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It is fitting with all the talk of players turning up for big games that Steww and Andy have produced some excellent pieces in the last two days, in fact in a difficult season all the writers this year have been fantastic bringing their own particular expertise to look at the issues from slightly different angles.
Being positive gooners it is difficult to admit before a game you think there is only a small chance of winning, even if you know your team have the potential to beat anyone on their day. The magnitude of this victory has not been realised amongst the media and the dark parasites of the ARSENAL following, to lose three centre backs and a left back in the week leading up to the final would destroy most teams, add that to the fact you would be playing the newly crowned champions of the hardest league in the world seemed to make the task impossible. When you look back at the game and realise the 2-1 score flattered Chelski and in reality the ref could had disallowed the goal and we still could of walked of at half time three or four up.


Again and again when our historic manager and his current team are slagged off or are pegged back they find the resolve to come through and show the top, top quality many deny they have. To see the most rubbished duo Ramsey and Giroud again win the cup for their Manager and our famous club would make a better film than Leicester.

I screamed so hard yesterday and went through the ringer during the ninety minutes so much I was  physically drained and felt crap when I got up this morning. When you invest not money but heart into something, see it struggle and then win against all odds the feeling is ecstasy. It is what is missing from those who believe buying your way to pots is the only route to football happiness. They are wrong, missing the point and denying themselves football heaven which is achievable by any club at any level and the reason why we have ninety-two professional clubs and an amazing amateur league, reserve and youth league. The chance of that football heaven is why they are all so amazingly supported.

I thought that the 79 final was the greatest ever but to honest it was the final minutes yesterday however was awesome. Our club is in great hands our team is still top quality, this site has held together many friends from all over the place when we felt a little blue,

I love Positively ARSENAL I love the ARSENAL COYG.

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  1. I hope we haven’t exhausted this post. It’s a dozy

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  2. Graham Poll (Ex-senior PL referee) on first goal: “From an offside perspective, Ramsey didn’t touch the ball or interfere with an opponent.”
    “Taylor waited and calmly went over to Beswick, whose body language showed he knew he had erred, and the goal was awarded.”

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  3. Exhausted the post ?

    This had to go up – one man and his ride through the depth, to the heights – the flight of Everyman

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  4. A top top post and one which expresses so much of what I feel. The team and their manager have shown outstanding resilience and I hope the lack of leaders meme can now be put to bed. And this space has likewise shown exceptional mental strength and has made an at times taxing season a thoroughly positive one.

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  5. Oooops that the wrong one but it’s still good!

    Here it is:

    Wouldn’t normally bother to post a player commenting on hacks but it is interesting:

    Ozil laughing at the Wally Olly, strong words from the BFG & Sanchez (his english made more sense then the hack), I’m guessing these players have discussed the “Narrative” around the club.

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  6. Seems like a bit of a band of brothers forming around the club

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  7. Just watching that Moses dive again…sadly, you can see why he did it….we have been undone by a few of those this season, especially with spurs players, but well spotted Mr Taylor.
    On that note, today, have seen WOB posts and tweets very upset that our first goal was given, and even offence taken at rob holding being compared with Cannevaro! Some people are just a waste of oxygen

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  8. Mandy you will find many of them will tell you that Ozil was our weak link, that Ramsey did not play for the team just himself, and that xhaka was all sideways and backways passing.
    Lets not forget that the FA Cup is not a proper trophy, but oddly enough the League cup and even the community shield are, well the cs is for next few weeks, till we win it.

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  9. Yes, Eduardo, and this season, finishing second in the league seems far more of an achievement than when we did it last season.
    Xhaka…..he is going to make fools of his critics next season…..if he isn’t already….he is an amazing player, and he seems to really compliment Ramsey these days

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  10. Hi George and Andy thanks for putting that up it was an emotional weekend. I went to a Specials gig yesterday and loads of gooners were saying the same thing, I think the performance was something we all needed after a long season and the boys delivered 100%.

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  11. Yes – it was the performance as much as anything that excited, for the boys played with a freedom and a belief that we hadn’t really seen since last Autumn.

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  12. well a man utd supporting mate just said to me that he actually enjoyed the FA Cup final more than he did man utd winning the EL, that jose was the death of good football at utd.

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  13. ha ha ha, Conte says Victor Moses was tired and did not want to con the ref, ha ha ha, this is the bullshit that we are going to see over and over and over from next season when all sorts of stupid excuses are going to be made for cheating diving scum

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  14. the malcontents are going to be “faked” outraged when the see the Wenger quote (Paraphrased here)

    I “forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”


  15. The thing is Eddy, he has said he doesn’t and won’t forgive them

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  16. Since Spurs last won the League, Arsenal have won it 6 times
    Since Spurs last won the FA Cup, Arsenal have won it 8 times

    but we keep being told there has been a power shift

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  17. Arsenal awards time – who are your 1, 2, & 3 in each

    Player of the year

    Young player of the year

    Goal of the Year

    Games of the year

    Disappointment of the Year

    mine are

    Player of the year
    1. Ozil
    2. Alexis
    3. Koscielny

    Young player of the year
    1. Holding
    2. Iwobi
    3. Maitland-Niles

    Goal of the Year
    1. Ozil v Ludogorets
    2. Giroud v Crystal Palace
    3. Ramsey v Everton

    Games of the year
    1. FA Cup final
    2. home to chelsea
    3. Stoke away, always enjoy beating stoke

    Disappointment of the Year
    1. the awful fans behavior when the team most needed support
    2. Cazorla injury
    3. the manner of the cl exit

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  18. Mandy

    Xhaka has already made a fool of those critics, I’d say. Mind you, it was foolish the instant they said it.

    They made out he was a man whose weaknesses were much bigger than his strengths, terrible signing, worst of season, etc- quite clearly, utter nonsense.

    Even in our and perhaps his worst games this year he still showed some quality way above average let alone poor footballers.

    I don’t trust the eejits not to start up their nonsense the next time we or he has an off day, that’s how they were able to form their daft conclusions in first place- ignore good and focus entirely on bad; one poor game weighing more than four decent ones,etc

    Anyway, we’ve all seen what he can do now. He’s been exceptionally good of late and I really enjoy watching him play. There’s the quality passing and intelligent play, then the strength and toughness (loved that moment he won a couple of challenges on the bounce then shielded the ball from another at one point on weekend)

    I think he benefits, like most, from three instead of two at back. On odd occasion he loses it in or around our half there’s likely to be at least two well in place and another one or two able to make up ground to get back- 1 defender extra almost guaranteed at all times- and I think that makes an enormous difference, overall, not only when ball actually is lost but in way team plays generally.

    There’s only one style of football I believe the new system has not yet succeeded against : supremely high intensity, quality team, pressing relentlessly, high up the field, Spurs away basically, though Liverpool and City are a similar challenge, especially at Anfield.

    I feel hopeful that with experience we can do better against that, but it’s literally only a handful of times we’ll face it anyway…and Spurs stand to lose their advantage by being at our home Wembley next year anyway (fully expecting them to take pathetic step of shrinking Wembley pitch but don’t think it’ll be same for them as Lane)

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  19. Rich, Santi will help with that little problem.


  20. New post is up and running.


  21. George (if you’re still there) Yep, Santi will help.

    Was anyone else watching how he walked on Sat craving reassurance he’s on the mend?

    Anyway, to the new blog. My habit of writing a long post just before something new goes up has struck again!

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  22. rich I think bpl rules will not allow spurs to shrink the size of the wembley pitch


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