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Arsenal: Part The Glories Of This Happy Day

  Good morning Positives, A fine afternoon rounded off our league campaign in style. We opened as though we were going to put five past the visitors by half time, then Laurent went a bit wild and became the first of Enver Valencia’s three victims of the afternoon. My goodness that boy can writhe and […]

Arsenal Versus Everton: Touch and Go

And so here we are. The final curtain call of yet another season is upon us. Elsewhere the thing has been done and dusted for some time now. My neighbourhood team have long since taken in the goal posts. There’s a travelling funfair on the pitch, dodgem cars racing around the goal mouth, the Waltzer […]

Arsenal: Cruising past the Cats

Good morning Positive fans far and near, The penultimate hurdle of the Premier League season safely skipped over last night. A predictable result for us. The two goal margin hardly reflected our control for long periods of the game and the siege of the Black Cats’ goal. Our performance was as easy on the eye […]

Arsenal Versus Sunderland: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Sorry but I’m struggling to get my head into football mode for you this morning. Don’t panic, I haven’t gone all Jose Mourinho,  I don’t regard the final fixtures of a season as any less interesting or important than the first, it isn’t that. I’m just buried in another project and it’s demanding all of […]

When The Going Gets Tough, Arsenal Gets Going

I may be a minority of one but I am not having it. How could we join with our enemies in the Scouser-loving media and declare the top-4 battle all but over. The totally defeatist attitude of many brings shame to our club and its spiritual ancestors; the working men and women who were the […]

Arsenal: The Harder The Conflict, The Tastier The Bacon

Good Morning Positivistas. I am sure the glow of satisfaction persists among us this morning after the comprehensive slaughter of the Stoke? And on top of that justified satisfaction a glance at the mainstream and social media as your breakfast grills invitingly reveals multiple reference to “the heat is on” and “under pressure” alongside a […]

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

I can only apologize to those calling in to taste Stew’s normal breakfast feast. He has been tied up with real life stuff and you are stuck with me. It’s a tea-time game in the land of the Orcs. A fixture that we normally come away from battered, bruised and short of points. They really […]