Liverpool vs Arsenal, A Familiar Outcome

Notes from Anfield:
Lots of noise from the Liverpool fans, always makes me feel sad that we no longer have that kind of passion, but the majority prefer the groan/slag as a way of supporting our team.
Third kit on view, looks handsome, still cant help feeling the trusty yellow gives us a link to greater glories?
Cameras on Cellabos in the pre.match warm up.
Liverpool really strong from the outset, Arsenal concede the midfield, some horrifying mistakes from us and we seem to miss an inner strength and seem really frightened of Liverpool. We are set up to defend and will grab our chances when they come.
Not taking our chances when they come or grabbing much.Our one hope, our attack seems to have damp in its gunpowder today. Taking a lot of stick and the Liverpool fans roaring their team into scoring.
Liverpool fans now booing us if we get the ball. If we can keep the ball it will make them a bit quieter. Staying noisy. Boo.
Half time getting closer and everyone in Arsenalville knows we’re are dead vulnerable at this point. In it swings and Guendouzi is pulled down, no VAR, ref doesn’t see it, Van D knows what he did but the goal stands. Hearts will go on forever but the Arsenal Titan is slipping under the water.
HT comes, phew. We are still in this, still have a chance.
After the half-time oranges and tea, off we go again,  if a second goes in early we are saying goodnight. Luiz knowing full well that this a new epoch in football and all eyes are watching, human and digital, tugs the shirt of Mo, and gives Liverpool a penalty. Tugging the shirt! Could at least have brought him down!!?
Leno has saved one in 18, which becomes 19. Goodnight sweetheart.
Liverpool cruising now and  in comes number 3, Nacho will be scapegoated before being flogged, in 9 days time. The usual stick from the commentator: build them up, smash them down. Liverpool love fest now under way. Green Arsenal eyes watch on.
Its warm and hot and Liverpool know this is one is over.
Ceballos goes off Torreira comes on and saves a bit of face with a goal, at a second attempt. He wants more goals and try’s to egg the team on a bit. Not happening too much egg on our face. Its horrible when you still have the hope that we might pull off a come back, when you know it isn’t happening?
On another day Liverpool could have had 4 or 5. But we too could have scored some goals, but today isn’t one for the photo album. It will be interesting at least to see Pépé develop?
Hope the big Ö is match fit soon.
2012 was the last time we won at Anfield, which seems a long time ago, with players long gone. It was often the case though, back in 89 we hadn’t won there since 75.
Not sure who can stop Liverpool at their place when they are like this? Well the transfer honeymoon is over, fingers will be pointed and blame passed on and around and back again.
And on we go, and next weekend entertain the Middlesexers.

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96 comments on “Liverpool vs Arsenal, A Familiar Outcome

  1. Afternoon everyone.
    I was going to do a spoof article as a psychologist for a joke about the prejudice 99.9% of AFC supporters have to Tottenham, and vice versa, asking everyone to lie down on the couch and tell us all. And thankfully, I decided against it.

    Prejudice is a hot cookie of a word these days and people dont like the Confession box too much unless they are the victim? I think we all are. But that leaves out part of the equation…

    Anyway last night I was having a chat with my long suffering partner about Arsenal, shes incredibly tolerant and gets involved with the club to quite a degree, about how you as an Arsenal supporter end up hating the Chickens.

    I tried to work out where it came from. As the deeper I looked the more unfounded and conditioned it seemed to be.

    From my experience of watching people hatred comes from pain…after Brady left and we went into the early 80s the Spuds seemed to start doing well (we cant have that!)and we seemed to fade. Was it the Ricky V goal that did it, ( if I happen to see it I still want Tommy C to pull him down)?Was it already formed by the three years of following Arsenal and its automatic, the Spuds are the enemy to you must hate them? Why do I have to? I feel no shame about Woolwich, why should I? My family on one side are from there, Im related to the founders of the club, why should I feel shame?

    I wondered if it was the 2-0 loss to the Spuds back in 81 when Barry Davies did the commentary and I taped it on my tape recorder and was so obsessed with AFC that I listened to the game on it many times ( you masochist!).But the humiliation of the loss as a kid really got on my nerves. I wanted to be a winner. I had been with the four finals in three years and now the Spuds were the deal and we were shite ( or so it seemed).
    Years ago I was involved with fighting against apartheid, I hated it as people should be allowed basic liberties and all of us live with basic dignities. Of course I grew up with lads who were racists who didnt get where I was at. It wasnt always easy to deal with it, some of them were real berks and I had a really quick temper and they delighted in getting in my shit.
    And I knew they were full of “other” and “fear”. I know life isnt like that. I dont care for your gender or your race or your gay. I care if youre a tool or not. Ethics are the real big deal in life for me, not the stuff that can be deconstructed and shown to not really exist.
    I dont get why I hate them, the Spuds, “them”. I dont get why we are holy and joyous and they are the dark side of the force. For them we are the dark side and the are the holy and joyous ones. How can that be? Just perspective. Just what we’ve all decided and agreed upon?
    Somehow to hate them makes it worse, if they go above us we get green-eyed. If we beat them we are the biz and dance under the Maypole with St. Totteringham, and if we lose its utter humiliation and shame ( bad psychological states to be in usually anger will only can get you out of these levels?).Loads of suffering and pain..but is it necessary?

    Of course we had years (decades) of feeling haughty and superior but once the rivalry with the ManUres started to wear off we seemed to have latched on them in a way like it was pre-Premiership? It seems (like all counter support structures) to have made them stronger?

    Dont get me wrong, if we get really sensitive about it all, footballs full of bullying, prejudice, fear, anger, irrationality and holding onto illusion( especially that beautiful Wengerball) and all sorts of half-baked notions. I know theres banter and fun, but theres a shitty level too that lies underneath. People severely beat the crap out of each other and property and start saying things they dont really mean.And if they do mean them, then we are dealing with the arena of the unwell.

    I was aged ten when I saw my first derby at Highbury and it was a pitch battle throughout the whole game. A middle aged Spud told me at HT to take my seat and watch the Arse lose.He said it in a really weird way, like he wanted to beat the crap out of me. I felt really nervy in the 2nd half as he was a couple of rows ahead. He kept shouting “hes doing it again” aimed at the ref time and time again as he got more wound up.Tool. We won 2-0. But it was pretty terrifying for a kid to watch adults fight it other in all parts of the ground and to see people get stretchered off. I suppose you might think its wet ( I am), but that day I felt so much sadness and respect for the St Johns ambulance brigade and the other medical people who didnt give a crap about rivalry,or whose Dads the biggest but wanted to help people. Kindly older folks, who had no-doubt seen wars or knew about them in some way or other who looked after these maniacal fans, endlessly helping them, patching them up and carting them off to hospital. So often we hate each other as humans and take the piss out of caring folk for being uncool, or untrendy or whatever the latest phrase is( they too will be superseded), but we always end up needing the comfort and compassion of strangers.

    Its just when I looked I could see why I hated Tottenham. It seemed to be somebody elses idea, like whats “cool” and what isnt, or “this is what we do at Xmas”. ” if you support Arsenal you must hate Tottenham”. Smart logic eh?
    In the larger scheme of the world, the milky way, the universe, or the other way in ye olde Quantum worlde why do I care if the Spuds beat us or we beat them? Its real garbage. For some reason I invested emotion, identity and lifestyle into AFC as a kid. But these things dont exist. Where are these emotions? Where is this identity? Im not the kid in 1980 terrified at Highbury. In fact if you pull it apart I didnt exist at all. Wheres the I if you look? Its all relative. Theres an experience but no real experiencer?

    I also wondered even though I look at the events ( if you look in your mind, you dont see action, unless you animate it, and some of that will mean fiction) but you tend to look at stills, frozen pictures. The events are there and you can look at them in a semi neutral way. When I searched it seemed to come back tot he humiliation of 1981 ( was it even 81, was it December or Winter 1980?) and Barrys drony voice that semed to favour the Spuds.
    Somehow I feel hating them has nothing to do with me, but a tradition, a lie and something as an identity that isnt there, something to do with other people and not my thinking. I dont hate Partick Thistle so why should I hate the Spuds?

    Anyway, probably won’t change anything,anyone or me but questions bring up interesting answers. Up the Arse? Probably.

    How did you end up hating/disliking the Chicken?


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  2. Tim

    In the same manner in which a modern cricket coach has to manage the fitness of a true fast bowler around the broadcasters schedules why or how would a top coach not want to have Rambo available for those 25+ PL games?

    Specifically: who cared about extending their contract beyond two years? Given the night and day contrast when this player was on the pitch.

    But ignoring Rambo completely i still hope the expression and desire to see the best CMs at the club play in CM is not too extreme an opinion! Xhaka at LB over Guendouzi or even AMN? Not this season please but given the rumours around Nacho…I am at the least prepared!

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  3. Arsenal U21’s drew 1-1 with Northampton Town, in the EFL Trophy, picking up a point, but failed to get a second point losing on Penalites 4-3, Coyle missed our first, Burton, Tormey and Balogun scored but after Macey saved their 5th penalty, Smith-Rowe missed our final kick.

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  4. Olyalinka had given us the lead in the game, but Northampton leveled soon afterwards

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  5. I’m not going to drone on about the coach not when there’s a NLD to enjoy – not much fun but I still enjoy them somehow.

    But one last time oh my Lordy that triple sub against Brighton. Nketiah left on the bench. Yep he’s only gone and scored again for Leeds! TBF it’s a relatively easy finish (for him!) but it is against Stoke.

    Eddies legend continues to grow for me at least. A nice football story. One Emery opted out of unlike Biesla. Biesla…I’d have helpfully suggested Pellegrini or someone without the record with Riquelme if anyone was asking but given what’s happened why not? Biesla. That thought should hopefully keep me quite till next summer!

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  6. Here’s our latest team news ahead of Sunday’s north London derby against Tottenham Hotspur:

    Rob Holding
    Left knee. Continuing with on-field rehabilitation and successfully completed 90 for the U-23s against Everton on Friday.

    Emile Smith Rowe
    Groin. Successfully completed 80 minutes for the U-23s against Everton on Friday and 90 minutes for the U-21s against Northampton Town on Tuesday night.

    Hector Bellerin
    Left knee. Continuing with on-field rehabilitation. Progressing well and aiming to participate in full training in September.

    Kieran Tierney
    Groin. Continues to receive treatment and further assessments. Progressing well and aiming to participate in full training in September.

    Dinos Mavropanos
    Groin. Continues to receive treatment and further assessments. Progressing well and aiming to participate in full training in September.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  7. PG,
    Had a listen to your podcast with Shotta. Enjoyed it and agreed with most points. UE has the rest of the season to convince the more eagle-eyed gooner that he’s the man to move us forward. I was so disappointed with the submissive way we played, pre-empted by his puny pre-match mindset that I now doubt he is right for this club.
    If it’s obvious to many here I can only imagine it’s pretty damn obvious to our more experienced players.

    The clock is ticking. Winning via individual player brilliance might put a gloss on proceedings for a little while but come December 14, if we play submissively against Etihad Shitty, it could be the final straw for me.

    Somewhere between Erik ten Hag & Freddie therein lies our next best option.

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  8. After Belerin is Ozil the longest serving Arsenal player in the first team?

    So on Saturday the squad contained 8 players purchased during his reign, 4 youths none blooded by emery, so that left 6 player purchased during Wengers reign.
    Just find it interseting he is using the majority of his players and choices now.

    Also who did he give debuts to last year from the youth team?

    it will be interesting to note their progress under him.

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  9. so Emery has said today that Ozil will not be sold in this window but a few player are likely to leave, and that Holding is not ready for selection yet but is close to being ready for selection.


  10. anyone know which Championship or Football league manager stated before the start of the season that his players were now under instruction to not stop play if an opponent is down injured, that they will this season play on till Ref stops play.

    I know the leeds manager said it for the Championship play offs end of last season, so not sure if he is the one, or if another manager has said, anyone on here know

    Its something that I totally agree with and believe its long over due for all clubs to adopt this policy, after all its the actual rules. Up to the ref to decide, I really detest it when Arsenal players kick the ball out of play just cos an opponent stays down, most of the time pretending to be injured, and in nearly all the other instances the injury is not in any way serious. Just bloody well play to the whistle.

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  11. Emery on Bellerín and Tierney: “Really, we have to be calm but also we have to be demanding with their recovery because we need them. That international break is going to give us two weeks to test them better than before.”

    isn’t it lucky for us that we have this good injury news just as we are about to ship out 3 players from the squad.

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  12. Daniel Ballard
    There’s never a good time to get injured but it feels even more devastating at the start of a brand new season. Surgery went well now I’m focused on getting back to full fitness with @Arsenal
    . Thanks to @Official_STFC
    and good luck with the season.

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  13. Elneny expected to join Besiktas on loan


  14. Funny thing is I’m hoping no team comes in for Mustafi and he’s positively scarred enough to become the player he has the potential to be.
    “Higher level of concentration Shkodran and all will be forgiven…”


  15. @ Aman.

    He reminds me a bit of Vermalen. There is a very good player in there somewhere, just needs to sort himself out menatlly.


  16. Not a bad draw, obviously Frankfurt will be organised so games against them will be difficult. I have to be honest I have no idea of the form of the other two. Anyway at least it’s not Bacu huh.

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  17. Dan Critchlow
    Full Arsenal call-ups:

    England u21s – Nelson, Nketiah, Willock*
    England u19s – Saka, Balogun*, John-Jules*
    England u18s – Azeez*, Greenwood*
    England u17s – Monlouis*

    *First call-up at this level.

    Congratulations to all the boys on being recognised by their country!

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  18. Elneny to Besiktas deal agreed, just has to pass the medical part, loan deal for the season


  19. Besiktas have an €18M buy option for Elneny in the deal


  20. Arsenal U23 v Derby: Hein; Olowu, Clarke, Omole, Ogungbo; Burton, McEneff; Coyle, Smith Rowe, Tormey; John-Jules.

    Subs: Hillson, Dennis, Matthews, Azeez, Balogun.


  21. Derby U23’s v Arsenal U23’s is live now on Derby TV, its free to register



  22. Derby lead one nil at half time, a fine free kick from edge of the area, although taken from slightly wrong spot, the ball was goal side of the foam the ref sprayed.

    Smith-Rowe missed a couple of great chances, especially one of them about seven yards out


  23. afcstuff
    Arsenal Europa League group stage schedule:

    Sep 19: Eintracht Frankfurt A (5.55pm)
    Oct 3: Standard Liege H (8pm)
    Oct 24: Vitoria H (8pm)
    Nov 6/Nov 7: Vitoria A (TBC)
    Nov 28: Eintracht Frankfurt H (8pm)
    Dec 12: Standard Liege A (5.55pm)


  24. derby now two up, half an hour left


  25. Burton scores a fine curling effort after great one touch build up, he played 2 one twos before placing the ball in at the foot of the post

    smith-rowe had hit the post a few minutes ago with a fine shot from edge of the area


  26. Azeez comes on for the injured smith-rowe who hurt himself when he slipped and seemed to pull something in his leg


  27. our sub Balogun pounces on a back pass, and makes it 2-2 from a tight angle,


  28. finished 2-2, a game we looked odds on to lose when 2-0 down, but the reality is we actually should have won this game. Balogun’s direct running made a major difference when he came on, and of course he scored. Smith-rowe had a fine game apart from his finishing, hope his injury is not serious.

    As an Irishman I’m glad to see 2 Irish youths in the starting team tonight, first year scholar Ogunbo at left back and McEneff in midfield. Its not certain yet that Ogunbo will stick with the Republic of Ireland, but we can only hope as he has big potential.

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  29. Pepe vs Rose is one contest I’ll be looking forward to. That’s hoping Davies isn’t fit enough to start.

    Many will remember the torture this opponent was given upon multiple occasions by King Rozza The Merciless.

    Pepe is not experienced enough to be so consistently ruthless against the same weakness but it’ll be one area of the pitch to watch, in general and especially if rose starts.

    Hopefully the midfield will be able to give Pepe a little bit more of the ball this week.

    And am hoping for a goal of three for Auba to banish his demon from the away leg last season.



  30. Really hope nowt serious with Smith-Rowe. Was just getting in his groove by sounds of it. (Glad it wasn’t from dirt I suppose. Derby certainly had some of that in game with them last year.)

    Might have pushed our luck a little with amount he’s played in last fortnight considering how long injury issues lasted. May not have had that much choice though as think both squads not that big this year and now stretched more by a few injuries. More you have more chance of further if squad not too deep. Maybe u18’s will need to call up some from younger group tomorrow.

    Think I saw bit of Ogunbo once and was impressed. Tough, focused and solid technique? Also think it was him who gave a burly Boreham Wood forward a hefty kick late on in pre-season, which isn’t worst sign in 16 year old defender. Purely on how quickly they are being pushed, seems him and Azeez the two big hopes from that year.


  31. Holding not playing a slight surprise. Maybe showing bit of sensible caution with him. All being well, suppose Bellerin, Tierney and Mavropanos will all get some u23/u21 games in period after int break.

    Also wonder if they’ll consider Nelson and Martinelli for mins at that level if not getting on for 1st team. Not sure how former would take that. Other competitions come into play after break so hopefully can play some there.


  32. fins when considering Pepe v Rose you have to take into account its Martin Atkinson as game manager on Sunday, good old England international Rose will be given massive leeway to introduce Pepe to the differently ruled game in England.

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  33. Man Nacho was so good for us. Walks into LB spot in an Emirates-era team, but I also loved him as a CB. Actually thought he’d have a role in this squad. Now you have to say, for better or worse, this is definitely a post-AW team.

    Hope he comes back when he’s finished playing – you don’t stay that consistent for that long without a good head on your shoulders.

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  34. I say that, as at least half of most people’s first choice XI (Leno, Tierney, David Luiz Sokratis, Guenouzi/Ceballos/Torreira, Pepe) arrived in the last year, which is a big turnover. I hope people are patient.


  35. Patient with what mate?

    The transfer junkie who destroyed the reputation of the club once known as Barcelona in the modern game?

    Or a football coach who is afraid of the centre circle on the football pitch?

    Or with the hope that although it was a humungous fuck up not to appoint a coach who plays the modern style like Pellegrini he or someone similar might redress this damage in the future though of course I can completely understand the mantra from the PR consultants about the new coach needing to change the style of a club that had won six trophies in four years and therefore not mitigating the need to give Daddy Raul a ready made excuse (let’s not forget, the values of the club).

    Yes I’ve been patiently observing Raul’a work and that of his PR consultants: “Ozil and Rambo can’t play together!” “Venga was holding back Iwobi!!!” It’s been more entertaining then much of Emery’s football.

    expecting a victory tomorrow against a team with an even worse “style” (the pgmo diving style!) COYG.

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  36. Gutted about Nacho and the timing seems crazy as well. I like Sead going forward but can he defend against quick wingers?
    This transfer doesn’t bode well in the future for other players who are still playing well but their stock is going down rather than up.
    Can’t see Mezut lasting much longer tbh and every window will be a whole for someone to fall through.

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  37. Also really sad to see NM go. Been one of my favourite players since he came. A quiet Gentleman who did the biz. Unassuming but strong and intelligent. Got all the makings of a great coach (imo)

    A lot of that type of player seems to have been hööfed out of the squad by UE. From Wengerball to EmeryhööfballletsallrelyonAubatoscore.

    Glad hes got a contract till 21 though.

    One of my favourite moments was when he booted the ball out of the box during the FAC final against Chelsea all the way to Mars. Loads of goals, some crackers too.

    the hööf is at 5.40

    cheers Nacho. At least you dont have to deal with aftv Billy Blaggwort anymore.

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  38. Pigmob var, Twatkinson ruled no red on an ankle breaker by tilemans of Leicester. Commentators said straight red. I fear for our lads safety tomorrow. Shocking

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  39. Keys and Gray, completely aghast that Atkinson did not give red from Var

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  40. Afternoon/evening!

    Sorry to see Monreal go! A strange time to be an Arsenal supporter. I must admit I just don’t feel as connected as I once did. Seeing some of our beloved players leave all at once is drag.
    This new regime weighs on me for real. I mean, at present we have a team that are unfamiliar with each other and a manager that changes schemes and line ups every sec. how is that supposed to work. How did Pellegrini and Rogers get their teams playing so well with lesser talent and without wholesale changes.

    This is how I feel right now. Hope I’m wrong.


  41. Burnley looking better against pool than we did. They have looked dangerous all game. Two very unfortunate goals from their perspective.


  42. Wow! Just have a look at this.

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  43. Thank you Nacho Monreal for the class and consistent professionalism.
    We really didn’t think it was time for you to go but Raoul & UE felt it was.
    Your years of quiet service were not taken for granted by the gooner faithful.
    All the best at Sociedad and here’s to a great end to the great career of a quality pro that will always be a legit member of the red & white army.

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