Arsenal: Football breaks the window


@LaboGoon opens the curtains 

January eh – don’t you just wish this month was over already? Well, at least not without a few wins under the belt, a ‘departure’ and one or two “top top” additions to our squad. Now that will really help to lift this gloom.

Arsenal host Crystal Palace at the Emirates this afternoon, with the goal being us making up lost ground on the top 4 teams. Albeit temporarily… but one never know.

What we do know is that when Roy took over the Eagles they were low in confidence and in desperate need of points. It was a bit touch-and-go initially but through immense fortitude they overcome their nervy patch and are now a formidable unit that take nothing for granted and give even less away, because they know they are not completely out of the woods yet as far as PL survival is concerned, ergo they go out there and play each game as if it’s a cup final, to not be left wondering.

In the last 12 rounds of PL fixtures Palace lost just once and that, of course, was vs us at Selhurst Park, which was also the last time we won a game in all competitions. Since then we lost our way a bit, starting with bad luck in the form of few questionable refereeing decisions, then doubts crept in, culminating in us looking short of ideas vs Bournemouth last Sunday.

That we are in the midst of a very unsettling period goes without saying, but we are just one good result away, that may not necessarily silence some of our critics but at least it will change the tide for these players, on and off the field.

To get over the line today we will have to up the intensity from what we’ve seen these last few weeks, as well as have a real go at Palace from the very first minute, because we’ve seen so many times if you leave things too late you are leaving it to chance.

The Emirates has been treating us good though, so I see no reason why we shouldn’t put in a solid performance to get the desired result.

On team news: Monreal and Koscielny are back in good health and Özil should also be fine. So even without Alexis we should still field a stronger side than in recent weeks.

Good luck to all going to the Emirates. I got a feeling today will be a good day to re-ignite the Arsenal torch.


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91 comments on “Arsenal: Football breaks the window

  1. Hear hear Shotta.
    Long live Wengerball.
    The force was clearly back with our team today.
    The fireball is gone the mojo-sucking vortex that is Amexis Manchez has moved on and will be wearing the big ego shirt number 7 for the special twat.

    Long live Wengerball!
    Long live Wengerball!

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  2. Thanks Fins. We won’t win everything of course but think we’ll be a team worth watching again.

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  3. Wenger On the win

    We started well, played well. Played the football we know we can play. We had a convincing first half. The second half was less quality.

    Overall it was a convincing win.

    On Sanchez

    I didn’t take him because there is a question of him moving to United. You can’t drive north and play football.
    I expect it to happen, but I can’t announce it. In the next 48 hours it will be decided. Until it’s over the line you can’y say it will happen.

    If you want to have a bet, it could happen.

    Wenger on Mkhitaryan/Sanchez

    It happens only one way, if the other way happens as well. That’s why it takes longer as well because it is coordinated.

    On bidding for Aubameyang

    No comment on that.

    More on Aubameyang

    Are you saying ‘no comment’ because of how Dortmund reacted to your comments on Thursday?

    I don’t know what I said, I said nothing happens and I can’t comment on it, so I am quite surprised. It looks to be a tactical reaction rather than anything else because I didn’t say anything.

    On Dortmund going public on the bid

    They are responsible for their own statements. I can’t stand up for what they say. If we sign someone we will announce it.

    I half announce today Sanchez/Mkhitaryan because it’s likely to happen. The rest, we are not close at all to anything.

    On Monreal’s injury

    He has a kick on the back of the hamstring. It was precautionary.

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  4. Full Time

    Liverpool 2-3 Arsenal

    Huge disappointment for the Reds, who bow out of the FA Youth Cup in the fourth round after an absorbing contest with Arsenal at Anfield.

    A Curtis Jones double looked to have earned a narrow victory for Gerrard’s side but a late equaliser forced extra-time and Tyreece John-Jules won it for the visitors.

    the full match is on LFCTV from 7pm

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  5. Huge congratulations to #AFCU18, who beat Liverpool 3-2 after extra time this afternoon – Burton, Saka and John-Jules got our goals

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  6. great result for the U18’s

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  7. Everton’s McCarthy suffered a double leg break today, awful.


  8. file:///C:/Users/ian/Downloads/John-Jules%20youth%20cup%20v%20lFC%2020%2001%2018.jpg


  9. Mavadidi scored again for Charlton today

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  10. Arsenal U18’s are away to Middlesboro in the 5th round of the FA Youth Cup, on Feb 10th

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  11. Jaysus! Theo looks so strange in that Everton strip. He will always remain one of us wherever he goes. He was with us from a boy of 16, through the highs and the lows. Left with 100 goals and 3 FA cups. Long live Theo!

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  12. Two fantastic deep corners to pick out Monreal from Germany’s corner taker Özil today.

    Roy Hodgson acknowledging that AFC and Monreal (goal and two assists!) managed to ruthlessly exploit a weakness that they’d targeted. I don’t expect any of the flatulant arseblaggers to be commentating upon that (The Football) over the next few days.

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  13. City gets penalties, Arsenal doesn’t. Sterling gets a well deserved penalty which was just as clear cut as the one on Lacazette. The #PGMOL at work.

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  14. Manchester Ref, first Arsenal game ever, recently parroted witness statement on Dean WBA fall out, just doing what he feels obliged by Matey Mike to do.

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  15. Besiktas reps are in London, and its reported that Welbeck is their target, a loan with a purchase clause or option

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  16. Mertesacker on Mavropanos: “We’re already working together on extra sessions. I’m trying to be involved in those, offering my support and guiding him. At the moment we’re working hard together.”

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  17. That was fun. What a difference it makes when you’re able to field an almost full strength side. First half they played like a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

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  18. well on the Alexis/Mkhitaryan deals, Wenger has confirmed that both deals have to be completed at the same time, as neither deal can be done without the completion of the other, and that AFC and MU are coordinating the moves. So I suppose we only get an announcement of a transfer when both deals can be announced at the same time.


  19. PROUD of the lads for stepping up.

    would be great to keep Ozil as i think he is more crucial to our play

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  20. Met up with Anicoll in the Eaglet for drink before kickoff. Had a good natter. Birds of a feather and all that.

    Good first half. Özil is a majestic player. Wilshere is a special talent, not quite at his best today.

    Second half was less enjoyable. Perhaps, we took our door off the pedal. We were less fluid.

    Played some lovely footie at times interspersed with some rather predictable and less adventurous play.

    Deserved the points, but I wanted another four in the second half…

    Met up with Passenal after the game and had a coffee next to Finsbury Park station. What a wise lady. Had another great natter. Birds of a feather and all that again….

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  21. Arsenal first on Match of the Day tonight

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  22. Wilshere on if it’s been a difficult January for the dressing room…
    It’s difficult when people like Theo and Francis leave – they’re big characters in the dressing room and I’ve known them for a long time. We’re going to miss them and wish them all the best. But as a team and as a club we need to move on. Whoever comes in, whoever leaves, we’re strong enough to deal with it as we have in the past. We need to put in performances like we did today and start climbing up the table.

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/ozil-understands-football-he-makes-it-easy#tvjBVqJjAX1FAxDF.99

    Read more at https://www.arsenal.com/news/ozil-understands-football-he-makes-it-easy#SbMcE7SJEDTb6OxT.99

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  23. another resounding success today for the WOB, with their protest march, bed sheets and A4’s,

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  24. I see a lot of nonsense about what shirt numbers Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang would get if they join this month.
    All sorts of nonsense about Jack moving to 7 so Ozil can move to 10, meaning the new guys would have 11, 14, 15 etc to pick from.

    Under BPL rules, Jack and Ozil would not be allowed change their shirt numbers mid-season, the BPL sometimes allow one player at a club to change number, but usually early season, and also it being a player who would not have had a lot of replica shirts sold to fans. Jack and Mesut would not come into that category.

    Any swapping of shirt numbers would have to wait till the summer. I expect Mkhitaryan might take no.7 with aub taking 14 if they come. Any swap for jack and mesut will be summer time.

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  25. Many reporters saying swap deal done medicals in two parts Sunday/Monday


  26. don’t think FA works over the weekend, so paper work can’t be ratified by them till Monday.

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  27. So now we know how it’s done. Just score 4 before there’s a chance for any dubious interventions. Who says Arsène doesn’t do tactics?

    (Mind you, even this might not work against a determinedly dowdy ref.)

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  28. Tim Stillman@Stillberto
    2h2 hours ago

    Arsenal finished the game with Ainsley Maitland Niles, Reiss Nelson, Alex Iwobi and Jack Wilshere on the pitch. Not a bad advert for the academy.

    Bellerin too

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  29. Lol it was Xhaka taking the two corners for the first two goals


  30. Eddie in the bench too, Nelson getting the nod today and making his pl debut

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  31. < first and third goals


  32. Fancy that, no second look at our penalty on MOTD but Stirling’s deffo was.

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  33. What fun that was!

    I’m loathe to comment because soon enough a new post will go up and any comment will become redundant (as if it’s so important anyway)

    But I had to laugh at a headline in my newsnow feed

    Mkhitaryan’s wages will be a problem for Arsenal – Duncan Castles

    When in his press conference, Arsene Wenger specifically said that Mkhi’s wages will not be a problem for Arsenal. But what does he know? He’s only the manager of the club. Not a ‘journalist’.

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  34. There’s a word in that journos name somewhere

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  35. Duncan Castles, he is a highly compromised mouthpiece for Jose/Mendes, not a journalist, and from what I have read, seen as something of a joke within that profession, which is indeed saying something

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  36. Mkhi …the nu Hleb? (℅ Specs @ ArseFanTV).
    Both good with both feet, fast, hi IQ, unselfish, high assist rate, team players BUT Hleb was lame @ goal scoring….Mkhi is the better player.
    Give him the #7.

    Aubameyang is rhythmically so much like Thierry Henry. I just re-watched his youtube vids and he would look good in TH’s #14. Get him in, re-up Ozil & Jack…and our next super team is in place.

    AW will have made all the hacks look so daft once AGAIN! BUt you know how the envious brain-dead always come back for more. They’ll find new holes to dig and reboot their mercenary campaign against the greatest manager of the greatest club England has ever had. It will all come to naught!

    I tip Le Prof to get another 2 years after next season so he can go all out to win whatever has not been won so far within the next 3 years.
    Then AW will retire.

    And to the whole getting a DM & a CB issue. Its basic football 101. He could easily stick to that old formula but with the decade of financial limitations & Spanish domination of world football, he chose to set up his team formation differently while remaining loyal to his charges but it didn’t pan out primarily because the sugar daddies got involved, splashing cash all over every aspect of the game. His decisions speak of a man with more courage than most of his peers but the Alexis saga is probably the last time he will allow himself be doubted.

    Wengerball 4.0 began when Sven Mislintat & Raul Sanillehi were hired.
    The whole world will come to know.
    Oh, and about the DM position, come summer…
    Oriol Romeu
    Yeah, I said it again.


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  37. New post up


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