am extremely pleased considering lineup.

    Think Conte at least as good a manager as Mourinho, and hardly an angel, but his significantly less cynical approach suits us much better than the Portuguese toad, which speaks volumes about the you-know-who’s, rather than us.

    I won’t get carried away, but neither of those should be given as pens after review; they weren’t, so… good.

    Only painful bit about the Maitland-Niles one is thinking of how so many of those at that level have been given against us, and that the vast majority of players would turn it into a certain pen, that nobody would dispute, by ensuring real contact with the defender, who can’t see them approaching.

    That sucks, and in a ‘tell me lies, sweet little lies spirit’ I might have been delighted to get pen if Ainsley had done the same, maybe even got somewhere convincing myself he had not done it. He was honest. It wasn’t a pen. Others won’t be. They’ll get pens. Football as it is, unless the game changes.

    Still feel VAR can’t possibly be panacea, and will serve up some new, acute injustices, but should be better overall for game and better, though by less, for us. tonight it was a success and outside of that I thought Atkinson had a surprisingly good game.

    Didn’t think either of Xhaka’s infringements merited the second yellow but, bloody hell, I’d have expected them from most let alone Atkinson. But no, he did right there. Grateful.

    If refs become less willing to give pens, and VAR refuses to overrule unless clear evidence, game will be improved considerably.

    Oh yeah and fuck Hazard: football genius, cheating twat, and fuck Fabregas also. Such a shame another great player is also a great cheat

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  14. Wenger: “I think Maitland-Niles had an outstanding performance tonight. He’s a defensive midfielder basically, what he’s doing at the moment will help him as well to develop as a player because he plays in a different position. But at some stage, I’ll play him in there [at defensive midfield] because we have Monreal injured, Kolasinac injured. They will come back. There will be an opening for him in midfield.”

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  15. Wenger on Iwobi: “It is one thing to punish someone individually and the second thing to punish everybody. If I think he can help the team to win it has nothing to do with the fact that he can be punished separately and individually.”

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  16. The penalty Hazard got last week is normally given anywhere else on the pitch.I personally donot like this sort of challenge given asa foul.
    But if the Ref is going to call them they must call them for both sides, that is my point on the foul on AMN.
    There was contact on AMN in the box no call.

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  17. “We all had a point to prove” – Rob Holding

    The sky has not fallen…again.
    Well done to the team. Everyone left everything on the pitch.
    We’ve given ourselves a great chance to return to Wembley.
    Hopefully we’ll see enough players come off the injury list before the 24th.

    Thanks for everything Francis Coquelin.
    May you continue to improve as a player.
    It would be fantastic to see you playing for Les Bleus in the near future
    Add goals to your game and you never know.
    We will miss you LeCoq. All the best.

    Can’t wait to see what “Kons Mavropan” is about.
    With 1 (or 2) training sessions(s) and the injuries in defence, our new greek wall is set to stay & contribute. I’m already drooling @ the possibility of AW shaming the leeching pundits by proving once again that he knows more about the game than they’ll ever know.
    Does the ratio 2.1 : 75 make the bp flicker somewhat positivistas?
    On to Eddie’s Cherries..

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  18. ian wright is some cunt, yesterday he was telling ozil to leave AFC for Man utd, and today he is telling mahrez not to join Arsenal with “the state they are in”, but to join liverpool.

    Arsenal legend my arse

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