Arsenal: Never look backwards


Good morning Positive fans (and friends),

Every one of you saw the game. Every one of you was delighted to see us take hold of the initiative from the opening moments of the game and barely relinquish that vice like grip until the 94 minute. There was no trace of nerves. There was no inkling that our back three had not played together 40 times this season, a model of concentration, a pattern of clockwork efficiency. The sneering references to Granit Xhaka as the season’s worst purchase confined forever to the dustbin of media punditry. And Alexis ? He may stay, he may go, but I can recall no player savaging the opposition at Wembley with such persistence and inexhaustible imagination. Mesut “disappears” in big games …… “Nickin’ a living” ?!?! You will have your own favourites and moments of the day. And yes it really could have been 5 or 6 goals.

It was a tense afternoon, no point in denying it. The first time since the 80’s that we have gone into a domestic Final as the clear under-dogs. Every one of you then watched our players cavort, our fans scream with joy, and saw that Arsene had grown six inches in the space of 24 hours. Football that we could enjoy, a victory to be relished. Every one of you was as proud as I was. The record is set down, forever.

Is there more to say ? Probably not but I am in the mood.

Of our opponents ? I do not think Chelsea were that bad. While they had played far fewer games than us this season I think the had emptied their ‘tank’ over the League season. They did not have it in them for one more battle and Wembley is a big pitch with no corners to hide in. I thought Pedro was good and so, in his own lunatic way, was Diego. I shall miss the ugly, cheating, vicious bastard for reasons I don’t understand myself. Victor Moses’ red card was a pleasure in itself. No Chelsea fan I know, or even have read on social media, had any doubts that it was the right decision and the proper punishment. May the force be with the referees in the opening weeks of next season.

One thing that did strike me yesterday, during the game and with about 10 minutes to go, 22 superb athletes who have each invested years of their lives to be here today, looking at the stadium, the fans, pacing my domestic technical area, frantic, feeling the tension, feeling the COMMITMENT. Whatever I pay for this, whatever anyone pays for this, for all its faults – it is WORTH IT!!

I attach below a copy of a picture I have had in the desk draw for a while. It is Avenell Road before an Arsenal and Spurs game in 1948. It occurred to me, in the light of Stew’s references to the unbroken line of the fan, and of era and fashion, success and failure being twin imposters, and Gf60s earliest attendance, it is best out of the desk draw today.

I shall leave it there. I suspect we have a busy week so enjoy your Sunday.


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68 comments on “Arsenal: Never look backwards

  1. And greatful to your mood we all are Andy.
    I think it’s fair to say that was the final we all wanted to see, and we all got our wish. It was everything good about football and Arsene’s Arsenal in particular.
    Thank you Andy, and thank you to everyone that visits this site and makes it a worth while endeavour,
    May the force be with you all.

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  2. From Steww’s and GF60’s postings then to the result a poignant and truely wonderful day for a season long wearied gooner.

    Thank you all for the sanity and sanctitude this season that is PA.

    As for Mr Wegner whatever happens truely I am blessed to have been privileged to have such an unbelievable person manage the team.

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  3. Thank you Andy. You capture the mood of the moment with deceptive ease. Love the picture and the sentiment behind it too.

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  4. Top of this the-day-after-xmas-morning A5! It does feel like it doesn’t it?

    That game was a joy to watch, I read the in-match commentary here on the PA. We know who was the heroes, well, all of them were. I loved it guys. I couldn’t join in. Its a superstition I got to not attempt jinxing it. But bless all of you…

    To add now today:

    BFG was a model of German efficiency. He hung the fucking moon using that long limbs of his.

    The actual game commentary on tv was so annoying it was actually entertaining. After that Sánchez goal so very early in the match, and in such, not controversial, but in much talked about fashion, the sad sods had to throw away their pretext notes containing cliches and soundbites, and was left doing their job being very angry at Arsenal for throwing the script in the bin without even having a peek. I loved it.

    What can I say about Arsène Wenger. He started proceedings off in a very feisty, very angry mood with that interview he did that got the wobs and media so caught up in their feelings of “how dare he”. One can almost sense that that was the gist of the team talk leading up to the game, an almost “go out there and go show that assholes you will not allow them to break you”, and boy did they do it!

    So so proud of them!

    I had a peek on Piers Morgan’s twitter account last night. Lol. I couldn’t help bursting out in tears of laughter. Its almost as if ol’ Piers got the wind, the guts, knocked out of him so defeated was he.

    Thank you Arsenal!

    Thank you Arsène!

    Thank you positivistas!

    That one was for you gf60, as Stew said prematch: It was a final to remember. A memorable day to stitch to the tapestry of our supporting life.

    Bravo to the greatest football blog the world has ever seen!

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  5. Great game, great team, great result, great blog.

    How lucky we are.

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  6. It is fitting with all the talk of players turning up for big games that Steww and Andy have produced some excellent pieces in the last two days, in fact in a difficult season all the writers this year have been fantastic bringing their own particular expertise to look at the issues from slightly different angles.
    Being positive gooners it is difficult to admit before a game you think their is only a small chance of winning even if you know your team have the potential to beat anyone on their day. The magnatude of this victory has not been realised amongst the media and the dark parasites of the ARSENAL following, to lose three centre backs and a left back in the week leading up to the final would destroy most teams to add that to the fact you would be playing the newly crowned champions of the hardest league in the world seemed to make the task impossible. When you look back at the game and realize the 2-1 score flattered chelski and in reality the ref could had disallowed the goal and we still could of walked of at half time three or four up.
    Again and again when our historic manager and his current team are slagged off or are pegged back they find the resolve to come through and show the top top quality many deny they have. To see the most rubbished duo Ramsey and Giroud again win the cup for their Manager and our famous club would make a better film than leicester.
    I screamed so hard yesterday and went through the ringer during the ninety minutes so much I felt physically drained and felt crap when I got up this morning, when you invest not money but heart into something and see it struggle and then win against all odds the feeling is ecstasy and is what is missing from those who believe buying your way to pots is the only route to football hapiness, they are wrong, missing the point and denying themselves football heaven which is acheivable by any club at any level and the reason why we have ninetytwo professional clubs and an amazing amater league,reserve and youth league. The chance of that football heaven is why they are all so amazingly supported.
    I thought that the seventynine final was the greatest ever but to honest it was the final minutes yesterday however was awsome. Our club is in great hands our team is still top quality, this site has held together many friends from all over the place when we felt a little blue,
    I love Positively ARSENAL I love the ARSENAL COYG.

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  7. I saw one of the Moron’s crestfallen- ‘pointless, pointless, it’s all pointless…woe’- tweets last night (can’t avoid the bugger on there,alas)- and it made me laugh.

    What a bizarre situation for a fan to get themselves into, all caused by a lousy misreading of reality, whereby they’ve got themselves into a position to hate a man who sure doesn’t deserve it.

    So your team can serve up a brilliant game to win an FA cup final, and your dissonance must be immense.

    It only got funnier when I remembered later on that it was Ramsey who got the winner,again. Ramsey who that egotistical wanker can’t stop hating and wishing ill, thanks to the way he was rightly snubbed by him.


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  8. The old fart’s thoughts:
    I have to confess, I went to bed absolutely shattered. Having covered every blade of grass, held my breath far too many times and then, very stupidly celebrated with prawns…and Merlot. Not the wisest choice but who could bear the thought of white interfering with the day? If it was to be the last night….way to go!
    But waking up this morning…IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD! Time to read the good blogs and a couple of the papers that sometimes tell it as it is, but more importantly to have the chance of seeing what those snivelling apologies for Gooners such as Le Groan had to say about it all.
    Even that c**t Taylor came to the party, proving that a c**t is sometimes useful.
    As for the lads themselves, how proud they must feel. And the BFG maybe proudest of the lot. Every man so deserved that winner’s medal and they can look back thinking we took out City and Chel$ki so we are a pretty damn good side.
    As for AW, how I’d like to shake that man’s hand. What a gentleman.
    For Steww’s nephew, there will be some rough days but follow your heart and keep the faith.

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  9. PS Andy…the spuds were in the second division then. Must have been 1950.

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  10. Or was it the 1949 Cup game that we won 3-0?

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  11. Arse or Brain
    That post is exceptional. In fact ,it will be tomorrow’s blog. So I apologise now to everyone that will have to read it twice. But it should be.

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  12. Thanks Andy Nic, for the last time this season. What a game,nerve shredding,ear shredding, gut wrenching, high blood pressure excitment!
    Rob H takes on the Hyena, got tricked by the H into a yellow, but still took him on and had him, for a young lad at this moment hes got a cool head on him! Would you want to take that bloke on, at that age when you havent played that much this season under those circumstances? Really great game from Rob. Long may it be so.
    What about Per? Captain Per, steps up and shows that he loves the Arsenal and why hes a Weltmeisterschaft winner. But who wasnt great? Even those that had less of a flowing game were still bloody brilliant, each with inspired moments.
    I liked the way we weathered the storm in the second half,soaking up the Chelsea poop. But the echo of 79 response was just perfect-how many shook their heads at Danny coming off, but the Scorp flicked that ball across to give Aaron and us one heck of a moment.
    When was the last time you felt this good after an AFC game? All the Pedros lost.
    Our fans were in top voice yesterday and urged the lads on. A wall of sound.
    And to you all at PA have a great summer and thatnks to Cmdr George all the bloggers and to the to posters of PA! Viva Las Wenger!
    And its Arsenal, Arsenal FC…

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  13. A lovely day it us. No better reward for the season long abuse from the WOB. I know we would not suffer in vain. Standing with the team thru thick and thin is the function ion of a good fan.
    As for this blog, thank you for keeping the faith. The doom and glooms was killing. This is my favorite FA Cup, closely followed by beating those devils in red in 2005 even with all their ‘thugs’.

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  14. Mr GF60 absolute respect to you sir. You are why the Arsenal are class. Take care and good luck. Kind regards.

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  15. I think your right gf 3rd Round of the Cup January 49

    We murdered em !

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  16. By the way, anyone watch Motd highlights and pick up the exasperated fan vigorously shaking his head when Danny came off and having a little conniption fit, imploring his mate to back him up that this is madness. His mate tried to do his bit with his own ‘God knows’ gestures, but his heart wasn’t in it.

    Really encapsulated a lot for me. Here was a guy who, by about 40, hasn’t fathomed Danny’s particular fitness issues (weird) nor general fitness issues (quite a feat), and who almost certainly thinks Giroud a waste of space (stupid)…yet presumably has little doubt about the correctness of his opinions, and will loudly and certainly proclaim them to those around him.

    Not exactly a revelation that people can be wrong about things, nor that those who are wrongest are often the most certain they are right *, but that fellow felt very relevant to all the debate and vitriol of recent times.

    Where once his views would have only been known to those who knew him or were stood by him like his mate yesterday, now they are potentially out there for the world to see (and if he wants more to see them he’s likely to opt for stronger and more sensational terms,etc)

    * my thoughts about referees have not been blown to smithereens ,mr Anicoll, but bloody hell…well, it was a good day for anyone who thinks I’m very wrong in my complete mistrust of them.

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  17. Great piece Anicoll

    I’m now reading the comments as I approach Paris….

    Wonderful world, beautiful people….

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  18. Can’t add much.
    Arsenal did all the talking yesterday.
    Up the Arsenal.
    Great work by PA, supporting the club through thick and thin.

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  19. Good morning one and all, and particularly you Anicoll.

    Reading that Post was a little like listening in on someone’s telephone musings to a very personal friend relating the details of a great and wondrous event, as indeed it was, and imagining, each and every one of us, that we were the recipients of that call, listening in rapt silence while a master of the art smoothly painted a word picture of the telling events of a special day.

    Thank you, Anicoll.

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  20. Still grinning from ear-to-ear.

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  21. Hi PA gang. What a result. When we win trophies, I like to think that they are for fans like you guys.

    What a performance. What a group. Mertersacker had me close to tears. But mostly the fact that that team, can do that is down to the great man himself. Lots of warm genuine congratulations at the end.

    I’m finding it difficult to enjoy as much as previous years, despite the far greater circumstances and performances as the looming decision on Wenger is a complete unknown. I couldn’t even guess anymore which way it’s going to go. I’m falling firmly into the kroenke out camp now. It seems that the procrastination has been a genuine distraction.

    The team to me seems as though it’s in great shape. I love the three at the back. We’ve always played with wingbacks. Even with a back four. Now they can properly bomb on. Monreal looks like he’s just added 3 years to his arsenal career to me in that left hand side.

    Has a player taken the ball off Hazard as consistently or as easily as Xhaka did yesterday?

    Enjoy! You guys are the cream of the fan base for me. Well done George.

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  22. just listened to Arsene’s after game press conference, and there is no doubt that the main area of his ire is the fan abuse and the lack of in game support

    it also seemed clear that he does not know which way the board meeting will go, I would say he has taken his stance and told the board his conditions for staying, and its up to them to make their decision, back him and find a new manager.

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  23. anyone notice in the tunnel camera clip Mertesacker’s telling remark to Martin Keown

    “don’t write me off, don’t write me off”

    now that was the perfect remark to the expert pundit who had forecast per would be our weakest link in a team of weak links

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  24. I would say that our performance is best summed up for me by the fact that even when cfc scored I did not doubt for one second that we would not still win the game, of course Rambo didn’t give much time for doubt to creep in, but I just felt we were playing so well that it just did not cross my mind that we would let it slip. Even looking at our players reaction to the cfc goal, there seemed no doubt in them either.

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  25. oh and I must say

    Anthony Fucking Taylor is a Cunt

    but a cunt that grew a conscience as the game progressed, once he realized he could book chelsea players he was almost(yeah I can’t go the whole hog) good

    fantastic that it was an english player sent off for diving, of course moses will be classified as nigerian now.


  26. you know something, if Anthony Fucking Taylor is a cunt, can grow a conscience over the duration of an FA Cup final, he might this summer be able to grow his hair, he will turn up next season with the locks of Charlie George in his prime.

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  27. I presume Taylor’s mother was there eddy, so he would have been keen to put on a good display on an occasion that only comes once for any English referee. Perhaps young referees dream of taking the Cup final as they run up and down some godforsaken mud patch on a wet February Sunday morning being cursed by two groups of knuckle-draggers in tight fitting shorts?

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  28. Excellent Andy and all.

    Lying on top of bed here. 12:50. Head aches when I move. Nauseous. Fully dressed in same clothes I fell through door in. Bit of something that looks like chicken stuck to my beer stained shirt. Must get to shower…. Bloody Marvellous!!! Up the Arsenal! Woo.

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  29. TheodoreWalcottPie‏ @ArsenalPie 4h4 hours ago

    Holy shit. Just had a very concerning thought:

    Does anyone know if Arsenal got Roy Keane’s approval to celebrate and take photos?


  30. My apologies for being absent yesterday. I had a graduation party to attend right after the match. I wanted to tell everyone there about how my boys and their manager had defied the odds and the naysayers and pundits and pulled off not just a win but a comprehensive and glorious one! No one was interested, and I was sad. I missed you guys. But today I am here and celebrating it all over again.

    I was proud of Aaron for his goal, but I may have been more proud of his post game interview. Q: “Do you want the manager to stay?” A: “Of course I do.” No waffling, no equivocating, no “that’s not down to us to decide”. Just enthusiastic support for his manager, saying he’s earned that win and he deserves it, and that the players owe him a lot. Please stay, Arsene. Please stay Mesut and Alexis. Please stay Aaron and Ox and Kieran and Per and Santi and everyone else. It may not be realistic to hope for that, but it wasn’t realistic to hope for that win yesterday…and look what happened.

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  31. The spam bin hilarious this morning – my goodness there are some nutters around – I almost felt guilty emptying it

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  32. arsenal have their first pre-season game in a little under 7 weeks, so are probably back in training in about 5 weeks, minus the players who have international duty. All players get at least 4 weeks off. Alexis and Mustafi have confederation cup games.

    we are likely to see Ospina, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Gibbs and Sanogo all leave.
    we are getting a new head of the youth academy.
    we are likely to see a DoF type of appointment at the club
    we have already agreed the signing of a new LWB

    we will know by Thursday if we will be getting a new manager.

    Wenger says we need to only sign 2 top quality players and keep our quality players for us to win the title.
    So we can only hope we keep Ozil, Alexis etc and sign whatever two top quality players the boss wants.

    we might see Szczesny back with us and reclaiming a starting spot.
    Chambers might be back to fight for a CB slot, oh lord to think that all the experts say we need to sign at least one top quality CB, as we only have Koscielny, Mustafi, Holding, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Chambers and at a push Monreal to fight for a starting place. Oh and young Bielik who impressed at Brum, well till craggy face took over and decided otherwise

    I fully understand, despite the poor season we have had in the league, why wenger says we only need 2 more top quality players.
    Santi played 8 games this season, Per never started a league game, got 37 minutes, we have Kolasinac on his way, Szcczesny and Chambers back from loan. that is five players not available to us for most of this season, they will be almost “like new signings”, so if we add two “top top” quality as well, in whatever positions the boss wants, why should we not be confident of success.

    Add in that our squad is not used to winning trophies – really they are, but don’t tell the media or the malcontents, they don’t understand the concept – 3 FA Cups in 4 years, really is a good base to build a title winning team.


  33. anicol surely you should put up a compilation of the best/funniest ones, so we can all have a laugh. Its always good to have a chuckle at those that are upset that “their” club has won a trophy.

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  34. Thank you Andrew, Arsene and The Arsenal

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  35. Arsenal Ladies‏Verified account @ArsenalLadies 4m4 minutes ago

    That’s it, it’s all over – and we’ve ended @ManCityWomen’s unbeaten run

    FT: 🔵 0-1 🔴

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  36. Will be strange watching a league game at the Big F’ing German’s stadium.

    Ya Gunners, ya!

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  37. Good suggestion eddy and next time I get such a sour desperate contribution from the nutters I will serve them up.

    What is beautiful is the extreme care, and the length of the hate filled rants. Some poor idiot squeezing their vocabulary until its pips are squeezed to insult PA and posters on here – only to see their effort disappear.

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  38. but anicol you must consider the cause of their ire, its years and years, maybe a decade or more, of complete and utter failure, they have devoted their every spare minute, been relentless in their support, toiled diligently and for what, total and utter failure, being laughed at in their everyday lives, and worse still, laughed at on the internet. Its not only been the waste of their time that hurts them, but the sheer expense they been out, think of all the things they and their nearest and dearest have had to sacrifice over these wasted years, and for what, failure.
    Its just as pity these people took the decision to support the complete and utter failure that the Wenger out campaign has been

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  39. It’s not the despair that kills them, it’s the hope ….

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  40. afcstuff‏ @afcstuff 3h3 hours ago

    With his 10th trophy yesterday, Arsène Wenger now accounts for an entire third of the major honours in Arsenal’s history (30). #afc

    no wonder they want their arsenal back

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  41. Glorious stuff from.Stews first words yesterday to this sublime write up. And what a game in between and what comments too. Forgive me for being so late to the party but it’s been a complicated work weekend.

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  42. afcstuff‏ @afcstuff 3h3 hours ago

    With his 10th trophy yesterday, Arsène Wenger now accounts for an entire third of the major honours in Arsenal’s history (30). #afc

    Power shift my Arsenal

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  43. yesterday was the first time Per Mertesacker started a game as our official captain.


  44. AB‏ @behnisch 1h1 hour ago

    44 players won the FA Cup for #Arsenal in 2014, 2015, 2017, and Mesut Özil contributed the most playing minutes in total

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  45. Three at the back somehow makes it less drastic if Alexis loses the ball trying something audacious. And that of course ensures he is more likely to succeed. I hope he stays. As I do all who played out on the field yesterday. Winning like that on such a platform is well up there in any players best moments.

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  46. just a little question about the cup final, how the hell does all the AFTV lot get tickets for the final


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