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Manager of the Month loses 3 In A Row.

Hallow folks, Arsenal suffered a 3rd defeat in a row at Southampton severely damaging any hopes of a Top-4 finish. Blackburn George, @arseblagger, and Byso, @hawt_red, join with Shotta, @shotta_gooner, to discuss the implications of this defeat. In our opinion despite the failure of Arteta to have the team scoring goals the club will be […]

No More Excuses.

Hello again, In this podcast we debate how many excuses can be used and reused before someone will suggest Arteta might have ballsed in up. We also wonder if Xhaka is right about players being afraid to play a bad ball and if Arteta’s constant directions from the technical area make the players more risk […]

Brighton Post-Mortem

Hello all. I this podcast we pick over the bones of our dying CL hopes. Mikel has had some praise recently, but he gets it in the neck for this debacle. Pedantic George

Tsunami Of Panic.

Hello all, In this podcast we try to understand the tsunami of panic that has set in because of 2 injuries to injury prone players. It’s Brighton ffs, we should just get out and spank them. After all, “we are The Arsenal” Pedantic George

Arteta’s Partey Pantomime

Hello all. In this podcast we try to make sense of the shocking first half performance from the team and certain players. Was Arteta at all to blame? Was it just a bad day? A blip? Were we even as bad as people think? We certainly got more questions than answers. Pedantic George

Palace Preview & Arteta’s faultless Process.

Hello again. In this latest offering of uninformed nonsense we look at the Palace game and babble on about how mistakes have been airbrushed out of Arteta’s history. Pedantic George

Arsenal Improvement Analysed

Hello again. In this podcast we try to understand the reasons behind Arsenal’s improvement and the prospects of it lasting that we can qualify for The Champions League. If you can be bothered listening please let us know your opinions in the comments section. Pedantic George.

Top Four Trophy Immanent

Hello all. Today we discuss The Villa game and how it makes us favourites for the top 4, we disagree on how heavy favourites we are. I think we have 2 hands on the trophy holding it chest high, just waiting to lift it over our heads. Pedantic George

Optimism As Liverpool Looms

Hello all. In this podcast we look back on our recent victory, forward to the Liverpool game and the rest of the season. It’s a fun time to be an Arsenal fan, at lest until tomorrow night. Make hay while the sun shines. Pedantic George

Top Four Looks Probable Now.

Good morning Positives. It’s been a while and to be honest, given the current state of the world, I’m fining it hard to see the importance of football right now. However, if you can turn your thoughts toward Arsenal, things are looking up in a big way recently. Perhaps , as we can do nothing […]