Arsenal Destroy More Narratives.

Hello all.

In this podcast we look back at the Villa game,a quick glance at the City defeat and a moan about children and their football jargon on twitter.

Pedantic George.

50 comments on “Arsenal Destroy More Narratives.

  1. Thanks for the talk lads, and also to the Bird for his excellent report. I thought they complimented one another.

    Interesting point you made George about football of the past and now, I wondered for a bit after listening to you and Shotts if players are more skilful now, but tbh there’s always been skilled players and those who are less at the game hasn’t changed much since 1970 except for the points you made( hes says putting his neck on the block?). Perhaps an ebb and flow of more skilled some season/ eras and less others? Ive often wondered if comparing different eras ( as often done) is a bit misleading as its all relative and in context.

    Funny you mentioned muddy pitches and the ball betting stuck. Dear old Highbury was often a mud bath, although later the groundsmen got on top of it. Must be a luxury playing at the Emirates on the near perfect surface. Not like the rough pitches with dogshit in Hemel Hempstead etc that I played on.

    I liked it that you brought up that next to nobody could foresee the position we are in pre-season, and I remain skeptical of Arteta ( I hope for an era and not a one off season like this) but Im really enjoying just going game to game (biff bang pow!) and right behind him and the lads, its been a long time since I felt like that.
    Even if the Villa game would have ended up a loss or draw I still really enjoyed it. And that been an extremely long time since I felt like that.

    Often it feels these days the only focus is on winning and enjoying the game win lose or draw seems only for dim-witted romantics.Well Id rather be a blitz kid than a turbo capitalist greedy win at all costs bloke.But each to its own.

    Anyway, cheers to PG and Shotts for talking the time and doing the talk whlist keeping it interesting and to Birdk again for injected life back into the forum. Keep on keepin on!

    ‘Felix goes to Hollywood’-my favourite Felix cartoon, especially when he pretends to be the walking stick and later the bag/briefcase before they go to Hollywood-utterly absurd and funny.

    Cheers! And COYG!

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  2. For me it’s comfortable speculation that players have better technique today, helped by the footballs, boots etc.

    And often offset by the greater speed and athleticism of the modern game which means that a fast & furious clogger can have their uses on on pitch (apart from clogging).


  3. And good footballers at Arsenal still get kicked.
    Same as Wilshere said it directly to the cameras many times but the length some arse experts go to to deny the data from the Gunners from over a decades duration deserves to be taken the piss out of. My word I have heard some tripe of late and tripe is meant to be smelt occasionally eaten and then shat of the arse (as arse tripe)and not heard, thank you very much

    “Saka gets kicked because he is a good player?”

    It is fools that excrete such vomit days after we saw the player booked and not protected by a bullying official.

    Tony Atwood called out the Thuggery (and also highlighted Wengers return to the WM formation of the 1930s eventually copied in variations by young Pep etc.) & anyone who doesn’t have the footballs to say it is talking about something other then the Football. Ask AISA.


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  4. And good footballers at Arsenal still get kicked.
    Same as Wilshere said directly to the cameras many times.

    Also Tony Atwood called out the Thuggery (and also highlighted Wengers return to the WM formation of the 1930s eventually copied in variations by young Pep etc.) & anyone who doesn’t have the footballs to say it is talking about something other then the Football. Confused? Ask AISA.



  5. Sorry for the double post!




  6. And sorry if my mini rant confused:

    But if it did confuse can you recall a PL match in which W.Rooney (aka a “good player”) was kicked off the park? I’m up for this game of bollocks (smelly balls but alas not Footballs) if anyone can find one.


    Perhaps the opposite?


  7. Well its pants when Arsenal aren’t playing, so I was thinking back to games I went to, and even though we lost this its well worth a butchers.

    It was Fergies first game I think? My memories going a bit. What got me at the time is how hard Spider went in, in my memory ( and Im not saying Im right) is that he wasnt so hard as that day, but Whiteside seemed to get under his skin early on.

    Viv was pumped up that day and would have also seen red now, but looking at this game there would have been plenty!
    I really liked Viv, after he left he got a lot of poop from the NB, which I didnt like too much. He certainly had to put up with a lot of disgusting shit from opposition fans.To me he will always be an Arsenal hero, even if others think otherwise.

    It was odd to see Rocky get sent off that day too. I loved Rocky, and often it still brings a tear to me eye when I see him. I wished he was here still as he was a real gent. I have another story I might write some other time concerning him and a vile ManUre fan I knew.

    Being coward I sneaked off quick at the end as things we bad tempered off the pitch as on and I knew there was going to be a big bundle afterwards and got to the coaches safe and sound, and yellow.

    One things for sure, ManUre were a dirty side once Fergie took over, as we all know.
    Im sure some people think that game was ‘proper football’ but it isnt really its the kind of game that could of ended careers, and Im personally glad things have been cleaned up more, we get to see more play these days.
    Anyway, worth a look?



  8. Ah yes the days of beautiful football indeed and if Old red nose was in control of his first game then he already had control of the refs.
    Mills you forgot to mention the hardest player on the pitch “Stevie’s gonna getcher”


  9. Odd thing was Ian I nearly did, but cut it out. Originally wanted to say I knew some people who were friends with him down in Southampton and they said he was a terrific guy. He loved Arsenal for sure!

    I dont recall it from the time but its odd to see how Kenny seemed really slow (not bovvered) to get back for the second goal?Normally I recall he was pretty quick. Gibson shouldnt have even been on he pitch by that time.

    Ian what was the cup game we got dumped out of at Highbury, some lower league team who wore white and blue, Spider got injured on his left leg and it was bandaged up and he played on but really slowly? Highbury booed the team like shit afterwards. I seem also to recall Highbury was half empty that night. I know I could look it up but I like it when everyone has a chat on the blog, keeps it going a bit while we wait for the Guns.


  10. …five hours later I remembered it! Wrong leg! And higher attendance than I recall. Poor old Chris Whyte, Im surprised he didnt get the Gus C treatment! A lot of forgotten Arsenal players in that side.
    I loved those guys so much, and loved the red trim and socks. I had nothing on the walls of my old bedroom at that time, but two teams posters of them in home and away kit, one above the other. Shit times, great (not so clear) memories though!



  11. Always remember Walsall being a bit of a bogey side. Who was that small ginger striker they had, I think his name was Wallace he was a major pain in the arse.
    I think the ARSENAL faithful warmed to game over Gus and always used to chant “we won the league with Gus Ceaser” at away games especially at shite hart lane.


  12. Walsall, Wrexham, York and bloody Swindon( that one I couldnt take to well and convinced myself self we had gone through on away goals! LOL!)…all brilliant games.. just a turd we lost.Its weird as a kid, no matter how painful these moments were they were still magical.Love for a sporting club is an odd thing?

    I think Fever pitch did a lot to promote Gus at the all -time scapegoat? Now VAR ( depending on whose having a look at it) might decide that Gus was shoved over before Stein crosses the ball in the Luton aggro final.

    Personally I liked Gus, and I think we had less talented players than him over the years, but that book cemented things in some minds.

    That scapegoat legacy lives at the club though, aftv/ Le Merde etc. But its all over the world.I always felt the whole team are to blame if theres a loss? There might be individual errors but its a collective thing. He said stating yet again the obvious!
    I notice that I keep putting losses up so I need to dig out some wins from ye olden days!

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  13. Yeah Arsene said that most goals conceded there were several mistakes leading up to them rather than just the obvious one
    Like the Tommy one the other day Saliba (twice) Gabriel and Aaron all made small errors leading to the goal.


  14. I wanted to put up a vid of the Guns versus Livercrutches from a few seasons before, but we lost 2-0. And it didnt seem right to keep putting losses up!
    Shame as in the 2-0 loss George Wood was in goal and Lee Chapman was playing no9, forgotten now sadly.

    Anyway here’s another game, lovely free kick by BT4 and Tony smashes one in. Viv dangerous on the overlap. I really liked TW, ok maybe we didnt have his best years but he attacked in a fearless way and always seemed exciting. Great atmosphere at dear olde Highbury.



  15. Now this was a magical night, winning the title, the one that everyones forgets; sandwiched between the drama of 89 and the fire and skill early Wenger (double etc )years.

    And as a taste of what would be triumphantly fulfilled by the I’s, this team only lost one game,against Chelsea. Which at the time was a remarkable stat.

    I think it was Spunkys first season, and Anders came in too.It was a top season: big scrap at Old Toilet,Adams drama .Of course the semi against the Chickens went wrong but we were close to the double that season.

    I put the unstoppable Guns v Coventry game up, I wasnt there for the Coventry game but the ManUre game was a top night out. Great atmosphere, and it was a great season. COYG!


  16. Sky are reporting ARSENAL are close to agreeing a new with Bukayo.
    Normally these things should be taken with a pinch of salt but they seem pretty sure.


  17. Report – Rosiak scores late winner as Arsenal U18s beat Cambridge to reach FA Youth Cup semi-final
    by jeorge bird

    FA Youth Cup Quarter-final

    Arsenal 3 (Nwaneri 11, Cozier-Duberry 71 (pen.), Rosiak 90) Cambridge United 2 (Robinson own goal 25, Yearn 68)

    By Jeorge Bird @ Emirates Stadium

    Michal Rosiak has played a prominent part in Arsenal’s extraordinary FA Youth Cup run, so it seemed fitting that he was the player to send Jack Wilshere’s side into the semi-finals of the competition.

    On the big stage at Emirates Stadium, Arsenal were involved in another tumultuous encounter as they edged past Cambridge United.

    Ethan Nwaneri opened the scoring with a ferocious strike but Cambridge, backed by 2,700 fans, equalised through an own goal from Josh Robinson and later took the lead.

    Not for the first time in this competition this season, Arsenal needed assistance from Amario Cozier-Duberry, who equalised from the penalty spot.

    Extra-time appeared to be looming but Rosiak settled maters in stoppage time with a neat finish after good work from fellow full-back Lino Sousa.

    All of this means that Arsenal are in the last four and they are set for at least one more high-profile encounter.

    Josh Robinson, who didn’t feature in the last round, started in defence, while Seb Ferdinand kept his place ahead of Osman Kamara. Matheaus Roberts wasn’t in the squad.



    Ibrahim-Lewis Skelly

    Cozier Duberry-Nwaneri-Ferdinand


    Subs: Kamara (for Ferdinand, 62), Gower (for Benjamin, 80), Kacurri (for Nwaneri, 90). Not used: Rojas, Nichols, Quamina, Ismail Oulad M’Hand.

    With over 7,000 tickets sold, Arsenal were determined to put on a show and they started brightly, with Myles Lewis-Skelly embarking on a trademark bursting run before finding Ferdinand, whose effort was saved.

    Cozier-Duberry shot wide as Arsenal upped the tempo and then they took the lead courtesy of a powerful effort from Nwaneri after Lewis-Skelly had burst forward again.

    Omari Benjamin headed wide after a cross from Lino Sousa, but Cambridge then started to assert themselves on proceedings and had a couple of efforts.

    Eventually the visitors pulled level through an own goal from Robinson, with Arsenal’s hard work being undone.

    Arsenal lost a little bit of momentum thereafter but they managed to regain their composure, with Cozier-Duberry coming close to scoring on a couple of occasions.

    Cambridge had threatened in the early stages of the second half but Arsenal tried to cause problems with Reuell Walters pushing forward from centre-back.

    Cozier-Duberry had a shot saved following a deflection with Cambridge subsequently missing a good chance themselves.

    Arsenal sent on Kamara in place of Ferdinand, with Nwaneri then having a shot saved after he won the ball.

    Then disaster struck for Arsenal as Cambridge took the lead through Kai Yearn.

    Arsenal didn’t spend any time feeling despondent, however, as they went down the other end and won a penalty after Sousa was fouled.

    Like he did against Watford, Cozier-Duberry showed excellent composure from the spot a she scored to make it 2-2.

    In a hugely eventful period of the game, Cambridge then rattled the crossbar.

    Cozier-Duberry had a shot saved but Cambridge continued to threaten with chances of their own.

    Arsenal then sent on Jimi Gower in place of Benjamin, with Nwaneri moving up front.

    Five minutes were added on and Cozier-Duberry came close with an effort that was deflected wide.

    Just when it looked like the game was going to extra-time, Rosiak intervened with his latest goal in this competition after impressive work from Sousa.

    Jubilant celebrations followed, with Arsenal then bringing on Maldini Kacurri to see out the game.

    Cambridge deserve a lot of credit for getting to this stage and for their performance tonight.

    Arsenal’s list of potential opponents in the semi-final reads: West Ham, Preston or Southampton and Manchester City or Oxford United.

    For now, they will simply be delighted to be through. It wasn’t a vintage display and they conceded again, but the spirit in this team is hugely impressive.

    The star trio of Cozier-Duberry, Lewis-Skelly and Nwaneri all had good moments, while aside from his own goal Robinson stood out at centre-back, especially in the second half and Sousa made an important contribution.

    It is Rosiak, though, whose name is up in lights after making the decisive contribution.


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  19. Arsenal’s possible opponents in the Europa League Round of 16, the draw is at 11am tomorrow.

    • Union Berlin
    • Juventus
    • Leverkusen
    • Roma
    • Sevilla
    • Sporting Lisbon
    • Shakhtar Donetsk


  20. As per Spain in the the EM, Barca missed Gavi like fk! Its odd even if he plays and is subbed the teams ( sp/bca) fall apart. It used to happen a lot when Bergkamp was subbed in his latter days at Arsenal. The side would go a bit awol for a while. The power of a player!

    Q is, was booting the ball at Fwankie de J a red card offence? Barca could have easily won that first leg easily enough and just shut up shop at Old Toilet.I think it might take a bit of time yet but Barca are getting better.

    Sad to see Motson popped his cloggs, the big three growing up for me was Peter Jones( the king: “oh there’s a hooligan coming towards me, but -Martin Chivers has seen him off!”-at the Luton-Millwall big bundle) Brian Moore ( fk that guy loved football! “AND A GREAT GOAL BY SAMUELS!!- talk about getting excited he made it even better and Highbury was a mud bath that night, I remember it well, as I was one year old) and Motson. Motosn last game was the Arsenal v Twatford. Wasnt his first the Hereford Newcastle game, when Radford (RIP) belted that screamer and resulting in a 70s parka invasion?

    At least Motson left us with the immortal flabbergasted reaction to Bradys Chicken destroying curly whirly : “Look at that! Look at that!”. Not much help for those challenged optically, but even so, understandable considering what he saw.
    At the time Tony Curry could do things like that and there’s always been spectacular goals. But my word as a kid it was the most magical moment. RIP.


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  21. Sporting that’s not a bad draw


  22. Thank you Mills for the videos, can’t hit the like button but likes everywhere!

    Am still chuckling at Emery throwing his keeper under the bus at the end of the game in an effort to hound him out the club in the summer.
    Was painful watching him bench Ramsey in his best form (at his peak) in his last fit season. Words cannot describe the crime.
    It’s unfortunate for the Villa fans but he’s got to be better then Stevie G!


  23. Rodgers is not everyone’s cup of tea but he likes good Football and has proven he knows how to develop good players.
    And he’ll be keen for the contest tomorrow with his team in their best form this season. I suspect the good footy to be put on pause as with recent encounters and his set up will resemble Brentford more then his usual but their good form may draw them out. They also have a striker from City, in his best ever form. It’s another massive game.



  24. Thanks fins!


  25. I think we have been a bit unstable for a while now but perhaps because of last week the managerial team and the whole squad will be more focused on all aspects of the game.
    Historically the foxes don’t like playing us even in their league winning season we beat them twice.
    This is another difficult away game but I really think we are ready for it COYG.


  26. Arsenal: Ramsdale; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Odegaard, Jorginho, Xhaka; Saka, Martinelli, Trossard.
    Subs: Turner, Tierney, Partey, Smith Rowe, Nketiah, Kiwior, Holding, Tomiyasu, Vieira.


  27. Nketiah only a sub today


  28. so will it be trossard or martinelli up front, or surprise everyone and put saka as the striker


  29. Statement from Arsenal: “Alex Zinchenko is our captain today, as a mark of respect and love on the first anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine.”


  30. thanks VAR, love you!


  31. VAR take away a great Trossard goal, soft as fuck, but of course pgmol will give that against us


  32. how is that not a penalty to afc


  33. The one narrative the Gunners can’t destroy is he precious fairy tale that many believe in that bald northern officials who are perhaps all inbred are incorruptible and in fact the best refs in the world let alone the uk (please just ignore that most good players come from the south of the uk ok? I can’t handle such simple data and rational common sense FFS!)

    You can dress up a turd.
    Give it a whistle even.
    Some bells too.
    But it will still smell like shite!!!


  34. Arsenal finding it hard to get break down the PGMOL, its beyond a joke


  35. Marquinhos has scored for Norwich


  36. HT: Leicester City 0-0 Arsenal

    screwed over one more by the pgmol


  37. ‘av that!


  38. Martinelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 1-0 to the Arsenal, but is injured


  39. the defender stood on martinelli’s knee after he had taken the shot


  40. Nketiah on for trossard


  41. we need another goal…


  42. 5 minutes of stoppage time to be played


  43. tomiyasu on for zinchenko


  44. Not too romantic, but it will do.


  45. FT: 1-0 to the Arsenal

    a game we should have won by more, Martinelli goal sees us 5pts clear of city and 8pts clear of man utd with 23 games played


  46. Phew, should have won that by more.We do seem to be making hard work of these games recently but at least it looked more solid.
    Don’t think the experiment without Eddie worked at all not just as danger around the area but also the link up play as well.
    The main thing is we have another three points and are still top of the league.


  47. Trossard gently introduced into different roles.

    Playing a bit like Gabriel Jesus?

    More evidence with the selection today that the player Chelsea bought in from the same steep stable which produced grizzled mules like Willian (of course they’d go back for more) was as Tim mused only ever a smokescreen and further evidence of who Arteta’s true mentor was even though the Arsenal holes have tried to brand another meme (for those who love to be burned).



  48. Umpiring duty for me today (0-3 grrr) so only ‘joined’ the game here and on Twitter not long after Martinelli did his thing. Hope that Birdy will produce another of his great reviews. From what I could gather we were comfortably on top and solid, but only ever did just enough. Oh how it would upset the wider world if we lost to City for the third time this season but ground out 1-0 results in all the other games!


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