Arsenal with Plan A, B and C.


Good morning my positive friends.

When Andy Nic. and I arranged a job swap for this game, I have to admit I thought I might have gotten the shitty end of the stick. But no, not at all. I sit here in my bed in Blackburn (I’ll get up soon, I promise), with a smile on my face and an easy task.

We sent out the same team as we did vs Palace. No doubt hoping for a similar early display, champagne football , but no, Chelsea were all over us, pushing us back, forcing errors and rushed clearances, controlling the game and frankly making us look distinctly ordinary. They quickly worked a great goal, and i feared the worst.

Then we went to plan B. Dig in. Refuses to panic , roll up the sleeves and work harder on being solid. Monreal attacked the ball and fired a header goalward , It took two ricochets and ended up in the net . 1-1 . Better. For the rest of the first half it was more of an even game, but a fair man would still say Chelsea were shading it.

Then half time ,and the chance for Arsene to reorganise, plan C emerged . It appeared to me (I say “appeared” because I am far for a tactical expert) that we went to some sort hybrid system between 5 2 3 , 3 4 3 and 4 3 3 . The player dictating the changes was ElNeny.

He seemed to be playing as a CDM when we had the ball and a CB when they had the ball. Our wingbacks were more fullbacks off the ball than usual too.

There were odd moments of free flowing football,as you would expect, but this was a more grit,determination and sheer force of will performance . The winning goal was all about  effort over excellence from both Lacazette and Xhaka, fortunate, but earned.

Monreal was exceptional, ElNeny outstanding  and young Iwobi worked harder to contain them than we could have expected, and of course Mesut was glorious.

It was a fantastic effort from everyone involved. Working together as a team, fighting tooth and nail, just what the “experts” constantly suggest we cant do.

So we find ourselves looking for a 10th consecutive Wembley win against The UAE FC . I cant wait.

We can all enjoy this for a few days. and then a few days more.

Pedantic George ( @Arseblagger ) @arseblagger 






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113 comments on “Arsenal with Plan A, B and C.

  1. FT: Sunderland u23’s 1-3 Arsenal U23’s

    Smith-Rowe and John-Jules x 2 with our goals.
    an almost total domination by AFC, some of the football a delight to watch, it was at times like watching a highlights reel, the one and two touch play was outstanding.

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  2. Fins
    Jack Wilshere football trajectory asa 16 year old was Astronomical.
    The injuries killed his developement the time he has missed on the sidelines to away from the experience he would have gained.
    The pleasent surprise he has spent his time on the side lines studying the game and has shown his tactical understanding.
    He has shown ability to understand his physical limitations and compensate for positional discipline.
    I hoped he would return, what we have seen so far we have no right to expect .
    Wilshere with the ball at his feet makes me smile.

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  3. I am not one for ‘yuff’ speak but …
    Smith-Rowe is only 17 years old he has been wonderful today

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  4. It must lift the hearts of the home crowd to know that the most gifted English footballer since Gazza is: “one of their own” (you won’t see a six a clock special on this topic on Aunty Bleeeb as hilariously witnessed with Harry Wink Wink Wink).

    We’ve been spoilt to witness two academy graduates bringing home the silver in Gibbs and Wilshere. How many clubs can boast such numbers. GazCorp FC at their peak before their petro fumed laundrette rival arrived could only boast one. In the future that number will increase.
    Certainly feels like the end of an era.
    For Conte.

    Wilshere has already won more baubles in England then Gazza and Le Tissier combined? Hehe.

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  5. < in the future those numbers will increase for the Arsenal – already have if we can count Bellerin!

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  6. Arsenal can count Bellerin as “one of our own” because at 15 or 16 years of age , a ‘Professional Football’ career is NOT guaranteed.

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  7. Rooney had a couple of top seasons before retirement?
    For me and for his coaches, he was a forward, and we’ve seen over the years that the best most exciting strikers/forwards do not necessarily have to be the best footballers about or even in their team.
    Romario, Henry, etc.


  8. PL International Cup Q/F’s

    Dinamo Zagreb
    Manchester United
    Newcastle United

    The draw will take place on Monday 29th of January at 12 noon.


  9. George
    WWB’s posts on Chelsea earlier could easily be a follow up article after Shotts, if people don’t mind a few well placed curses.

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  10. What is happening with our academy is truly exciting. Such a pity that all those real fans of ours can’t see it.
    And with regard to the transfer tittle-tattle if I was looking to start a rumour I’d go big on a David Luiz HFB swap deal.
    And on that note best wishes to Hunter.

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  11. “The referees only job is to protect the players”

    Did Young Pep just say he agrees with me? Though, it is possibly the other way around, i am in compete agreement with the no.1 desirable bestest biggest spending coach on the planet.

    Sane who will make Germany even more dangerous or compensate for the loss of Schweinsteiger this upcoming summer is out of the upcoming cup final and possibly the league game too?
    Think I might drop Grandmaster Riley some flowers this week for his pioneering and incredibly subtle “game management” technique. Hemlock?

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  12. Sky sources saying agreement with Auba is close, 60 mil Euros, must be true then, as Sky are always right concerning Arsenal, aren’t they


  13. New post up.


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