Fred The Shed, Isn’t Dead!

80-year-old is 'Britain's oldest footballer', Dorset, Britain - 21 May 2016
Hullo, well it’s been a long time since we last had a natter. Three years! Im 85 now– soon going to hit my next birthday. A lot of changes since then, cant see any that we could say were good except a couple of decent looking lads coming into the club. As for the world, well its bonkers as always don’t you think? I don’t know, lot of silly billies around.
My nephew still comes over, and shows me on his computer pod thing a few odds and sods on a Saturday. He’s a good lad, just passed a load of O levels, not that they seemed to be called or graded like that anymore.We often listen in to the games together, but I cant afford any of the Sky stuff, so sometimes I don’t see the games until the following weekend through the Arsenal site unless its on Match of the Day. That’s gone down hill too. I don’t suppose many of you remember Jimmy Hill? Anyway, we’ve been looking in now and again at Positively Arsenal. Not too easy to be positive tho- I was sad to see a lot of the names and people I liked to read dropping off. Maybe they will come back? Mind you when the seas get stormy, folk head off for the lifeboats. But still like to see some of the regulars having a natter.
Well I had to give up me shed and the allotment, after my mate Geoff died, it wasn’t worth keeping on, it got a bit lonely, so I gave it up. Geoff and I had been pals since way back. Even went to the Farnborough air show when that crash happend with John Derry back in 1952. My old Dad drove the ambulance in the Spanish civil war as I said before and Geoff was a bit of first aider so we helped out that day and did what we could. Still brings a tear to me eye. Poor people.
Anyway, I dug up half the garden and built a new shed down the bottom. Been growing things like mad despite me arthritis. I stopped with the competitions but my rhubarb and runners are still top class. Living on your own you have to get a bit good at the old cooking lark. Like a daft apeth I still set the table for two. Joan would have liked the roses this year.
I get down there near me shed late on a summers night and sit back in me old deck chair that Ive had since 1966, one of them old fashion types and look up at the stars. Quite remarkable our Universe. My wife Joan- who I told you about, she liked the old astronomy, being a librarian she could pick out all the best books. We used to work out what was what. Now I just look up, with me herbal tea and some ginger snaps and sometimes the clouds roll by in different blues and the stars get blocked out but it doesn’t stop you thinking, summer fragrances nor no.
Well I keep thinking about our Arsenal and how its changed. Like you I miss Mr Wenger. Best manager we ever had. Old Tom Whittaker was my first memory, I was shocked when he died. The old Swindin and poor Billy Wright. Oddly me Dad and I never liked Bertie Mee though. Shame Dad didn’t see the double though. I often think of that. I think he would give old Emery short shrift! And a bent ear!
Swindin and Wright remind me of the new bloke. Sort of trying hard and getting no-where. Its all well and good training hard in the summer but the footballs a bit rum to me and we lost all our puff by the end of the season. Sometimes when my nephew plays them back to me on his computer pad thing but the games just seems a bit boring, Emery shouts a lot,and waves his arms but does anyone understand him? If I shouted at me runners to be Chrysanths, what would I expect? Seems to be too much shouting in this here world these days and not enough thought. Runners are Runners and Chrysanths are Chrysanths.
Now there’s all the changes. The Welsh lad, what his name, Ramsey, lovely player, shouldn’t have let him go! And that laddie from Germany, Ozil he’s a canny player. Makes old Jimmy Logie look like he had permanent lumbago! Well somethings not right. Doesn’t stop me getting hot under the collar a bit on match day though. Half the bloody team have disappeared! Now, look at the attack, sharpest in a few years but the midfield isn’t supplying enough. So play-makers are sent to Coventry or sold or given away. But we cant rely on them up front for the whole season. All of thems that’s gone smells of middle management to me. I don’t think some of them liked old Wenger. Too canny he was!
I seen them banner boys are still around, my nephew says they have some channel on You Television or something. Not my cuppa. Daft as the moon.I know it can hurt when we lose, but ranting and raving like bloody Hitler, what good does that do? What’s dead’s dead. And what’s living needs nurturing. Not sure our clubs like that at the moment? Seems a bit lost.
Feels odd to be disenfranchised doesn’t it? Imagine what its like at my age! Who gives a bugger about old codgers like me? But for you, must be a bit of a surprise and none too funny. But we don’t need to feel like that. It comes round on these idiot folk, in the end.
Look, what I don’t like is if an amateur bloke like me, who loves to watch a bit of classy football thinks he could set it up better than the manager, then somethings wrong. Now old Wenger he could set them up right no complaint from me. So could Terry Neill once he got the players in. Mee didnt keep the team together long enough and that double year could be a bit of a bore, expect there was a passion then that’s gone missing. But passions not enough- its all well and good to go calling for it but its intelligence and calm and intuition that we need. I suppose its these here phones and apps or whatever they’re called that gets peoples minds wandering off over the hills and far away?
Arsenal to me, for the last year has been like the old circuit boards when before it went AC/DC, sort of not getting enough power through and buggering around to much. Its not flowing! Emery has the players but he seems a bit lacking in ability to get them to work together. People say he’s a defensive manager, now old George Graham was tighter than a ducks backside but Emerys not really either way, not really defensive like GG or attacking like AW. Hence me saying not really a great circuit. Well, I suppose we will soon see it all play out before us. But I think we might get a new bloke in soon enough.
Well it was nice of you to think of me, got me up and thinking this morning when I heard you wondered what I thought. Have to admit I thought I was packed up and forgotten forever. Gone for a Burton!
Got me away from my latest read “Frank Whittle and the development of the jet engine”. Truly fascinating. I recommend it. Certainly it will keep you up at night. Now what silly sod had the idea to get rid of libraries? Well hope you can stay positive. Its for the best.
Well cheerio then.

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  1. just thought I’d mention that after seven rounds of games in the Championship Stoke are bottom with one point.

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  2. Cannon Insider
    UPDATE: Elneny has been sent off on his Besiktas debut, reducing the Turkish side to 9 men.

    elneny got a swung arm in the face and he kicked out at the guy and got sent off


  3. afcstuff
    Emiliano Martinez on Leno: “He has more professional matches than me, but in qualities, I am equal to or better than him. I had a great season on loan at Reading & I had offers to leave Arsenal. I wanted to play, after nine years without much rhythm, I wanted to leave.”

    Martinez: “I got the news that I was going to play more games & I decided to stay to try to be number one. I’m very prepared. If I didn’t believe myself of being capable of taking that position, I would not have stayed.”

    “My goal is to reach the Argentine national team. I have the qualities, I need only a little more playing time. I want to add minutes, make a great season, be Arsenal’s number one & have chances of being in the [national] team that plays the Copa America [in] 2020.”


  4. I see Nacho Monreal scored a goal in Real Sociedad’s 2-0 win over Atletico Madrid

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  5. we’ve Anthony Taylor as ref v Watford

    so we are only at the 5th game of the season and we have had Martin Atkinson twice and now Anthony Taylor twice, and had Mike Dean for the other game, are the PGMOL trying to send us a message


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