Spurs Outclassed


Wenger’s pitiful eleven hold London …

Well that was all rather easy, wasn’t it?

Spurs were riding on the crest of a United-beating wave, and we were putting out a pitiful team. So I read.

From @TheHighburyInn: “Wengers pitiful starting XI Taking the FA Cup & spurzzz for granted Could end up in tears!”

I despair at these miserable bastards on twitter, I really do.

The reality was that we fielded eleven very good players. Dominated the game and won at a canter.

Were we at our devastating best? Not really, but I think we could have stepped it up, had we needed to.

All in all a very satisfying win against the hated neighbours.

Tomas Rosicky was outstanding and Gnarby looks ready for first team action.

Fabianski, who was going to let us down badly, according to the twitter experts, never put a foot wrong. Again!  When was the last time he did, I ask you?  Must be years ago now?

Right, that will do from me, we have nine days of gloating/rest before the next game.

Let’s enjoy it.

Up the Arse.

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58 comments on “Spurs Outclassed

  1. Retirement?? .LIMESTONE.
    coaching and management are in his blood & soul. Add to that he is a bit of a workaholic too and I can’t see him ” retiring” in the usual sense of the word. When the rigors of the senior squad gets to be too much with advancing of his golden age, I would love for him to takeover the youts set up for a few years and then be our go between ARSENAL & FA boards. Advancing our agenda and being our respected advocate.
    He might even be able to bring about changes in the English fa that might be beneficial to the national team finally. and then from this point be a go between the English fa and the governing bodies of the sport itself. an you see him as either the head of uefa or FIFA in the future. I can and I believe it would be the best thing for football in general to have him implement some of his ideas he has been talking about forever without being heeded. Changes that are being talked about for years and still not implemented.
    Its either this or the FFF will step in and finally get the man they have been after as the head of their national team . Their gain and English fa’ s lose , if that happens and it is very possible.
    But this is years in the future and England and Europe and yes the world to be conquered before talk of stepping Side. I want him to be in charge and fully enjoy the fruits of his labors as ARSENAL REACH THE PROMISED LAND. no one deserves this more than ARSENE and I hope he is fully in charge and control during the juggernaut years to see his dreams and hard work bearing results.
    its the end of an era all right, just not the one they saw coming..
    ARSENAL!!!!! ARSENAL!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!;


  2. @Gains
    Oh so true. I was a bitter man because of what the Dutch boy did and I spent many an hour wishing only wishing the worst unto him.. and in the end, karma comes back to bite him in the arse. He got that trophy he so craved, the trophy he was ready to sacrifice his personal integrity for and now, he probably won’t win anything ever again. While, if he had stayed with us, we would’ve probably won the league last season and who knows what else would have happened. But it’s too late for him.


  3. Enjoy your fully earned and deserved nine day rest fellows. Well done to this point and we start by settlement of some accountants with the villains. Meanwhile, happy new year and have yourself a laughski at the predicament rvp & the red scum find themselves in. The only way they might make it back to the champions league next year is if they win.it. (0(
    finishing in the top for ain’t happening babe. And I wouldn’t put any faith in them winning the CL.
    Them and the totts, together in the Thursday night league games , if that. HAHAHAHA, ( catches breath) MUHAHAHAHAHA.
    Sorry, this is too gooooood..


  4. “Gainsbourg69
    January 5, 2014 at 9:56 pm”

    I meant in terms of relative success in winning silverware Gains! There are a lot of things about Barca I would not want to emulate, but you cannot argue against the success of the formula introduced by Cruyff.


  5. Passenal

    Are you @passenal1 on twitter?


  6. BARKA?? AJAX??
    how about the ARSENAL MODEL? Better than those two in so many ways and getting even better. We will be the penultimate model others will talk about and follow now and in years to come.
    with all due respect to AJAX & YOHAN.
    OH YAH..


  7. Hahaha. Love that photo TEAM SPIRIT


  8. “Passenal

    Are you @passenal1 on twitter?”

    No Georgaki, I’m not on twitter, but I noticed someone stole my name as I have been Passenal online for many years now but if I ever join Twitter, I will have to come up with a new handle!


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