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Arteta’s Arsenal Feeding Humble Pie.

Hello everyone. In this podcast we look back on our super victory over our recent nemesis. It was a performance full of skill and energy against a Liverpool team, that although perhaps a little below their last few years form, did play as well as I’ve seen them this season. Put it this way, that […]

Spurs Demolished,Destroyed and Thrashed

Hello one and all. In this podcast we have a grand old time basking in the reflected glory of a convincing performance from our exciting young team. No one can question that Arteta has this group playing in a way we have waited for for a few years, it’s all good at present and we […]

Arsenal See Off Violent Villains.

Hello Positive people. In this podcast we look back all the way to the Villa game, one which I thought saw us displaying everything that will be needed for us to take a tilt at top 4 this season. There was fast energetic and considered attacking, which saw us overcome targeted violence and some of […]

Arsenal Flying, Enjoy It.

Hello lovely positives. Another week of basking in the reflected glory of an exhilarating display from Arteta’s young guns. And enjoy it we should, the last 5 year seem to have been one disappointment after another. It’s not been a lot of fun, the odd little peak and some horrible troughs for a club of […]

We are The Arsenal again.

Hello one and all. In this podcast we go ott on a fantastic result and game to watch. Almost everyone gets praise lavished on them and a new dawn is celebrated. Who cares if it all goes wrong a little farther down the line, I’m filling my boots while it lasts. WE ARE BACK IN […]

Great 3 points, Mediocre Performance.

Hello all. In our latest effort to fool people into thinking we have a clue what we are talking about, we analyse why we went from looking great,to being dominated for 60 minutes. In Shotta’s new feature, we look individual player ratings and performances are broken down. Pedantic George

Arsenal to Fly or Flop. Let’s Go…….

So here we go again, another season and another sense of springtime in late summer. The year may be on the wane, but for all football fans it’s a time of new beginnings, new hope. Ever since last season ebbed away with those two disappointing away games at Tottenham and Newcastle there has been much […]

Transfers, Partey and Season Preview.

Hello everyone, In this podcast I go mad with excitement for the coming season. I dismiss all negative thoughts as I jump on the sunshine bus. Pedantic George.

Terry Neill. Arsenal player and manager.

With the recent death of Terry Neill (1942-2022), another part of The Arsenal becomes history. Many who have a presence on the internet probably don’t know him, or if they did he might not have meant as much as he did to those of us who witnessed those years? And that’s fair enough. Carrie Fisher […]

Christmas In July For Arsenal?

Christmas In July For Arsenal?

Hey Positives, George is away and he tasked me to share with you the latest Positively-Uncensored podcast. Am very pleased we had our very own “Heady” as a special guest. He was his usual measured, optimistic self, as we discussed with ex-scout Ehab the explosive debut of Gabriel Jesus in helping the Gunners overcome a […]