Everton, A Dead Rubber In A Dead season.

Good morning all,tonight it’s Everton.

This is a game that for Arsenal has taken on almost zero importance. Fans and management seem to have accepted that hanging around mid table is where we are and where we will stay. This would normally be seen as a disaster for a club like Arsenal, but somehow we have convinced ourselves that it ok because we might win the Europa Plate competition, the competition for losers is now the limit of our season’s hopes. Oh my goodness.

Now on top of not really caring about three irrelevant points, we are all busy with our hatred of all things Kroenke. The hypocrisy of the Arsenal fan base has gone ballistic. Let me be clear, I’m all for #Kronkeout, but because KSE keep making bad decisions and appointments, I agree with a self sustaining business model, but I’m furious about the application of by our owner. However it appears to me that the vast majority of fans are upset that Stan doesn’t fund their desire to be competing with City and Chelsea for the big prizes. The irony is that if you suggest these fans want a sugar daddy they are outraged and vehemently deny it. They will come up with soundbites to justify their denied desire, but none of these distractions bear scrutiny because a sugar daddy is exactly what they want.

This European Super League malarkey has been a disaster for the club. A PR nightmare and more. Most of the criticism from “the football family” is justified but some of the hatred towards our owners is misplaced. In the end, if it had happened and Arsenal were not included, fans would go berserk. Of course the thing is unjust and unfair, but so is the financial doping that City and Chelsea have done, the same doping that our fans are desperate for Kroenke to provide.

On top of this we have fans thinking that the ESL collapsed because of fan power. Now fan power might have played a very small part, but it was FIFA, UEFA , FA, SKY, Talksport and the billionaire controlled media that actually killed it. It died because the greedy sorts that control the money in the game, wanted to keep that control. Fans have just helped the existing greedy shower keep their grip.

We have seen fans thinking they should have a say in how and who runs the club. The AST trying to turn things to their advantage and get a say on the board, a powers grab by the lunatics that feel the asylum is rightfully theirs. I can’t imagine anything worse.

Let’s be honest, when the fans demanded that Arsene was sacked, Kroenke listened. If I were him I would say “These clowns ruined my business last time I listened, never again”.

Right, back to the dead Everton rubber,

Aubameyang and Lacazette are out…………………………….oh forget it, I don’t care.

Try to enjoy the players and keep safe.

Pedantic George.

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  1. What do you guys think of the rumour about Spotify bloke and Henry/Viera/Bergkamp buying out the Arsenal from the Kranks?

    Isnt Spotify struggling a bit?

    Heroes about to be destroyed forvever then they dont deliver? Or an Arsenal Renaissance?

    What if they do buy it, should the big Weng be brought back? Why doesnt Weng chip in with the Bergkamp and boys?


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  3. So much talk about football needing to find additional sources of income. Could it be that maybe football has hit the logical ceiling of funding and just need to adjust accordingly.


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