The Simplicity Of Arsenal’s Simpletons


I am firmly on team “Quiet efficiency”. How many here know who the CEOs and owners of the very many organisations, whose products and services we patronise, are? I have no idea who the owners and CEO of Tesco are and I spend more on the supermarket than I do on Arsenal. A lot more. The only time we should be interested in these people is when they have done something wrong (as was the case with a sexism controversy around the CEO of Tesco not too long ago). I don’t want the CEO or owner of any company I do business with to be in my face. Their job isn’t to be cheer leaders for their company; that is what the PR arms of organisations are for.

I am going to disagree with those that feel the club’s top echelon should engage with the fans. What purpose is it going to serve? I cannot see any good coming from it; I can only see lots of bad. The fans who are likely to appreciate the gesture are exactly the type who wouldn’t clamour for it. Those clamouring for it are only looking for opportunity to grandstand and get cheap popularity by asking populist but stupid questions aimed at embarrassing these men. We see enough of this at the AGMs.

Look, let’s not over-analyse this issue, okay? There is one and only one problem here: the cry babies (and in my opinion, pathetic losers) are interested in one thing and one thing only. They want the club to win either the PL or the CL. Anything short of either of these 2 will always be branded as failure. I hear the cry of “Arsenal regressing” and I keep having to check my sanity and dictionary. In the last 4 seasons, Arsenal have come 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 5th in the league getting over 70 points in each season. We have won 2 FA cup and in the final of the 3rd. Look at these and tell me that the PL and CL aren’t the cause of the whining. Just take a look!

The most satisfying trophy Arsenal has ever won (for me) is the 2014 FA cup because of the obsession with and constant repetition of “no trophy in X years” meme. We won 2 in the next 3 years (including the Community Shield in both subsequent season but we have been told those don’t count – unless we failed to win them). We improved our league standing from 4th to 2nd but even before our final 5th finish last week, the cry had been about us going backward.

These people aren’t interested in any dialogue or explanation. They want their trophies – PL & CL only – and nothing other than that will satisfy them. They use the words: “challenge”, “compete” etc but this is bullshit. They only want either of these trophies and nothing else. The fact that the teams led by Wenger haven’t won either in the last 13 years has solidify the believe that Wenger, being the only common denominator, is the problem and if he is removed, then the PL (or CL) will just be forwarded straight to the Emirates. Removing Wenger will enable the team, managed by ANYBODY else, to just simply collect the title.


You see, we are dealing with idiots and simpletons here and to idiots, everything is simple; unless you ask them to do it and then it is the hardest thing in the world. Case in point, Donald Trump. All he ever did before he was (still) inexplicably elected president of the US was shit on the efforts of people who are infinitely more intelligent and competent than him. Lo and behold as soon as he was given the task, we are not only horrified by his stupidity and ineptitude but the orange buffoon himself is perpetually whining about how difficult the job is and how complicated issues like healthcare etc are (despite sensible people all over the world having always known that POTUS is a very difficult job).

Every time I hear anybody trivialise a complicated issue, I know s/he is a moron. Running an organisation the size of Arsenal is so complicated that I cannot even begin to fathom what it must take to do it as well it has been done consistently for decades. I am immensely proud of and grateful for the efforts of the people running the club. Managing a top team on Arsenal’s calibre is complicated. That is why managers of top teams earn millions to do it. If, as we get told regularly by the twitterers and bloggers, anybody can see what needed to be done to manage these, why would their boards be paying the top managers that much to do it? A key indicator of intelligence is understanding of one’s limitations and appreciation other people’s expertise.

The stupidity of the noise makers is also exposed by the campaigns they engage in. They tried to get the manager sacked. They failed after several years of effort and now they move on to getting the company owner to sell his shares to rival. One must wonder at this point how people this dumb are allowed to walk about on their own.

End of rant.

I have nicked this from the comments section without the permission of @Bootoomee. 

Pedantic George (a.k.a. @Blackburngeorge )

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  1. Well done PG for spotting an excellent post and well done to original author for the excellent post,

    It’s no wonder they say that empty vessels make the most noise! the noise makers hardly have any useful thing to offer.

    Just so glad the Arsenal board mostly ignores them and I hope AW is abe to summon the inner strength to continue to ignore them and carry on with the arsenal.. the boss still has a few more serious years in Him and would love for them to be in arsenal….

    Hope Taylor is able to control himself in the FA cup final and allow the better / more efficient side to win!

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  2. A small ray of sanity shining over a sea of bile…..

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  3. Props to Bootoomee. I Liked that comment. Have to share the following:

    I just completed a read of the most recent output by a certain American blogger who dedicated his most recent effort to demanding Wenger be fired because (1) Arsenal’s wage spending is the 4th highest wage bill, and (2) Wenger and the club refuse to spend on big agents like Raiola.

    Contrast with Forbes magazine’s Bobby McMahon and his periodic analysis of Arsenal’s finances vs the football and you will appreciate the disparity in financial and footballing literacy. Bonkers.

    PS: Forbes is an American financial-oriented publication so it has nothing to do with nationality.

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  4. George,

    I have always wanted to send something to you to publish but I have a lot on my hands recently and to be honest, I am a bit lazy. Glad that this is good enough to be an article. I hope all Positivistas enjoy it.

    See you on twitter George!

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  5. (A comment on the last thread but that I think is in line with this one i.e. on the topic of idiocy)


    You really understand why I don’t like the idea of listing the team’s faults and problems even in ‘friendly/positive’ terms. There is nothing that the negative Nellies love more than quoting critiques from friendly sources sans the positive and constructive manner in which they were made. It goes thus:

    “Even…….(insert the name of a friendly character/blog here)…….says the team…….(insert perceived problem here)….”

    Laymen listen to pundits (aka people who have failed at or never good enough for management) talk bollocks about one of the best human beings ever to manage any sport and the idiotic lemmings lap it up and start spreading with glee.

    The biggest problem with the world is not terrorism or any of the commonly mentioned problems; it is human stupidity. Every problem that we face as a species can be solved or at least managed fairly well if people will just stop being so fucking stupid.


  6. It was good first time round BTM!

    In case anyone is wondering the pic is the Kremlin from the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge on the basis that the blokes inside know how to run a tight ship, quietly.

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  7. Yes Andy, but I changed a line, So I deserve half the credit, At least.

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  8. Shotts
    If that’s the same esteemed blagger who called for Rosicky to be sold (before he went on to become Daniel Levy’s torturer), to sort out the midfield with the likes of Etienne Capou over a gem like Xhaka then perhaps these experts should restrain themselves when they spittle and froth on the footy as well as the finance?


  9. Fins: Yup. Recall him writing a piece recently that holding onto Rosicky and Arteta into the final year of their contracts was an act of paternalistic, soft-headed negligence by the boss. Screw their seniority, they had nothing to offer. Similarly the boss should have been shot of Big Mert. Look who is going to save our asses on Sunday

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  10. I cant “like” comments but thoroughly enjoyed all comments on the previous post. Especially BTM’s one (turned post) as it sparked a rather great and very thought-provoking conversation. So high 5’s all around.

    The malcontents are protesting to have Stan Kroenke saying something/anything on Arsenal’s way forward. But we know they aren’t really interested into anything Stan have to say, they are not even half interested into having measured debate and talk with him regarding anything he would say.

    They are transparent because what they want is to twist his words into something negative because he will not tell them Arsène Wenger won’t get a new contract, he will not tell them he’s selling his shares and he will not tell them he’s willing to become their sugar daddy.

    So I fully agree, nothing good will come from Stan adressing these morons, they are nothing more than impulsive toddlers that have zero self-control nor comprehension.

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  11. On form as ever Bootoomee!
    The extremists in the ranks must be extreme my frustrated.
    Whether you like , hate , ignore or indifferent to Kroenke, the fans, loud or silent will have no bearing on him, if he is minded to sell, he will do it, if not, there is nobody going to make him. As you know, I have been a little critical of the board/owner, mainly due to not conspicuously backing Wenger at times this season, or more 2017 when I think he could have done with it. But that should not lead to abusive chants.
    They malcontents must also be frustrated over Wenger. I would wager there was a time around few and March when they thought they …or events had done for Wenger. I still fear there is a chance the great man may walk, but if he does, or doesn’t, won’t be anything to do with said malcontents.
    We will know soon, but before that, looking forward to the boys putting in their utmost this weekend. They may or may not triumph, circumstances are difficult, but sometimes, this can favour a team nobody seems to give a prayer. After that, can only wait and see what Wenger and the board decide. Goes without saying, hope The Man stays, but I confess, the kickoff in the final , at that moment in time will be a poignant moment.

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  12. Excellent post, cannot disagree with a word of it – even if I wanted to.

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  13. Thanks Boo.

    When you wrote the above comment you said that you might not have time to post again before the cup final when, there wasn’t much left for anyone to add!

    hope you all enjoy the footy tomorrow (no comment upon the hapless Apprentice), wherever you may be

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  14. City just spent more on this rookie then AFC did or could on renowned stars from Barcelona and Madrid.

    Must be fun being a blagger who constantly ignores this simple record.

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  15. Wenger: “That period, 2006-2014, if you tell me today to do that again I’d say ‘no thank you’.” It was unbelievably tough.”

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  16. Eddy: Six years before Kroenke the net spend at Arsenal was negative £10 million. Meanwhile Chelsea, United and later City were spending like mad men.Think about that for a moment. Let the full significance hit you.

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