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A Slice Of Humble pie? Anyone?

Freshly served around tea-time on the last day of this year’s EPL season. . Well where to start?   A few dishes of Humble pie perhaps?   Before I get to gloating in a huge self-indulgent fashion, let me first say that finishing 4th is not our target. It is however a monumental achievement to […]

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More.

So here we are. About to bully off for the final chukka. The stage has been swept, the lights lit and the fat lady is preparing to gargle with her honey and lemon throat soother before the ultimate performance. Here we stand at the edge of the unknown about to witness the dénouement of what […]

All Gooners Together ? Pfft.

You can judge a man by the company he keeps. This  generally holds true in life and also in the Gooner world. Birds of a feather flock together That’s another one that’s rings true.So why does this next one annoy me so much? We are all Gooners together. How often during a heated Blog or […]

All Hail the BFG!

A guest post by @GBVishJourno “He’s slow”. That he is, I agree. “And that’s why he sucks.” And that’s where you are wrong. Just because Per Mertesacker is slow does not mean he sucks. What is that they say about Occam’s razor? That the simplest solution is always the most obvious one? Arsene Wenger often […]

The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-up

  Hello and welcome this week’s round-up. The Arsenal community got their glad rags on to attend the Arsenal Foundation Ball this week. The ‘British Core’ were enjoying their weekly vogue and looking like sharp, even Alec Oxlade-Chamberlain who clearly misread the dress code and went as an ‘80s radio DJ. The players weren’t shy […]

No Goblin Nor Foul Fiend

From the moment Theo shoulder barged some geezer three times his size right off the pitch and into the advertising hoardings you received the impression that we were in for a treat last night.  Even when the inevitable Twitter meltdown greeted Mike Dean’s goal there was never really any reason to panic. You see, like  […]

Yes. We. Can.

As fans, this is the kind of day that we live for. The alarm shrills, sleepy fingers grope for the off switch and the first coherent thought to form through the fog of recently departed sleep is ‘Arsenal. It’s tonight’. This is the big one folks. Our nearest rivals have done all we could ask […]

Silent Stan.

I am confused, it’s not that hard to be when discussing religion or politics, but when it comes down to football and especially Arsenal Football Club I usually do well. I struggle with the nitty-gritty of finance, but overall I think I have a good balanced view of the club and how it is run. […]

Anyone for An Olive Branch?

An olive branch yesterday, just outside Blackburn. Earlier this week I read a post in our comments section from GoonerKam, which got me thinking.  Sadly that means you are going to have to read my incoherent ramblings on the subject. But have a read of his post before we meet that challenge: “At the pub […]

Famous Fans and My Favourite Player

Matt Lucas was the star turn at the Arsenal foundation ball earlier this week. The porcine baldy is of course a fan of the club and his presence allows me to steal a march on Mel for once. Obviously being an ex publican I cannot compete with a Lahndan cabbie for “guess who I had […]