A Slice Of Humble pie? Anyone?


Freshly served around tea-time on the last day of this year’s EPL season.


Well where to start?


A few dishes of Humble pie perhaps?


Before I get to gloating in a huge self-indulgent fashion, let me first say that finishing 4th is not our target. It is however a monumental achievement to finish in a Champions League position for the 16th consecutive season.


Of course there will be many who say it’s eight consecutive years without a trophy. In that they would be correct – mathematically at least.


I, however, believe the last eight years have been a huge success. As Gary Neville pointed out, in that period Arsene has spent a net £9 million on transfers (it’s actually a net of minus £40 million since 2006 – even more remarkable).  That’s £460 million net less than City. That amounts to about an Emirates Stadium.


So those too thick to understand where all the money has gone, ask your carer.


Here is what I wrote in an article for ACLF last summer:


“With the planned move to the new stadium things changed.  Arsène had to work within severe financial restrictions. Big players were sold and the fees helped relieve the pressure of the move, in what turned out to be an unexpected recession. The reduction in the wage bill must have done no harm either.  History had shown that a new stadium usually led to a rapid downturn on the field; relegation beckoned.


I would have thought that our aim would have been to stay in the league in the early years of the move. However, Arsène kept us in the top four, guaranteeing Champions League football and further reducing the financial burden with the revenues generated.


He has only recently let it be known (as if we didn’t already) that he could have left and been paid much more money elsewhere.  He gave up that financial gain and personal glory for the good of the club.  I think that this period is a greater achievement than his first 8 years of on field success. It is a staggering achievement.  And also could give him a claim to be the greatest.”


Well he did it again. Let’s see how we do with the purse string loosened. Now we have Arsene and money.


Here is what I said immediately following the Spurs reverse:


“There are thirty points still to play for.  All is not lost by any means.  But even if it was, nothing is to be gained by withdrawing our support for the team.  Every week I see a team with huge potential.  We simply must give them to time to fulfil that potential.  I honestly don’t see why people can’t relish the challenge.  Rather than throw their arms up and ask for change.  Change may come all to soon, I fear, unless the majority of fans don’t quickly see sense.”


All was indeed not lost.  We here did just that. SUPPORTED.


Well done us I say.


Have a look at what Gainsbourg69 had to tell us yesterday:


“We only dropped four points out of a possible thirty in our last ten games.
We ended up with the second best defence in the Premier League after City.

We recovered a seven point deficit and overtook the Spuds.
We have reached the CL for seventeen consecutive seasons.
We were one of four teams to ever have three players score into double figures.

All of this on the back of having lost an important player and getting three new players to gel with the rest of the squad.”


Another titbit from LeoS:


“Fantastic resilience shown by the squad. Once the new signings were properly bedded in and Wilshere and Rosicky came back from injury, about halfway through the season we turned into a results machine, winning 12 and losing just 1 of our last 16 league games. That’s over 2.4 points per game, which would deliver 92 points over a whole season.”


That’s 3 points more than the Champions this year and last. I know its over 38 games and all that, but hey!  Just saying.

Now a list of some people, experts to a man, who confidently predicted we would not get in the top four:


Hansen, Redknapp, Shearer, Piers, Bale, Smith, Hoddle, Wilkins, Quinn, Stelling, Thompson, Souness.


Well done chaps. How many times does Arsene have to teach the same lesson?  Pillocks.


The doom and gloom brigade must be spitting feathers. They though this was their year. Pillocks.


The bloggers who told us this team was crap, it was the end of an era, could not defend for shit, played the wrong formations, players in the wrong positions. Pillocks.


Did you all see the game?  Yes?


Well no need for me to say anything other than fucking get in there.


Finally, thanks to everyone who has helped with the blog and those who have made it their homes.  Don’t let any miserable bastards jump on your bandwagon.


Let them trail behind in their shit cart.


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115 comments on “A Slice Of Humble pie? Anyone?

  1. Thanks HF. Been reading everyday but busy sorting our move back to the UK. I never realised I had accumulated so much stuff (mostly rubbish the mrs says)


  2. Well it’s good to welcome you back amongst the flock. A belated happy St. Totteringham’s day to you.


  3. Hunter, no doubt we were and are fighting an uphill battle against the establishment though. When Arsenal won, no one could point to points gained by refs (unlike United), it was won as fair as possible with superior managing, style and players.


  4. Just for a laugh


  5. Hunter, yes those things happened but some of the players punked out. Ramsey did not run and hide, neither did Diaby or Eduardo.


  6. 105 posts George.
    And 15 of them aren’t my ramblings (for once!).


  7. Joshua,
    Welcome to our little band of brothers and sisters.

    Ok so the common meme is we spend too much on wages and spuds spend £50m less and still manage to keep on our coat tails. Right?
    Or is it that Wenger’s spends £50m more on your ‘average players’ with nowt to show for it?

    AFC is a much bigger club (in every possible way). As George pointed out.

    Our turnover is closer to £65m more a year so a £50m overall wage difference is partially understandable. AFC has 500 employees, not counting the small army of match day staff. The actual salary level is listed as £123.3m for everyone.
    The figures for spuds are a year older than AFC’s too. See for yourself:
    Arsenal have published their 2012 accounts:

    Spuds wages have probably shot up since then too:, loris, ade, demble, dempsy, vertongen, AVB have all been added and were probably all offered way more than £50k a week on the spudruious (geddit) promise of Champions League.
    I also don’t see any magic beans in the spuds kitty for a new stadium either.

    Final comment, I am aware of the meme doing the rounds by commentators who claim that Arsene Wenger has had loads of money to spend for years but was too stingy to spend it.
    You did say that didn’t you?
    Really. You did.


  8. Good post George.


  9. PG
    now to go and cash in my stocks in companies that make humble pie. The stock I purchase early every campaign.



  10. Hunter 13 @ 900
    f•••Ing ell son. Spot on. And that’s the whole truth .
    happy st. Totteringham day by and by..


  11. Dups
    Hahaha, that was great. Welcome back.
    Great post mate. Hats off and yes .arsene to win the cl with ARSENAL. a dream come TRUE.


    always the most insightfull and full of lovely sentiments in your post.
    CONGRADULATIONS ARSENAL, AW , ALL PLAYERS and last but not least the faithful and most loyal gooners worldwide. Job well done.

    Totts all time favored perfume. CHANEL NO. 5


  13. I can’t quite recall a season in recent memory quite like this; completed with such momentum, spirit and accomplishment, and skill, against sturdy opposition, Spurs and Chelsea have provided tremendous competition and no little skill and determination.
    Same for the two top Mancs, who for different reasons have had the wind behind them.

    It’s a 10 match unbeaten EPL run folks, 16 with just the one loss, and 16 match runs at the top of such a ferociously competitive league deserve a standing applause. Ours has been a team now in its second season of overhaul and transition, and that process is 85% complete. Spurs were what, 7 points ahead with the 10 matches to go? Therefore, those not applauding are doing what … exactly? Crying, weaping, wailing, moaning, hoping, but mostly just forgetting. It literally beggars belief. Village idiot trust.

    More insidious however is the mantra that goes OK, well done, not too shoddy, clap, clap; now how about strengthening and adding (since our players are not good enough!), followed by off-season long speculation over 40-odd wish-list players, positions and bullshit. WTF?! That old dead horse can barely stand let alone trot.

    My conclusion is simple. Arsenal is in a very strong position, stronger, in my opinion than for the previous 10 years, and yes I mean exactly 10, since 2003 going into 2004.


  14. dupsffokcuf May 20, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    haahahhahahhahaah thank you


  15. ZimPaul.


    Lets start knocking Fergie off his perch.
    I just hope he lives for the next 10 years to see Arsene Wenger claim his rightful throne as the greatest manager the world has ever seen.
    Come on Arsenal, only 7+1 titles to catch up!


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