Three Points Gone, Thirty To Play For


With over a quarter of the season left and his glass still half-full, Blackburn George reflects on yesterday’s game.


Well that was another bitter pill to swallow.

Anyone who failed to see us dominating play can only do so by being blind to the events on the field.  Particularly for the first 35 minutes. We were in complete control for that period.  Their midfield simply had no answer to our play.

Sadly in the space of two minutes or so, two decisive plays from them, combined with two defensive lapses from us, left us an uphill struggle that in the end proved to be a little too much.

None of us can be happy with the result, but we should at least take some comfort from the performance.

There is no getting away from the fact that we lose too many games that we should not.  But to simply point the finger at any one person or reason is far too simplistic. 

The team needs to grow as a unit, defend as a unit and attack as a unit. This takes time and patience.  And we fans should accept this and understand how hard it is to achieve. 

We have six midfielders, Jack, Santi, Mikel, Abou, Thomas and Aaron.  A combination of any three of them are better than anything else I see in the league. 

Personally I have no idea which is our best three.  So add Le Coq and AOC and we are well set for years to come.

I believe we would benefit from a quick centre forward and another centre back.  But even without additions I am convinced we will be much stronger next season.

There are thirty points still to play for. 

All is not lost by any means. But even if it was, nothing is to be gained by withdrawing our support for the team.  Every week I see a team of huge potential.  We simply must give them to time to fulfill that potential.  I honestly don’t see why people can’t relish the challenge.  Rather than throw their arms up and ask for change. 

Change may come all to soon, I fear, unless the majority of fans don’t quickly see sense. 

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69 comments on “Three Points Gone, Thirty To Play For

  1. That’s the spirit Ninja George. Thirty points to play for and we have an easier fixture list in the run in.


  2. Comment of the day Frank at 7.08. Love it.


  3. What a pleasure to visit PA, just when I am ready to give up on all football fans. Keep it up gays.


  4. “Keep it up gays.”

    Well, quite. You’ve heard the rumours as well then Knysna (insert smiley face here).


  5. Spot on George – there is still plenty to play for and unlike the noisy neighbours 3 points against our local rivals is not the highlight of our season.


  6. So, just to make sure that I am getting this right, what George is saying is that yesterday was in fact NOT the last game of the season? Because, after spending time on Twitter and reading some media outlets, I was convinced that somehow the FA had decided to end the season in early March. So we still have 10 games, 30 points to play for and that 7 point gap could easily shrink to 4 after the next match day? Well, if that’s the case, I guess I’ll just carry on doing what usually do in such circumstances: keep calm and support the Arsenal. Hope that some of the more impulsive Gooners will also realise that the season doesn’t end in March and do the same. COYG!

    (but I have to say, I absolutely hate that we have to wait 10 days for the next match. Could timing be any worse for those gaps?)


  7. nice post Andrew. I sometimes think the phrase “rise above it” is apt when one finds oneself in a position such as we are currently – seeing/hearing comments from some of or co-fans (as it were) as well as media fools and Piers Morgan types etc… (actually I’ve mentioned him a lot and am starting to think I probably think the chap’s a git) back to my point….

    I now think, having thunk over the point a bit, that it is not that we should rise above it; as in actuality we are it, and it is those who have sunk below it that need a helping hand to get back to it. It is where it’s at, it’s where we are, it is wsomething our fallen, misguided and insightless co-fans have dropped below and as much as they annoy the crap out of me at present, I will welcome them back when ultimately they realise how blind they have been and come back up to it.

    reminds me of a sentance made up of 2 letter words ….

    so, if it is on or if it is in, it is as it is, be it in or be it on. That demonstrates nothing other than I remember something from many years ago in school.

    lol 7:08 Frank


  8. I have avoided all media and as a result I had a very good and productive day at work. I’Ve just watched the Fans Forum with Tom Watt and admire how he manages to keep his cool with so many dullards who call in spouting guff!

    I briefly, skimmed the posts on ACLF and found that it is gradually becoming LeGrove mark 2 with JJ leading the pack. I wonder what Yogi feels about his blog now.

    And so, lads, thanks for being there because I appreciate the balanced and sensible comments on here. Arsenal can still do it, I will continue to believe…..


  9. @ Steve_I
    ha ha

    this is a very interesting article about our money situation. It is initially examining the “takeover bid” story from the other day (rubbishes it), then it goes into our finances and the impact of FFP.



  10. Bobby McMahon has previous good form. Comments on Ramsey injury in attached video.


  11. Bastards how dare you get there before me…


  12. excellent article that,


  13. “someone somewhere has been using a template from the best seller, “Football Club Takeover for Dummies.”

    He has it about right


  14. sorry george but i have been in hiding since the final whistle, ive seen no papers nothing on twitter and this is the first blog ive read so i have totally avoided the over the top rants by so called experts and fans. in defence of per and tv i thought the individual mistakes were from arteta and natcho not following their runners for both goals and obviously the lack of midfielders not pressing the ball, both essential if your going to play a high line. the last ten games normally produce twists which have seen teams collapse in all the posistions in the league and other teams go on amazing runs so lets hope we acheive the latter. like everyone else on this site i thought generally we played quite well but i was dissapointed to see us lumping the ball long in the last ten minutes and extra time, were good enough to score without that. anyway the players have a good rest before the miracle against one of the best teams in europe.


  15. @finsbury
    Unhappy I didn’t see that video at that time, but the guy talking… wow, it’s the first time I am hearing a media person actually making sense on that topic. It’s not about “intent”, it’s not about being a “good guy”, those are all distractions. The focal point is that we have a player who is making a damn stupid tackle and what we can do to stop players making tackles like that where the outcome is going to be an injury to another player most of the time.


  16. Did anyone else notice Santiago getting chopped down in the middle of the field in the buildup to their second goal. That’s the reason we looked unprepared when the ball was passed to Lennon. A few in the team had stopped playing and were looking at the referee for a foul play stoppage. Watch the replay..


  17. The referee also missed yellow carding the tott. Player after the foul on podoski and Aaron. Amongst other fouls. I don’t think he had a good game at all.


  18. as much as we love arsenal, there are problems..some of the things pointed out here simply cannot happen 😦

    10 games to go..we need 10 victories boys.

    In Arsene I trust.


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