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Let There Be Arsenal

I let the mask slip at work yesterday. Friday, three minutes away from going home and the frankly fuckwitted semi evolved attitudes of my work colleagues finally got to me and I fear I bared my fangs. To be fair I’ve coped day in day out for six long desperate years and rarely if ever […]

The Secret Of Footballing Happiness

George Rodger seeks out the road best traveled in today’s route map to footballing happiness. If football is like a religion, then it’s little wonder that people are losing their belief, their faith and ultimately, their way. Now I am not a religious man.  I am no theologian.  In fact Doctor Sheldon Cooper likely has […]

Me Me Me

Many Arsenal fans allowed themselves a brief moment of schadenfreude at Old Red Nose and the karmic nature of his exit from the European Cup. Or whatever they call it these days. OK so some people went beyond the briefest moment of schadenfreude and into a full orgy of delight. Given their history of benefiting […]

Arsenal Ownership Series – Part 3 – The Conclusion

This is the final post and conclusion to a series of posts on Arsenal’s ownership by Akash (@Gooner_optimist). If you missed them, do take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 as they both lead up to this post. To answer the MAIN question that I’ve been coming to in my series of posts, […]

The @Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-up

Early in the week, leaked photos forced Arsenal to reveal that Dennis Bergkamp will be honoured with a statue outside the stadium. This will force Arsenal into a more prompt revealing of the statue but it’s unlikely to rush Arsene Wenger who will be out panic-buying any rusty figurine he can find in a French […]

Three Points Gone, Thirty To Play For

With over a quarter of the season left and his glass still half-full, Blackburn George reflects on yesterday’s game.   Well that was another bitter pill to swallow. Anyone who failed to see us dominating play can only do so by being blind to the events on the field.  Particularly for the first 35 minutes. […]

Another Cock & Ball Story

We haven’t heard from our dear friend Frank for quite a while now.He is most likely to the Grand Tour of Europe on Lady Nina,but wherever he is,he has my best wishes and I hope he knows how much we miss him. Anyway,here is an old post from him that reminds us of his genius. […]

The Desolation Of A Football Free Saturday

Remember when Kevin Keegan showed how cross he was at something Old Red Nose said? He was wearing a pair of seventies headphones and started to echo the thoughts of most football supporters in the land by saying he would love to beat the red Mancs, love it. Nothing particularly exciting about that, at the […]

Understand Arsenal – And Be A Part Of Something (Part 2)

The conclusion of a two-part article from ArsenalAndrew After the Russians tanks arrived in 2003, firing £50 notes, they were later joined in 2009 by the sandstorm from the desert and both Chelsea and Manchester City were free to wreak fully funded havoc in the EPL as the global economy seized up from the effects […]