Adventures In The Life And Times Of Arsenal

Today’s post is by ZimPaul

afc out of time

Well we already knew the football was out of this world …

I like a little 22 game mid-season snapshot sometimes.

It doesn’t actually get better, not much anyway, adventures in the life and times of Arsenal. Sitting top. Knife edge battles to come against the two arch-enemies of any semblance of remaining football equity, against the two most financially stupefied until their eyeballs pop, full of strut and sweating arrogance. We are the sole representative right at the top of something approximating any sense financial fair play.

We are rotating week in and out the best, most attractive, most intelligent and sublime midfield in the league playing in front of the tightest defense. We have a great goal scoring record too, and most goals coming through the midfielder machine. We are producing exquisite football moments, and have put another sweet little run together, WWWWW, most recently a football-spirited game against a respected second tier side playing some decent stuff.

We have the mouth watering prospect of Bayern to come. We are into the 5th round of the FA Cup.  And best of all, we are a team’s team that stands by each other. No mega-star studded team of pin-up divas this. Just very, very good players enjoying playing Wenger-ball, several of whom are implausibly young like Gnabry and Gedi, Aaron and Jack, Jenks, Ox and even Chewie.  Lukas in particular is sounding and looking hungry, I like that. Just the right time too. A team that believes in itself, because it fought and won battles before this. Amongst the more mature, the reals gems, as determined as they are assured, Per, Ozil and Tomas and Santi, Mikel and Flamini.

Do we have a chance in hell?

Ask Giroud.  That epitome of the team’s team player, outrageous confidence without the swank, superb work-rate, sublime skills, the unselfish provider of so much to others.

We better start believing, really believing.

Because the players and manager do.

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107 comments on “Adventures In The Life And Times Of Arsenal

  1. Zim, @4:06,

    Very neatly put.

    I think our recent successes has put the noses of certain types of fan out of joint.

    They want to recover the ‘right’ to abuse Arsene along the lines of ‘he doesn’t know what he is doing’ or ‘any idiot can see his tactical knowledge is zero’ etc, etc.

    It is very sad really. 😦


  2. Ah Watch with Mother c. January 1962, this takes me back;

    “Are you sitting comfortably children ? Then I’ll begin……………..

    Once upon a time there were three little animals called Rag, Tag and BlogTale. Rag was a hedgehog, Tag a mouse, and Blogtale was a rabbit.The three friends were simple glove puppets. BlogTale was slightly more sophisticated in construction than his pals, because his ears twitched. “


  3. And don’t start me on the Woodentops


  4. Yay should have been sent off in the first half


  5. “Soha played well, and we were off the pace,”

    I read on Twitter that there was some illness in the camp yesterday. I think we are missing Aaron’s energy and Rosicky’s industry. I hope they come back soon


    I too wish those two back soon.
    I also read that our team bus was caught in some terrible traffic on the way to st. Mary’s & lee mason didn’t afford them a few minutes to warm up before the match started. He should have considering the rain and the cold. Injuries aside its only the fair thing to do. Clattenburg afforded the saints fifteen minutes last time in London, when they had the same issue with the traffic.
    So the blue mercenaries drop points to hammers, AT HOME. usually I don’t care but this time only I would love to hear what that clown maureenwhore has to say about that joke of a club and team chelski. Ooo that face. You just wants slap the s•••t a few times. Rewire his brain neurons.


  7. I didn’t know that about the team being late. It’s not surprising they were not up to speed from the start yesterday! I’m very surprised and pleased that the hammers have put a spoke in the wheel of the big blue bus!


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