Everton, A Dead Rubber In A Dead season.

Good morning all,tonight it’s Everton.

This is a game that for Arsenal has taken on almost zero importance. Fans and management seem to have accepted that hanging around mid table is where we are and where we will stay. This would normally be seen as a disaster for a club like Arsenal, but somehow we have convinced ourselves that it ok because we might win the Europa Plate competition, the competition for losers is now the limit of our season’s hopes. Oh my goodness.

Now on top of not really caring about three irrelevant points, we are all busy with our hatred of all things Kroenke. The hypocrisy of the Arsenal fan base has gone ballistic. Let me be clear, I’m all for #Kronkeout, but because KSE keep making bad decisions and appointments, I agree with a self sustaining business model, but I’m furious about the application of by our owner. However it appears to me that the vast majority of fans are upset that Stan doesn’t fund their desire to be competing with City and Chelsea for the big prizes. The irony is that if you suggest these fans want a sugar daddy they are outraged and vehemently deny it. They will come up with soundbites to justify their denied desire, but none of these distractions bear scrutiny because a sugar daddy is exactly what they want.

This European Super League malarkey has been a disaster for the club. A PR nightmare and more. Most of the criticism from “the football family” is justified but some of the hatred towards our owners is misplaced. In the end, if it had happened and Arsenal were not included, fans would go berserk. Of course the thing is unjust and unfair, but so is the financial doping that City and Chelsea have done, the same doping that our fans are desperate for Kroenke to provide.

On top of this we have fans thinking that the ESL collapsed because of fan power. Now fan power might have played a very small part, but it was FIFA, UEFA , FA, SKY, Talksport and the billionaire controlled media that actually killed it. It died because the greedy sorts that control the money in the game, wanted to keep that control. Fans have just helped the existing greedy shower keep their grip.

We have seen fans thinking they should have a say in how and who runs the club. The AST trying to turn things to their advantage and get a say on the board, a powers grab by the lunatics that feel the asylum is rightfully theirs. I can’t imagine anything worse.

Let’s be honest, when the fans demanded that Arsene was sacked, Kroenke listened. If I were him I would say “These clowns ruined my business last time I listened, never again”.

Right, back to the dead Everton rubber,

Aubameyang and Lacazette are out…………………………….oh forget it, I don’t care.

Try to enjoy the players and keep safe.

Pedantic George.

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  1. It is boring, and he is risk averse, but can see why with this teams , from what I have seen, almost unique ability to self destruct in the most spectacular ways.
    Arteta looks baffled, lost, no clue how to stop these complete brain farts. And opponents have long cottoned on to this aspect of our game.
    I cannot think of another team at this level who make so many catastrophic, punished mistakes. The PGMOL are screwing us, mainly through VAR now, but we make it so easy for them, Wenger knew what he was up against and could our score the opponent and ref much more than this team
    Villareal will exploit this quality to the full , Macclesfield could exploit this to the full. Artetas caution will ultimately lose him his job, but probably not until 2022


  2. Arteta on the defeat: “Performance wise we were the better team, we controlled the game & we had some opportunities & openings


  3. but mandy if we are afraid of our players making big errors then being negative in our approach means any big mistake certainly hits us very hard. Go for the damn thing, get goals, then if we blunder its a draw or we still lead 2-1. Make a mistake at 0-0 we are in the shit. Its negative so the players are overly worried about a mistake, so hesitate and it causes the mistake. Its a self fulfilling prophesy if you like, “don’t make a mistake, don;t make a mistake, don’t make a mistake, oh shit I’ve made a mistake”, when players should be playing clearly without worrying about a making a mistake. Its like how our strikers are there thinking “must score that one chance that comes along as its likely to be the only one” when they should be thinking “I will have several good chances to score today, I will take one of them”

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  4. Certainly agree with the self fulfilling prophesy, especially when you add the PGMOL into the equation.
    Unfortunately, without our best lineup, or near to it, and I would include DL in that For his calming instructive influence despite his mistakes, the team and coaching are not good enough to overcome a combination of opponents , referees, and probably confidence/ nerves .
    Wenger always went for it, sometimes he got it wrong, increasingly the PGMOL allowed the cloggers to do him in away games, but even if Arteta wanted this team to do the same, they are not good enough .
    Arteta takes the blame, but I would also be interested to see what his coaches do, especially his gk coach, and can’t imagine Steve Round, if you look at his cv is the most attacking coach either. To think there were rumours at the beginning he would bring Cazorla in to help out!

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  5. But I will say, there were circumstances. some very key players missing from the starting line up, having to drive past protests, complete injustice in the last game and the knowledge the ESL thing would lead to the same again with the officials, and so it proved, some teams have an easier life to must be said


  6. I realise this may well be unpopular but for the first time in ages I listen to the bs on Populist tv and listened to them destroying Ray Parlour, (because of his opinion) suddenly hes a terrible person off the pitch. I kind of found myself being more on Rays side. Just because youve been to Baku or follow the club doesnt mean anything very much, other than that.

    How do you measure the love for a club? Of course Populist tv arent going to agree…they might claim Arsenal for themselves because they travel everywhere, but they make a buck out of it thats for sure. And Ray was right that they make Arsenal look a laughing stock. Perhaps Ray was paid to do it for TS, but then so is Robbie and his mates.They want their Arsenal back? What Wengers Arsenal? Fk me! People say Rays out of touch (ageist) and lost but he isnt and he didnt, it always good to see someone standing up to the torch and garden tool gang.OK Im not sure Robbie wants Arsenal to lose, Ray was wrong about that, but Populist tv do benift from Arsenal losing. But we all know that, and they arent the only ones.

    I ask you did Arsenal have more dignity as a club before the Populist tv turned up?
    They say they want good ownership, but it seems they want is what they want which flip flops season to season,remember how we are always winning the summer transfer market according to them. Supermarket sweep! Great. I thought Partey was supposed to be the best? They said so.They know it all. They went to Mars to see Arsenal, so it means they are more real than me or you.Odd scales of understanding, who introuduced or endorsed them?

    The owners have let the fans down? Im not sure, Im not so shocked or wanked off about the SL ( I made my arguments in the longer post before) it seems more indicitive of the times we live in? It will come, unless UEFA regulate the financing of the leagues and the more global the game comes then…how can that be done?
    I wonder if the whole SL proposal has been a massive marketing research moment? Test the water, have a look at weak areas. How could the clubs be so really green that there would be such a reaction? I think they are taking us for a ride jsut to see how people react so they can change the proposals and iron out mistakes and home in on positive aspects to get people on board, in the same way people expressing themselves on twitter doesnt mean much except to be crunched by analysts and sold to advert companies etc.
    Money certainly spoilt the game, but anyone with half a sawbuck knew that anyway. But for Populist tv its the answer: bung more money in as they want their exhibitionist moment to show they are the real deal. Remember one thing: the in crowd are only the in crowd because they say so, and there is no periphery. Boy, we need some other view points rather than gobby sensationalism that doesnt dig deeper. No wonder the Leavers we so easily fooled?
    The 50+1 deal and Bayern as the example is an odd one. Go look at who works for Bayern. Put it this way, Wenger would have still been able to help run Arsenal in some way or another if Arsenal had Bayerns attitude. But Bayern are a hardnosed lot-see the Boateng story is a great example.The fans had no say in all that…
    But the Bundesliga is boring, the biggest news recently was Schalke going down…

    Im not really into the Kranks, (but in truth I dont know anything about hem, maybe they do, but dont want to marry aftv etc), but the constant scapegoating of anyone that stands in the Populist tv’s way is really nauseating? You quite simply cant have your Arsenal back. a) it wasnt yours? b) we cant go back in time?

    What does it mean when somebody says ” all I want is good owners”? Its a vast implication thats abstract and not specified. But it wont stop there, hungry ghosts are never satisifed and we are dealing with that, hungry ghosts.

    Just because an Arsenal fan says the love the club it doesnt mean their opinion is of more or less value than anyone elses, its an opinion? But to say youre 100% behidn the club and team then chop it down because you arent living the 96.05 period it just bs?

    How can any club even with a sugar daddy be assured victory? Who would want to be a footballer with the vulture attitude waiting to pick you off afterwards and pull you apart?
    People are offened by the owners,yet everyday this goes on in another form without reaction…I would like to know, what if AFTV owned Arsenal, how would it be? They and others want to own the club and be managers and sit on the boxes, they do, they think they already own Arsenal. Why do they think they are the spokespeople for Arsenal?

    The sad thing is there are really shitty things happening on the planet, way worse than the SL,and yet it gets no reaction.It takes the whole bread and sports thing to another level. Look Im no different, here I am ‘aving a groan too. Der Groan!

    If we werent in a lock down, would this have been such a big deal? Certainly gave everyone something to lock onto and get them think and clucking ( me too)? Have you noticed how people are reacting in this period, either in extreme ways or not really at all?

    Its not going away as it already with us, and slowly people will think about it without getting all frothy? How much does xenophobia sitting in the room with all this? New ideas scare people, Im no different, flux and mutability is a tough thing to deal with?

    The fans feel let down? Which fans-has anyone interviewd them all? The shock of the new? Feeling rejected?Feeling guilty to other non-included teams/ fans who will taunt us and the other clubs for seeing themselves as elitist?

    I have no answers, the whole thing seems in a bad place, and as I said yesterday, I sure miss football, and football seems less and less important and the whole opinion battle mroe and more important, Im not innocent, Ive been part of it-sometimes I wonder what for? But as a kid and growing up I was upset if Arsenal lost and sometimes flew into a rage, but often not. But it was still an amazing moment and I loved every player, every game, and there were times that were much worse than this. We see the utopia of the interent failing as all utopias do, but we cant go back. But what if was all less of a circus and more back the game itself? But would that mean the circus needs to be regualted and how does that happen when global markets are in full swing and clubs are no longer national but international?

    Right back off to go under my stone.

    Take care of yourselves and each other.


  7. It’s just a different kind of circus now.

    Back in the eighties some ignored the game whilst they punched each other on the terraces.

    Today some sit in the terraces watching themselves on a selfie stick.

    Different strokes for different folks.
    The Arsenal holes will always be with us.

    Ignoring the context of the league and officials this does not excuse any of these loud groups of the inability to point out that the choice to not put AW on the board when he was/is more qualified then anyone else on the planet was and is the biggest disaster in the history of the club that they say they support.

    This is not a complicated topic IMO. The Arsenal fan base had the perfect balm for the circus that surrounds the sport. And they shat on it.

    This blog was one of the few bastions of sanity, thank you all so much.

    Now we watch as they reap what they sowed.

    -Ozil replaced by Suarez then Willian
    -Ramsey with Ceballos
    -Martinez with the comical Runarsson never mind poor hapless Leno
    -Think I’d better stop there


  8. It’s just a different kind of circus now.

    Back in the eighties some ignored the game whilst they punched each other on the terraces.

    Today some sit in the terraces watching themselves on a selfie stick.

    Different strokes for different folks.
    The Arsenal holes will always be with us.

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  9. Ignoring the context of the league and officials this does not excuse any of these loud groups of the inability to point out that the choice to not put AW on the board when he was/is more qualified then anyone else on the planet was and is the biggest disaster in the history of the club that they say they support.

    The Arsenal fan base had in their hands the perfect balm for the circus that surrounds the sport. And they shat on it.
    And that was the opinion of opposing fans, coaches and managers, the quotes are easily available.

    This blog was one of the few bastions of sanity, thank you all so much.

    Now we watch as the idiots reap what they sowed.

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  10. good point fins.I suppose it means trying to enjoying it in the best way you can, editing elements etc.Im sure there was never a golden time, even though its easy to imagine there might have been?


  11. Ignoring the context of the league and officials this does not excuse any of these loud groups of the inability to point out that the choice to not put AW on the board when he was/is more qualified then anyone else on the planet and is the biggest disaster in the history of the club that they say they support.

    The Arsenal fan base had in their hands the perfect balm for the circus that surrounds the sport. And they shat on it.

    This blog was one of the few bastions of sanity, thank you all so much.


  12. ‘Scuse the double post


  13. I’ve just discovered the GOLD

    Apparently the AST want to have a rep on the Board.
    Of course they do! Now finally I understand it all.

    Why would you want a competent person on the board when all you want to do is play soggy biscuit with your mates over the boardroom table?

    I have a newsflash for such football fans.
    These fans know less about the Football then they think they do. Quite a bit less. There is some evidence for this…

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  14. Mills for me Football will always be great sport no matter what happens at the top of the game.

    Football Clubs had a special history but the sport was long ago taken over by business and broadcasters just the same as in the cricket and we could see they also have no need for fans in the ground in that sport.

    The crisis has changed Football as the broadcasters are now more powerful then then ever. Calls for the 50+1 rule and fan ownership will be rejected in the PL given it’s history.
    The politics in crickets is also terrible. But somehow we still get to see some great players and top level test matches.


  15. As for the Arsenal I think we all knew what the club’s best hope in this period was.

    The blagggers nor the AST comment on the change of model as quoted by Mislintat. It’s a simple quote.

    Tough choices for the coach ahead & usually it’s easy to emphasise with a coach missing players. Forget about left back or striker, which keeper does he start?!!!


  16. Daniel Ek could be a better bet he has the funds, he comes from a country where they get football and the matchday play list should be worth a listen!


  17. yes great, valid points fins.
    The whole bs in TS world probably means that Robbie and Ray Parlour were paid to have a scrap just for ye old click bait! And the for best pundit click baiter goes to…

    People love fame though, I cant think why, the benefits dont seem to outweigh the negatives, and as Carrie Fisher said: “fame is obscurity waiting”.

    I blame myself for looking at the people, for nearly four months I havent, I didnt know that Claude bloke had popped his cloggs until today. First they give the bloke the boot then the eulogise like crazy. Well lifes full of paradoxes I suppose, and ethics of humans arent in dualities but a mixture that surface as events come and go in our lives?

    Perhaps youre right, that despite all, the sport always wins, by coming through at some point or other, at some level or another, through exciting games. Thats pretty uplifting if you think about it, thanks for putting that one out there.


  18. I wonder what the loan fee is for Joe Willock. Because his value to Newcastle has been astronomical.


  19. Hope, against hope they consider giving Willock a chance with us, we need that box to box type player, though Arteta seems to think otherwise
    But Ultimately, guess he will end up an honorary and popular Geordie, and we can use the fee we get from him on some dodgy agents fees


  20. He’ll probably try and keep Ceballos


  21. former PM Gordon Brown was on Football Focus this morning and he basically ruled out the 50+1 model for the UK game, he backed some of the points I made yesterday on that model, you just can not force billionaire owners to sell their shares, to give up control, to in fact make their shares worthless or at the very least massively devalued. It would even effect he stock marker in a big way.
    Plus that model has not been a success in Germany, 17 of 23 titles to one team.

    I actually saw some of the 50+1 guys suggest that the fans wouldn’t even have to buy the shares, they would just be given majority voting rights – for fucks sake I ask you just how self entitled are these people. Well you don’t have to answer that, we all know about Tim Payton, its been his view for a very long time that he is the man best placed to run Arsenal and that he should be co-opted on to the board.

    Arsenal Values is the slogan the noisy fans have spouted all week, but ask them what these values are, and they can barely string a few words together.
    Yesterday Elneny put up a post asking for fans support when things are going poorly for a player, and the replies were filled with guys with the kroenkeout and wecaredoyou # and most of their responses to Elneny was along the lines of “you useless twat get out of my club”, what Arsenal Values are they the guardians of.
    We have the Arsenal Value brigade say they don’t want a sugar daddy owner, but almost to a man if you question them about what they do want, its filled with “an owner who cares”, and “an owner with ambition, and of course “an owner who will invest where needed”, and then the real gem, “an owner who listens to the fans”, each and every one of those replies mean “I want a sugar daddy owner who will buy AFC success, but don’t you ever dare suggest I want a sugar daddy”

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  22. so we play Villarreal away on Thursday, then Newcastle away on Sunday, before we play at home to Villarreal.

    So the next chance the self entitled important fans have of protesting is before what could be a make or break game for our club this season, for our manager, for some of the players, a game that could impact what improvements we can make this coming summer, so will all these self professed great Arsenal supporters disrupt our team and players prep for the game by doing what they did last night, or will they remember they are meant to be supporters.


  23. spot on there Ed!

    Owner who listens to the fans? And the fans said : get rid of Wenger? That was a hot one! So many of our fans are flip flops, quick fix scapegoating get on board and mess it uppers? Old Fred the Shed must be turning in his cold grave bed? Not to mention gf60!

    I wonder what the values are? “do what I say because I shout loudly?” “whers my silverware?”.Once one person is put on the board to represent the “fans” then there will be an endless argument as people will argue they arent represented? And if pandoras box is opened someone should know how to put the lid back on!

    If the Arsenal have declared that they are going to lose 100 million this year I wonder how that looks? Wasnt it said they re- financed the stadium or something? So are we back to when we moved to the new place only this time with Wenger canny gifts for sniffing out good players at Lidl prices? So the Kranks can expect more aggroo if they dont buy the summer presents…Im not sure we are that hot in the transfer market anymore anyway?

    I wonder what it would really mean if fans started owning clubs? Certainly the fans dont have any say really at Bayern, as I posted before. But Bayern are also support on a national scale too.

    If we lost the “foreign players” from the premier league would it mean a loss in revenue, when outside interest would fade and go to another league ( they look on with a green glint in their eyes)?

    But perhaps the Kranks should sit down with aftv or someone and show them how a football club is really run, its organisation, its scouting, how to keep it floating, how to bring in income to give the fans stars etc.To me its seems one massive thing that I couldnt do. Its easy to mouth off into a microphone when Arsenal have lost but running a club is another thing. An international/inter continental club.

    But what if they get the Kranks booted out, and some other tool comes in and runs the Arsenal into the ground or close to it, and who knows from then on?No doubt Wengers fault as he should have gone earlier or some kack?
    Is there an assumption on the part of many fans who think a) they own the club and b) they are the club? I can see the misunderstanding, its an uncanny delusion. But spectators we remain.
    But as the loud mouths urge us to win win win at all cost it seems the soul of the club has buggered off?Fk me part f football is losing sometimes. Its shite but its part of the game. Those people dont really have a clue as to what Wenger brought to AFC..?

    It all seems ruthless, and a bottomless pit of being unsatisfied. States of perfection are almost impossible to achieve in football, it seems they come out of leftfield and mantaining the balance is almost impossible? How can excellence and balance be created in an atmosphere where you get put in the stocks all the time?Endless protests.Winning isnt as easy as it seems. Mind you I suppose their identities are taking a beating, so its tough to deal with?

    “we love you Arsenal we do…oh Arsenal we love you, but only when you give me what I want and arent human or fallible or losing or poor or not that which I experienced as a kid growing up”…

    But it is difficult Arsenal are average and lacking a dynamic and killer instinct. But Arsenal just dont have the money to go out and buy a brand new team to satisfy everyone.

    Q is how did West Ham crawl out the the negative pit this year? Why cant we?

    Is the club to much involved with the fans in that theyve assumed a false relationship and mangled idea its a democratic club?

    No euro football, no cash floating about, who would want to come to us in the Summer anyway? And for aftv etc it really would be a summer of discontent! Protests, more clicks, and shaming of the club goes on..?

    Fear -shame -anger, its a Sidney Vicious circle and to go up the emotions and out of that circle needs new thought and calm…but perhaps it can only come from left field.

    Will the fans be pacified ever again? And for any period of time…tune in next week folks for Arsenals Nest revolution, a drama beyond dramas, part soap part fart part laughing stock.


  24. I may be an armchair manager but I said before Emi went it would be a mistake to let him go and it was, I also said before Joe and Ainsley went out on loan that they would give more to ARSENAL than players like Pepe and Ceballos and nothing has changed my mind on that.
    Even Eddie showed more last night than Auba has all season and actually his substitution contributed to conceeding the goal after leading the press on the keeper and CBs all game, when he went off there was absolutely no pressure on the ball allowing Everton time to pick their spot. Yes I know Granite was left 1on 1 with Richaloson with no one backing him up and Leno used his clown hands to try and collect it but as Arsene said there are always many mistakes that lead to most goals and it definitely started with Mikel taking Eddie off.
    Obviously if ARSENAL employed me as manager I would understand the fans (the good ones and the arseholes) I could explain to them David Dein was a shyster and why Ian wright hates ARSENAL remind them who was the most successful manager in our history and the style of play we used to play for most of the decades before he came and of course the fact that Highbury as much as everybody loved it was outgrown by our support and most of those who complain about the move would get in if we stayed there and those who had to sit at the back of the East stand couldn’t see anyway.
    I would also play youth whenever I could, pick the team on merit and get them to move the ball quickly along the floor to make sure the crowd never fell asleep.
    I would also be the first ARSENAL manager to be part of an ARSENAL supporters association
    The biggest reason I should be Manager is I would be cheap to employ and if I was shit cheap to sack, Everyone’s a winner.


  25. Sorry that should read wouldn’t get in if we stayed


  26. Feel pretty calm today. Watching pgmol rule out the Newcastle goal for that lousy interpretation of handball rule * but not, while watching replay, alert ref to the player first being grabbed by cb while going through, and then pushed with two hands by the other cb, affecting balance as about to strike. If you were competent or had any feel for justice, you’d be so glad to be given, on a platter, the legitimate chance to deliver it when that handball rule had forced you into an unjust decision

    I feel like it could really stick this time, not taking the game seriously and so not being, well, too pained by it.

    *bout 90% sure for Spurs late pen/ winner other day there was an accidental handball from them (not allowed) as well as one from defending team (allowed). I assumed no mention of it because they were already using new interpretation


  27. Anyway, if you want Arteta out, be prepared for things staying much the same, if the decisions do, unless/until we can move away from a style that means a lot of close games.

    That’s probably take time, be hard to achieve, and have to happen against a backdrop of impatience, criticism, etc, and while battling pgmol and their new 2nd chance abilities to fuck us.

    Attacking blitz play seems best chance of mitigating pgmol ability to fuck us, but it’s not easy to develop, does leave vulnerabilities to counter play, needs right players for it, etc.

    I’m hoping from my new not too serious position I can just enjoy bits and pieces where I can and not let rest get to me too much.


  28. Youre right about the East Stand Ian, but I still miss the old girl!

    Will you give your old friends here on PA free tickets when you are the manager?

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  29. Mills the £100M loss or at least most of it would be down to no fans in the stadium, £3M or more per game is said to be the loss, so 19 league games, add in the cup games too, and right there is most of your loses, its said the EPL teams will have lost £2bn between them this season, that is why the ESL was rushed by the 12


  30. Norwich and Watford both promoted straight back to the EPL, the third team to get relegated last season Bournemouth is in the play offs too, but the EPL is not a closed shop, not officially anyway, but its as near as can be.


  31. Thanks Ed. I saw some headline that said Barca was in debt to the tune of 1.5 billion or something. Not sure if its true or not?
    Would also be interesting to know if how much the club has lost on merch, must be a lot too.But I wonder on a global scale how down the sales have been?
    100 million is a lot of money!

    I wonder how the less glam clubs are dealing with it all?


  32. So the embarrassing ones want a sugar daddy.
    If you want to have a go at KSE, not sure spending , or lack of it is a winning approach, our wages and spending these days stack up with most , in fact , I would say we have overspent in some cases.
    As others on here have been was saying, if KSE are vulnerable to criticism , it should be over a run of truly atrocious decisions, sacking Wenger, onwards. Pretty much by their own admission, they need someone in who knows what they are doing at the club, i am sure they had many happy years under Wenger, Ivan and co until the banner men swayed things.
    Inviting Wenger back would help, but won’t happen, so just have to hope Richard Garlick, and anyone else they bring in can bring some stability and focus, after Wengers sacking, Ivan’s departure, Sven, and worst of all, Raul, need some calm
    As for performances on the pitch, as infuriating as they are ,these stupid mistakes to me at least seem a matter of confusion, or lack of confidence rather than lack of ability .
    Arteta will need to sort that, unless he wins in Europe, he may only have until the Xmas break next season


  33. well Mandy it must be remembered that our last Chairman left cos he wanted to bring in David O’Leary to the board so we would have a football man on it who could keep an eye on the execs, but it was over ruled, Don Raul got his way, but even when he left, KSE did not backtrack and bring anyone like O’Leary in.
    The board really should bring in the likes of O’Leary and maybe Paul Davis


  34. Bringing such people in sounds like a good move, as long as they gave them some proper clout and influence
    The Kroenkes don’t always move quickly on such things, but hope they are looking in that direction, might be good for PR as well.


  35. one of the first things Stan Kroenke should do is step away from the Board, make his son Josh the Chairman, add O’Leary and Davis to the board, and maybe someone like Faye White or Jayne Ludlow. then Josh needs to release a statement backing the manager, if he has their backing, then say so, tell the fans that they believe in the process and that KSE is here for the long haul.

    But one thing that I would like them to explain is – what exactly is the process, other than a soundbite.

    then they need to get in as many of the players the manager wants as is possible this summer. And they need to review if Arteta needs to add some quality to his coaching team.

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  36. Don’t know all the names but agree with the principles. I would be a little disappointed, even suspicious if they don’t add football people after the latest, whatever it’s rights or wrongs, they really need to build trust and goodwill after multiple screw ups and dubious appointments. The Kroenkes own many concerns, it’s vital they get exec appointments right, If they had stuck with Raul, they would probably have the likes Mendes or Kia running the whole show by now, that’s how bad these owners judgment can be
    I Also wonder if the coaching team needs a bit of review. The players seem confused at times, and lacking in confidence. Probably doesn’t help when they are deprived of the services of experienced internationals and long serving club men like Bellerin


  37. Surely the last thing any manager wants is a formal declaration by the board of support, which is usually shortly followed by sacking.

    Now, as someone who feels that Arteta has been a worse disaster than Emery and that the sooner he goes the better, perhaps I would welcome such a declaration.

    However, with the total ineptitude of the powers that be, they may actually mean it.

    When I saw the result this morning I was not surprised, or even disappointed.

    I am resigned to mediocrity which is the best we can hope from Arteta’s “style”.

    This ” process” is leading us downwards.

    Now, Arteta may be lucky again and we might win the Europa League with as much skill and enterprise as we won the cup last year and have earned 9th place or lower this year.

    That would not make him any better a manager. On the contrary, he has been living on that Cup win all season.

    In the meantime, 13 defeats is a disgrace.


  38. The mistakes at the back are not the major problem.
    As has been well documented on here many time it is going forward we have struggled. Our creativity has been poor this season, in a game we dominated against Everton Pepe played a lovely diagonal ball across the area just in front of the keeper just behind the defenders unfortunately because of the lack of players we had in the area and the lack of understanding with our attacking players the ball rolled harmlessly wide. The second point here was it was in the 59th minute and it was Pepe’s first meaningful contribution in the game. That is not just god enough for one of your attacking players to not contribute for an hour. Its just an example and other players have done the same in other games.
    Generally goals from all round the pitch have been poor. I would expect many goals from the back four but only Keiran has added much here.
    You would expect the base of the midfield would have one player scoring every now and then and the other quite a bit again the player Granite let’s free wheather Party, Ceballos or Elneny none have contributed.
    Obviously the most goals should come all along the front line. When we are attacking we play with a front four and goals should come all along that front four however again the return is poor. We have had an over reliance on Auba for the past couple of seasons and this situation has been getting worse.
    We know that Mikel is a various coach but if you don’t have an effective attack caution is useless.


  39. There is also another major problem that could start today. If the spuds win today they not only get that long awaited trophy but they have a very easy run in and could easily win all their remaining games maybe not winning a CL place but certainly coming fifth and making our possible 13th place look even worse the history books will tell us.
    I am praying today for a City win but I’m gearing the worst especially with City concentrating on their midweek CL game.


  40. Sorry for not contributing much on all of this. I’m still struggling to square the ‘we want our owner to have ambition’ with the wholescale rejection of his ambitious plan to involve the club in a new Super League.

    The stereotypical (or is it mythical) picture of the so called ‘fan’ trotted out by PMs and media is ridiculous. The fan with the good of the game at heart. The salt of the earth fan. The custodian of sporting values fan. The ‘down-trodden working man with only 90 minutes of Saturday afternoon salvation to look forward to’ fan. Yes – perhaps many of these types do exist, but I suspect they are the ones following lower or non-league teams.

    I am not so confident that the game will continue to thrive in its current format – and how attractive it will continue to be. It is too easy for sides to sit back and soak up pressure these days, hoping for a clean sheet and a single point, with every so often the bonus of a breakaway and PGMOL assisted goal. Pitches and Penalty Areas are the same size as they have been for many years, but players are physically bigger and certainly much fitter. Absurd protection of goalkeepers and lack of penalty for zonal jostling and blocking render corner kicks toothless. Throw in an Offside Law that favours the defender and you have all you need to make parking the bus the go-too tactic. Dull indeed, but if that is the price for Premier League survival then so be it. But for how long will TV want to cover these games?

    How different might it be if all sides could play without fear of relegation? Or if the closed shop is not appealing, then how about no points were awarded for a goalless draw? Or if the pitches and areas were made larger? Or corners became direct free kicks taken from 25 yards out in line with where the ball crossed the line? Or throw-ins became indirect kick-ins? Or the Offside Law was changed to favour the attacker, or scrapped altogether?

    Because I sense that if there aren’t some changes made soon then the TV companies will find they don’t have much of an audience, because those mythical fans they keep referring to are exactly that – just soundbite myths.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Eds

    After their treatment of Wenger the AST are ridiculed by football fans all over the world.

    Do they even realise how much stick that they get from other fans?

    If Fanshare was their aim why did they spend a decade telling AW which agent to work with, and then keep their gobs shut like some craven cowering lickspittle after Mislintat’s very open and public quotes and comments.

    They don’t speak for me or many many others. Not for most of us only for themselves (otherwise how did AW stay so long)

    They’ve turned people off from the club. In large numbers. In the UK and abroad. Whilst trying to get themselves a place on the board. Zero class. No shame. No knowledge about the Footy. Who will call them out for the utter frauds that they are? My hand is raised!


  42. Tim-

    “The stereotypical (or is it mythical) picture of the so called ‘fan’ trotted out by PMs and media is ridiculous. The fan with the good of the game at heart. The salt of the earth fan. The custodian of sporting values fan. The ‘down-trodden working man with only 90 minutes of Saturday afternoon salvation to look forward to’ fan. Yes – perhaps many of these types do exist, but I suspect they are the ones following lower or non-league teams.”

    Brilliant.Im sure the Widmerpools of this life are behind it!

    I also had a listen to George and Shotta’s podcast, and liked it very much. When Georges speaks of how the games changed, it really struck me, You know that moment in life that keeps popping up, no matter how much youre in denial. When you reall acknowledge the boats gone, we arent gonig back to shore, on we row, to who knows where?


  43. I wish people would stop the constant blaming of the refs for our plight.

    Their negative involvement may be only once or twice in a game at most, if at all.

    On the other hand the gross mis-management at all levels is the source of the problem, which continues on and on.

    The refs did not remove Wenger without ensuring that a successor was in place and then replaced him with first Emery and then Arteta as the cheap alternatives.

    The refs did not make the club sideline our best player and then buy out his contract.

    The refs did not make the club get rid of our only replacement left back, especially bearing in mind Tierney’s repeated inclination for injury.

    The refs did not send out on loan or ignore promising academy graduates.

    The refs did not set out the players so that they can manage only 2 or 3 shots on target a game.

    The refs did not hobble Auba so that he barely gets sight of the ball in the game.

    The refs did not buy, for £72m, a player who might actually play for a few minutes in a game, if we are lucky.

    The refs did not bring in Willian for who knows how many hundreds of thousands of pounds a week, whose contributions, when he plays have usually been awful, at best.

    The refs did not buy a full back, that we don’s use, using instead our most senior and effective central midfielder as cover for Tierney.

    The refs did not buy for a large sum a defensive central midfielder that the bloggists were all demanding and yet no top club even considered, and who has been injured for half the season and mostly ineffectual when he has played.

    The refs did not require our players to be busy crossing from the wings despite the fact that we had no one in the centre to do anything with the crosses.

    I could go on, but I suspect you get the message.

    If we are lucky enough to win the Europa League will be despite the rubbish that we churn out week in week out.

    Trust the process. Do me a favour. I would be happier to trust Del Boy.


  44. “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”


  45. Mills thank you that’s a great quote from Carrie Fisher.

    The Spanish Two see themselves as subsidising la Liga through the broadcasting rights. They want more money, for their debts, the Glazers and Kronke’s etc probably the same. The PL sees itself as brand. Is one ingredient in this bubbling cauldron a clash between two brands for the future, the ESL and PL, manifesting through different refereeing codes? Not sure I care about the troubles of the billionaires.

    Big test for Arteta ahead maybe he isn’t lucky as illness for Auba and his own mismanagement of squad fitness have weakened his hand in a huge contest for him opposite Emery.
    Questions about the coaching team have been made here but not too much comment elsewhere. Never mind all the chat about the super league the two biggest calls for ARSENAL this week are who starts in goal, who starts at left back, and who starts up front. Would’ve nice to have had a cup winning LWB as an option. And a No.2 coach to say that.


  46. This has got 0-1 to the spuds written all over it


  47. Í know its not cool to be open hearted, especially on football blogs in our time.However cool is a limiter so a pox on that….

    I wanted a big thanks to George and to you all for PA. Of course in its not always possible to be Positive when the dungs hit the fan and spraying off everywhere like it has for many years now, especailly when we all predicted it in th eface of the torch and garden tool mob.
    But was PA really about Positivity or something else? PA is(too me) is nearly always Intellengent Arsenal, and also Dignified Arsenal, or thats my perception reading through the articles over the years and your thoughts and emotions.

    It gives me a good feeling to see that values havent got flushed down the bog or run off totally with aftv world.

    It sort of makes me laugh because situations like those that have got slapped on our door steps recently might mean that oddball ideas float to the surface, but instead it seems more unified here in a way than for a long time. Ive really really enjoyed reading what youve all had to say in the last few days: a great wealth of knowledge and interesting peceptions. I dont know any of you except through your writings, and somehow you get to know people by their tone, and reading the internet without seeing faces isnt so easy at times but there is something here that isnt elsewhere.
    Of course theres loads of people missing who may still be looking in ( you know who you are!) that gave much much more than I ever have, and I wish they were still here. But its good to now that this corner this field protected by George exists.

    Sorry if is cheesy to say, but fk it, theres not enough good will in the world and way too much argument mostly much ado ( and Im also much to blame on that one)and life is terribly short.

    So Colonel George Meerkat and the PA Battalion, I salute you! Thanks from my heart for all your thought and words.Im sure old Weng would salute you too if he came on here.

    See the values do still exist at Arsenal!


  48. The most amusing part of the Kroenkeout protesters is the total lack of self awareness displayed by so many of them. We have them demand this billionaire sells up for an ambitious billionaire who loves Arsenal enough to propel us to the epl title and the cl success, but who will not be a sugar daddy and best of all will not mind in the very near future not mind handing over control of the club to the fans, with the 50+1 the latest hair brained idea that these genius fans want, that will also somehow make AFC the best it can be. These guys, including the Tim dim but not very nice Payton, want an ambitious owner of AFC, and the 50+1 scheme, despite these two things being opposing ends of the spectrum, but then again they want the self sustaining values of AFC to be restored, but also want the owner to love the club enough that it will see him invest what is needed to make AFC all conquering,
    and of course they love the game so much that they want all clubs to be equal, and for the billionaire clubs to bail out the smaller clubs who have over reached trying to please their fans by spending money they did not have. But they want ticket prices slashed, tv subscriptions slashed, the tv fixtures to be at the behest of the UK fans only, but the clubs to still have the money to buy and pay for the players the fans want. Oh and of course they want a say on who is on the boards of the clubs.

    The fuckers haven’t a clue, but they shout loud. Stan Kroenke would be a fool to listen to anything they have to say. For God’s sake they say they love AFC, but are arranging a protest for before our EL semi final second leg, probably the biggest game of the season so far, a game that could damage the club big time.


  49. media reporting that Arsenal want £20M fee for Joe Willock, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, and Eddie Nketiah


  50. Just read an article on The Daily Cannon, if correct, we have the most damaging level of VAR turnovers., -7
    People in elite sport talk about marginal gains, while there are clearly other issues at Arsenal, I would say injuries/ illness to key players is one of many, the effect of referees shouldn’t be dismissed, these decisions , seemingly happening more to this team than others, cost points, and may sap confidence.
    It seems every goal we score at the moment, they are picking apart looking for the flimsiest of excuses to disallow.
    Just because this setup has other faults, we should not be blind to injustices either


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