North London Derby- COYG

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Never too early in the season for a North London Derby right?
Good day everybody.
All eyes will be at the Emirates Stadium this evening with Arsenal hosting Tottenham Hotspurs in the Premier League; a match of which the result could well be an early sign what club is likely to win the battle for St Totteringham this season.
Now one can imagine this game will be massive for both teams, not just because of each wanting to get one over the other, but because they’re still licking their wounds from their respective defeats and what better tonic than going into the inter-break with bragging rights over your archrival.
Spurs, with just one win in their opening three fixtures are struggling to find consistency and it’s not recent; they haven’t won an away league match since 5th January. So their shock home defeat to Newcastle only seem to pile on the problems Mauricio Pochettino are already grappling with.
Unai Emery’s selection and tactics last Sunday against Liverpool took many by surprise. Of course it didn’t work, but to be fair not many things do for visiting teams at Anfield. Either way, a defeat against the European champions doesn’t make a team bad and today the Gunners got another shot to get it together.
Questions are still asked about our defensive capabilities though.
While we were always going to be up against it at Anfield there’s still concerns that it has become easy to play against us because of a belief that our defense are just not strong enough to win many battles of attrition. We saw in games versus both Newcastle and Burnley how they weren’t short of chances. I mean, that’s not how progress is supposed to work right? So perhaps our best remedy may just be to start the dashing trio of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pépé together, and not only that, but also provide them the necessary creativity in midfield to work with.
We know how beautifully this triumvirate exists in our heads and I can say this, it’s frustrating to know you have this wealth of talent but they are yet to be given their chance. In the last 10 minutes last Sunday we looked much stronger and direct when they were together on the field. If Emery goes with this… we’ll have a better shot to take advantage of a Spurs side who has been rocked in recent times.
Be that as it may it’s not all doom and gloom for either side. Totnum already had a big away game at Mancity and they did well to come away with a 2-2 draw. The Gunners looked half-hearted thus far but a win today will make it three in four and that wouldn’t make bad reading. But both teams will want to compensate for their less than enthused recent showings and with Manchester United and Chelsea both dropping points there may be bit of extra motivation for this to be a fiery contest.
Arsenal will start as favourites though, considering we have won 11 of our last 13 league games at home and Spurs hasn’t won a league match at the Ems in nearly nine years. However, I think we can expect a close encounter, not just because I don’t want to risk baiting the football gods, but games against that lot are never easy. They got few players who know how to turn it up so we dare not switch off through out.
I’ll love a Gunners win here today more than anything else, but at the very least I want our team to start showing signs of life and keep those yobs on the backfoot.

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131 comments on “North London Derby- COYG

  1. Morning/Afternoon/evening all!
    Pray you are all well.

    Did not get to watch the match but looked at the line up and was obviously confused by the mid. Don’t want to go any further than that.

    Did watch the highlights. Not sure what got into Xhaka’s head on that silly tackle. Obviously no need to leave your feet there, he was in control of the situation had he remained up.

    Lacazette’s goal was amazing and his celebration had me laughing. Seems to me he was saying this is what I do when I play and you left me on the bench last week.

    Not sure what to make of players leaving on a weekly basis.

    What I am going to do is sit back and watch what Emery does. It’s his players now. I’m ready to be impressed.

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  2. Ed, what would you say about squad depth at present?


  3. Posted this elsewhere.

    Have a look at some of unai team selection against some of the leagues best teams (frightening and scary opposition) at home

    The line up for the world beating record breaking Hudderfield @ home last year

    Leno: Bellerín, Mustafi, Sokratis, Lichtsteiner; Torreira, Xhaka; Guendozi, Kolašinac, Aubameyang. Lacazette.

    Note 2 attacking players. 9 defensive minded players

    Line up against UK most dangerous teams and one of the most dangerous in Europe Crystal palace @ home.

    Someone claimed he was too defensive meeting big opposition LMAO

    Arsenal: Leno (6), Koscielny (6), Mustafi (3), Mavropanos (6), Jenkinson (5) Guendouzi (6), Elneny (6), Kolasinac (6), Ozil (6), Aubameyang (7), Lacazette (6)

    Note 3 attacking players – emery was being adventurous that day. 8 defensive minded players

    Line up against Spuds on Sat had 3 attacking players the rest were defensive minded players.

    Note these are home games, we didnt have much of a problem defensively, in fact we had one of the better records at home in the league over the last 2 season and we certainly did not have an issue with our attack at home in the last 2 season, in fact from what i can remember only the top 2 had better home records.

    unai has failed in everything he said that he was going to put right and in some cases has made some areas of our team worse. I am fed up of seeing comments that are giving this guy credit for doing very little.

    Paul merson sayin unai Wenger is in charge – Paul do you not remember missing out on a PL winners medal the 2nd season of Wengers reign?
    Does he think that unai will do the double this season?
    Does he think unai will make us recognised and respected worlwide for the football we play?

    Loved Merson as a player but he really is as thick as shite.

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  4. Poor Paul snorted so much snow up his noggin that he shat his bitter brains out through his Arsenal.


  5. pauln71 I would say we have little to no squad depth, we have a match day 18 man squad of players over 21 and then its untried players all the way down


  6. Arsenal include 49 youngsters in Premier League squad

    Rate This

    Arsenal have submitted their Premier League squad for the first half of the season, with 49 players being included.

    All of the club’s summer signings have been named, including William Saliba, despite the defender having returned to Saint-Etienne on loan.

    The 12 new scholars are also included, with Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock, Emile Smith Rowe, Gabriel Martinelli and Matteo Guendouzi being named on the under-21 list.

    Only the senior players who are out on loan – Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Mohamed Elneny and Deyan Iliev – have been omitted.

    25 Squad players (*Home grown)

    Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick
    Bellerin, Hector*
    Ceballos, Daniel Fernandez
    Chambers, Calum*
    Holding, Robert Samuel*
    Kolasinac, Sead
    Lacazette, Alexandre
    Leno, Bernd
    Macey, Matthew Ryan*
    Maitland-Niles, Ainsley*
    Martinez, Damian Emiliano*
    Mavropanos, Konstantinos
    Moreira Marinho, David Luiz
    Mustafi, Shkodran
    Ozil, Mesut
    Papastathopoulos, Sokratis
    Pepe, Nicolas
    Tierney, Kieran
    Torreira, Lucas
    Xhaka, Granit

    U21 players (Contract and Scholars)

    Alebiosu, Ryan
    Azeez, Miguel
    Ballard, Daniel George
    Balogun, Folarin Jerry
    Bola, Tolaji
    Burton, Robert
    Butler-Oyedeji, Nathan Jerome Chatoyer
    Cirjan, Catalin-Ionut
    Clarke, Harrison Thomas
    Cottrell, Ben
    Coyle, Trae
    Dennis, Matthew
    Ejeheri, Ovie Prince
    Flaherty, Stanley James
    Graczyk, Hubert
    Greenwood, Sam
    Guendouzi, Matteo
    Hein, Karl Jakob
    Hillson, James Andrew
    John-Jules, Tyreece Romayo
    Kirk, Alexander Michael
    Laing, Levi Alexander
    Lopez Salguero, Joel
    Matthews, Alfie
    McEneff, Jordan John
    McGuinness, Mark James
    Medley, Zechariah Joshua Henry
    Nelson, Reiss
    Nketiah, Edward Keddar
    Ogungbo, Mazeed
    Okonkwo, Arthur
    Olayinka, Olujimi James Ayodele
    Olowu, Joseph Olugbenga
    Omole, Tobi
    Osei-Tutu, Jordi
    Oyegoke, Daniel Oladele Akinbiyi
    Plange, Luke Elliot
    Saka, Bukayo
    Saliba, William
    Sheaf, Ben
    Smith, Matthew Gerrard
    Smith, Tom
    Smith Rowe, Emile
    Sraha, Jason Robert Osei
    Swanson, Zak
    Taylor-Hart, Kido
    Teodoro Martinelli Silva, Gabriel
    Tormey, Nathan Alexander
    Willock, Joseph George


  7. Thanks Ed!
    Yeh, not a lot of depth at all, not if we are dealing with experience.
    Not a lot of creativity in the mid there either, especially if Ozil is not regarded. I guess there will be a lot placed on younger players.

    Did we get stronger though? I think we lost too many players to say that.

    We shall see!

    Fins, you crack me up bro!!

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  8. Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick AF
    Bellerin, Hector* D
    Ceballos, Daniel Fernandez AM
    Chambers, Calum* D
    Holding, Robert Samuel* D
    Kolasinac, Sead D
    Lacazette, Alexandre AF
    Leno, Bernd GK
    Macey, Matthew Ryan* GK
    Maitland-Niles, Ainsley* D
    Martinez, Damian Emiliano* GK
    Mavropanos, Konstantinos D
    Moreira Marinho, David Luiz D
    Mustafi, Shkodran D
    Ozil, Mesut AM
    Papastathopoulos, Sokratis D
    Pepe, Nicolas W
    Tierney, Kieran D
    Torreira, Lucas DM
    Xhaka, Granit DM

    Is that not 20 in that list?
    Of which there are only 5 attacking\ creative (2 forwards, 1 winger and 2 Attacking mids) players and 15 defensive minded players?

    Does that mean we are expecting the youths to really step up?
    emery cannot play the 1st team against minnows in EL, LG cup, FA Cup like he did last season or can he?

    Out of the youths Willock, Nelson, John-Jules, Saka and smith rowe thats asking a lot and do we think he will pick any youth defenders as that is a really critical position?

    that squad throws up more questions than answers – God be with us!


  9. Paul i hope you and your fam are all good!

    it’s the hope that kills me.
    And brings out the sarcasm.

    The hope that we might see the new no.8 who replaced the old no.8 asked to play often as a no.8 is fast receeding.

    Not a surprise really when Emery couldn’t play the best no.8 in the league as a no.8!


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  10. < The new no.8 would play more then the old no.8


  11. I can see new no. 8 playing more than no.10, dont think they will be paired together.

    Against the weaker teams he will probably go with Pepe Auba Lacca upfront with new 8 feeding them in mid 3 with 2 of torerra, Geun and Xhaxa in rotaion.

    No.10 will be mentoring kids in EL, FA and LG Cup. Hope this does not happen as i want to see him try play with both. How often did Ramsey and Ozil play?

    at one point last season it was one or the other


  12. OT(?), last night I watched an interesting (to whom but you?) documentary thats been kicking around for some years about the Portland Mavericks on Netflix.And how when Bing Russell came in and the whole thing turned in to a celebration of what baseball meant to lots of people at the most basic level. Its such an odd narrative that if it wasnt true you wouldnt believe it.
    But the thing that made it worth watching was that the guys wanted to win but really,really really wanted to play. This wasn’t about hierarchies, or about money or world fame, but that everything is a system but how many of us come into the system( whatever it is) because we loved it, and not to hunt and obtain power, fame or money or to exploit it or corrupt it?

    These guys stuck with the joy and it kind of carried them through and extended out into the local community (that had turned away from bball and brought them back. The whole thing was the sort of situation that people would say is amateur, and thats now a dirty word, a taboo, as if it means simple, or stupid or naive.But why?

    Many of the most powerful people we dont see publicly, but we see many famous people, and Im not sure how many of them are “up” there for the right reasons. They might say my right reasons are the wrong reasons, stupid reasons and Im on cloud 9. And that their reasons are the true and righteous way.But when we look we are just seeing system clash, but at what cost? Theres always a price to pay.
    If aftv/Billy Blaggwort started out with certain intentions and a certain status, they can no longer lay claim to those values and must admit their own new position.
    But why does professionalism have to be corrupt? Im not really talking here about anything other than the corruption of values. Time and time again we’ve seen some form of cheating or slander, thats propagandised as “gamesmanship” or some other guff. Sometimes we laugh when it goes to our advantage but we are deeply hurt when it goes against us.
    Some might say that thats the way it is. Sorry Oasis and Elvis, but it seems to be admitting that it cant be done in any other manner other than being corrupt? It shows a deep underlying flaw, the belief of not feeling good enough, and when we dont feel good enough, we get desperate and start bullshitting and cutting corners etc etc etc. And again, what are we left with?At what cost is it to us? And eventually to everyone?

    I realise I was watching a documentary, and the truth is compromised of millions and millions of elements that cannot be shown, and even if they were it would still be through only a few perspectives, and Im sure there were elements of personal corruption in the Mavericks too, its a system like any after all. But they seemed to ride a lot of major storms that most of us sink under. And that was pretty inspiring. In a world of lies and corruption that swims on the surface in narcissitic swim wear, dont we all need a dose of that? Maybe its just me, in which case all apologies.

    Football under UE is not that interesting, and that does open a door to the destruction of the values Weng left? Theres a lot to be said for the values we saw in place, in public ( whatever went on behind the arras I havent a clue) the extremist fans were on this all the time, yet it was the only way through on that part of the journey. That wasnt what was holding us back though, as we all know what went on publicly at least.

    Anyway, we can only really look after own back yards and lend a hand to our neighbours and stop the disturbed from pulling our flowers up and pissing in the corner and spraying shithead woz ere or doing it like the British Empire (theres no difference) and taking over? Why do we humans want to do that? Not knowing and feeling lack?

    Emery isnt Wenger though. He isnt a club maker/changer, hes a bit of mercenary manager, he isnt a star maker. He isnt an economist, he isnt much of tactical manager or one who plays the players to their strengths, he isnt a great diplomate who protects the players and he isnt a Father for the players either. Thats the evidence that we see so far before us?
    Its not personal to the man, but his actions. Are they separate? That can be argued for ever…he might sneak the treble or all four trophies, but still the values of integrity and dignity and of liberty ( to play the game to a high degree) wont be there.

    One thing that cannot be denied that Weng loved the club, in a way that Im not sure that many who work there do at the moment? But that time is over now.But that doesnt mean AFC has to lose its dignity and integrity in the face of fashion, change and the loud voices of fear.


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  13. good God, the BBC News just did a piece on the start of the Women’s Super League, and not as much as a mention of Arsenal, the reigning Champions


  14. Frederico Varandas President of Sporting Club de Portugal:
    ”To buy Bruno Fernandes Spurs offered €45m + €20m in clauses. One of them was for Spurs to win the CL or the PL, something that never happens.”


  15. Arsènic™
    Arsène Wenger told @beINSPORTS
    that discussions took place with #AFC officials over having a role at the club but feeling is it’s still a bit early to return home as he wants Unai and his staff to do their work freely without external pressure.


  16. Would be interesting to know which officials at AFC?

    Seems amusing that they wanted him back so soon (to come home)!

    Interesting that he said he wanted UE and chums to do there work without external pressure, meaning..?

    You can imagine the players would have been up in his new office asking for advice!

    aftv/Billy Blaggwort were unhappy as they thought they were going to be asked to join AFC in an official capacity as new owner/footballing director/ guru/ rabid ranter etc as that that Wenger bloke doesnt know what hes doing anyway and they spend more money than anyone else so therefore they are the Arsenal and only them.

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  17. He won’t be back while the wrong people in management are still getting chances here.

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  18. I’m sure if Wenger had moved onto the board of directors all the decisions made since, including the hiring of Emery, the wholesale changes to the squad, the playing style etc, would have been viewed in a negative light, and not the fantastic fawning way its been decided on by the bloggers and big twitter accounts.

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  19. So the idiot fan base who think we are progressing under Emery are happy to play a draw at the Emirates which we won last time out under Wenger’s boys convincingly 5-2 with Deano incharge as well. And now we see that with Emery boys we couldn’t even fight against our most bitter rivals and managed an unconvincing draw. Where is the will? Where is the passion?where is the fire? If we can’t surpass a poor Spurs at home we wouldn’t be able to overcome lesser opponents as the season progresses. That is for sure.
    We are in a negative spiral under Emery.
    Wake up Positivitas. We need Wenger back.

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  20. Wake up Positivitas. We need Wenger back.

    No offence Roz, but I think everyone here has a damn good idea (and are awake) to whats going on ( I have no right to speak for them but I read their posts). Some are not 100% convinced and they bring a lot to the party and I think their scepticism is also important.
    Trouble is if Weng comes back the braying mob have to be given a bone of some kind to chew on otherwise they just start chewing on everyone else as part of their Muthercare Blaggwort agenda. To get me wrong I dont think these people should be handled with kid gloves, but they are pretty damn deaf and dumb when it comes to other point of views, such is the world of the professional fan. But who can guarantee a pacifier to those people?
    People have convinced themselves that evolution is linear, it isnt plus Im not sure Weng coming back so soon would keep them quiet. Im also not sure that the idea we are constantly bombarded with of a messiah to make things better works in this way, the problem to me was some intervention in the evolutionary process, strong elements that could help us survive and grow were excluded and sold and other who were meant to be A were told to be B. For me we are not moving as a unit, and its individual components are compromised. Bad evolution!
    Weng coming back in now in any forceful way would mean a massive sweep out again. I have no problem with this as it shouldn’t have (imo) happened in the first place, but the stability of the club is being impeded on time and time again.

    Its always tough to predict the future as really its just a bet based on our perspective, who really knows how things will play out?
    In a way I feel often a bit ashamed of all this (football analysis), a friend lives in HK and all his mails are edited. Now that’s a serious situation. But alls relative I get that.

    Emery was the wrong man, but he was the man chosen, and future events will play themselves out. Weng himself yet again shows himself to be a man of maturity and shows he always knew what was going on at all levels.

    Theres too much pressure and scrutiny in the game and this is makes things awkward and self aware which is a detriment in football as players need to be in the subconscious to achieve any unity.

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  21. Is Mourinho Auditioning For Arsenal Manager? This has been one of the “most astonishing development” since the NLD accoding to my newest blog: https://uncensoredarsenal.com/index.php/is-mourinho-auditioning-for-arsenal-mgr/

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  22. Tks Mills. For your kind words but I think everybody at PA realises that Emery is not the right man at Arsenal. Even if he qualifies us for a top 4 which I think is highly unlikely due to the Pigmob Anti Arsenal agenda I would not support Emery due to the kind of defensive football we are watching. Maybe people will not like my point but I reckon that currently managers like Rodgers at Leicester Nuno at Wolves & even Frank Lampard at Chelseal have shown to play positive attacking football than our over defensive coach we have at Arsenal Regardless to mention Pep & Klopp.
    What’s the use of watching dire football we are being shown even at home.
    It’s all shambles.
    And if football does not improves it will hurt the Arsenal brand name across the globe as well.
    We must raise our voices to get our ARSENAL back.
    I am not sure who could be the right man to do it for us?
    Wenger for another 3 years not a bad idea. Atleast we can see good football.


  23. As for AFTV and the billybig blaggers they should have learned their lesson by now. If not they will never learn so we need not to follow their wishes & give ears to their failed agenda.


  24. No complaint anything you written in the 3.05pm from me. I also agreed with most of what you said in your original post.
    You said we should wake up though and we need Weng back.Im always trying to kick the gong around a bit to get people chatting. My point was if Weng says no then are we looking backwards? But I was with you in saying UE is not the right man. Ive always written here and at Uncensored that the football is now boring. Weng knows the mob havent calmed down yet that they are still rabid and frothing all over the shop with their nooses. Even when the mob were crowing that they had “their” Arsenal back I personally thought they were wrong and full of shit. They made themselves a laughing stock, due to a lack of caution and to much hubris.
    One or two here still remain sceptical though that Emery should go, and all I was saying is I like their input and i respect them (Rich and Mandy), but they maybe feel a bit vulnerable to say what they want. Dont get me wrong, I personally didnt want the bloke in the first place. Why we didnt smell the fish from PSG letting him go I have no idea. I stand by what I wrote about the future though personally I see it as unknown based on today. But it doesnt mean 100% that tomorrow will be today, it just depends on conscious motives.
    I wrote about it as Im not sure if Weng coming back might not be able to sort this one out? But I do agree he would give our team an brain and heart again, instead of spending too much time thinking about Oz or whatever it is they are thinking about.

    I suppose I feel so knackered after fighting for years (9 online) against the Muthercareblaggworts that I feel bored of raising my voice. I did my best, arguing with them and trying to write what I felt were thoughtful pieces. Might as well have watched porn instead.
    I clearly remember some blokes smashing up the cafes in Marseille or wherever the game was v Russia and they were chanting ” fuck off Europe we’re going our own way”
    What way? Own way what in an interdependent world of capitalism? If they knew they would shit their EDL shorts. When I saw that something broke in me, something that saw how frightened and ignorant they were. Really ignorant and that despite everything what has been learnt since 1914? Not much.I know Im not different most of the time, its just with other issues. But that’s what the Wobheads think like, as you know also form dealing with them for years.
    Mostly i feel even with posting these days “whats the point anymore in this?” (ie writing anything). Im utterly at giving up point with any media outlets online, its just uncomfortable most of the time. I wrote a post this week on the 6th that really made me think having watched the doc about wtf am I doing? Like the song said, this is no fun.
    When Stew came back on, I felt a bit envious that you could let go, as it was a decent decision to keep himself sane and to just try and enjoy the game if possible, regardless.

    Also wonder if the international games should be played at the start of the season. Nice of the nationalist, but if your not that way inclined its a sterile purgatory.

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  25. Great post Mills. Can’t say more what you have written.
    Hope Rich & Mandy will soon be in our boat as well.
    You are right that Wenger knows that idiot mob are still out there with their big mouths & sharp knives but omce this season goes unsuccessful & we miss top4 it would be curtains for them.
    And surprisingly Mills does this idiot mob have any face left as they are vying only for a top4 spot now & their lust for the Epl & CL faded away? What happened? Why they have lowered their expectation now?
    Do they realise their mistake of not backing Big Weng who kept on giving us top 4 for 2 decades. Bigots.


  26. I wonder what Fred in the Shed would make of Emery?

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  27. Whose Fred in the Shed?


  28. Ben Dinnery
    Sep 8
    Granit Xhaka (Achilles) and Lucas Torreira (knock) will be assessed after picking up injuries while representing their respective national teams.


  29. George tried to send you a mail.


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