North London Derby- COYG

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Never too early in the season for a North London Derby right?
Good day everybody.
All eyes will be at the Emirates Stadium this evening with Arsenal hosting Tottenham Hotspurs in the Premier League; a match of which the result could well be an early sign what club is likely to win the battle for St Totteringham this season.
Now one can imagine this game will be massive for both teams, not just because of each wanting to get one over the other, but because they’re still licking their wounds from their respective defeats and what better tonic than going into the inter-break with bragging rights over your archrival.
Spurs, with just one win in their opening three fixtures are struggling to find consistency and it’s not recent; they haven’t won an away league match since 5th January. So their shock home defeat to Newcastle only seem to pile on the problems Mauricio Pochettino are already grappling with.
Unai Emery’s selection and tactics last Sunday against Liverpool took many by surprise. Of course it didn’t work, but to be fair not many things do for visiting teams at Anfield. Either way, a defeat against the European champions doesn’t make a team bad and today the Gunners got another shot to get it together.
Questions are still asked about our defensive capabilities though.
While we were always going to be up against it at Anfield there’s still concerns that it has become easy to play against us because of a belief that our defense are just not strong enough to win many battles of attrition. We saw in games versus both Newcastle and Burnley how they weren’t short of chances. I mean, that’s not how progress is supposed to work right? So perhaps our best remedy may just be to start the dashing trio of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pépé together, and not only that, but also provide them the necessary creativity in midfield to work with.
We know how beautifully this triumvirate exists in our heads and I can say this, it’s frustrating to know you have this wealth of talent but they are yet to be given their chance. In the last 10 minutes last Sunday we looked much stronger and direct when they were together on the field. If Emery goes with this… we’ll have a better shot to take advantage of a Spurs side who has been rocked in recent times.
Be that as it may it’s not all doom and gloom for either side. Totnum already had a big away game at Mancity and they did well to come away with a 2-2 draw. The Gunners looked half-hearted thus far but a win today will make it three in four and that wouldn’t make bad reading. But both teams will want to compensate for their less than enthused recent showings and with Manchester United and Chelsea both dropping points there may be bit of extra motivation for this to be a fiery contest.
Arsenal will start as favourites though, considering we have won 11 of our last 13 league games at home and Spurs hasn’t won a league match at the Ems in nearly nine years. However, I think we can expect a close encounter, not just because I don’t want to risk baiting the football gods, but games against that lot are never easy. They got few players who know how to turn it up so we dare not switch off through out.
I’ll love a Gunners win here today more than anything else, but at the very least I want our team to start showing signs of life and keep those yobs on the backfoot.

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  1. Dominated the second half.

    Should have had 2 pens.

    Loads of fouls not called by the referee.

    Mikhi and Pepe needed to do better with the final ball. Even though Pepe gets an assist. He and Dani seem to be good with the ball in tight spaces though. Can dribble their way out which is helpful.

    Matteo was good. Especially in the second half. He was everywhere.

    Atmosphere at the ground seemed to be great. At least that’s how it came over the TV.

    More me Atkinson made it a draw. We should have won that.

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  2. Guendouzi really came into the game in the second half

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  3. he did Ed, lets hope he keeps it up. So many speak of him being a player of tomorrow, but its better to do it now.

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  4. For me that was one of Matteo’s best performances.

    Doesn’t change what we learnt last season: the combo with Xhaka is “stodgy” and that the three with Torreira is not very creative (against Huddersfield at Home…).

    Xhaka will get the brickbats following on from his pen against Brighton but I thought he was one of the better players in the first half for the Gunners?


  5. Im with you fins.
    Bloody glad we didnt lose today though. Probably a fair bit to take from the 2nd half, and bit to be learnt from 1st half. Certainly we have got going yet. Glad we Arent in the Chelsea/ManUre/Spuds place though. Its only a few points but look at the last season how we missed out on CL only by a point or so.
    Personally I wished the did the international games first just so we can get on with it once its all started, takes a bit for teams to get in the flow.
    Must be a bit bewildering for Ö though, to see how far down the pecking order he is.
    Well the Spuds got a bit lucky again with us.

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  6. I stated last season that anyone expecting the PGMOL to do anything other than Game Manage VAR, after years of game managing matches instead of implementing the rules, will be sadly disappointed in how VAR will be worked by these disgraceful officials. Nothing I’ve seen so far this season has changed my mind on that.

    Are the PGMOL trying to sabotage VAR


  7. No lack of spirit or ability for much of a game we really should have won, bar a couple mistakes in the first half, as emery said, sometimes the heart rules the head, something some Arsenal manager is going to have to eventually deal with in the context of defending.
    Congratulations to Gwen, sensational, great second half performance, hope this gives him confidence to really move on.
    Hopefully, even their media admirers will start to report Kane, alli for what they are , complete fuckin divers, working to instruction to cheat on an industrial level, knowing what they have got away with against us especially. Poch should also be called out for this, but we all know the media do not touch the anointed ones
    Arsenal get crucified for letting players go for nothing, interesting to see Spurs play 3/4 players for this game who , if they are here after the euro transfer window closes, are also likely to go for nothing, unless paid a German midfielders alleged ransom, including players they have been reluctant to play this season, wonder how these players will perform over the season?
    Good comeback, but a shame we had to comeback in such a manner.


  8. Have to laugh at those “surprised” at Willock and Nelson not getting any game time today. Why anyone thinks Emery wants to pick the youths I really don’t know. Take Guendouzi’s minutes out of it last season and the enforced inclusion of AMN, and there was barely a sign of youth game time for us in the BPL.


  9. another game that its lucky for Sokratis that his name is not Mustafi.


  10. will add, I’d have Chambers in the team ahead of him.


  11. Chambers has looked good when I have seen him lately
    Will be interesting to see what he does when Holding returns


  12. Bellerin told fans today that he will be fit in two weeks, expect that means fit for full training and u23 game time.


  13. sorry not Bellerin, it was Tierney who told fans he would be fit in two weeks


  14. Well I would have bitten your arm off if offered 7 points from the first 4 games, and I think that for once this international break wont do us much harm. In a funny sort of a way I think we are well placed for when the season starts proper. Derbies are different to normal games but what was apparent was that it mattered to this group. I can see us putting together a similar run to last season’s 20 whatever it was effort only this time I sense we will maintain it. I expect us to come a minimum of 3rd in the League and win the Europa. I also think (despite statistical evidence to the contrary ) that we will grow into quite an exciting team.

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  15. Very entertaining match and best game I have seen Guendouzi play for us. Front 3 very dangerous but getting the ball quickly to them is an issue, when your best passer/playmaker is sitting. After facing 2 top 6 teams so far we can safely say that our biggest issue from last year, defending is still very much an issue. Luiz had another Casper the ghost moment on their 1st goal, he disappeared into thin air! When Son lowered his shoulder it was like Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched, boom Luiz was gone…

    Yes coming back from 0-2 was good, that energy just before the end of the first half was awesome!

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  16. transfer rumors

    reports in germany say Juventus are in for Mustafi

    reports in Italy say Roma are in for Mkhitaryan


  17. BBC match of the day looks to have the same grasp on impartiality as North Koreans People’s news or Fox News. They truly live Spurs and Harry ‘not a diver’ Kane.
    Excellent game from Arsenal, but they heed to cut out the brain dead stuff.

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  18. DC you think Fox news is partial? so what would you call CNN?


  19. did any of you see Jose’s analysis of AFC’s attack today, said it could be a different level with a 10 supplying them, mentioned the improvement in our play once we switched away from having a flat 3 across the midfield,

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  20. Hoping we will see a 10 at Watford, it’s about time


  21. Emery on the comeback, Xhaka, Laca: transcript
    Rob Kelly 01 Sep 2019

    Unai Emery had mixed emotions following out north London derby draw with Tottenham on Sunday.

    Our head coach was pleased with many aspects of our display, yet left frustrated only to get a point from the match.

    This is what he told the media afterwards:

    on the comeback…
    Good evening. Obviously after [being 2-0 down] we can be very proud of our response and also the atmosphere we created, and how our supporters pushed us to get back in the game after we scored, to get the second goal and then to have chances to score a third goal. Above all, the result, we deserved more. Also, we controlled the second half better than the first half. Tactically, the first goal is one mistake because we played that action more with our hearts than our heads. We had two players trying to win the ball from Harry Kane and we needed to go with one, and the other with the cover. In the second half we did that work perfectly but you concede one of these actions and they have very good players to score. The second goal is the same, one mistake. It’s frustration after the first goal. After the first 20, 25 minutes it was very good at the beginning. That second goal gave us difficult moments but the players worked very well to recover the result for us and our fans. We created a very good atmosphere. The game was amazing for the football but for us it’s not enough. I am very proud of our work, our players and our supporters. We need to continue working to develop the balance defensively in that moment. Today we played going against them and finding our option in the attacking third to score and win the match.

    on Matteo Guendouzi’s performance…
    He’s very young but he’s progessing. Last year was amazing for his progress, taking confidence, taking rhythm and knowing the Premier League. This year he’s starting to give us one step more tactically with the ball. He gives us a lot of control and also the combinations for us mean he’s very important in the team. He’s one of the key players to do that. He’s working to get a balance defensively and also working on his body to get stronger in the situations needed in the Premier League. Today was one step more but he’s very demanding of himself and we’re progressing with him. When he’s playing like today, I prefer to have the balance. When he’s playing maybe a match with less performance, I want to help him to achieve the next step going ahead.

    on how important it is to get the balance defensively…
    We played a lot with our heart. In the first half, the first goal is conceded because we were working with two players on Harry Kane. He can flick it on. It’s the same with one player or two. We need to have the cover. The second half, we did that perfectly. In the first half, that action on the first goal meant we didn’t control our heart. We worked that action with our heart and they made us pay for that action to score. The second goal is maybe the frustration from the first goal. The penalty… We need to also be clever in our box. There are more positives than negatives in 90 minutes. I am going to be optimistic and also I am very proud of the work, of our players. We will take those mistakes and improve.

    on Granit Xhaka’s tackle…
    In 90 minutes, I’m very proud of his work. Some mistakes we can have, I want to use them to progress, to learn and improve. There are a lot more positive things individually and collectively, and also with Xhaka for me. The penalty incident is a disappointing action but he played very well and worked very well. If we win that match, maybe we are speaking about that mistake less, but really there were two mistakes in the first half and they scored from both of them. In the second half, I think we spoke in the dressing room about that, and we learned and we did well in the second half. We continued to get the ball, we continued to take a lot of corners, taking a lot of shots, but we didn’t get the positions to score the goal. I think we deserved a third goal.

    on midfield options adding to pressure when a player makes a mistake…
    Having players, like for example today, ready to play in this match, like Pepe, Lacazette and Aubameyang, we need to also take the balance in midfield. We need creativity and cover, and with our ideas and style, also good pressing agains the other team. I think we did very good work. Sometimes maybe the balance needs to improve but mostly we did well. Lucas worked amazingly well and after I decided to change him for Ceballos to give the team a fresh player and also use his capacity to help in attacking moments. Every player is working very well. Matteo, Lucas, Ceballos when he came on, Xhaka… we made some mistakes, yes it’s true, but there are a lot of positives to speak about for the team.

    on whether Alex Lacazette has a hamstring injury…
    Yes, I think so. It’s not [severe].

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  22. Has anyone got Xhaka’s stats from the game?


  23. I’ve always had a reflex to counter any pile-on, but I don’t feel it with Xhaka. I just can’t muster enthusiasm for him.

    If you want to make him look good PG, you could mention three “key passes” (probably the cross-field balls that he’s good at), 87% pass success for whatever that’s worth, and more possession (7.7%) than anyone else on the pitch. He demands the ball though and runs towards the play like he’s Zidane, so it’s a given he’s going to touch it and be involved in our nascent attacks more than anyone else.

    One successful tackle out of eight attempts. And to be really mean, one easy (well, it should be, for a supposed playmaker) through-ball fluffed when Pepe had made a perfect run. I’m super charitable when it comes to AFC players and I love good football. I want to like him.


  24. so Mkhitaryan is off on loan to Roma for the season, he has undergone a medical with them this morning.

    our 25 man squad is getting smaller and smaller, what is it now, 20, which included Macey who has not played for our first team

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  25. Jeorge Bird
    Matteo Guendouzi has replaced the injured Paul Pogba in the France squad to face Albania and Andorra.

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  26. I really cant believe my ears.


    Did Jose “park the bus” Mouriniho advise emry that he needs to play a number 10 to get the best out of the attcking players we have – it is almost like it is so obvious that it is common sense to anyone with a brain apart from the so called expert commentators and bloggers who seem to excuse everything emery does and emery himself

    Gary nevile last week telling me a 3-1 hammering where we could easily have lost 4,5,6 is a positive result cause the players ran around more and looked like they cared!!!
    This week i should be happy with a draw at home to Spuds of all people when our inept coach set us up with 8 defensive players and no intension to play football in midfield. Left our best and most creative player on the bench and the replacement for our ex legendary number 8 who he could not find a place in his team last season on the bench.
    Instead we get stodge of a midfield. I like all those player out there yesterday, they did their best and tried you can see that but the combination of players and the tactics is what i am against.

    When a more decorated and successfull defensive coach is telling you, you need to be more attacking then what does that tell you?

    I think for my sanity i might have to leave Arsenal alone for a few months, this guy is seriously irritating me.


  27. wtf is Mhki off? “here dad Ive done it again” .Emeryballs. If he doesnt make the CL this year, he and middle management have ripped everything up for no reasoning except their damned egos.
    But then whose forgotten the people that wanted us to sell Auba this summer?

    Well looks like he might have to play Mesut sometimes? League Cup? Fa cup early rounds?
    Strange how a lot of the highlight vid on YT didnt show the offside goal (no 3)for the Arsenal?


  28. They did show it Mills, he was offside by about 2 feet.


  29. Jeorge Bird
    Sep 1
    Kelechi Nwakali reportedly set to join Huesca permanently with his Arsenal contract being terminated.


  30. Mills look how Özil will get relegated to play in patched-up teams who look like they just met, and uber bloggers will use Özil not turning them into a worldclass to justify him not getting selecting to our best 11.


  31. Emery would have loved to have had a midfield of Hillier, Selley, Morrow and McGoldrick,

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  32. PG- a misunderstanding made by me, I agree it was offside, what I meant was the offside goal wasnt part of the highlights package on the short YT vids by various legit channels, which made the Spuds look better and meant it didnt really show the pressure they were under yesterday in the second half. Soz should have been clearer on my part.

    Labo, yes, sadly youre right.

    Ed at 4.23, yes youre sadly right.

    Cracking goal by Lacca yestreday. If Emeryballs gets the midfield running right..? Maybe Freddie will at Xmas when he takes over?

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  33. Did you guys think that Ceballos helped pick things up a bit yesterday?


  34. Congratulations to Guendouzi: now watch him get injured while with the French squad!

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  35. Did you guys think that Ceballos helped pick things up a bit yesterday?

    Was a different game when he came on, for a start they had to worry when we had the ball, he brought other into play and helped our pocession tick over. You need a link from defence to midfield and then from midfield to attack. By link i mean players that encourage others to play, make other look for space and facilitate our passing game.

    Ozil is the best at the club at doing this, i have not seen enough of Cellabos but from the little i have seen, he seems likea player that wants to make others play.

    This is what we have been for me in the team since emery started. To an extent xhaxa is also one who brings other people into the game and encourages to play but not as much as the former 2.

    We are playing stodgy football because of this and will not change at emery philosophy is containment not expression.

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  36. mills I would say gee sums up what Ceballos gave us, we finally had a midfielder close to our attackers, no more of this 3 midfielders in a straight line in front of the cb’s with the fb’s tucked in.

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  37. arsenal have confirmed that Mkhitaryan has joined Roma for the season and that
    Kelechi Nwakali has joined Huesca permanently


  38. Come mid September, the schedule will ramp up significantly. I would expect a by then fit Ozil to play in the games where it is likely we will need guile to break down a packed defence, and where it is less likely that we will need to scrap to control the midfield. I can see Ceballos and Guendouzi sharing a lot of those more attacking midfield duties, and I would also add Maitland-Niles and Willock into that mix. I would hope that Chambers and Luiz might also be considered as more defensive midfielders to supplement Torriera and Xhaka. I can see that Xhaka contributes a lot to the side. I can also see that there perhaps comes a time when his propensity to make disastrous judgements calls into question his overall value. I think Pepe will score lots of goals and create loads of chances. Should Bellerin regain full fitness and prove as good as he was, and should Tierney regain full fitness and become as good as he is clearly felt to be then we should be quite a force.

    A friend who saw the game yesterday said he felt we looked much the better side and that even when we were 2 down he expected us to at least get back into it. Given he is normally quite pessimistic that sounds encouraging. I didn’t see it as was on ‘son’s last cricket match of the season’ duty. And on that note, at least for the idiotic English there is at least an Ashes series to help ease us through this accursed international break

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  39. Good points on Ceballos lads.

    You Tubes Algorithmus threw up aftv at me tonight as I looked around a bit. I didnt look at the vids but saw the tabloid ranting statements and saw Xhaka getting a killing from the wee know all narcissists. Personally im sure like you, I dont care if they are fed up with Xahkas mistakes.

    Hes better than the mistakes he made yesterday to me Xhakas a great player. And they werent made in isolation.
    Players make mistakes, now lets cast our minds back to 1999, and Paddy and Den both made mistakes so huge that ManUre did the treble ( by the skin of their teeth) but those mistakes are well forgotten by the social media fans (mob) who look back with Arse tinted glasses and Bunyanise the shit out of them. Auba tends to have poor stats ( he said about to be proved wrong!) but scores so hes forgive. If he goes through a bad patch then they will be after his blood.

    But these people pick on players, and instead of like in our own younger time when we all moaned but we nurtured the guys too, as they were our heroes, and you always want your heroes to do well. Whats the matter with them? Professional obligated to be deluded? The bought, professional agenda-opinion is just worthless. Anyway, fuck it, we know what they are. Contemporary life seems more and more about wading through horseshit to find any pastures green at the moment, and even then the pastures are polluted even if Icke says they arent. That bloke hasnt a clue at all.

    Funny that Mourinho seems to be of interest to us all now hes not playing ball anymore. Seems more interesting than aftv and Billy Blaggworts? I dont trust that guy, but certainly hes getting peoples attention.

    If Xhakas was wank and Guen great then its not normally been like that, so why should we have a knee jerk reaction to everything? I suppose the keyboard gives us that opportunity?
    Seems every week somebody the culprit and someones the star. Im not sur eit works that way.
    But this too is going over old ground. Feel like we could do with some new angles in the game and a way of enjoying it and not being sucked into the hamster wheel of bullshit-well I seem to be, I cant speak for you guys.
    At the moment I feel unsure of everything AFC. Even Wengers last years gave us more stability than this. For felt like they did.
    The intro to the season is over, and it didnt really seem to give us much as a guide? Or did it? Aarrrrrrrrrgh!!!!


  40. Gee
    We saw the same midfield against Huddersfield at home last season.

    It was shite.

    I wrote a long post on uncensored Arsenal explaining how that midfield line up might make sense with Ozil or the lesser now gone Miki or the promising now sold Iwobi as the left forward alongside two strikers hint Germany 2014 HINT the World Cup winners’ formation.

    The simple conclusion is Emery’s conception of midfield is that the midfield is the edge of his own D.

    And that’s simply a crap conception. And also strong evidence that he lied to get the job if anyone cares about such things these days.

    Meanwhile Cazorla lasted 70 mins against Madrid in Villa’s 2-2 draw.

    When Jose Mourinho can easily articulate how Emery can play better football (better in attack and defence!) then I wouldn’t hold out for the onset of that attacking or even defensive football until the next coach comes in. Hopefully before Auba is floggged by the blaggers’ suger daddy. Martinelli, Pepe, etc there is some exciting talent in this team…

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  41. Guys, gee @ 5:06pm figured it out:

    “Emery philosophy is containment not expression.”

    Re Mourinho’s comments on Arsenal.

    While I don’t want him anywhere near Arsenal, I appreciate his comments. His voices is louder than ours combined and no doubt it will get to Emery one way or the other. Emery did say few weeks backs he trawl social-media for the get the mood from Gooners, so hopefully he get Jose’s mood as well and have a good think about it.

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  42. lots of idiots a year or so ago bitched about a few of youth players leaving Arsenal for Barcelona, Juventus and Benfica, but maybe the grass is not always greener for these lads

    Marcus McGuane has joined Dutch second tier side Telstar on loan from Barcelona

    Stephy Mavididi about to be sold by Juventus to Siena

    Chris Willock joined WBA on loan this summer from Benfica

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  43. On the flip side Eds I am glad the England cricket team didn’t let Ben stokes leave on a free during the peak years of his career and replace him with a loanee who has played even less football then Ramsey in recent years.

    If they’d have done that the chairman of the ECB selection committee could be having their photo taken with the fans and not Ben Stokes yippy!


  44. just seen a stat that of the 18 players in our FA Cup winning squad of 2017, only four remain, 9 sold, 2 left on bosman frees, 1 out on loan, 2 retired,

    Ospina – sold

    Bellerin – still here but been out 9 months
    Holding – still here but been out 9 months
    Mertesacker – retired
    Monreal – sold
    Oxlade-Chamberlain – sold

    Xhaka – still here
    Ramsey – left on a free

    Ozil – still here
    Welbeck – left on a free
    Alexis – sold

    Cech – retired
    Coquelin – sold
    Elneny – out on loan
    Giroud – sold
    Iwobi – sold
    Perez – sold
    Walcott – sold

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  45. Arsenal have yet to score via a header in Unai Emery’s 21 home league games in charge, yet they produced 20 headed goals in Arsène Wenger’s final 40 league matches at the Emirates Stadium immediately before Emery arrived. [The Times]


  46. You can presume that Emery knew Mkhitaryan was leaving today and down by 1 with 20 minutes left plays him rather than Özil?? Did he think that with Ceballos already on having a real #10 and an unproven rookie would be too much of a risk? Imagine Mkhitaryan doing his medial ligament ( or other serious injury ) in those minutes? To me this switch made no tactical sense. I wish Mkhitaryan good luck, his time in England must have been tough for him as he did not have a major impact but I do think he is highly skilled.

    Ceballos did make a positive impact when he came on, I suspect that he and Guendouzi benefitted from the fact the spuds virtually do not press as a team. A video was shown during the broadcast here of how they conceded against Newcastle, Newcastle strung together 10 passes leading to their goal and each of their players had at least 5 yards of space before a spud jogged towards him. It struck me that our players had time yesterday.

    The Guardian has this one about our defensive “situation”. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/sep/02/arsenal-david-luiz-defensive-chaos
    It would have been something had they touched upon the transfers and how a defensive midfielder and a solid defensive central defender was required and not addressed….

    I do hope that Chambers and Holding get a chance to play centrally together, I think that they would do very well.

    7 of 12 points so far is nothing to spit at, we do have very good attacking attacking players, i’d love to see Ozil finally getting on with PAL and destroy a team or 2, make it inconceivable to be dropped….one can always hope!


  47. Ed, those youth players weren’t sold through ARSENAL’s choice all players left of their on volition. The worry was players were deciding to go rather than fight for a place a situation which is still happening today.


  48. With Mkhi gone I assume with only Özil to deal with UE will attempt to overplay Ceballos .. and Willock. Regardless of how that goes we still need our maestro on the pitch as much as possible.

    My hope is that once OPAL ignites it’s magic, only a fool (or raoulmery) would dare to douse it.


  49. @ finsburyp “Meanwhile Cazorla lasted 70 mins against Madrid in Villa’s 2-2 draw.”

    I have not forgiven emery for that one seriously, he was our best player next to Ozil and he got rid even before he set foot in the club. I blame emery for not given him a chance to prove his fitness.

    Than German team you mentioned kind of emphasises my point about needing a link between the defensive and offensive lines. PLayers that can play and encourage others to play.

    They had Nuer ( baller in goal (for a keeper))
    Hummels (defensive baller)
    Kroos (deep lying baller)
    Shwinstiger (combative baller)
    Ozil (pure baller)
    Gotze (baller)

    Very good team

    You’re right about how emery see the midfield, if you are going to try contain crystal palace, hudderfield and the like at home when you have the talent we have at our displosal then that to me is like buying a supercar and having the top speed limited to 50 mph – what is the point?

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  50. Gee

    No doubt the devotees of Daddy Raul & Davide Brentos such as GunnerGavinblog will be telling their unfortunate audience how glad they are that 1-4 or 1-5 such results no longer occur at the club following the catalyst for changing Monatan’s pension fund, by the rest of us have been watching the Football.


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