Arsenal Trial Plan B ?


Well I’m happy with that result, I certainly have no complaints about going to the home of the champions , who are in great form with no injuries, with six of our nailed on first team starters missing, and playing in a more defensive way. It was however, not a case of parking the proverbial bus.

For all the stick Iwobi got on twitter, I thought he put in a good shift. Yes, he seems to freeze when he gets into the box, but he carried the ball well and always looked to get on it. I feel he offered more than Danny, who has struggled a bit of late.

Jack and Xhaka were both very good, as was ElNeny when he replaced Jack.

All three centerbacks played well with Hector and AMN playing a disciplined game, but still venturing forward when the opportunity arose.

Not many chances for either side. Perhaps that the Arsenal Yer Da wants back?

Shame about Jack’s knack, but hopefully its just a short term hiccup to his very impressive return to first team duties.

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92 comments on “Arsenal Trial Plan B ?

  1. this days we sell a player and we have to go and source for money to add to it to even get a capable replacement. the days of anelka is long gone

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  2. Giroud still 2 weeks from a return, and Ozil has a swollen knee but has fitness test today

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  3. layksite that is why we have brought in Sven, its to try and unearth the young gem, like he did for BD with Dembele.


  4. Wenger says there is nothing concrete with the Alexis to man utd rumors, but would not deny that there is something in it.

    AW On signing other other players

    I don’t rule it out. Not at the back, in midfield or up front. We are open, we are in the market, we are active.

    This transfer market at the moment is very difficult. Things change very quickly.

    he also said Malcolm is a good player but we are not on that at the moment.

    on walcott
    “I can’t tell you much more. Sam has made that statement, but Walcott is here.”

    Can you replace Sanchez?

    Do we find the same player, certainly not? There is always a way to find a balance.

    If it happens we have to find a different balance.

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  5. Wenger admits that we did not sell Alexis in the summer cos we did not get a replacement, and we won’t sell him in January without having a replacement signed.

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  6. EvertonVerified account @Everton
    24m24 minutes ago

    Sam on Walcott: “It would be very nice if we could get it over the line but there is nothing imminent. It would be a permanent deal. We wait and see.”


  7. that is not true edu, coq has played 13 times this season and has fetured 7 times in the league. the truth of the matter is most of the times this season, we have needed to bring in strikers in games more than the need to midfielders because most games we needed to score goals in late minutes. so mosly we bring on giroud or welbz. had it been the other way round, we would have seen more of coq. but that is not even the point. the point is we do not value our players and as such other clubs dont value them. i read it here several times in the summer that olivier will go because he wont get game time. such verdict before even the start of the season. but giroud to his credit decided to stay. the qustion is if we sell giroud, are we going to be stronger for it as aclub? knowing fully well that we are not likely to get a better replacement who will just be happy to sit on the bench. i dare say that if giroud has being the one starting this season and getting the kind of return laca is getting, many will be calling for his head. giroud get you goals and assist to boot as well as confidence defending set pieces.

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  8. unerthing young gem isnt and hasnt been the problem for wenger. it is for the fans to gove this young gem the confidence and the support to blossom like we use to do. like when wenger was going for mbappe in the summer many were questioning him. if we didnt allow someone like woj to overcome his mistakes how are we sure they will alow the new guys?

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  9. the balance we need after #alexis is to return to possesion football. patient build-up, dont lose the ball and get it back quicly when you lose it.

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  10. The data and the the angles provided by a Lights of Right Consultant have successfully highlighted (using angles, numbers, including yes you guessed it many Means and other weird alchemical stuff) where Gazcorp and the local authority in west London bypassed the law resulting in an injunction from some local citizens, by the numbers:


    Odds are that the councillors as they are in n17 do not act in the interests of their constituents. council committee meeting is on Monday, if their new year’s bonus wasn’t what one or two were expecting then this stadium design that has been compared to a boutique WC, it could be in need of a redesign.

    Other options include a protest against the numbers and angles used to give statutory guidelines for the Law: if that fails complaining that as light is both a particle and a wave, something weird we’re not entirely sure, that therefore such legal applications cannot be made, although they are. In the Building Regs.


    I expect the injunction will not be agreed to by the Local Authority, but they won’t be arguing against the numbers, or against Nature.
    if the LA committee supports the application by gazcorp the local citizens will be able to appeal to a higher court.


  11. < way more corporate seating!!!

    There's a surprise.

    The fans there may "own the pitch" but the developer is so greedy he's arsed up the planning application.

    Absolutely hilarious.

    It's not the same as Diamond Merchant Fizman sitting down for some tea and biscuits with St.Jezza and the local council in Islington, and haggling over the props that the club were going to give to the LA, not by a long long way.


  12. Interesting post Fins

    That family are lucky they aren’t standing up to Roman over in Russia!

    Seems a remarkably poor decision to publicise their details, given what idiots football fans can be.

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  13. I guess these days with that information available on record and on line that those who want to know would know.

    Roman should’ve offered them some more Wonga.

    Spend spend spend!

    ( I haven’t seen examples of what could be dodgy arson abroad but I have in North London/Middlesex! )


  14. < if they struggle with the committee (they won't!) or in the courts another option for Roman's team is to argue against the Rights of Light consultants data and to contest that:

    For example:

    – That the earth is in fact flat, and that their calcs are bogus
    – That the sun is much closer to the earth then thousands of years of recorded data indicates, therefore their calcs are bogus
    – etc.

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  15. But none of that will happen, and the stadium will probably be built as is.
    We shall see next week!

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  16. Having a look at this Malcolm fella, who I know nothing about.

    Looks a big talent. I didn’t realise he was left-footed, meaning with him we could line up with 6 of 10 outfield players left-footed. Bet that hasn’t happened often before in top level football.

    Then, carried away now, add Lemar! Though actually, think Malcolm signing would put that to bed.

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  17. Perils of forming judgements on youtube vids can’t be overstated (I thought Ramadan Sohbi looked a huge talent on there; and for the Sanchez lovers, how good would his best look on there, and haters, how much would his best not show you?!)….but…difficult not to be excited about his potential signing based on this video.

    It’s ten mins long, (unlike Sohbi’s) for a start.

    Looks like he’d be a boon for Lacazette, slides in next passes, and Giroud, gets to by-line and puts in good crosses, both. Surely a better dribbler and sprinter from deep than anyone we have, including Sanchez on dribbling front at least. Style and movements seem quite similar to the Costa who was at Bayern.

    Biggest downside i can see is that he might be above Wilshere, and Reyes, in his vulnerability to being hacked and smashed by opposition.

    Enjoy, dreamers. Ignore, sensible types.

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  18. Shotta

    I’ve had the expose books on Fifa on my reading list for a while now. They’ll prob stay there though as I’m not sure there’s anything more in it for me than to be disgusted with what they do and get away with.

    I find it hugely improbable, for various reasons- and not inherent British integrity!- that anything like as bad would ever take place here, and don’t see the need for it when so much money can be made without it.

    But I’ve no doubt many of the operator’s here are no better than Fifa’s lot, and the same impulses and whatnot are to be found and shape events.

    FIFA has just gone nuts on it for decades at least. Because they can, basically.

    Still, I wouldn’t mind the Feds taking an interest in our guys, just to be sure, but accept that’s not on the cards.


  19. The Feds are a bit pre-occupied at the moment Rich – tbf after a lot of fuss about raids on FIFA’s Swiss operations and arrests the outcomes have been either very low key or non existent.

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  20. Yep, Anicoll. Feels quite common in that field to hear revelations which are dynamite but resolutions which are a lot quieter, or even silent. Even Blatter’s demise lacked a certain something he deserved- jail, maybe.

    I can’t even remember how FBI got involved. Weird American fellow who kept a luxury flat for his cats, I think, and investigation may not have been into football to start with.

    It fitted with my conviction anyway that it’s a near impossibility for any large enough organisation to be brought down from within, and FIFA taking their hit was just that rare thing of an entity from well without, with a lot of power, having some reason to intervene.

    If soccer was America’s number one sport I suspect it would have played out differently.

    The whole Murdoch having his most humblingest day, with News of World closing, very much involved an irregular path to get there and none of the correct authorities taking the initial lead. Again, one where you had to be grateful for at least something happening but the big players were almost entirely unscathed- lone wolf became a small lone pack.

    FIFA may never top awarding world cup to Qatar, with insistence it can be played in summer, and then soon after saying ‘hold on, we have just discovered conditions aren’t suitable after all. Darn it. Oh well, winter will be fine anyway’, but all signs are it is business as usual for them again.


  21. Tafari Moore has joined Wycombe Wanderers on loan


  22. If the highest suggestions of wages Sanchez, and agent, are after are correct, it was never gonna happen with us.

    Take reports with bucketload of salt, but numerous ones saying his agent has gone full Raiola. If that’s case, Utd probably the most likely destination.

    Either way, I’m a bit sick of it now. Would love to get someone in and say goodbye in next few days. And I’m someone who rates the player very highly, so goodness knows how keen those who don’t are to say au revoir.

    Ozil and Sanchez end up with Mou and save his sorry ass then I’m gonna look into this cricket lark some of you talk of.

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  23. Hiya, Rich,

    The FBI only has legal investigatory authority over US federal crimes or actions threatening US national security.

    The way naughty FIFA officials dodged the FBI was to stay out of America, and make use of political means to avoid deportation. Without the main culprits or witnesses, it is no surprise that the investigation has gone quiet, other than beating up the US FIFA representative.

    But with a racist, lying President the US can hardly trumpet truth and honesty and point the finger at FIFA or anyone else.

    The transfer rumours are pretty weird as usual – not because of the machinations concerning who we have or have not bought/sold, but because I am personally disappointed, and a bit down that whatever happens we seem slated to lose our two best players, and the hungry sharks/bastards are circling the club looking for other tidbits. Boo


  24. Henry B, perhaps the feeling that the sharks are circling has more to do with perception? We’re not exactly setting the world alight at the moment and if Sanchez doesn’t want to be here then it may be that the club has come to the conclusion that it’s better to let him go and get a player who wants to be here into the team. I’m not convinced Ozil will be moving on this month and of the 2, he’s the one I would rather keep even if it’s just for the short-term. The other players on their way out are clearly being allowed to leave because they are no longer in the manager’s plans. Sometimes you need a clear out to reinvigorate the squad. Maybe some players have become too complacent or lack motivation because they don’t play enough?

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  25. But Trump says that the FBI are corrupt
    We all knowTrump is a seriously honest,generous and rightious person ,who has never lied, colluded or cheated.
    So how can they be trusted?


  26. I just hope we keep Mesut. AW’s loyalty was always lost on Alexis. Can’t blame him for seeking the ultimate payday but he suicide-bombed the team’s groove too many times in the past year and I personally cannot wait to see the back of him.

    Hopefully he’ll be replaced appropriately. Malcom would work. Draxler +1 would work. Mahrez/ León Bailey or Mkhitaryan would work. As long as he/they really want to play for the Arse. We need some fresh energy in the place. Too many twats are profiting from the situation we find our club and that sh**beeds to end.

    Losing Ox, Gibbs, le Coq, and possibly Theo just might be proof that AW’s ready to assemble a higher grade of slayers to complement what he has. He needs to go out with a bang. But to do that he absolutely needs to re-sign Ozil.

    Our best player.

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  27. that sh** needs to end

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  28. wow, SkyBet are fantastic, look the brilliant transfer window they have had so far, spot on every time so far on all the big transfer stories. You could say that they really have killed this transfer prediction lark.

    Couthino to stay at Liverpool

    Alexis to Man City

    Alexis to Man Utd

    Walcott to Southampton

    Mahrez to Arsenal

    Mahrez to Liverpool

    Lemar to Arsenal

    Lemar to Liverpool

    Evans to Man City

    Evanst to Arsenal

    Coquelin to West Ham

    Coquelin to Everton

    only 12 days of the transfer window so far, and look at that list, how can anyone doubt SkyBet, they really have killed this transfer prediction lark, sorry that should be they really have made a killing from this transfer prediction lark. .

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  29. Arsenal hopes rise over persuading Mesut Ozil to sign a new contract

    by Sam Dean

    12 January 2018 • 10:30pm

    Arsenal are increasingly confident that they may be able to secure the long-term future of Mesut Özil, despite the German’s contract expiring in the summer.

    While manager Arsène Wenger has accepted it is highly unlikely Alexis Sánchez will extend his stay, negotiations are ongoing with Özil over a new deal and the club is more optimistic now than they were at the start of the season.

    With midfielder Jack Wilshere also out of contract in the summer, Arsenal could feasibly be left in a position where they need to replace three senior players in one window.

    “It looks like Sánchez will not extend his contract,” Wenger said. “But we want to keep Jack and if we have an opportunity maybe to keep Özil, the rebuild will be less deep than if all three left.”

    Wenger said talks with Özil were “very much alive” and that there is “still an opportunity for him to stay”. He has been linked with a move to Manchester United, where Jose Mourinho is keen to work again with the playmaker after managing him during his time at Real Madrid. Özil has missed the last two games due to injury, but could return to the side in Sunday’s meeting with Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium.

    Asked whether the driving motivation for Özil was cash or trophies, Wenger said: “It’s both, always. These guys want to win, and they want to make money as well. So they want a combination of the two that big clubs can give them.”

    Wenger added that the inflation of transfer fees is “killing” the market and said more players will see out their contracts in an effort to receive huge signing-on fees at a new club.

    “So what is the player’s calculation, said Wenger. “It’s ‘OK, the club wants £50m or £60m, because they want to replace me and they have to spend £50m or £60m. It will not happen, so I wait and take a chunk of that contract in a signing-on fee.’”

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  30. There have been suggestions Wenger could walk away at the end of the season.

    And when asked on Friday whether he could walk away this summer, he responded: ‘Will I be here next season? My contract clarifies that. Have I ever walked away (from a contract)? Never. Why should I change?’

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  31. Just a couple of things about some of the comments.

    It is true we do not get huge money for the players we sell, when compared to some other clubs.I think a large part of that is that just as we don’t pander to agents while buying players, we don’t engage the super agents to sell players. I’m not sure how long we can hold out once Wenger goes, but I prefer we keep agents at arm’s length even if it means a few million here and there.

    On Wenger leaving, apparently it is Josh Kroenke who wants him out. Apparently so did the rest of the board except majority shareholder Stan. Not sure that is accurate, but even if so, Arsenal cannot sell the idea of their values and still fire Wenger. The bit of values and doing things the right way is not a commercial or PR thing for Wenger, but it is for the club. If Wenger says he’s not going to walk away, I believe he will be here next year too.

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  32. Shard
    In the manager’s own words that boardroom scuffle was a bigger story then Alexis having a sulk midway through the season!

    We all know AFCs method: they buy Top Top Players like Sanchez (the occasionally irritating snakes in his legs included in that Top Top description: he is South American!) for the same amount of Wonga® the likes of Utd cycle through a mule like Depay (claps hooves together).

    People that’ve made more money through football agency then football, people like Ian Wright, they’d like to change that system at the club.

    We all should understand and accept IMO that this is why the club gets a bad press, there are literally tens if not hundreds of millions of identifiable reasons that we can refer to. Not. A. Mystery. Rest easy, Dr. Watson is not required.

    So understanding that I ignore the hacks on the football and their back scratching blagging mates too, and enjoy the football on the pitch. Though I enjoyed Young Pep trolling the hacks, almost as if he’s been reading the comments here!

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  33. Shard there is not one iota of evidence that Josh Kroenke wanted Wenger gone, some silly WOB on Twitter started that nonsense, just another lie to add to their long list of lies, that they have spread in their attempts to attain attention, clicks, fame and their end goal of destroying Arsenal, so they can say, I told you so.

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  34. goal reporting that Alexis’s extended family have arrived in England as he is set for a move to one of the Manchester club.

    also that Malcolm’s agents were in london yesterday for talks with AFC


  35. Arsène Wenger, serving his three-match touchline ban, was overheard saying, “Every time Alvaro Morata goes down it’s a fucking free-kick”, from the stands in last Wednesday’s Carabao Cup semi-final first-leg match vs. Chelsea. [Mirror]

    he wasn’t wrong

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  36. Ramsey on reaching 300 appearances: “I get a gold badge on my club suit! There’s no ceremony as such. When we had a team meeting, it was my job to give the jacket to Laurent because he was the next to achieve the milestone too. It will be on him to present the next one It’s like the Green Jacket in the Masters! It’s a nice little touch and I’d just like to show my appreciation to the club for letting me reach a fantastic personal achievement. Next stop 400!”

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  37. coq is presently playing for valencia.


  38. gabriel playing for valencia as well while perez is on for deportivo


  39. pedantic george, i sent you a pm on twitter, did you respond, as i keep getting message i’ve message, but when i click in nothing there


  40. Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos: “Our goal between now and the end of the season is to finish inside top 4.”

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  41. New post up – it is (nearly) game day

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