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Arsenal Versus Ludogorets: Odd Man Out

One of the barbed suggestions bandied about wherever Arsenal fans are scoring points off one another (and as I write this I must confess to the warm blush of shame because I seem to remember employing it myself on more than one occasion) is “If that’s how you feel then you are following the wrong […]

Xhaka, Refs And Arsenal

I wanted to put in words my feelings on the whole Xhaka red card malarky. It’s hard, because when I tried on Twitter it came across that I thought he was a bad lad and I agreed with the sending off. Neither of these things are true. So when I saw  comment from our very […]

Arsenal – the Swansea Pivot

Bore da pobl y Positives, What a cracking game yesterday. One that will stick in my mind when the record of the 2016/2017 Premier League season is published. Of the game itself? I admit I anticipated an easier afternoon, against a Swansea team in the bottom three, not won a game since the opening day […]

Arsenal Versus Swansea: Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This Only Once

I grew up immersed in radio. Probably as a result of being brought up by parents who in their turn were raised during the medium’s golden age. As with many people of my generation I swiftly tired of the feeble and inane antics of the gormless, coiffured imbeciles who polluted the airwaves from the studios […]

Santi Cazorla or Aaron Ramsey: Wenger’s Dilemma

It is the interlull and idle minds have idle thoughts. At the risk of arousing the mischief-makers in the fanbase, who eagerly need a scapegoat du jour to feast on when the going gets wobbly, there is something intriguing about the future role of Aaron Ramsey when he returns from injury given the way the […]

Wenger Will Be The Manager Indefinitely

Unlike my more erudite colleagues at PA, my role is to inform and explain the sometimes boring but always unbiased data that serve as predictors of the competitive future of our club. Due to the longevity of our great manager, we have 20 years of data covering 760 Premier League games that allow us to […]

It Was 1-0 To The Arsenal And That Is Never Wrong

Today’s article is from our very own Gf60 Neither offside nor handball as clearly shown by this image, courtesy of Andy Nic chose a very good weekend to visit the D Day memorial in Normandy. Even his cultured prose would have had problems with this game.  As Steww mentioned in his preview regarding fans’ […]

Arsenal Versus Burnley: To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time

Damn the coffee tastes good this morning. I had a long and wearying day yesterday, entirely missed any football related news and gossip and have woken to thin watery sunlight washing through chill autumnal air. Only one thought could kick me out of the womb like warm coddling of my memory foamed paradise; Turf Moor, […]