All Gooners Together ? Pfft.

You can judge a man by the company he keeps.

This  generally holds true in life and also in the Gooner world.

Birds of a feather flock together

That’s another one that’s rings true.So why does this next one annoy me so much?

We are all Gooners together.

How often during a heated Blog or Tweet discussion does some do-gooder pop up and tell us that?

But just how much are we expected to accept from someone ,simply because they wear the same replica shirt?

Whether its right or wrong,we usually judge people by our own standards.

In my previous life there were some famous “hard men” about town.They were actually no more that bullies and braggarts.They built a reputation by beating up some poor blokes who they knew before hand had no heart for violence.

You could see them all shaking hands with each other,back slapping each other following their latest act of wanton thuggery.All pissing in the same rancid pot of life.

On any occasion I found myself in their company ,I never spoke to them.If they tried to engage me I would make a point of simply turning away from them and talking to someone I found less objectionable.They hated this mark of disrespect ,and I knew it.Which of course was why I did it.

I lost count of the times I was asked why I would not speak to these people.My answer was always the same “He is a bully and a piece of shit”

Now if you are wondering where I am going with this ,we are getting to it now.

Next they would say,”But he is always all right with you”

And I would say”Fuck him”

The reality was that I felt by simply talking to him I was endorsing his behaviour.I was saying it was fine for him to treat other people badly as long as he was Ok with me.

So way are we expected to accept crass and bullying behavior towards our players and manager,by some piece of shit ,because he is ok with us?

If someone is just being cunt about the team ,manager or player ,don’t engage them at all.

We have all seen discussions about who are better fans.Actually its an irrelevant question.Better to ask who is the better person.

Are you a better person because you have more money or a better education.Well of course you are not

Are you a better person because you live your life to a higher standard of morality,hold yourself to higher standards? Yes,chances are that you are.

So would you want Wayne Rooney at the club?

Would you want his brand of aggressive,petulant and egotistical behaviour ?

one bad apple ” as they say.

The argument that he is better than we have ,or that he is a winner ,matters not a jot to me.

Someone like him (a man who refers to us as Arseanal btw) is going to become a big part of my life if he plays for Arsenal.I don’t want that,no thank thank you.

I know that in this case it will never happen anyway.Its as ridiculous a proposition as I have heard in a long time,but the principal is important.

When it came out that RVP had released that statement to “you guys” ,many people were saying we should bow to his demands,That because he was such a good player we should put up with his treachery .I immediately said “Why should we accept behaviour for him that we would find unacceptable in any other walk of life,just because he can bang a few goals in “

How far are we prepared to go to add to our points tally?

What is important to you.The principles you live your life by,or a few extra points come the end of the season?

33 comments on “All Gooners Together ? Pfft.

  1. one word – BRILLIANT.

    Its already looking a fine day. Thanks.


  2. Bravo, PG. I was taught that however clever or talented or beautiful or rich you are, you’re nothing if you don’t respect other people simply as human beings.

    It’s deeply unfashionable to talk about moral standards because people associate morality with outdated, illiberal attitudes, but those attitudes are not what this is about. Nor does having standards entail rushing to judgement, or advocating petty vindictiveness or draconian punishment. I try not to hold grudges, but that is because I believe it is better for me to move on than to carry my anger through life like a stone. It doesn’t mean that I no longer take any moral view on what … did. Some people forgive, that is their way of moving on. Personally, I believe forgiveness has to be asked for before it can be granted, but even so, forgiveness does not imply that no wrong has been done. It’s just that judgement has been tempered with understanding or empathy. What I cannot accept is refraining from any moral judgement of someone’s behaviour, excusing or condoning it, on the basis that the player is supremely talented. It’s no different to forgiving a player because he is good-looking, and we can all see how ridiculous that would be. Moral choices are not the same as menu choices, when one path is as good as another.

    By the way, I am having nightmares that the rumours about AW being interested in Rooney are true. Apart from the fact that ManUre would still have got the better end of the deal, that is one potato-faced sexually incontinent chav that I would really struggle to embrace as an Arsenal player.

    And can I say that I love this blog. It’s like the private lounge at the back of the pub, where no kids or mobile phones are allowed. There is a DJ playing jazz playing in the background and a bookcase crammed with an eclectic array of books. The door to the sunny back garden is open and a gentle breeze brings in the smell of lilac. etc etc. Peaceful.

    I love kids, by the way, but I think you know what I’m saying…


  3. Great stuff George, just confirms what I ready thought of you, you grudge bearing bastard!


  4. Spot on, George.
    Fungunner, sounds about right, the little brats can run and play in the grove and scrawl their incontinent graffiti on the toilet walls.


  5. Please PG. Don’t put horror thoughts onto this ohsogood blog. Rooney??…rather have Joey Barton, Mike Tyson or Lindsey Lohan.


  6. Although not surprised with Rooney being “linked” to us (every want-away player in top flight football is “linked” with Arsenal every off-season), I would be very surprised if Wenger made a move, especially salary-wise, not so much purchase price. Or would I? AW almost bought him years back and has spoken highly of him, his low centre of gravity. He’s the right age as a “prime” purchase, an excellent all round striker. He’s better than he has played of late, seems bored and his career is due a change and a lift. He probably doesn’t want to move abroad, can’t go to City, hates Chelsea, won’t play under Moyes (backward step). He’s a hard worker and sets a high standard. He’s an unattractive fellow though, and I don’t mean physically. Perhaps he has matured a bit and outgrown ManU. Perhaps he admires Arsenal more than we imagine.

    It’s so easy to write fiction.


  7. That’s an inspired post by the way Fun.


  8. Well, here goes and strange to think that by tonight the stadiums will be eerily empty, the season done, dusted, dice having fallen where they will.


  9. Principles will always be most important to me at the end of the day.
    I may vacillate with forgiveness long after the crime has been committed but never about the fact that the crime was indeed a crime.

    Rooney to the Arse is as far out as Roy Keane replacing AW….basic B.S.

    There is no such thing as homogenous support..homogenous loyalty…universal patriotism…uni-defined human beings…not even universal love for oxygen.

    Complexity makes the world go round not money…
    Let the fools be hating.

    Nice one PG.


  10. Yes FunG,
    “..however clever or talented or beautiful or rich you are, you’re nothing if you don’t respect other people simply as human beings”.

    sums it up really


  11. Well done to the team with a chicken on their crest.


    No doubting Rooney is a world class talent but he is simply not Arsenal material. Ade could have been a someone but Wenger was quick to get rid, soon as Ade started to be a dick.


  12. Nice one, George.
    I would accept Rooney being at Arsenal if the manager were to see fit to sign him. I would never choose him myself because he’s a horrible piece of shit but I will do as the great man says.


  13. George you know how we feel about bastards who sit on the fence.

    As an extremely good looking person, it gets tiring having to treat less good looking people like human beings. It’s a chore, I tell you.


  14. Great stuff, George. The thought of Wayne Rooney at Arsenal almost makes me ill. I’ve said it before, but the class exhibited by our boys, on and off the pitch, is just not the norm. It’s special, and I think they expect it of each other. Rooney may be a world class player, but he’s also a world class asshole, and I don’t want him poisoning the dressing room.

    FG, that was a brilliant post. “…the private lounge at the back of the pub”. That’s just terrific. George/Adi, you need to lift that paragraph and put it on the “About Positively Arsenal” page. It’s the best description I’ve ever seen.


  15. *sigh* Of course you’re right, Brady. I too would accept Rooney if AW feels he’s right for the team. But I’ll have to hold my nose…


  16. Rooney is a fat, overpaid, nasty piece of work. Only AW could persuade me otherwise.


  17. I would really like us not to sign Rooney. There are borders I feel that shouldn’t be crossed, no matter what, and signing someone like Rooney is definitely a step too far. Same would hold true for someone classy as Barton.I don’t want to see our brilliant club associated with such players. For me, supporting Arsenal, has never been about success, it’s about the club and it’s values, especially those instilled by Wenger in his tenure with us. And if putting up with someone like Rooney, a spoiled brat who keeps flashing his knickers and doesn’t have the stomach for a fight as soon as he feels threatened, is the price we have to pay for success, I don’t want us to pay it. If Wenger really opts for it, I will believe in the judgement of Arsene for it hasn’t failed us, but every every inch of my body is shaking in disgust at the mere thought of Rooney in our red and whites.


  18. Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap!!!!

    Bravo, George!


  19. great post George and 100% true when I have said I would rather come 11th with ARSENAL players than win silver every year with a conglomeration of mercenaries I have been looked at like a looney tune. This is why fans from smaller clubs can follow their clubs up and down the country year after year with only the success that they see relative to their position.
    The pl has taken this away from many clubs and the reason many old gooners, Chelsea and both sets of mancs wont go to see their clubs anymore….they just don’t recognise what they see. give me Chuks, Benik, and Hayden over shrek any day come to that even give me Bentner over shrek


  20. I’m with you a_or_b! and I too would rather see the youngsters come through. That is what excites me most, not that we are linked with some big name player. I would not care in the least if we don’t sign anyone.. Give me a settled off season with some of the names you mentioned coming through and I will be more than satisfied.


  21. The two things I value most in life are friendship and loyalty.
    I could never be friends with someone like Rooney and he has proven he has zero loyalty.
    So that’s that then


  22. A man/person/woman has but one thing that can never ever be taken away from them against their will

    Your money can disappear, your job can be made redundant, your house can burn down, your spouse run off with the chimney sweep, and if your hair and good looks are like mine then they are a fading memory

    But a man has his word – he can give his word- he can withhold it – he can state his intentions and mean it – he can sign and agreement and stick to it

    But a man who breaks his word
    Amanda who signs and breaks his agreement with no shame

    That man is nothing


  23. And who is Amanda ?


  24. Goonergirl 1989


  25. I saw that one coming George. And great stuff, Anicoll, even with the typo. Wholeheartedly agree.


  26. “every inch of my body is shaking in disgust at the mere thought of Rooney in our red and whites.”

    You said it! I can’t believe the same hypocrites crying about JVC’s disloyalty for signing for our bitterest rivals are now rubbbing their hands with glee at the possibility. I pray to God that AW is not that desperate. Shrek would only be interested in us if we were his only option as Zim points out. I really don’t want someone under those circumstances. Surely there is better out there that doesn’t come with all his baggage?


  27. Please all, read 7am blog.
    He has gone to the dark side.


    If he posts my reply, he has more balls than I thought.
    What a wanker.


  28. Did you all see the pic’s of our boys at the charity ball?
    The smartest, most well presented sharp-suited looking bunch of handsome young gentlemen you could hope to meet ( and only pop drinks at their table mind!!) .
    Gooner girls really are having a good year..
    Heck I’d be happy for them to ask for a date out with my sister. And my wife.

    Que banjo music.


    the ends don’t justify the means …


  30. Hahaha
    FUNGUNNER post of the day.


  31. With your wife double canisters??
    Must have been a typo. You meant date your sister for life . I think. I hope.


  32. Did I see those pictures, DC? Saw, saved to phone and iPad, posted on Twitter and Facebook, and delighted my female co-workers with them. Gooner girls are indeed fortunate. That is one handsome, classy group of young men. (Insert banned smiley)

    And, go easy on 7am, there. He’s a good guy, really. And he did post your comment.


  33. Sorry George for coming so late to this but I was out all day. As good a piece as I’ve read here. Well done mate.


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