Arteta’s Arsenal Feeding Humble Pie.

Hello everyone.

In this podcast we look back on our super victory over our recent nemesis. It was a performance full of skill and energy against a Liverpool team, that although perhaps a little below their last few years form, did play as well as I’ve seen them this season. Put it this way, that Liverpool performance would have brushed us aside last year, the year before and the year before that.

The podcast turned into gushing praise for Arteta and the process that we have openly mocked prior to this season. Much humble pie has been swallowed and the egg on my face is acknowledged.

So have a listen and let us know in the comments section what you think .

Pedantic George

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69 comments on “Arteta’s Arsenal Feeding Humble Pie.

  1. Gabriel kicks Bamford and is sent off, and the cunt of a ref has given a penalty despite bamford having fouled Gabriel first


  2. Var asked ref to look at monitor over bamford foul on gabriel


  3. no penalty is the decision, xhaka asking if red still stands, and he is right, the red is turned into a yellow


  4. you know some actually wanted the game to go ahead today with no VAR, oh my imagine that


  5. we are going to win the league, 1-0 to the Arsenal


  6. Ground that one out. Phew. Ok first half, pants in the second.Dirty Leeds will feel hard done by. My nerves feel hard done by too.


  7. our best ever start to a league season, 9 wins from 10, only keegans Newcastle, Klopps liverpool, mancini and peps man city have managed that before, and all but newcastle won the league


  8. Great result.

    Showed not only resilience and grit but showed at times some highly technical, fast pace one touch football, beautiful to watch.

    Great win, Arteta and the team showed good flexibility at the end when they changed to a back 3

    Great win, well done Arteta for setting the club record.


  9. And those legends remain the Invincibles!
    Decent day, yes – fortunate against a clearly motivated and able Leeds but it’s not so often the word “ fortunate” could be used about AFC in recent years


  10. just a thought on the happenings of today, city losing means another season no invincibles, VAR in our game got their decisions correct, it surprised me. We were good in the first half, but lacked something in attack, it was very individual. We lost midfield badly in the second half, Odegaard was very poor in the second half, Jesus was not in the game, Saka who had been outstanding in the first half was not on the ball, it was a game where we needed a big old fashioned target man to bring on up front and have the ball stick and play off him, but we don’t possess one of those. As I said midfield was a bit over run in the second half, and it says it all to me that Sambi Lokonga was once again left on the sidelines and couldn’t be thrown on, I really don’t see him ever making it as a first choice here. Not hard to see why Elneny got ahead of him last season. Does anyone think if Elneny was fit and on the bench today that he would not have been sent out to steady the midfield. We actually brought on Vieira for Odegaard, despite changing formation, for me we needed a CM to come on, but Lokonga it seems is in the same boat Tavares was in for much of last season.
    Gabriel was a very lucky boy today, he was fouled, but what the hell was he kicking out for, be street smart for God’s sake.
    Reinforcements are needed in January


  11. Leeds Leeds Leeds.

    The original club damned by their own craven stupidity. From Revie to Risdale Leeds have one or two Q’s they could choose to answer for the rest of the Football fans.
    I was grateful that with the assistant of the video reply that they continued their atonement for crimes against football with a defeat today. Not that I am biased or partisan.



  12. how the table stands in regards the big six

    Arsenal have a 4pts lead over city and spurs with all 3 having 10 games played
    Chelsea are 8pts back with a game in hand
    Man Utd also have a game in hand and are 11pts back
    Liverpool are 14pts behind with a game in hand
    by the way newcastle are 12pts behind with 10 games played

    I don’t think anyone else will be in contention for a top 6 place, but we are in a very healthy position for a top 4 finish. I know that can change very quickly, but I’d rather have some leeway earned for the sticky patch than being in Liverpool’s position for example.


  13. on wednesday this week Man Utd v spurs, liverpool v west ham and Brentford v Chelsea

    could do with a few favors in those games


  14. To be fair to the Leeds come coach and players they played some brave and good football themselves. Have to respect that.

    Ramsdale had a great game. That is also fair comment! Inspiring performance from the keeper.


  15. Like

  16. our EPL games before the world cup break are

    Southampton away
    Nottingham Forrest home
    Chelsea away
    Wolves away

    we then restart on Boxing day with
    West Ham home

    with Brrighton away on Dec 31st and Newcastle at home on Jan 2nd


  17. This was an absolute fantastic result but a performance to forget and was back to the old days of winning in spite of Mikel not because of him.
    We may have improved dramatically but we still have a very naive manager.


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