Kroenke Out, ATS In. Yeah Ok Lads!

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eduardo792April 24, 2021 at 4:16 pm Edit

Former PM Gordon Brown was on Football Focus this morning and he basically ruled out the 50+1 model for the UK game, he backed some of the points I made yesterday on that model, you just can not force billionaire owners to sell their shares, to give up control, to in fact make their shares worthless or at the very least massively devalued. It would even affect the stock market in a big way.
Plus that model has not been a success in Germany, 17 of 23 titles to one team.

I actually saw some of the 50+1 guys suggest that the fans wouldn’t even have to buy the shares, they would just be given majority voting rights – for f. sake I ask you just how self entitled are these people? Well you don’t have to answer that, we all know about Tim Payton, it’s been his view for a very long time that he is the man best placed to run Arsenal and that he should be co-opted on to the board.

Arsenal Values is the slogan the noisy fans have spouted all week, but ask them what these values are, and they can barely string a few words together.
Yesterday Elneny put up a post asking for fans support when things are going poorly for a player, and the replies were filled with guys with the #kroenkeout and #wecaredoyou and most of their responses to Elneny was along the lines of “you useless tw*t get out of my club”, what Arsenal Values are they the guardians of?
We have the Arsenal Value brigade say they don’t want a sugar daddy owner, but almost to a man if you question them about what they do want, its filled with “an owner who cares”, and “an owner with ambition, and of course “an owner who will invest where needed”, and then the real gem, “an owner who listens to the fans”, each and every one of those replies mean “I want a sugar daddy owner who will buy AFC success, but don’t you ever dare suggest I want a sugar daddy”

As ever Eduardo hits some nails on the head.

Now let me be clear, I would love to see the back of Kroenke and his conservative business model but realistically, it’s not happening.

Firstly, he doesn’t care what the fans think and want , to anything near the extent “the fans” think he does. Fans are important to the club but he’s the 100% owner, I’m fairly sure he thinks it’s his club and not theirs.

“The fans” wanted Wenger out, he listened and it has cost him a fortune, I can’t imagine him listening to the same idiots again.

Who is going to buy the club, if he changed his long term, and recently confirmed intention, to stay long term? And how much would it cost to buy the club then invest enough to make us competitive?

“Arsenal are the eighth most valuable club in the world according to a new Forbes report that estimates the worth of Europe’s biggest teams has risen on average 30% over the past two years.

Despite the pandemic and owner Stan Kroenke’s unpopular management of the club, with supporters groups not satisfied by the lack of direct financial investment, they have seen a 23% growth in 24 months with a current value of £2.04bn Forbes say.”

So if Kroenke doesn’t want to sell, and he doesn’t, in order to make seling attractive, a buyer would have to pay a premium that is enough to tempt someone with a huge sports franchise to relinquish one of the jewels in his crown? Another £ billion on top of the £2 billion value? That’s £3 billion already. The city and Chelsea owners has subsidised their clubs to the extent of about £2 billion.It would take similar spending to compete with City, always assuming that they just don’t up the ante from the north of £2200 billion available to them in the overseas development fund of  Abu Dhabi.

Ok, so we are looking at a spend of upto £5 billion now, just to hopefully challenge City , United and Chelsea. Where is this billionaire Knight in shining armour coming from?

Let’s look at the new hope, Daniel Ek. We will be generous and say he is worth £3.5 billion. That doesn’t mean he has £3.5 billion in the bank, it means his business is valued at that. So to buy Arsenal (which he could just about do by my calculations, but with nothing left for squad investment) he would either have to sell his massively successful business or borrow against it, with it’s own cost implications. I’m telling you now, it’s not happening.

I’m sorry, but we are going to have to make peace with Kroenke being the owner and hope that he makes some good appointments to run the club better, and also accept our place in the pecking order. That means 5th or 6th should be the reasonable expectations at the start of every season for the foreseeable future. In my opinion all these protest will achieve is making any enjoyment of watching the team, more difficult to get.

Finally, look at the motives of those leading the noisy protests, they either want attention or they will profit financially from the unrest.

Pedantic George.

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  1. Mikel Arteta came fresh from training in Valencia to fulfil his media commitments ahead of Sunday’s trip to Newcastle United.

    Our manager discussed the game, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pepe and more. Read on for a full transcript:

    on his assessment of the Villarreal game and how it affects preparations for Newcastle..
    Obviously it’s not the result that we wanted, we managed to score an away goal which is important but at the end of the day, in a semi-final you need to win at least one of the games. So that is in our hands, to do it in our stadium and if we do that we have a big chance to get to the final.

    on whether he will rotate for the trip to Newcastle…
    Let’s see who is available. We had a really demanding game again, the boys have had so many minutes so we will assess them tomorrow in the training session and see how everyone is, and try to get the line-up right.

    on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s fitness…
    He hasn’t trained much, he is still not at the level in his physique that he should be to start. We will see again tomorrow how he is. Yesterday he could only play a few minutes but we managed to get him on the pitch, which is great news for us.

    on what he expects from Newcastle…
    From the position they’re in, they’re going to come at us, they’re a really organised team, they’ve been playing much better recently so it will be tough. The amount of games that we are playing, every team has the capacity to make it difficult for you.

    on Joe Willock’s performances for Newcastle..
    It was a difficult decision to let him go because we really like the player, but he needed more game-time and needed this type of experience. He has stepped in at big moments for them and scored some crucial goals so that is really good news because it is great for his development.

    on the belief that the gap can be closed or whether he’s now having to prioritise the Europa League…
    Well, the Premier League is the competition where it is not in our hands to achieve what we wanted to do, because there are other teams in front of us. The only thing we can control is our performances and results and this is our main focus. Then we know that the semi-final is the crucial moment of the season.

    on Nicolas Pepe’s contributions in the Europa League…
    I think he’s come a long way in the last few months. His work ethic has been phenomenal and he’s deciding many more games and doing what he can do in the final third in a much more consistent way. So I’m really happy with his performances and now he needs to continue like this.

    on Pepe’s confidence and how much it affects his game…
    Well, confidence in every player is crucial and every time you step on that field, if they feel secure, if they feel protected, if they feel like they’re supported by their manager and their teammates, it’s something that is crucial to be able to perform. Then with the things that he could do better, he’s doing much better with as well. But it’s all a mix that is reflected in his performance.

    on Bernd Leno bouncing back strongly against Villarreal…
    Again, errors are part of football and we all make them. It’s how you react after that and I think Bernd had the right reaction last night.

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  2. Dan Critchlow
    Finishes 3-1 to Liverpool. Really gutting result for Arsenal given their performance was really much better than that scoreline.

    Disappointing to lose to a lack of clinical finishing with in-form goalscorer Hutchinson out injured. Would’ve been a different game with him.


  3. Its a tough position for the club, a big money organisation, an international club now, where every single move and word and squeek is poured over and analysed with the click of a button.Theres little to savour as all roads must lead to the glory of ectasy. Or theres hell to pay.Grrr! No wonder St. Totteringham has buggered off on his hols, who would want to deal with all this?
    When things break down they tend to be composed of many elements all working together, To try and find one element and single it out imo, is not really seeing the picture.People say the fish stinks in the head first but which stinky head is it at Arsenal, all of them? Whose running things? Its a machine thats going against itself, biting its own tail and movig in different directions in its innards.Why is Arsenal a fish?
    I know you guys do look at the bigger picture and its pretty refreshing when you ste to it and kick ideas aroudn a bit, and youve been looking into the big picture for many many years. But the loudest voices havent. They think they have, but theyre in denial, that tehy got rid of the success, and they wanted to aim higher, but didnt understand what Arsenal was, its DNA systems and how we’ve always been. New stadiums dont really mean a big change in how things are through history etc ? Maybe they do? We carry the past with us, all of us?

    The loud voices insult the club and every element of it and dikatate who is “allowed to wear the shirt” and who isnt. Are they fit to wear the shirt depsite the fact its a replica? I wonder if they would still call the players various names and words if they stood in front of them.No doubt the exceuse would be ” it was a heat of the moment thing”? But what does that tell us? They hate the player from derpiving you of a moment of glory, of ectasy? But later when a bit calmer they just feel dissappointed etc. Ahhhhh. How strange to love your club and then verbally abuse it? Thats not love that s other emotions and attitudes. DOot get me wrong, Im not trying to be all posi posi and no rain woodstock, but sometimes shouting at people to do something they cant or to be something they cant will never make them that. But love can and support can. I dunno, I just dont love my club when we are only winning. But sometimes I would like a divorce from much of the fan base, which isnt very tolerate or operating with value plurality that I tediously go on about. They moan about the club, then I moan to you. Not much fun really.
    gees stats from the 80s only paint a bit of the picture, for much of the 80s we werent so hot, and it seemed like a long time, scaping away at league cup finals, hovering around under the top four, and it felt like forever at the time.The miracle of 89 was in perspective at that point, not in the Wenger glory days golden hindsight.But things were growing at Arsenal, and that growth got us onto the path of the Wenger years. Hardly ever do people talk about 90/91, but that was really satisfying. And beating ManUre 3-1 in May was a great moment.
    But theres no patience anymore.

    It seems most fans dont want to support, but just to win, why(?)- to not have to suffer the banter? Yet much of our fan base remains to other supporters a full- on joke. What does it mean when those who are being laughed at for their viewpoints arent even aware of it?
    I feel pretty sorry for the players, the clubs in a tough place, the mob want everyone out, except themselves. But the players arent even able to play!
    I mean, the club are not able to perform partuclarly so why bet on a knackered horse?Flogging the fker wont do any good!
    These people want to go back to the late 90s early 2000s, and I dont blame them. But Im not sure it works that way. History doesnt repeat itself ever, it might look similar, but its not.
    I worry that we look for quick fixes, and messiahs to come in and sort things out, but who can sort this mess out?
    Personally I think other managers can get more out of the team,imo, they are all good players, but without any collective consciousness ( erm, I thought Wenger was supposed to be senile and the game had passed him on…well we can see thats not true, and nor was it).But someones gone awf with the Arsenal brain, just ike the dish ran away with the spoon.
    New owner that cares about the club, but what does that mean? These terms are bandied about in an abstract form and never specified? As an owner why would you do what the fans want, would you sink that amount of money into a club to be a puppet for the likes of aftv? I wouldnt.
    But what does it mean to love Arsenal. WTF is Arsenal, especially now? Some would say “it is as it is”, but that phraase is dumb as fk, there isnt anything that is as it is, lifes too complex for that phrase. But the club lost its authority and instead gave way to the crowd and what it saw as trends, but these have all done damage and are a lie, and are even in proportion. Not all the fan -base has a loud voice or screams the house down when they dont get what they want. How can anyone go back to the late 90s when we dont have that manager, those players, or reside in that time? Duh!

    Much what Arsenal is will always be memory but supporting a club used to me much more than just winning. But if its being boiled down to only winning, and nothing else is ever or will ever be acceptable, then we can honestly say why are you watching football? Logically teams lose, its what makes it exciting.They go through fallow periods. Like no league wins between 1971 and 1989.That. Then what another seven years after that?
    For me the endless hammering of club and managers and owners and sadly most of all, players for the last seven years (I know it was longer but its been in that time at hits most intense) or so has been really awful for me to watch as I know it has you too. And what could we do?
    The dignified Arsenal (even at its most boring and wank)I knew seems to be now cheap and shiny, dim witted and greedy, anda bit shallow and least of all about football?The bite marks on its neck from the endless vampires, the thiness of it all from the tape worm of opinion and scrutiny click bait that lurks in its gut that drains the life out of it is just nauseating to me.And we are looking thin.

    We got the call for messiah Areta wrong. Its been a mistake.But it was worth a gamble, and theres always something to learn, Im not sure I will ever understand whats gone wrong, but one days the players will gossipe and all will be revealed. Raul was a huge mistake that we shall have deal with for maybe sometime yet.Thats still bad air.Sometimes I think that Wenger stopped a certain of corruption at Arsenal, and since he left AFC has been chewed over by dog like attitudes.

    It was wrong of us to trust Arteta, and there never was a process, it was just something that papered over the cracks of discontent ( and a false patience). Its the same poor thinking as “wanting our Arsenal back”? Its not coming back, not ever, not like that. Any success ( if the fker be allowed to happend ) will come in a different way/manner. I also think Aretas been under loads of pressure and so are the players and owners. I dont care if its all part of the modern game, people smoked loads of cigs years ago and it was bad for you then and they knew it.

    Players and mangers are different systems of thought and manifestation. Maybe Arteta never had a chance and was walking into an truly difficult situation, that soon fell into a depressive hole that we can find a ladder to climb out of. Maybe he just isnt a manager/coach?

    Maybe some other kids(new generations) will react to the big gobs and be more thoughtful and decent about things, I have no faith in that as these days theres little that counter cultured? Things seem a bit too cloned these days.
    I think if Arteta stays we should expect the same. The Kranks too, and big loud mouth fans-same too. But things do change even if we dont see them.

    Surely if they really loved Arsenal they would feel sad and caring, not angry and fearful?
    Anger deosnt really get you into a better frame of mind, mostly it makes things worse, and then we slump but downinto shame and fear again.
    Well they arent me, and perhaps they invest more into AFC than I do these days, and investers want dividends, all seems a bit illogically consider how the game operates.Who isnt frustrated? Im sure everyone at AFC is/are. But having a big clear out will it do the business? Im not sure. But we have got ourselves worked up enough to think that might be an answer. Of course it might, but it might not. I think Weng was a bit of an Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance type, not a big strip it down guy but adjusting and caring?
    One thing for sure at Arsenal theres much isnt really working in the way it wants to, and who isnt a part of it, but does that mean all can be examined at adjusted?

    Tonights Walpürgis nacht and tomorrows May day, so perhaps theres always a little hope, especailly when theres a bit of unity and collective understanding? Still could be a merry month in May? Lets face though we dont expect it…but footballs a weird one.


  4. mills many of these fans who go on about wanting an owner who cares and loves Arsenal, celebrated when wenger a man who clearly loved Arsenal was hounded out, they whooped and cheered when lifelong Arsenal fan Hill-wood stepped down as chairman of Arsenal, they repeated the act when another lifelong Arsenal fan, Chips Keswick stepped down as Chairman, and laughably they talk about the club losing its values under Kroenke, how about they look in the mirror and ask themselves if they themselves have any Arsenal values, or indeed if they ever had any of Arsenal’s Values

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  5. I agree with you Ed, in my long (and tedious) way around thats what Im trying to get at too.
    Lets face it, they think they should be in power and running the club.


  6. I know the generations change and new fans discover the teams they will go on to support and cheer, for some for a lifetime and i know most fans will support a successful team more than one that wins nothing, but I noticed the expectations of our fan base shifted a bit from 2006/8 to unrealistic levels at times.

    We expected to beat 90% of Europe maybe more. We were expected to compete with the likes of Real, Barca, Juve, Bayern, Man utd, Chelsea (teams financial doping) and credit to AW we did at times, but we fell short at the final hurdle at times in the period 2006/8 on wards but the expectations kept growing.

    Expectation was that we should win at least the league and do better in the champ’s league and when Leicester won the league ahead of us, it became a stick to beat AW with by our own support who bought the bullshit from the media.

    It was downhill from there as nothing AW did was appreciated as it should have IMO.
    people actually respect a FA cup and community shield trophy now AW not winning it

    Like i said there was an air of entitlement and arrogance that crept into the Arsenal fan base culminating in AFTV lot moaning about finishing 4th and playing champions league football and not being able to compete with the financial dopers. It was also reflected in the ground during games with the amount of moaning from the stands, rather than cheer the team on there was a vocal minority that just moaned at everything.

    It is almost like the arsenal fan base became a mindless angry mob as they were led to believe a period of progressive success was relative failure compared to financial dopers and they fell for it hook line and sinker. leading to AW sacking.

    Personally think the mob mentality is giving voice by the likes of the blaggers \AFTV and cause harm and embarrassment by profiting of giving the mob a negative voice that amplifies our problems and highlights issues more than needed and without a reasoned voice of calm.


  7. gee it was not only AFTV but the idiots at AST too, and its still these guys that are pushing the protests now


  8. Arsenal u23 lineup v West Ham: Smith, Dinzeyi, Foran, Oyegoke, Alebiosu, Awe, Akinola, Bola, Ideho, Moller, Lewis.

    Subs: Hillson, Jeffcott, Gaspar, Sagoe Jr, Richards.

    Balogun not involved, likely to be with the first-team squad on Sunday.

    Arsenal lost 1-2, all 3 goals were penalties, Moller with our one. It was a much weakened line up and squad, with the best U18’s missing due to the FA Youth Cup game last night and Balogun in first team training, as was Okonkwo


  9. We’ve checked-in with our medical team ahead of Sunday’s Premier League match against Newcastle United.

    Alex Lacazette
    Left hamstring. Alex is responding well to treatment and is starting to integrate back into full training. Alex will be unavailable for Sunday’s match, but will continue to work hard with the aim of being in contention for Thursday’s match against Villarreal.

    David Luiz
    Right knee. David is now back in full training and is in contention to be involved in Sunday’s match.

    Kieran Tierney
    Left knee. Kieran continues to make good progress and is now integrating back into full training. Kieran will be assessed regarding his availability for Sunday’s match.

    There were no further health or injury issues from Thursday’s match against Villarreal. All other players in the men’s first-team squad are currently available for selection.

    As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first-team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for COVID-19.

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  10. Edu’s son Luigi Gaspar made his debut for our U23’s today in their 2-1 defeat to West Ham.


  11. Now 11th and counting.

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  12. FT: Everton 1-2 Aston Villa

    puts AFC back down to 11th


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