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Let’s All Ignore Arsenal (“2 Points Off City Now”)

Today a guest post from Muppet (@MuppetGooner ) With possibly the tweet of 2014, Rob Ross (@gooner145) nails apparent media attitudes towards AFC I read over the weekend that if the title race was down to media perception, then Arsenal would be 5th. An alternative to this was if you list the top of the […]

Why There’s No Hope For Humanity

Today’s article is by Dyllan Munro  Must try harder – the man who, in his first season, has created a league-leading number of chances for his new team … You may think the heading refers to increasing tensions in the Middle East caused by an unstable Syria, uncompromising Israel and levels of sectarian violence not […]

United’s Plight Highlights Arsene’s Brilliance

Today a guest post by  Alastair Brookshaw  @albrookshaw A recent (somewhat transparent) PR drive by the Glazers has seen talk of a £100, or even £200, million war chest being made available for floundering David Moyes. But if that’s true, it will signal a marked change in United’s transfer policy over the past 5 years.  […]

Another Saturday In January

I am a cautious fan. I avoid assumption, I shun prediction. Too often has the finger of astonishment been bitten by the teeth of regret. Nevertheless I was sure.  I was certain. Along with the vast majority of the congregation gathered, including the long suffering Fulham chapter, I would see an easy home victory illuminated […]

Arsenal’s Mistakes.

A Classic Mistake (Bayern Munich 0 – 2 Arsenal, 13th March 2013). I am told all the time “In the last 8 years Arsene has made mistakes” Normally I reply with one of my two stock answers: A) “No shit Sherlock” or B) “Perhaps, but not as many as someone else would have,and not as […]

The Özil Effect

Today a guest post by Tim Head Mesut Ozil, one of the all-time greats … Throughout the summer we heard calls for a marquee signing, and a suggestion that Arsenal under Wenger could not only not compete at the high end of the transfer market but actively didn’t want to do so. Some fans suggested […]

Three Points Please

So, we just need to beat Villa to go back to the top of the league . On the face of it that should not be too difficult. However, as the referees seem to be doing everything possible to help City and Chelsea, I must admit to a certain amount of trepidation. I might be […]