Arsenal: Never look backwards


Good morning Positive fans (and friends),

Every one of you saw the game. Every one of you was delighted to see us take hold of the initiative from the opening moments of the game and barely relinquish that vice like grip until the 94 minute. There was no trace of nerves. There was no inkling that our back three had not played together 40 times this season, a model of concentration, a pattern of clockwork efficiency. The sneering references to Granit Xhaka as the season’s worst purchase confined forever to the dustbin of media punditry. And Alexis ? He may stay, he may go, but I can recall no player savaging the opposition at Wembley with such persistence and inexhaustible imagination. Mesut “disappears” in big games …… “Nickin’ a living” ?!?! You will have your own favourites and moments of the day. And yes it really could have been 5 or 6 goals.

It was a tense afternoon, no point in denying it. The first time since the 80’s that we have gone into a domestic Final as the clear under-dogs. Every one of you then watched our players cavort, our fans scream with joy, and saw that Arsene had grown six inches in the space of 24 hours. Football that we could enjoy, a victory to be relished. Every one of you was as proud as I was. The record is set down, forever.

Is there more to say ? Probably not but I am in the mood.

Of our opponents ? I do not think Chelsea were that bad. While they had played far fewer games than us this season I think the had emptied their ‘tank’ over the League season. They did not have it in them for one more battle and Wembley is a big pitch with no corners to hide in. I thought Pedro was good and so, in his own lunatic way, was Diego. I shall miss the ugly, cheating, vicious bastard for reasons I don’t understand myself. Victor Moses’ red card was a pleasure in itself. No Chelsea fan I know, or even have read on social media, had any doubts that it was the right decision and the proper punishment. May the force be with the referees in the opening weeks of next season.

One thing that did strike me yesterday, during the game and with about 10 minutes to go, 22 superb athletes who have each invested years of their lives to be here today, looking at the stadium, the fans, pacing my domestic technical area, frantic, feeling the tension, feeling the COMMITMENT. Whatever I pay for this, whatever anyone pays for this, for all its faults – it is WORTH IT!!

I attach below a copy of a picture I have had in the desk draw for a while. It is Avenell Road before an Arsenal and Spurs game in 1948. It occurred to me, in the light of Stew’s references to the unbroken line of the fan, and of era and fashion, success and failure being twin imposters, and Gf60s earliest attendance, it is best out of the desk draw today.

I shall leave it there. I suspect we have a busy week so enjoy your Sunday.


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68 comments on “Arsenal: Never look backwards

  1. One of The Arsenal all time best final performances.

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  2. I had been wondering why the ‘water carrier’ extraordinaire, the French national manager Didier Deschamps doesn’t have the plundits gr*t arsed favourite Kante as a starter for France.

    Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil and others helped me to understand why.

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  3. They do all attend most games and accrue the necessary points to guarantee final tickets, to be fair, Ed.


  4. he who laughs last laugh best. all chelsea fans felt as if they didnt win the league title yesterday as arsenal got the last laugh. what a way to end what many pundits call a disappointing season.

    congrats to arsene wenger and the lads. so many many have written them off but they show gutt and determination to end the season on a high.

    but arsene presser after the game yesterday was a big indictment on the board. they are cowards who because of the fear of what some disgruntles and loud mouthed fans would say, failed to back the manager by offering him a new contract in time to inspire the players when the going was tough. a friend in need, they failed to be. its a great disrespect to the great man to have to wait till the end of the season to know his fate. just because of some guys in AFTV or those flying plane over the stadiums.
    i know without anyone telling me that there are a few guys who do not want wenger in the club. the earlier these set of people are booted out the better for us.
    wenger must stay. it is a MUST!

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  5. Wonderful again, A5. In fact, excellent. Thank you.

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  6. 24 hours have passed, and it’s still brilliant. Surely one of Wengers finest hours and I am sure up with the best performances from so many players. Still stunned by that.
    A Nic, you certainly should put a few of the desperate rants up, know one shouldn’t mock the afflicted, but it would be very amusing I’m sure

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  7. I’ve watched the game again. most of the dangerous moves from CFC came from Alexis losing the ball needlessly. But,,,,,,,,,, fuck me, he does some damage at the business end, its almost carnage at times, and hin Ozil and Ramsey seem on telepathic wavelengths at times.

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  8. Welbeck too, he unsettled the GazCorp CBs

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  9. I think a cautious approach is in order when it comes to publishing naysayers’ negativity.
    I’m not saying it absolutely shouldn’t happen, but fact is, there are many here who can get their crap-fix from twatter, many other sites, the press& plundits, etc.

    the other site I like, Untold, has peeps who simply wait for an article to be published so they can vent, twist, lie and disrupt.
    The vast majority of PA readers don’t reply, and they surely love this site for its clean positivity.

    Look, I even self-censored myself this last few weeks in order to not spout what a bunch of ****s are out there (plus, I know that you know where I’m coming from.

    All I’m suggesting is Caution.


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  10. Fins, haha, I saw a shorter version of the Per & Alexis intvw, which excluded the latters Q&A. Ta for posting. Alexis expressed joy in winning, but otherwise, the questioner can go swivel. ditto, Per.

    How wonderful was Per! I remember when he led a team of youts to beat England.
    How long was he sitting on the bench, once recovered?

    And I thank you for your contributions over the season. (and on UA too).
    When I started commenting on this site you and others welcomed me. You even put up with me writing about my newly squired Ted & white trainers (IB rolly eyes), and, importantly, taught me that IBSF isn’t the billiards and snooker federation, lol.

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  11. squired = acquired. Tut.


  12. Ranty it’s the house that George & the rest built!

    Alas that interview confirms that the maverick maniac is off for another summer tourney which is probably his idea of the perfect warm down to a PL season. Can’t believe it! One partial reason why Alexis gives the ball away in CM sometimes (heh) is that he must be out of puff. But I loved how they handled the gibberish from the drooling hack. Good Boys!

    Further reflections: the meeedjah narrative spun around Ozil is a reflection of the one that they tried to spin around the BFG.
    It’s not the players, I conclude that they just don’t like the Arsenal. Did T.Adams not write recently for a paper that used to call him a “donkey”? (could’ve been another rag top?)

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  13. The “About Positively Arsenal” tries to explain what we are about Ranty and in spite of the name, in spite of the ethos spelled out in two short paragraphs, still they come. I guess some people, apparently Arsenal ‘fans’ just have an unstoppable torrent of misery and disappointment they just HAVE to get out.

    Germ of an idea for a new blog there ? “MiserablyArsenal.com”

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  14. New post up


  15. Positively Arsenal‏ @Blackburngeorge 59m59 minutes ago

    Its absolutely clear now that it was the board dithering and not Arsene.And he is fuming with them. Someone has to go.He really is furious.

    care to explain george, has something happened or been said


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