@BlackburnGeorge’s Post-Swansea Positivity

Wonderful. Simply Marvellous. Till tomorrow.

Well Ok, But the rest will only be padding.

I’m sure you don’t need me to analyse a game that everyone will have seen for themselves, but here are my thoughts.

We won. And won well.

Three points, the first three of the thirty we spoke of last week. The first cup final down, nine to go.

The magnitude of yesterdays result should NOT be overlooked.

We went to play Swansea just three days after a gruelling game in Munich. The statistics show that it is very difficult to win an away game after any CL game. For any team, not just Arsenal.

I am also told that no top five team has won at Swansea this year. So it is a hard place to win.

Watching Swansea it is easy to understand why. They kept the ball as well as any team we have played this year. They were calm on the ball and very patient with their build up play.

The fact that they did not have a single shot on target is a little misleading. They had nine shots, some of which went very close. I thought the home team played very well.

However, after the first fifteen minutes we matched them for the rest of the first half, perhaps even shading it.

I must admit ,after The Ox hit the bar for the second time, I started to fear the worst. I thought we might struggle in the second half due to the exertions of Wednesday night.

No such problems.

From the whistle we were totally dominant. By far the greatest team the world has ever seen.(Sorry, I could not contain myself for another minute).We were well worth the result.

So let’s look at some of the positives.

Lukasz “safehandski” gave us not a single reason to question his inclusion in the starting line up.

The back four as a unit preformed peerlessly. Moving up as a unit and dropping off as a unit.

Jenkinson was magnificent, Laurent too. Per and Nacho (scorer of his and our first ,well done lad)were very good.

Mikel was so assured it makes a mockery of those who insist we need a DM.

Santi was the best player on the pitch by some margin, that was until Gervinho entered the fray. Then he was the best player on the pitch. I thought the Ivorian was superb and deserves to be lauded .Folk are quick enough to disparage the lad ,will they eat humble pie? Will they bollocks.

AOC was very threatening in the first half ,but seemed to run out of steam somewhat ,prior to being substituted.

I felt that despite the odd moment of genius, Diaby looked a little off the pace. I was asking for him to be removed at half time. Yet I was glad he got the minutes he needs to get back up to speed. We should not underestimate how much of a difference the lad can make when fit.

Theo and Giroud were not at their  best, but hey?

Oh, and Ramsey. That boy is just what you want when an energy injection required. Two nil up and in the ninety second minute he is running forty yards, at break neck speed, to close their keeper down. I love that kid.

On top of all that Rosicky got a full game on Wednesday and is back well and truly in the picture.

Also we had Podolski and Jack unavailable, both of whom should be back for our next game.

All in all, I loved it, enjoyed every minute, and can relax now for two weeks.

Positively bloody fantastic.

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62 comments on “@BlackburnGeorge’s Post-Swansea Positivity

  1. Georgaki-pyrovolitis March 17, 2013 at 5:54 pm Edit

    Can I take the credit for coining the term ‘positivistas’ ?

    Yes. Yes you can!


  2. what does the term positivistas mean?


  3. who write these headlines? Vorn to replace WS as number 1? when he could not even do better than LF who was just returning from long term injuries lay off?



  4. Just like clock work. Every year around the same time. Numbers 2 ‘ 3 ‘ 4 will surely drop more and more points from here on. We must take full advance and shoot for second place. It can be done. I want the best for this crew. They surly deserve it and I would love to see many who didn’t give this team any chance at all to fall flat on their faces. Ala JOHN terry in that game at the bridge. Bridge to bought glory..


  5. I hate coming to the blog late in the day when you guys have already said everything great there is to say. Surely y’all will indulge me a comment or two?

    I am on record ad nauseum with how much I love Aaron Ramsey. So much heart and so much quality. Just glad to see him enjoying his football again, seeing him smile makes me smile. He is my favorite Gunner (although Jenks may soon be joining him at the top of my list).

    For me the best thing about yesterday was the team spirit. You could tell they wanted to win for each other. They were communicating, even yelling at each other or expressing exasperation when warranted. But what always catches my eye is the support. Ox on his feet in front of the bench applauding a goal when he’d been twice unlucky. Gerv looking for Ramsey during the goal celebration to credit him for the assist. Arteta with an arm around Theo’s shoulder and a word in his ear when he was disappointed at being subbed off. And Szczesny. Surely unhappy at being dropped to the bench, yet he was on the pitch at the end of the game celebrating with his teammates, showing that trademark smile and enthusiasm. These are the reasons I love this team. What an impressive group of young men they are.


  6. @alabamagooner
    Fully on that with you! I was utterly disgusted with what I read on some blogs regarding Ramsey. People calling him “Wenger’s secret son” because he was giving game time was not only unfair to the player (who is obvious quality) but a mark of shame for those people who dare call themselves supporters. I am happy that he has managed to prove his worth again (and in all honesty, he didn’t have to prove his worth to me and to a whole load of other Gooners because we know how good he is and how good he can become) and that those “supporters” are quiet now. Unfortunately, as soon as Aaron has another bad game, I am confident they will be out again in full force. What happened to “Do it for Aaron”? Somehow his horrendous injury and the long way to recovery that is needed is completely forgotten when there is need for a new scapegoat.


  7. @Evil
    I’ve never understood it. His story is so compelling, and his mental strength and steel so on display every time he takes the pitch. Do people not realize what a testament to his character it is that he plays football now at all? 22 years old, and displaying a maturity some men a decade older can’t match. No matter what some “supporters” throw at him, he carries on. Supporters who would collapse like a house of cards if they had to deal with a fraction of what life has thrown at Aaron in the last two years. And through it all he has remained one of the most genuinely likable young men in sport. Class.


  8. Agree on your comments re Aaron, before
    he was injured he was looking really classy. It’s taken a while but he’s getting theire again. Good luck to him. I hate the international break, but it must be a lot worse for spuds fans. Two weeks of mulling over losing to Berbatov lol


  9. Team Spirit and others

    This may be the wrong time of day to do this, but what the hell.


    1) An avid reader of “positively Arsenal”

    2) Used to describe someone who is a strong supporter of another ‘positive’ person



  10. Hey, we do need an endorsement from Pedantic George and Arsenal Andrew the ultimate ‘Positivistas’ 😃


  11. If you can’t see the quality in Aaron Ramsey, then you need to fuck off and watch lawn bowling or any sport other than football.


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