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The @Bradyesque7 Weekly Round Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up and what a week it has been. A fire has been reignited around Ashburton Grove and it’s largely being fuelled by deadwood. First up we’ll look at the furore that arose when our good friends in the media decided to create the team news ahead of the Bayern […]

The Ignorant vs Arsene Wenger

Part 2 of a guest post by Red Henry. Continues from Part 1. Following the logic of the ignorant can be a dangerous thing. It is psychologically proven that when the brain cannot comprehend what’s happening and you don’t understand what’s going on, you panic. Fear creeps in. What is this? How does it work? […]

@BlackburnGeorge’s Post-Swansea Positivity

Wonderful. Simply Marvellous. Till tomorrow. … … … … … Well Ok, But the rest will only be padding. I’m sure you don’t need me to analyse a game that everyone will have seen for themselves, but here are my thoughts. We won. And won well. Three points, the first three of the thirty we […]

Do Not Go Gentle

Abertawe.  I have many memories and associations but very few of them are football related. Dylan Thomas, Cwmdonkin Park, Twin Town, Mumbles Pier, The Gower peninsular, stopping for fish and chips at Monni’s on Brynymor Road on my way to visit the Boat House in Laugharne. All happy reflections on that ‘ugly, lovely town’ but […]

Arsene Wenger: A Funny Kind of Dictator

 A guest post from Red Henry One of the more recent strands of popular criticism of Arsene Wenger includes the description of the Arsenal Manager as a dictator. It is claimed that the manager listens to no one, that he does everything his way.  The claim came from Stewart Robson, after he had been sacked […]

The Lights Go Out All Over Europe

I said last night as I was watching the game that we had three objectives for the first half. Get through the first 45  without conceding had to be the most important. We had a hill to climb, nothing could be worse than that becoming a mountain. Then we needed to match them all over […]

The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s Round-Up. First up is the news from last week that Santi had won the Arsenal Player of the Month Award for February.  Cazorla just pipped Wilshere with 44% of the votes to Jack’s 43%. That is a substantial pile of per cents for just two players.  The biggest revelation […]

In Defence Of Positivity: Worry Not – We’ll All Soon Be Dead (Part Two)

The second and final part of the guest post from Poznan In My Pants (PIMP), part one of which appeared on Positively Arsenal on Monday Exhibit A Of How To Criticise: Tim Stillman Being constructively critical while striving to be positive is a duty of supporters, in my opinion. It’s a form of leadership.  In […]

In Defence Of Positivity: Worry Not – We’ll All Soon Be Dead (Part One)

Part one of a two-part guest post from Poznan In My Pants (PIMP). The Charms of Criticism There is a lot to be said for criticism. It is necessary, even essential.  I’m all for it, myself.  I love a spot of considered, knowledgeable, criticism.  But a bottomless sea of criticism leads to negativity.  Isn’t it […]

Ignorance And Stupidity

Sorry  folk .The three possible posts I had lined up for today have not materialised .If one does I will publish it latter on.Sorry about that ,but for new readers here is another look at an old item.Sorry again.  Is it just me or are others infuriated by ignorance and stupidity? Now I don’t blame […]