Ignorance And Stupidity

Sorry  folk .The three possible posts I had lined up for today have not materialised .If one does I will publish it latter on.Sorry about that ,but for new readers here is another look at an old item.Sorry again.

 Is it just me or are others infuriated by ignorance and stupidity?

Now I don’t blame people who are stupid, simply because they are.  I mean they are born stupid.  Nobody chooses to be an idiot.  Mostly they can’t help it.  Such is life.

No, what annoys me is that some stupid people insist on thinking they are smart.  And smart to the extent that they know more about a given subject than a top professional.

Of course this likely happens in all manner of activities, but I want to talk about football – and Arsenal in particular.

I am told all the time “I am entitled to an opinion”.

Of course when I claim that in that case, I am entitled to hold the opinion that they are idiots, that same ‘entitlement’ doesn’t appear to hold true for me.

If an opinion is formed from a position of almost total ignorance or built on falsehoods and misinformation, what is it worth?  It is in fact worth less than nothing.  I would prefer to hold no opinion on matters, rather than one which proves I am a foolish halfwit.

If I have a heart complaint I’d go to see a specialist heart Consultant.  If he tells me I am in decent health and half an Aspirin per day and some light exercise will see me well would I then insist that I need a quadruple bypass simply because my plumber mate down the pub says that’s what I need?

Or if I read a blog by an accountant in which he insists he has strong opinions on the matter, and I should therefore accept what he is saying, would I?


Well why does anyone who watches a football match and follows Piers Morgan on twitter think that they know better than Arsene Wenger?  The reality is that in all likelihood, Doris the Tea Lady knows more about football and Arsenal than them.  I get told “I am a season ticket holder, 30 years of watching Arsenal, that entitles me to an opinion.”  Well I have been watching Westerns for 50 years but I would not presume to tell John Ford how to direct one.  (I know he is dead by the way.)

Buying a ticket entitles you to nothing more than a seat and a game to watch.  It does not buy you the right to pick the team, choose formations or set tactics.

If someone tells me the world is flat, I don’t feel the need to debate the subject with them.  There could be only two reasons they believe that.

Complete stupidity.  Or ignorance.

Ignorance can be excused.  But if they have been told the facts and shown the evidence, ignorance can be excluded and stupidity is all that is left.  So when someone says something like “Wenger does not understand defence” they immediately fall into the stupid category.  And they should not complain when I tell them that they are a moron.

Or when people insist that Arsene has refused to spend money.

Again, idiot.

The annual accounts over the past 10 years prove there has been no money.  Arsene has said there has been no money.  So if they are going to ignore the facts then they can only be stupid. There is no alternative.

The biggest problem is not people like bloggers claiming to understand things that they clearly don’t.  There will always be people who hugely overestimate their knowledge and intellect.  No, the problem is the masses of ill-informed halfwits that accept and repeat as fact, the opinions of these leaders of opinion.  Hitler was not the problem.  It was the millions of followers he attracted that was the problem.

Some want-to-be manager writing a blog about Arsenal is not the problem.  It’s the pathetic halfwits that believe that what he is saying has some real value, who are the problem.

People claim to know why Mata did not sign for Arsenal, for example. When in fact they have no idea at all the reasons for him going to Chelsea.

Here is the thing.

I have opinions about players, formations and tactics.  Ask me on a Saturday morning to pick the team and I will have a go.  But the difference is that by Saturday teatime, if we have lost I won’t claim it was because the manager was too stupid to pick the team that I did.

Pointing to an outcome and claiming it would have been better if your advice had been heeded Is nothing but evidence of your own arrogance and stupidity.

I really can’t understand why so many people believe that their one field of excellence is football and Arsenal.

But I can understand why they infuriate me with their ignorance and stupidity.

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64 comments on “Ignorance And Stupidity

  1. Were there any circuses in the areas concerned, ZP? Or at least have you checked that there were no lion tamers with a grudge living in the vicinity of either place? Just a hunch.


  2. Is there such a thing as a lion whisperer? If there is then I think that any lion whisperers living within a few miles of each crime should be carefully questioned.


  3. Who stands to gain from lions being driven out of those particular places? This could be political, you know. Wouldn’t be at all surprised.


  4. Were there witnesses to these attacks, ZP? Could they have been people in lion costumes? It is surprising easy to pass as a lion amongst people who have been drinking.


  5. …I have done it several times.


  6. Of course if there was any justice in the world one of the victims would have been Piers Morgan.


  7. after reading todays entry again (so good) i would also like to arm you with the following ideas in the case you get idiots who cant read properly giving you the “treatment” ….

    expressing an opinion is a matter of exercising a democratic right, having an opinion that is valid (i.e counts more than a fart in the wind) is a matter of experience and what knowledge one has on the subject.

    i do understand people saying “im entitled to an opinion”, what i dont understand is why or how they expect that opinion to be taken seriously or not. its as if they are allowed to say whatever they want without any accountability.

    offering or expressing an opinion is quite different than to critisise on the basis that youre entitled to an opinion

    ” we pay, therefore we have the right to question” no you dont you silly person…for you to question you must first put yourself in the position of all those you critisise and prove to all of us that you can do better than them…after that you can critisise, doubt and question all you want. but until you find the cojones to do it shut up and dont come out with some “first ammendment” shit and your right to offer the kind of opinions that belittle insult and offend real time people, achievements and history itself.

    george….we have a third category..the stupid, the ignorants and… the cretins ..oh yes…


  8. on the subject of lions all i know is that they piss/mark their area…and we have marked london ages ago…so eff you tottenham..you too chelsea..(rafa excepted)


  9. frank, piers would be a great lion whisperer…..very talented man.


  10. Those who can do. Those who can’t go on the internet and bitch about it.


  11. There seems a certain irony about me bitching about bitching.


  12. Hunter I have Emailed you ,


  13. i have replied george …with vengeance


  14. Just posting a reply here because there was a comment awaiting moderation that was accusing me of misinformation on Twitter especially regarding things like player wages…all I can say to that is, Google is your friend, so are people on Twitter…search around, ask around, do your research and you can find out plenty…unless of course you want to get your info from Arsenal Truth, who is so truthful that he tried explaining last year’s wage bill with players who were only signed this year

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