Two More Years – At The Very Least BTW !


So today we can expect an official announcement from the club which will confirm that Arsene Wenger will continue as Arsenal manager for at least a further two years. This news will be met by varying degrees of enthusiasm and disappointment across the fanbase, media and social media.

First let me try to make my feelings clear – Yabba Dabba Doo!

This is absolutely a triumph of sense over stupidity. There is no way that our greatest ever manager ,being at the helm for an extended period, can be anything but a tremendous result for the club.

Make no mistake about it, Arsene Wenger is a colossus of an elite manager. In fact he is the very epitome of “elite manager”. I believe he is every bit as good as he ever was, all this bollocks about him being past his best is just that – BOLLOCKS.

Lets consider for a moment who wanted him out.

We can start with the easy and obvious target, the absolute melts on AFTV. Seriously, just look at and listen to this shower of Muppets. I seriously doubt any of them could tie their own shoelaces, and they must surely have supervised meal times.  They have consistently embarrassed the lot of us by association to the club. They claim Arsenal are mocked by fans of other clubs, well too right they are, and they are the main reason. People defend Robbie, saying he gives the fans a “voice”, but he doesn’t, he give a select few idiots a platform. He cultivated the stupidity, it’s his garden, they are his weeds. He could have taken AFTV in any direction, but he chose to make it The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The vast majority of Arsenal bloggers haven’t helped either. These special leaders of opinion have taken every opportunity to show us how smart they are and how stupid Arsene and the board are.  They spout their expert opinions on failures in tactics formation, fitness, players, finance, well everything really, and most of them are doing it for no other reason than to let the readers know how much they understand about football. The problem is it actually shows anyone with an ounce of sense the very opposite. They know nothing worthwhile. Nothing. Zilch !

Podcasters, see above, except they love the sound of their own voices as well. Again, I have to say “most of them” As with bloggers,  there are some rare exceptions to the rule.

Pundits?!?!?! . We are served up with what can only be described as a bunch of tossers that think management is “paint by number” . Forget Arsene for a moment and see how they have now collectively decided Pep doesn’t understand English football. The qualification for the job appears to be that they once played football and are incapable of actually doing a job in management. Their stupidity is without bounds . To be fair, they get nothing right, it’s just we notice their crapness more when they speak about our own specialised subject. The Arsenal.

Twitter super fans. These might just be the worst of the lot, they are known for nothing in life apart from their hatred of Arsene Wenger. They are an embarrassing stain on Arsenal’s underpants.

Just watch them all start playing the victims now and claiming they did it for the love of the club. Well no, they did it because they are no marks that saw an opportunity to become somebodys. And guess what? They will all be fuming because the club has recognised they are nobodies and ignored their pathetic drivel. I don’t care how many readers, listeners of followers they have, they are important only in their own minds and to the sheeple that are stupid enough to be led by the nose and accept the bilge they spew.

Where do we go from here then? Do we say “let’s forget that they did everything possible to destroy our season and move on” ? Well no, because they won’t move on, they are defined by the toxic atmosphere they created. They are nothing without it. They will cling to it like Ishmael clinging to the wreckage of their sunken protests. There is no point offering an olive branch because they don’t want to grasp it.

All we can do is try to ignore them. Those that backed the manager and those that respectfully wanted a change can come together. The decision has been made. Lets move along together, And here is the important part – Give the club and the team the best atmosphere to thrive in.

Just last Saturday we got a glimpse of what the team is capable of. We saw Arsene’s vision of how he want’s his team to play. We have won 3 trophies in the 4 years since spending restrictions were loosened. But we are told we are regressing. Bloody hell. It makes my head spin.

I got asked a question on twitter (loaded of course) it was “do you really think Wenger will win the PL in the next 2 years”. My answer is no, I don’t believe he will. But what I do believe is Arsene gives us the best chance to defy the odds and win it. We might spend £100m in this window, but City (for example) with one of the best managers in the world. with a squad already packed full of hugely expensive players, will spend £300m. So I “expect” a team like them to win it. But I hope our continuity and the brilliance of Arsene can do the business.

It’s clear there has been a disagreement at board level about something. However Arsene is unlikely to either tell us about it or allow anyone else to do so. Whatever it was Arsene has prevailed. There will be no Director of Football selecting transfers and deciding who should be sold, sense has won the day and whatever faults Kroenke might have he has backed the proven winner. There may be casualties, but at least we can be confident that when push comes to shove, Stan knows what is in the best interests of our great club. And that is Arsene Wenger, all day, every day and twice on match days.

That’s it then, everyone that can come behind the manager, players and club have this opportunity to do so. We should take it and ignore the proven failures that refuse to want to support unconditionally.

Did I mention I was happy?



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140 comments on “Two More Years – At The Very Least BTW !

  1. if man city are signing VVD, then they will have spent more on 2 CB’s in a year, than Arsenal are said to have available to spend in total. But Henry, Adams, Keown and co say we can outspend them, its that simple, and they know, after all they were great players

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  2. I see probably the biggest club in the World, Real Madrid, don’t have a Director of Football, what sort of amateur outfit are they, have they no RMTV experts to tell them that all the big clubs, bar Arsenal, have a DoF.

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  3. So I was listening to General Wob talking on AFTV, saying what needs to be done(thanks). Why is it the Wob suggestions dont apply to another manager if they would have come in? ie “its going to be a tough summer in the market place”.
    Ok so for the Wob choice of manager they would suddenly have the fairy G-dmothers wand to make things work well?

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  4. D‏ @Highbury_74

    Blame Wenger, the board or Vic Akers for how you feel about the club. Fine. The only person you can blame for you acting a cunt is yourself

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  5. Ed, I think they still have to take responsibility about how they feel about the club too.

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  6. well plastik you must remember that the WOB view wenger as the cause of transfer problems, you see he wants to be sure the player is worth the money, while any other manager will not care about Arsenal, so will just spend spend spend, and if it all goes tits up, he will be sacked, get his severance pay and move on, and the next guy will come in and do the same, so we will have not only shiny new players every year, but shiny new manager every couple of years,

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  7. well I don’t care how they feel about the club, as it don’t affect me in the slightest, but I do care about how the act towards the club, as it affects the club, the players, the results, and also how its perceived

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  8. It affects me Ed. Im not strong enough to blot it out as Im caught up in the daft world of football. I wish I was, but Im not.
    I dont like that atmosphere, and what its doing, to the club generally, negativity doesnt actually solve anything (it destroys and doesnt build?) And these people dont take responsibility for it, they blame somebody else for how they feel yet slop their emotions out everywhere and assume authority at the same time. I dont see how football can ever be a service industry.

    If Arsenal are mediocre then wtf are Spurs?

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  9. but mills, that is their actions, not their feelings, its their actions that is making for a “toxic” atmosphere, not their feelings,

    I say again, Arsenal FC need to man up, and ban the fuckers from the stadium, if they are not with us, they are against us, so fuck them. probably the best support from the fans last season was the game where the malcontents “boycotted” the game, the fans there, less in number, but who wanted to, and did get behind the team. Give me 40,000 fans supporting the team, with 20,000 empty seats, any day, over 60,000, with 20,000, moaning and groaning, and abusing our team and manager and club.

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  10. It’s not about Arsene, it’s not even about Arsenal.
    It’s about an inaticulate carpet fitter from Dunstable, probably always been a bit of a joke to friends and family, probably always prone to making up stories about himself in front of a crowd to present as the “big man”, amidst much sniggering.

    And suddenly in mid life this nonentity finds themselves in the limelight, suddenly people seek him out and his view on a single topic. He duly performs, plays for fool, plays the thinker, plays to the adoring crowd.

    He is known, he is a CELEBRITY. No more having to accept the role of village idiot.

    And you expect the carpet fitter from Dunstable to let that go, to slip silently back into the shallow puddle that is his real life was, and will be again ?

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  11. Rumors that Arsenal.com will have some sort of announcement today, maybe our new left back.


  12. He had a hard heart that wept not.

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  13. carpet fitter, thought he was a tiler, – fruit tiles – I’ll get my coat

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  14. Im with you Ed,and I agree, only to me, its like this: X phenomena in front of them=reaction=feelings=actions.

    Also with you too Andy, the driven false authority of celebrity! Certainly some aspects of life were much, much better pre Internet? Perhaps like many things the situation will just become flooded out with these people and negate itself?


  15. Carpet fitting or tiling are fine by me,and not always easy, sometimes really hard, but managing a top flight football club is something else, a truly tough job in a potty world. If you ever start to imagine what it must be like, its a head fryer. Frying tonight!! But for some reason everyone seems to think its really easy-which is odd as you would have thought that AFC would have considered them for the job and it certainly explains why the Spuds are so dominant with their League Cup win? Why the Pool have never won the EPL. And the list is endless!!!
    AW: top flight manager. Many Wobs are saying i will stay the same and then say that he will ruin his legacy! Caint even make up them thar minds!

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  16. anicoll5
    June 1, 2017 at 11:24 am
    That is a brilliant post.

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  17. TheGunnersPub‏ @TheGunnersPub

    Would any of you be so kind as to back a petition to get Fan TV removed from the concourse and surrounding areas as it breeds contempt UTA

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  18. This is what Arseneouttv has bred
    Karl Fitness‏ @KFitness 42m42 minutes ago
    Replying to @jordanh86 @TheGunnersPub

    Makes you a Laughing stock mate. When you lost I never use to give a shit, now I think ” ew I can’t wait for Arsenal fan tv”


  19. Dunkirk?

    Foook my football boots.

    If only these protectors of the national spirit, the preservers of our precious bodily fluids, if only they had the footballs required to address the concerns of football fans in this land regarding the team that can’t beat the mighty Iceland or Costa Rica it might be possible to not burst out laughing every time they erupt with some new gibberish.

    Quick. To the boats! Make sure that you have your life jacket handy.


  20. I want to do a sarcastic “X” points manifesto about what the club MUST do to improve . So please make suggestions and I’ll pool them together for a blog
    For example
    1) make all the players fitter.
    That sort of shit. Dig in now. I’m counting on you all.

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  21. it is all over the internet that arsene wenger will be given 100m to spend this summer to buy players that are suppose to win the league title for us next season. even if the rumour is true, that alone should make us understand the fact that arsenal cant compete with other clubs money for money. tfor crying out loud, the whole 100m is not enough to buy mbappe who is just 18 years let alone his wage. even if we could afford him with the money, will just one addition win us the epl?

    the pundits know this ofcourse but they just want to raise the hope of the fans for another crisis next season. they told us that half of our players arent good enough yet they expected wenger to win the league with fund that can only buy one good player.

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  22. Doris Out!
    Ackers Out!
    That chap sat in the row behind the Evil Veng who was punching himself in the head with five minutes to go on Saturday (I knew how he felt!) – get ‘im out!

    Down with the petty bourgeois. Orf with their heads! Burn down the stadium,
    burn it all down!

    Unleash l’guillotine (Patent pending for Timmy ‘curdle yer blood’ Payton)

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  23. manifesto george has to include

    all players must be over six foot tall
    all players must be black
    all players must be english
    all players must be able to kick the shit out of opponents without the ref sending them off
    all players must be world class but be prepared to stay withing our pay scale
    all players must remain injury free, or at least when injured not get paid
    all match day tickets must cost no more than £20
    tickets must not be sold to day trippers
    tickets must only be sold to londoners
    the board must include at least one of each of these – white, black, asian, straight, gay, lgbt,
    all board members must be former Arsenal players
    the club must spend every penny in the coffers, in every transfer window
    a panel of fans drawn from the main blogs and aftv will decide all transfer targets, their price and their wages
    all transfer targets will be made public
    explanations must be fort coming for all failed transfer deals – although there will be no missed targets with the fans panel in charge of things
    it goes without saying that the same panel will always decide when we dispense with a manager and who we appoint as our next manager
    a detailed written report, with lots of pictures, will be published on each and every aspect of the club, each and every decision,

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  24. sarcastic “X” points manifesto
    Dat Venger bloke blud fam kned too stand on da line wave his ands about show sum pashun

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  25. Des Powell‏ @dpowell248 7h7 hours ago

    AC Milan,Lazio,Villarreal,Cologne,Lyon,Marseille,PSV all in the Europa League next year.It could be an exciting prospect for us.

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  26. Someone asked me a question on Twitter yesterday. I responded off the cuff via a number of tweets. Have looked back at them and think it does sum up my thoughts. Apologies for grammer etc as taken direct from my tweets with the odd typo removed:

    Chap – Talk to me Steve, why is Wenger staying a good thing? Stability?

    ME – I think the premise that him going is a ‘good’ thing is flawed. I think he has given us the right to expect more. He has created something special. I think that for many years to come we will be in a position to expect great things.  This will be ‘because’ of Arsene and not in spite of him.
    IF we were battling relegation or mid table for couple seasons then I would be questioning why he was still here. We aren’t and we won’t be because of him. We will have another  manager in the relatively near future and that person will have big boots to fill but will have a chance to do so thanks to the foundations laid over the last decade or so. The same foundations that allow us to hope for more.
    To see negativity because we dropped a couple of places in premier is, to my mind, completely disproportionate and the current angst that is demonstrated at our apparent ‘failing’ is more in keeping with a situation of relegation. 
    I truly believe that the miserableness comes from individuals coping mechanisms at root cause. I am perhaps lucky, in that, while I am as gutted as any when we lose, I can rationalise and put it behind me almost before I leave the  stadium. Everyone has their own way. Many hold that ‘guttedness’ for longer; work the next day, ribbing from opposing v fans, comments in/On media etc… and people need an ‘out’.
    Unfortunately  (imo) that ‘out’ for some is blame. Find  something/someone else to justify why one feels so bad helps to externalise that feeling. A handy recipient of this transference for any football fan is that fan’s team manager, player, board, kitman 😉 . The blame on the manager for  defeat is fine … PROVIDING one counters it with praise in victory. This is something that some have difficulty with. People have, to my mind, gone so far down the road of putting all ails on one man and can not heap any praise in his direction, that they now believe an untruth.
    That untruth being our manager can’t manage. To me it is as simple as that I don’t feel I have to justify why he is suitable when I think none have demonstrated to  me any  validity in the original premise that he is not the man for the job. I think the thought processes that lead to him being blamed are  contagious and have spread osmotic-like. I’ll end with my view that sometimes one can’t see the good for the trolls.

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  27. Oops… copied a smiley direct. Apologies George

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  28. Come on you lot, shoulders to the wheel.



    Arsenal must win every game 25-0. Not doing this will be seen as a failure. And there will be a fly over by the Wright brothers with a big banner saying “manager out!! Now!! Or else ‘ll get me cousin to av yer!”. So there wont be any of that going down dil-i-ah -down rubbish. Only “up-dil-i-ah -up!”. WE WANT TROPHIES!!! AND WE MEAN PROPER TROPHIES!

    Arsenal must buy every great player ever available, including those retired–any dead players shall be brought back to life by the Arsenal Protest Liberation Army scientist Wild Bill Bogey-Knows to play again (the old ashes and water and stir it up trick-instant people!), you lot the dead, you dont think youre getting off lightly do you!?Not doing this will be seen as a failure. We ,the peoples fans demand the best, as we are no longer a great club as we once were! Remember the Invincibles is a saying round our Nans! And our Nan does good egg-bread and a small bit of fried bread too.Bit of HP an that! None of that Ketchup, thats for loooossserrrrs! A mediocre sauce!

    Arsenal must never lose a game again, at least until every Wob has shuffled off the mortal coil.Or any coil.Losing is for losers.Looossssssseerrr!!

    Arsenal must allow every fan to choose when the substitutions are made.I mean its not as if the manager can know when this is possible. WE KNOW! WE SEE MORE OF THE GAME!!Grrr! Anyway managers are losers, or they were when that “When-Gar” bloke was around these parts. Well we’re sorting all that out you know! 

    Arsenal fans will pronounce “Wenger” anyway we like, not how he does, what does he know? Grrr! Ive been to every game since 1887 so I know best.And me Dad since 1886! I’ll not have these new boy Herberts tellin me wots wot! You wot? WE MAKE THE RULES!!!

    The Arsenal toilets must be stocked with fluffy toilet paper (six ply) and also with magazines, like Homes and Gardens, Elle Decoration, some Tolstoy, Proust the fox hunting years, Greys Quantum physics for post Phd thought and other existential dilemas by J.L.P Cruttwell, Partick Moores guide to the Universe and What is sex? by Chad Storking-Cynphcter .Plus a butler/batman or some sort of man servant type to shave and generally fuss around, or chamber/ scullery maid type for the ladies. One must look good for the game you know! All entering lavatory must induce a courtesy flush after at least 35 seconds, or douse the trap with Givenchy’s “All genders”. And that is an order! AND DONT FORGET A FEW PIES!! Good peoples food. I want the peoples fan pie!

    Arsenal fans must choose who the manager is. After all they know best. How can the club know who to appoint? WE DEMAND DEMOCRACY IN THIS AGE OF GREATNESS!!

    Arsenal fans must from now on must be given as much time as they want so they can watch Arsenal protest Liberation army TV in peace. This will replace Arsenal player and the match day show.Instead there will be 24hr Arsenal protest TV. Showing interviews with the peoples fans, with the Invincibles peoples reciepes, the Invincibles, wrestling, ranting competitions, bath-tub swiming,the Invincibles and best banner competition,all the Rocky films,the latest from the Venice Biennale and the annual “my Dad supported AFC before your Dad” awards. Plus the Art Haus film ” I was at Anfield 89, even though I wasnt, but I was, if you know what I mean?” and of course bingo and a tombola with top prizes.

    Arsenal must share out the profits of the club to the fans. This sadly cant be democratic, as democracy doesnt exist. So instead there will be a “big bundle/Av a Grabba” at 2.30pm near the Arsenal shop. Darwinian laws apply,apparently as that fair( according to a Arsenal fan protester/ pundit Charlie Chaplin loo-a-like Jeff Berkenshire-Gravy from North London)  Fan protest groups must be allowed first though so to be nearest to the pile of cash.Thats an order! Come on fairs fair! We are here to LIBERATE YOU!!!

    Arsenal must employ a new manager who screams at the players during the game and gives them a good hair- drying spittle and knuckle dressing down at HT and pays homage to the fans at all times (best of friends!)and who tells the press exactley whats on their mind at all times. And he must be as hard as the 1970s at all times. But not as greasy. And not with those stacked heels. BUT HARD!!

    Arsenal must win the European Cup every year although we’ve heard that “Europe” is of strange lands full of ghosts and woods, and its a long way away and different like in a fairy story.Anyway the final should always be at Wembley. Come on! Fairs fair why should we travel?

    Arsenal must get a new owner. Election for this owner will be decided by Arsenal Fan Protest Liberation Army and a big phone in-all calls cost 25 quid, and proceeds go to AFPLA.  

    Arsenal must give out each quarter hour bulletins to the fans about whats going on. And tell the truth FFS! WE, the peoples fans want to know when someones on the bog, or whispering gossip its important, all this silence is just not fair! And it makes me paranoid. And I start thinking that maybe there could be many worlds under my finger nail, or that the moons a base and the Illuminarty are about. WELL HAVE NO ARTIST TYPES HERE!!

    Arsenal must win all four trophies plus the Emirates Cup and the Charity shield and the game v Brentwood every year or otherwise there will be a organised squadron of Gloucester Gladiators (Whats that Dad? Dunno ask Grandad. Whats that Grandad? Dunno. But I fought at Woodstock ,Altamont and the Isle of WIght for your generation I’ll have you know!”)flying over the ground for ever, in big cricles with big banners, THE BIGGEST BANERS IN THE WORLD to be lead by Wing Cmdr Dr.David Banner, DFC DMC AFC -bar. You wont like him when hes angry! Hes made of the purest green (stop nicking jokes from Blackadder! Im not it was a reference. Whats Blackadder Dad?Dunno but I bet it was not as good as the new films, like the Hobbit, nows that a fackin good film, all three of them.I reckon that Tolkien bloke would think it was better than his effort!). And Im not talking envy folks, that for those Tottenham fans!

    Arsenal fans retain the right to jump on the pitch and do what they like whenever they like during the game and join in( ITS THE RIGHT OF ALL ARSENALPROTEST LIBERATION ARMY PEOPLE TO DO WHAT THEY LIKE!!), and disregard the rules, tie up the ref and have a sing- song and play catch with a big beach ball and Do the Clam. Bugger the rules, we’re making it up as we go along. In fact lets take over some other peoples countries too!

    Arsenal fans must choose the team formations for every game. If its a success on FIFA how hard can it be in life? I mean, my cousin Sid Weasel won it all so why cant we?
    AFC players homes, cars and the homes of extended family members and friends must be available at all times for Arsenal fans and protesters usage, after all fairs fair, come on its a democracy, we pay for you, so share the wealth guy!

    All Arsenal fans should get free entry into the ground and everyone else pay, including the owner. In fact the stadium should be transported to their own homes to cut down travelling costs and the owner should pay.

    The club must pay for Arsenal travelling fans into Europe as its far away and weird, and why should any Arsenal fan pay to go “abroad” all those ghosts and woods, and strange words an that, and we always get an upset tummy.Mum told me not to go anymore, but to stay at home and play in my room.Maybe build a castle out of lego, but I wanna smash things up! And write Anarchy on a toilet walls! And tell old people theyre losers! Loooossserrrrsss!

    Arsenal must get rid of anyone whose supported AFC before George Graham. As they dont count, and I heard that was when there was only two channels on TV ( mediocre or what! Loooossseeerrrsss!)and weird programmes about Chess and the Sky at Night on BBC2 (whats Chess Dad?Dunno a type of car I think, back in the 90s.) Them old days, you know, before smart phones and banners were for protesting against poverty and not being able to vote. Im man thats for losers! Loooossserrrrss! Medicority! Cassette recorders, Atari and them New Romantics! Thats not hard, that mediocre and soft and losers shit.

    Should Arsenal draw a game or even lose,then a big meeting with banners, torches and various types of farm implements to be held aloft with mumbling and jeering,while a speaker with a weird white pointy hood a hanging bit of cloth with just eyes cut out to hide the face, tells everyone whats what outside the AFC stadium.Its important AFC fans get their point across! After all its a democracy you know! At least WE feel it is when we phone vote in the ” Im an Arsenal Protest Liberation Army celebrity get me out of Sunderland (its Norvern),like” phone in!

    There will be no mediocrity,ever again! Yer hear me! Thats for those Buddha loving Johnnies! Remember Dunkirk! Your club needs you to not be a loser! Ban the medium, ban mediocrity! Ban everything! BAN ALL OPPOSITION!

    The Arsenal Protest Liberation Army will hold the rights as to voting a) new owners b) new managers c) players d) whose an Arsenal fan e) say what the score will be at the end of every game. d) whats what. e) anything else we decide is right f) the right to hypocrisy h) the right to spell anything incorrectly.

    Power to the people! “stand up for victims of oppression…” “rebels are we! Born to be free! Just like the fish in the sea!

    Comrade Citizen Eggbread

    Please see the small print for other details…

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  30. Bloody hell Mills !

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  31. Millsy’s on a tear

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  32. Arsenal’s Josh Dasilva receives first England U19 call-up
    by jeorge bird

    Arsenal youngster Josh Dasilva has been rewarded for his impressive form at club level by receiving his first international call-up.

    The 18-year-old, who was previously a striker but is now often deployed as a deep-lying midfielder, has been included in the England U19 squad for a training camp in Spain ahead of the European Championships for that age group, which will take place in Georgia in July.

    Winger Chris Willock, who has still yet to commit to a new Arsenal contract beyond his current deal that expires at the end of the month, has also been included.


  33. Ed i dont think it was jeorge bird who gave him his call up!

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  34. silly season has begun

    Arsenal make £87m offer to Monaco for star forward Kylian Mbappe


  35. if and its a massive if, we have put in such a massive bid for Mbappe, then I would say it was not done without some indication from the player that he would be open to the move. Arsenal don’t generally bid for players without having sounded them out first.


  36. The Times reports that Arsenal keeper coach Gerry Peyton will leave this summer due to a hip problem. Peyton has been at Arsenal for 14 years. He had a hip operations a couple of years ago.


  37. One of the funniest things about the reaction to the reports that Arsenal have bid for Mbappe, is the usual bullshit soundbite is trotted out by the malcontents

    “its a season ticket story”

    something Arsenal just do not do, for God’s sake we don’t even announce new signings in a timely manner, Xhaka last season a prime example, it even took AFC many days to reveal his signing despite his brother uploading photos of him in the new Arsenal kit. We have signed Sead Kolasinac but not a peep from the club, they won’t till its fully official if they can help it.
    Jeez we had Alexis deal agreed for weeks but did not announce it till it was complete, its how Arsenal do deals.
    A season ticket transfer story is one of the most stupid of soundbites that the most stupid of malcontents keep trotting out.

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  38. Mills.. Wow. What stamina… I ever ran out of stamina reading. LOL.

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