Kroenke Out, ATS In. Yeah Ok Lads!

Good morning all.

Reading through the comments section I saw this post.

eduardo792April 24, 2021 at 4:16 pm Edit

Former PM Gordon Brown was on Football Focus this morning and he basically ruled out the 50+1 model for the UK game, he backed some of the points I made yesterday on that model, you just can not force billionaire owners to sell their shares, to give up control, to in fact make their shares worthless or at the very least massively devalued. It would even affect the stock market in a big way.
Plus that model has not been a success in Germany, 17 of 23 titles to one team.

I actually saw some of the 50+1 guys suggest that the fans wouldn’t even have to buy the shares, they would just be given majority voting rights – for f. sake I ask you just how self entitled are these people? Well you don’t have to answer that, we all know about Tim Payton, it’s been his view for a very long time that he is the man best placed to run Arsenal and that he should be co-opted on to the board.

Arsenal Values is the slogan the noisy fans have spouted all week, but ask them what these values are, and they can barely string a few words together.
Yesterday Elneny put up a post asking for fans support when things are going poorly for a player, and the replies were filled with guys with the #kroenkeout and #wecaredoyou and most of their responses to Elneny was along the lines of “you useless tw*t get out of my club”, what Arsenal Values are they the guardians of?
We have the Arsenal Value brigade say they don’t want a sugar daddy owner, but almost to a man if you question them about what they do want, its filled with “an owner who cares”, and “an owner with ambition, and of course “an owner who will invest where needed”, and then the real gem, “an owner who listens to the fans”, each and every one of those replies mean “I want a sugar daddy owner who will buy AFC success, but don’t you ever dare suggest I want a sugar daddy”

As ever Eduardo hits some nails on the head.

Now let me be clear, I would love to see the back of Kroenke and his conservative business model but realistically, it’s not happening.

Firstly, he doesn’t care what the fans think and want , to anything near the extent “the fans” think he does. Fans are important to the club but he’s the 100% owner, I’m fairly sure he thinks it’s his club and not theirs.

“The fans” wanted Wenger out, he listened and it has cost him a fortune, I can’t imagine him listening to the same idiots again.

Who is going to buy the club, if he changed his long term, and recently confirmed intention, to stay long term? And how much would it cost to buy the club then invest enough to make us competitive?

“Arsenal are the eighth most valuable club in the world according to a new Forbes report that estimates the worth of Europe’s biggest teams has risen on average 30% over the past two years.

Despite the pandemic and owner Stan Kroenke’s unpopular management of the club, with supporters groups not satisfied by the lack of direct financial investment, they have seen a 23% growth in 24 months with a current value of £2.04bn Forbes say.”

So if Kroenke doesn’t want to sell, and he doesn’t, in order to make seling attractive, a buyer would have to pay a premium that is enough to tempt someone with a huge sports franchise to relinquish one of the jewels in his crown? Another £ billion on top of the £2 billion value? That’s £3 billion already. The city and Chelsea owners has subsidised their clubs to the extent of about £2 billion.It would take similar spending to compete with City, always assuming that they just don’t up the ante from the north of £2200 billion available to them in the overseas development fund of  Abu Dhabi.

Ok, so we are looking at a spend of upto £5 billion now, just to hopefully challenge City , United and Chelsea. Where is this billionaire Knight in shining armour coming from?

Let’s look at the new hope, Daniel Ek. We will be generous and say he is worth £3.5 billion. That doesn’t mean he has £3.5 billion in the bank, it means his business is valued at that. So to buy Arsenal (which he could just about do by my calculations, but with nothing left for squad investment) he would either have to sell his massively successful business or borrow against it, with it’s own cost implications. I’m telling you now, it’s not happening.

I’m sorry, but we are going to have to make peace with Kroenke being the owner and hope that he makes some good appointments to run the club better, and also accept our place in the pecking order. That means 5th or 6th should be the reasonable expectations at the start of every season for the foreseeable future. In my opinion all these protest will achieve is making any enjoyment of watching the team, more difficult to get.

Finally, look at the motives of those leading the noisy protests, they either want attention or they will profit financially from the unrest.

Pedantic George.

113 comments on “Kroenke Out, ATS In. Yeah Ok Lads!

  1. good job Arteta sorted out our defense or i’d be worried about our defending


  2. no penalty, ball hit pepe’s hand in the build up to it,


  3. Their right back has been immense.


  4. Wow just turned on to 2-0 down

    False 9 with Smith Rowe in the middle does not sound like or look like a good idea.

    What is wrong with balagun, martinelli or nkiteh or maybe play a forward from the under 23’s.

    Cant believe the man is playing false 9 like we keep the ball well and create loads of chances. out of his depth.


  5. I really don’t see how Partey is an upgrade on Ainsley.

    We’re getting hammered here if things don’t change big time in the second half.

    Haven’t tested their keeper at all. Barely got into any shooting positions. Terrible.


  6. HT: Villarreal 2-0 Arsenal

    will take a massive transformation in our play to see us get back into this game, if things remain the same it look more likely that Villarreal will score again, not us. Arteta has got his selection and formation wrong. Will he change it at half time


  7. Partey and Ceballos have been dire.


  8. We are not a good enough team to play without Xhaka in the midfield.


  9. ESR as a false 9 is just daft. If rather have Pepe through the middle. Or Martinelli or Nketiah. WWE are not pressing as a unit from the front. It directly led to their first goal.


  10. half time in the other semi final, man utd 1-2 roma


  11. Even Emery gave up on playing Xhaka at LB if I recall correctly. Not a good idea taking the best CM out the middle of the park.

    Can the Gunners fudge a goal in this tie without conceding another?

    Will Arteta make the changes that are required in time?


  12. They’ve marked Saka as he’s our only goal threat


  13. We have to win the second to have any chance of making the final.

    Hard to see that happening the way the first half went but you never know. Football is strange.


  14. Very poor starting setup. Arteta needs a great Half time team talk and some bold decisions, or we go out , and as the Kroenkes won’t sack him in 2021, he starts next season on a back foot he will find hard to recover from.
    This isn’t peak Barca we are playing.
    Poor defending, poor attack and nothing in the middle so far.


  15. coquelin comes on for Villarreal, no changes for Arsenal

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  16. ceballos sent off, second yellow


  17. Stupid, stupid! Surely the players and manager read the news and might have an inkling UEFA would instruct the ref to punish us at any opportunity!


  18. that was never a 2nd yellow.

    but should not take away that arteta played ESR as a false nine.

    Looks like he played a false 9 to flood midfield and hit on the counter. How inventive.


  19. odegaard off, martinelli on


  20. leno with a fine save to keep it 2-0


  21. man utd now leading 3-2


  22. can’t wait till Arteta brings on Willian to save us


  23. penalty to Arsenal, for me it was a Saka dive, Pepe scores, 1-2


  24. its 10 v 10 with capoue sent off for a second yellow, about ten minutes to take advantage of this


  25. aubameyang slips while shooting when in with a good chance


  26. At least we managed a shot on target in 95 minutes.

    Great stuff.

    Aren’t we lucky to have such a great coach.

    I bet everyone is jealous.


  27. Well, the players didn’t give up and they have a chance now, but that was a hard watch. Thought we played better when Ceballos came off.


  28. An absolute litany of mistakes from the players and manager, some very sloppy work, but still in it.
    The worry, this team are incapable of keeping a clean sheet so will need more goals than we have been used to scoring lately
    Really need some key players back and firing, at least no more of the Cebaillos Partey combination, and hopefully, if Arteta has any sense, no more of our best player out of position at lest back.
    Arteta will have to go for it next time whether he wants to or not


  29. 2-1 is a very good result considering the way we played.

    They have the advantage but we aren’t totally out of it yet.


  30. FT: Villarreal 2-1 Arsenal

    we somehow managed to keep the tie alive, but my God that was woeful from us, from the team selection, to the tactics, to the leaving of Ceballos on after his yellow and him putting in another tackle he was lucky to not get the second yellow, till he got sent off, oddly we stepped it up when down to 10, Saka dived for that penalty, it was a Vardy type penalty, went looking for contact with the defender. Villarreal then went down to ten and the game could have gone either way after that.

    utd as good as in the final with their 6-2 win v Roma


  31. Credit to Pepe for that penalty and he put in a decent effort over the whole game. Not hard to imagine him thriving next season.


  32. A beautiful fudge of a goal and credit to Leno to keep the tie alive and salvage the game. Saka had been kicked all game and must’ve been exhausted so that was fair enough heh.

    But oh my a battering for Arteta there and on the ether too i suspect as Emery rewound the Everton tape and tapped that Xhaka Ceballos combo and almost won the tie in the first 45.
    Fingers crossed that’s the last of xhaka at LB?


  33. As I said before “Lucky Generals” Mikel was dead lucky tonight,. We got away with only losing 2-1 scoring an away goal from a dubious penalty, they lost two of their best players for the second leg and we lost Ceballos for the second leg how lucky can you get.
    Keiran should be back meaning Granite will be back in the midfield which will improve whoever is next to him as well.
    I think we should be favourites now to go through and although there is little chance we would of beaten manure over two legs playing them in a one off game means we stand a fair chance, “Lucky General” indeed.

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  34. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves Pepe was his awful self and Leno made two saves and again we conceded from a header inside the six yard box. Bad players are still bad players even if we do get away with a half decent result.


  35. Arteta needs to rest the younger attacking
    Players on the weekend, including Martinelli.

    It’s fair to say from the Football that we’ve seen the best current left sided selection from the players available is the Saka LB Martinelli combo.


  36. Tierney back?
    Good odds then that Martinelli will be starting in the league game. In a sane world Willian starting in the next league game would be an easy bet. I’m tempted…


  37. Kia and Edu took one hell of a bettering last night.

    Raul must have been laughing whilst cuddling his plastic Pepe doll.

    Unsurprisingly Man Utd have been playing better football since they rehired their last title winning coach (Ferguson couldn’t walk that season!) Mike Phelen. He should’ve got the job back then but he didn’t have Woodwood’s approval for some eight digit reason.

    Does anyone know if Edu & Kia’s man even has a no.2?
    Did they get sacked along with all the other staff!!!???
    Is it…Steve Round? How many youtubers does it take to ignore the coaching at the Arsenal…or the lack of it…


  38. It seems to me that we have managed to shoot ourselves in the foot by making truly awful individual errors and bad tactical decisions over the last few years regardless who the manager has been.
    The sad thing for me is that every team that plays us, any football supporter who watches us expects us to to be ‘got at’. The entertainment factor will likely not be silky skills productive football but comedic and slap stick.
    Yes we may turn it around but the general downward trajectory never changes.
    It is just a tad depressing.


  39. Watching us play reminds me of this.

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  40. “As it stands, after four years toiling away in Europe’s secondary competition, the club are staring down the barrel of no European football next season. The club are in decline and Arteta – rather than arresting it – is contributing to it. The Gunners are a mess.” – Marcus Foley – Eurosport.

    Hard to read but that is about the truth of it. Would also add kse into the whole equation contributing to these less than desired out comes.

    This team would lose to the worst GG team and not because the players are better.


  41. GG worst finishes were 10th (92/93) and 12th (94\95) with a squad that cost about 200million less. before then we finished 10tth or lower in (82\83) seasons.

    mid of Stephen Huges, Paul Merson, Ray Parlour , John Jensen.


  42. If Arteta retains his position into next season-and I think he will, though he should not on merit-the coaching staff has to be overhauled. As fins alludes to, there is a desperate need for an assistant experienced at Premier League level. Someone with stature who can talk Arteta out of his too-clever-by-half tactical ideas and can alert him to necessary in-game moves.


  43. Hard to disagree 900ft. And yes, pretty sure Arteta will be here next season, doesn’t have the air of a man in fear for his job.
    As for the coaching team, He has Steve Round, but think he is mainly a defensive coach? At least basing that on who he has worked with, such gifts to football as Moyes, Big Sam and Steve Maclaren.
    Arteta also has a couple young Spanish guys coaching the team, don’t know much about them.
    Maybe he needs an attack minded coach to help out, guess God has burnt his bridges, and while I know great players don’t always make great coaches, could do with a little Santi Cazorla magic rubbing off on this team


  44. Arteta’s right hand man is Albert Stuivenberg, he was an assistant at Man Utd with Van Gaal, with Wales with Giggs


  45. Arteta got it completely wrong last night, we so badly needed Xhaka in midfield, but he never even moved him there. I do fear that Arteta is actually setting up to remove Xhaka from the team altogether, once Tierney comes back, he just drops Xhaka, the sending off of Ceballos might hinder that little plan.

    How any manger could put Xhaka at left back when that means Ceballos in midfield, is madness, as is having Holding as captain when Xhaka is in the team, also the selection of Chambers at right back over Bellerin is an awful decision, I’d actually have Chambers at CB instead of holding.
    To play a european semi final without a striker selected is an act of man whose ego is bigger than his talent.

    Anyone notice how the dropping of Gabriel is not even being mentioned by the media, or the bloggers or twitteratti, our big key signing of the summer and he can’t get in the team, even with David Luiz missing. Arteta is very lucky that the media love him.

    And its not only the media that love him, the Wenger out brigade love him too, have you seen how many of them are coming out with stuff like its not Arteta’s fault, its wengers, or its Emery’s, or its Edu’s, or its Kroenke’s, or the one i really love, its Covid’s fault. And how they will all give him at least all of next season to prove himself and the hilarious one, the improvement under him is obvious.


  46. Dan Critchlow
    Arsenal u18 team to face Liverpool in the FA Youth Cup quarter-final at Anfield:

    Ejeheri, Norton-Cuffy, Kirk, Monlouis, Ogungbo, Henry-Francis, Flores, Azeez, Taylor-Hart, Butler-Oyedeji, Edwards.

    Hutchinson is unavailable for tonight.


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