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Arsenal vs Fulham. What Now?

Good morning all. Today at 1.30 Fulham come to the home of football to face the mighty Arsenal. The mighty Arsenal on a bit of a roll , by the way. In our last two games we have comfortably seen of Sheffield United and Slavia Prague. Ok, not the mightiest opponents, but we have dispatched […]

Arteta Is Doing Madness, Not In A Good Way

Today @shotta_gooner has to try and restrain me as I go an a maniacal rant about Arteta’s “achievements”. the state of our play and I blame all my worldly woes on our dapper manager. The end is neigh. Pedantic George.

It’s Sheffield United, Who Cares?

Good morning all. Tonight we play Sheffield United, comfortably the worse team in the league. After 30 games they are on 14 points with a goal difference of minus 35. This should be a stroll in the park, a gift 3 points, we should be a shoe in, but…….well you know? Three points could see […]

Arteta Has No Style Befitting Of Arsenal

For me the biggest problem I have with Arteta is that he is here 16 or 17 months and for the life of me I don’t know what sort of football he wants us to play, surely to God its not this stale, negative, counter attacking sufferball with Tierney crossing stuff aimlessly that we see […]

The Biggest Game Of The Season Is Slavia Prague, Blimey!

Tonight we play Slavia Prague in what has become a massive tie for the club, manager and players. Quite simply, it’s our season and a big part of next season too. All of our eggs are in the Europa league cup now, seriously, ALL OF THEM! We sit 10th in the PL with little or […]

Red Flags Over Arteta

Red Flags Over Arteta

The problem with Mikel Arteta, thanks to his long association with Arsenal, his excellence as an Arsenal player, his unflappable cool, amazing hair and piercing stare, is that we all either quite like him, or like him a lot. The static nature of the Arteta Out ‘movement’ is too obvious a point to labour.  Nobody […]

Arteta says “It’s my fault” and I agree!

Hello everyone. In this weeks podcast @shotta_gooner and I accept Arteta’s conclusion that the rubbish we churned out against Liverpool was his fault. Of course he had hardly gotten the words out before he shifted the blame to the players and threw them under the first Bus he could find. But hey? On the plus […]

The Battle of the Disappointments.

Saturday night’s game is against the defending champions, or nondefending champions you could say. We have had a miserable and disappointing season, but imagine how Liverpool fans feel? They were touting themselves as the greatest PL team ever and talking about the Klopp dynasty to come, instead they find themselves in 7th place and 25 […]


To any new readers, Fred is a character and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental. PG To all PA readers, my name is John Paxford, and I’m a relation of Fred Paxford, who died about a month ago. We found in his last papers this note that he was hoping for me to […]

Was It The Best Point Of The Season?

Good morning all. This week @shotta_gooner and I look at the West Ham game , discus the chances of a top 8, 6 or 4 finish and for once I stand up and defend Arteta for his selections and tactics.