Arsenal Versus Man United: Publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon


“You know what I’d like now Stew? I’d like your lot to win the FA Cup and us to win the Europa. If nothing else it will annoy Spurs, City and of course spoil the party for Chelsea.” It was funny to be chatting amiably with my only Man United supporting mate the day before we were due to play one another.

Once upon a long long time ago this fixture was the big one. This could decide titles and would certainly be the clash of the titans. Steve and I would have struggled to wish one another well. Now we just hope for a good game and a poke in the eye for the upstart clubs who’ve come along and so upset the status quo.

I feel for Steve. Having to stomach his bête noire as manager of his club has not been easy for him, seeing players like Fellaini elbow their awful way into the first team, selling his favourite striker – to us of all people – have combined to stretch his positivity to the limit. But fair play to him he still supports through thick and thin.

He was also generous enough to say he hopes Arsène signs for another couple of seasons and wins the league, so much does he, a Man United fan since birth, despise the anti Arsenal idiots in the media and in our fan base.

Still, it feels strange going into this match of all matches as two bridesmaids, neither side the bride. Let’s be frank we’re not even bridesmaids, more like boyfriends to the bridesmaids best mates, at least where the league is concerned. Both clubs could still come out of the season with a trophy and European competition next time around, but so bloated is the expectation surrounding these giants of English football that such an outcome won’t be seen as good enough.

It’s odd how the perceptions of certain club’s status differs from others in the Premier League. Spurs failed for over two decades to finish above Arsenal and yet the experts decided some time ago that the power in North London had shifted to White Hart Lane. Now they will finish above us confirming their pre-eminence and yet a second place finish for them is we’re reliably informed, a success while it was a failure for Arsenal last year. Surely if Spurs are now a bigger, more powerful side than Arsenal then they must be the ones who have failed while we must have over achieved. You can’t have it both ways.

Anyway today isn’t about a resurgent cockerel, it’s about a match between the fifth and sixth placed sides. This is territory more familiar to Man United than it is to us, which is simple testimony to how well Arsène Wenger has done for so very long. This was always going to be a tough season and so it has proved, we can have no complaints – after all it only hurts so much because we’ve been treated to an unprecedented run of twenty consecutive top four finishes. The exception has proved the rule.

My hopes for the final games of this season are exactly the same as they were before ever a ball was kicked. I want us to win as many matches as possible and finish as high up the league as possible. That never changes regardless of where we are in the table. You may say I’m wringing out a bone dry dishcloth in the hope of a few drops of consolation but I’m not. I’m doing what all fans do. Hope we’ll win our division and once that ceases to be possible hope we do as well as we can.

I only have to look to my mate Steve and see what he has endured since Ferguson left his club to realise how fortunate we have been. At least I still love the manager, can see this season as a one off rather than another in a series of decline and stagnation and at least my side has a chance to prevent John Terry from changing out of his suit to celebrate the double.

Anyway I must leave you now, I’m off to work again so I’ll have to catch the game online somewhere. For those able to watch it I say this: It may not be for high stakes but it’s still Arsenal v Man United and that always counts – regardless of where we are in the league. So keep your heads and chins up and enjoy the game wherever you may be.

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97 comments on “Arsenal Versus Man United: Publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon

  1. diver mctominay set to come on for utd


  2. Giroud and Bellerin set to come on for Arsenal


  3. Bellerin on for Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Giroud on for Welbeck

    7 minutes plus added time to be played


  4. that goal by welbeck was his 3rd for afc v utd

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  5. just happy for the team… clean sheet and then it is Jose so many reasons to be happy

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  6. FT: Arsenal 2-0 Man Utd

    xhaka and welbeck with the goals, afc upped the tempo in the second half, and fully deserved the win. Ozil very good, holding impressed apart from one poor back pass, cech impressed me too. Ramsey very good in midfield, xhaka with a fine game too. Kos good when needed

    Marium Asad Bale‏ @MomoCFC 27m27 minutes ago

    Mourinho’s most useless unbeaten run getting ended by Wenger lmao.

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  7. sshhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone Arsenal’s record at home v the top 5 this season

    P5, W2, D2, L1 Pts8

    Liverpool 3-4
    Chelsea 3-0
    spurs 1-1
    man city 2-2
    man utd 2-0


  8. Ramsey was the best player for me. Özil was good too. But I feel Ramsey’s positivity and confidence lifted the team.

    Good game and clean sheet.

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  9. Ha! Nice work the Gunners! No mean thing today, ManUre had only lost three until this game. The old Jose curse is broken!
    Stil can sneak top four…

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  10. ao was not a 5 mins bracket that did us in versus spurs esp that fraudulent pen.

    Arsenal 2-0 Man Utd

    Mark Schwarzer
    Ex-Middlesbrough keeper on BBC Radio 5 live
    I think Arsenal have been OK. I wouldn’t come away from this performance with a lot of excitement or think they have turned the corner.

    They have come in for some criticism, and rightly so. They are the only team in the top six who have not got more points than they had at the same stage last season. So there is a good case to say they haven’t progressed.

    Manchester United will be disappointed with the result and performance. But there was only a key five-minute period which has killed this game for them.


  11. Arsenal with 2 away games this coming week, southampton and stoke, two games we have struggled in over recent seasons, then we have home games v sunderland and everton. All to be followed up by the fa cup final v chelsea, and all within 3 weeks.


  12. Also no more Wenger had never beaten José.

    And enough of their silly unbeaten run.

    We looked pretty good on the ball. Confident simple passes.

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  13. GoonerGordo‏ @GoonerGordo 42m42 minutes ago

    Can’t believe Wenger is finally going to beat Mourinho in his shittest season ever

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  14. Very well done to them all. Really put in a shift, some excellent performances, and just reward.
    That was a pretty strong looking Utd team as well.
    Hopefully, the end of season charge is on as we put pressure on Utd and Liverpool
    the latter have an easy run in, but those games seem to be the ones that do them

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  15. 1886‏ @1886_blog 34m34 minutes ago

    Mourinho fuming, whilst the Arsenal players pass around the Malteasers. Fucking amazing.

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  16. Ladies result

    yeovil 1-5 arsenal

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  17. well the top 4 race is simple equation

    arsenal need to win all 4 remaining games and have liverpool fail to win one of their two games, we would also qualify if city lose two of their last 3 and we make up 9 goals on them


  18. Ryan‏ @RyanTomes 4m4 minutes ago

    Souness is bitter as fuck 😂

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  19. Jonny‏ @JonnyOneill 16m16 minutes ago

    I would like you all to say a prayer for the sky team tonight. All club pride aside I can’t abide the pain and upset caused by this result.

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  20. Rob Ross‏ @gooner145 7m7 minutes ago

    Great showing Rooney how to end an unbeaten run without having to dive for a penalty

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  21. afcstuff‏ @afcstuff 12m12 minutes ago

    Arsenal win back-to-back PL home games vs. Man Utd (2015/16 & 2016/17) for the first time since beating them in 2000/01 & 2001/02. #afc


  22. before liverpool play again Arsenal can close the gap on them to 1pt if we win our two games, lets hope we can put real pressure on them.


  23. Think almost every AFC player took turns to dribble past the 300k p/w legend today, even allowed him to tee up a couple of long shots for fun.

    Running rings around a squad that nearly cost double. With Mikhi and Mata both on the pitch and the hundred mill sensation who is a shadow of the Diaby that we saw and knew on the bench. Will Utd receive as much criticism as was given to AFC after a 2-0 away defeat…?

    The stiff upper lip doesn’t always make sense but it’s one reason (alongside the discrepancy in transfer bungs) the like of Tony Gale can’t stand the Arsenal, and that’s something worth appreciating.

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  24. Three games against top six in two weeks, and we come away with two wins. Besides, Spurs are soooooo much better than us, I’ve been told, that we should have lost to them anyway. I call that well done lads.

    And Aaron my MOTM today. The boy was feeling it again. Lovely to see. I’m very happy.

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  25. People saying Ramsey looked like he’s fully fit today which he’s not been for much of the season following his first tournament and given his injury history I don’t think that’s a surprise.

    But he was going till the end today. Fantastic performance, and of course you all know how good I think the Ox is and how good he could be. Still baffled by our podcastateers and blaggers, it’s almost as weird as people underapreciating how good Cazorla has been for AFC (better then the F’ing F Word! – not a difficult debate to resolve…), or Arteta (another notch in Xhaka’a progress today) or the BFG…

    I don’t know about anyone else, as I see it these Rambo and Chambo are the two most important players to keep for AFC going forwards.

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  26. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we won.

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  27. A lot of upset so called Arsenal supporters, along with their Utd,Chelsea and Spud sleepers on certain sites

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  28. Its odd how AFTV can just show you how people are thinking, sort of manipulated by the media (in all of its forms).
    Heard today: “Tottenham are the only team that have challenged Chelsea?” Eh? Erm when? Have they been on top so far this season? (perhaps they have and that one I blocked out, but I cant recall it). West Ham wasnt a bottle job? What was it then? Ok, so its still not over and I could end up in the stocks eggy- faced. But if Arsenal had messed up like the Spuds did against the Irons the media would have had a meltdown? Again we see: fine for Spurs to be second, but Arsenal that suddenly isnt any kind of achievement. Why?
    Also heard on recent AFTV vids ” Arsenal havent won anything for thirteen years, well a couple of cups but anyone can win that!”. Yep spot on that one. Shame Spurs havent won it for a long old time. But hey, they were saving themselves, as were City, LePool, ManUre And all the other thousands of team who take part every year. Apparently AW doesnt understand the NLD either. Thats because last Sunday was his first and hes not a native? Plus the FAC doesnt count when Arsenal are in it, but is a major achievement for anyone else.
    Curious that AW and AFC bashing doesnt involve facts, but lots of emotions, yesterdays heroes become Bunyanised in the leaf litter of minds and cast shadows that are way too long.
    Of course what I speak of isnt anything new, its been going on for years, but now its so clichéd that its quite a shock. Myths in the making?
    Again I heard “luck ” being mentioned re Xhakas shot. what is this “luck ” AFTV speaketh of? (banned winking smiley Manure beating emoji)
    Have a nice evening PAers…

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  31. Man utd play spurs next sunday, and its their last chance this season to win an away game v one of the top 6, also last chance to score an away goal too.

    so far they have lost to arsenal 2-0 and chelsea 4-0 and drawn 0-0 with both man city and liverpool

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  32. The main reasons for today’s win

    Sunday’s win was satisfying for everyone – but what were the main reasons for it?

    We made it two clean sheets out of three, and four wins out of five since moving to a back three, and the boss said it was our best he has seen from his team using the new formation.

    “Yes. If you look overall at the goals we have conceded since we have played this system, it’s quite positive overall,” he told Arsenal Player after the game.

    “We looked solid today and I must say it’s encouraging and it’s worth continuing to work on it, to improve it as well. The players communicate well, and connect well. We look solid.”

    The boss said showing resolve after the north London derby defeat, especially during the opening 45 minutes, was crucial in earning victory against Jose Mourinho’s men.

    “We said before the game if we go into our dressing 0-0 at half-time we will win the game, and it happened.

    “After having a disappointing result in a big game, you always need some reassurance in the next game and not go running after the score. I’m convinced that was a vital part of the game today.”

    The victory leaves Arsenal still in sixth place, but with games in hand on teams above us, and the manager is clear about the task in hand now as we hunt down a top-four finish.

    “For sure, it has to be four wins, and on top of that we need some help,” he said.

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170507/the-main-reasons-for-today-s-win#Gbp0uPVgVlf7rsE3.99

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  33. Wenger – We controlled the game

    Arsène Wenger faced the media after our 2-0 win over Manchester United at Emirates Stadium.

    The boss discussed the manner of victory, bouncing back and our recent form.

    ‘We need to focus to win on Wednesday’
    Read the report from Sunday’s win

    Read on to find out what he said:

    on a big win…
    We needed to be patient. I felt that going in at half-time at 0-0 we would have a good chance to win the game. We started a bit nervously, a bit under pressure. Slowly I think we became better and in the second half we controlled the game quite well. The first goal was a bit lucky, the second goal was a great goal. I’m happy for Danny as well. When you play centre forward you know you want goals and so it hopefully gives him confidence.

    on whether Welbeck was picked because of his record against United…

    on responding after the north London derby…
    It was important because we lost at Tottenham – that didn’t happen many times. Overall, you play Man United and it’s another big game. We couldn’t afford to lose today. In fact, we have recently won at Middlesbrough, we beat Manchester City in the semi-final of the cup, we won against Leicester and today. We had just one blip and I think it was a bit physical. But overall, we look a bit more stable.

    on his first league win over Mourinho…
    Well, you know, as you said, it’s between the two teams. At the end of the day, that’s what I make of it.

    on having something to play for this season…
    Exactly. We have a big game on Wednesday. Southampton are a good team. Collectively they play well. They keep possession of the ball and we need to recover and focus to win on Wednesday. We still have a chance mathematically and we need some help as well from teams around us.

    on Liverpool’s draw with Southampton…
    I watched the game and I’ve seen the penalty given by the referee as well. It was very nice. After that, yes I watched the end of the game.

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170507/-we-need-to-focus-to-win-on-wednesday-#vJeOP4JfsVUlVTMZ.99

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170507/wenger-we-controlled-the-game#p06sE08ykJjCtzvl.99


  34. Mills at 8pm – brilliant!

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  35. Emmet McEvoy‏ @emmetmcevoy 4h4 hours ago
    Timely reminder that Jose Mourinho has never won a league match at the Emirates.

    Emmet McEvoy added,
    Miguel DelaneyVerified account @MiguelDelaney
    Mourinho: “The Arsenal fans, they are happy, so I am happy. It is first time I leave Highbury or Emirates, they are not crying.”


  36. Chris Wheatley‏Verified account @ChrisWheatley_

    Wenger can’t hide his delight as he poses with ‘In Arsene We Trust’ photo http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/683/main/2017/05/07/35306632/wenger-cant-hide-his-delight-as-he-poses-with-in-arsene-we-trust-?ICID=HP_BN_1


  37. As has been said, apart from that poor performance at WHL., this new back 3 formation is gradually paying dividends. That WHL game also looks like the final sapping of Spurs undoubted energy, they have already gone further than most Bielsa inspired teams.
    Hopefully, this will be something Wenger will be able to run with next season….hopefully…


  38. Paddy‏ @VieiraPaddy 1h1 hour ago

    Phil Neville saying Alexis should’ve been MOTM. This shit is getting boring.

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  39. The club should take it as a compliment Souness clearly hates them

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  40. the worry from today is that xhaka was an injury doubt before the game, and went off injured, we have games wednesday, saturday, wednesday, sunday, he and ramsey look to be forming a good partnership, similar to the arteta/ramsey one.


  41. Phil Neville with a headline worthy of a twelve year old

    ‘why Arsenal beat Utd but nobody really cares’


    Crux of it, for PhilNevillistine, is, if Utd win Europa it is a brilliant season for them, Jose has played a blinder,etc.

    Will be off the charts deliciousness if a young attacking Ajax (perhaps club who have suffered most, at top table, from changing finances in last two decades) team can do a number on a defensive Utd in final.

    Still hope Celta Vigo can do something, but not that likely.

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  42. I love this win.
    it has pissed-off all the right people.

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  43. If Xhaka injured, would like to see Elneny given a go, has done well whenever I have seen him


  44. New post up


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