Arsenal Destroyed – Blame Everyone


Lost property?  A towel thrown in by some fans on Saturday …

So there we have it, the moment the media, pundits and moaning fans were waiting for.

The implosion predicted for 24 games came to pass. We were exposed as the weak-spirited over-rated shower of shite that we are. All is lost.  Give it up, throw in the towel and hope to finish 4th.  Blah, blah, blah.

After the game I tweeted this,

“The irony of fans calling the team “bottlers” whilst throwing the towel in after one poor game is lost on them.”

However, there is no getting away from the fact that we were thrashed 5 – 1 by Liverpool and it could have been much much worse.

Every other loss this season I have found mitigation for, not this time though.  We were abject.

To be honest, I don’t know where to start, but I suppose I have to start somewhere.

It’s easy to say that we conceded five goals so the defenders were poor, and they were, but they were cruelly exposed by a midfield that can be best described as inept.  We didn’t have a half-decent midfielder on the pitch until the hour mark when Rosicky took to the field.

You have to credit Jack for his fighting spirit, but that aside he was dire.  Not more so than Arteta and Ozil however.  All three were either dwelling on the ball or simply giving it away whilst appearing to totally neglect their defensive duties.

Without Ramsey the balance in midfield has all but disappeared.  So you could question why Rosicky didn’t start as he seems the only one who can fix that failing.

Why Gibbs didn’t start against a team littered with pace is another question that could be legitimately asked.

Giroud was starved of anything, but when, oh when, will he realise that he never beats an opponent with trickery, all that happens is possession is lost.  Still its hard to think any striker could have done much with the service he got, or should I say “didn’t get.”

Arsene said afterwards:

” At half-time I could have taken a lot of people off.  I just think the whole team failed to turn up with the right performance.”


” Maybe it’s better if I don’t talk too much, go home and respond well on Wednesday night because I include myself in that performance.  It raises the questions that we have to answer on Wednesday night.

At least Arsene is questioning himself, as he should.

Right, rant over.

City dropped 2 points unexpectedly and that leaves us second, 1 point behind Chelsea.  Hardly the end of the world and they both have to go to Anfield yet.  There is still all to play for.

We need to show a bit of this:

Now is not the time to panic or lose faith.

Up the Arse!

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64 comments on “Arsenal Destroyed – Blame Everyone

  1. I can now bring myself out of my hiding place since saturday. I wasn’t hiding because we lost bt so as nt to commit battery! As if the loss wasn’t painful enough, the rubbish being spouted by our so called fans is more painful than the defeat. I didn’t realise until now that even our fans are silently praying for a capitulation so that they can call for the head of Arsene.
    The game itself has been analysed by everybody and I hope our guys learn every bit that can b learnt from the abject performance and show us what we knw they are made of against United. One defeat doesn’t make them bad afterall. Can’t wait for Wednesday to come.


  2. “I didn’t realise until now that even our fans are silently praying for a capitulation so that they can call for the head of Arsene.”

    lol majority of our fans dont even know what type of a manger wenger is , what his methods are, or what his tactics are

    they are asking him to act like basketball coach and call time outs and …change things….LOL

    useless pricks..they have absolutely no knowledge on football.

    Wenger had of course already palnned who to use and where to use him and not only for liverpool but for the whole of the games we are about to face. with alternatives too. but he cant do much when the players step in and foregt it all within minutes and embarass themselves….


  3. or that they ask him to carry the players by the hand and show them how to do it. they dont get it that wenger relies on the character and intelligence of the player to do as trained/educated. they are all trained and prepared to go for championships and they are scheduled to go for three points in every game and programmed to play the arsenal way. THEY KNOW WHAT DO. they dont need wenger telling them every 5 mins where to pass it and where to run. these things are well known and well registered in the players minds. its why theyre called professionals and why they must do training for 2 – 3 hours everyday.

    fans sayign that wenger shoudl change things when they dont go well are absolutely clueless for they dont realise what arsenal;s game is about.


  4. Our lads in midfield gave up when Liverpool started to tackle hard – they realise by now they will never be protected and actually get punished when they try to protect themselves, so why bother

    VERY TRUE…in instances like these i would prefer to see one of ours taking one for the team and landing with his studs on an opponent’s or the ref’s face….just to re-set the tempo if you know what i mean … 😉


  5. I will not have Jack’s efforts to trade kick for kick, elbow for elbow and clattering challenge for clattering challenge ( especially with Coutinho) disrespected !

    It was the rest of his game in the first half that was a bit wonky – and Gawd he wasn’t the only one !


  6. There will be a strange ring to Wednesday. The media will portray a do or die affair, and pray, drool and “analyse” for Arsenal to fall. Arsenal will revert to default (this remains the team still, I believe, top of theoretical points standings in the last 38 EPL matches), with the caveat that – after a difficult outing – our lads will produce added 90 minute effort. Should be a dinger of hum. Interesting tactical issues will emerge; one thing Rodgers boys did well was fly out of the starting gate, in addition to the physical bluster, because – and maybe he had noticed – Arsenal have a habit of slow-ish first 30 minutes as they both look to establish dominance and go the distance with ease. So does Yoo do the same? Probably, they don’t have a lot else. Therefore, likely a vigorous start to proceedings, matched elbow for elbow and ankle for ankle by Arsenal and Jack. I hope we don’t overdo it. We don’t want injuries or cards, we want total dominance. Now would be a fine time to redefine Yoo as Arsenal’s bunnies, after a long period that began when they ended our run at 49 games unbeaten.


  7. Yoo is also, thankfully Flamini’s last game out!


  8. after a long period that began when they ended our run at 49 games unbeaten.

    no no they didnt end it…they cheated!. the honest heart of english football didnt beat us..they never could …..only with cheating and diving


  9. anywhere i read gunners comments they are all talking the same thing …”why oh why does not wenger change things when they go wrong?”

    i dont know what planet these people are on but football is not the sport where you “change” things.

    you set up pre match and as a manager pray/hope that these fuckign little topsspots do as trained and as told.

    the tactics and ways of plays have been decided/analysed/crosschecked…the tactcis are established patterns of play …all that is needed is the footballers to apply themselves. and if they mean business they will. if they are slackers, they wont. arsenal players are certainly nto slackers, but it does happen to have a bad day.

    fans think that just because a player or players dont apply themselves on the day as required that the manager should make substitutions in the 20th minute like di canio or that he should stand up as if we are in the 19th century to yell orders and point with the arms where they should go ….. sidelines orders are still artof the manager’s repertoire but the serious managers keep these to a minimum.

    so many things our fans dont get and they insist on wanting to critisise and offer opinions……


  10. have they ever seen wenger take someone off early in the game unless its an injury?

    so wtf are these clowns talking about?

    have our fans not realised our game plan /style ever since wenger arrived is all about fluidity and players knowing eachother? how do you establish that if you cut and paste or bench people at first mistake? how will they grow as a team?

    unless its some peculliar cirumstance (see eboue, denilson, santos) and wenger takes the player out for the player’s safety and mental well-being, he is never going to take someone off early, but rather allow him to respond and correct it


  11. and secondly…who do they think wenger is? some small time manager to adapt to others? THE genius has made his plans long time ago and constantly evolves…his plans/tactics/systems etc bring trophies and unbeaten seasons and other records when applied by players who know what to do and how to do it.

    also they should stop comparing this lot with the invinsible era who had 5 or 6 who were the best in their positons at the time. it is not wenger;s fault arsenal can not afford such giant players right now.


  12. Hunter 4:22pm
    Your last comment was a joy to read.


  13. Someone just posted this YouTube link to Twitter of footage of Hector Bellerin’s assist in the recent Leeds game; gives an idea why so many of us are so excited by him:



  14. “I dont know what planet these people are on but football is not the sport where you “change” things.” – Hunter

    Another of the stupid ideas that are peddled by the media and clever bloggers with zero managerial experience. Changing strategy in the middle of a game when the team is already set up to execute a game plan is a recipe for disaster, unless you are a reactive bottom-of-the table club team grimly hoping to get a draw or nick a win. Do big teams like Bayern, Barcelona, Madrid et al “change things” mid stream?

    Successful teams go out and impose their way of playing on the opposition. Tactical changes are made if you fall behind or you are defending a lead; another attacker or another defender respectively are common moves. Even Maureen, the media’s current symbol of managerial prowess, rarely alters his strategy of counter-attacking football relying on a low defensive block supported by two defensive-minded central-midfielders. Lets not confuse the ability to sub one or two wildly expensive players with similar options on the bench with “changing things.” With such an adoring media in England Maureen does not have to worry about humiliating a quality player who happens to be a foreigner by making them a scapegoat for results not going in his favor. Similar tactics, as we all know, did not work well in Spain costing him his job at Real Madrid.


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