Spurs Demolished,Destroyed and Thrashed

Hello one and all.

In this podcast we have a grand old time basking in the reflected glory of a convincing performance from our exciting young team.

No one can question that Arteta has this group playing in a way we have waited for for a few years, it’s all good at present and we should make hay while the sun shines.

Pedantic George

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65 comments on “Spurs Demolished,Destroyed and Thrashed

  1. FT: Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool
    Martinelli, and Saka x2 with our goals, a well deserved win that keeps us top of the league. Gave up their goals far too easily, but a win is a win is a win and we might just be the real deal this season.


  2. fkn nice! Top shit! COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Arsenal now 14pts clear of liverpool, who have a game in hand.


  4. Its hard to age at my age but that added years. Apparently we are top of the league!


  5. Showed a lot of ability , and character, especially in the second half. And nice composure from Saka
    If Southgate doesn’t take White to the World Cup, he’s a bit of a fool


  6. You could see throughout the game Liverpool are a fucking good side and to win this game was remarkable. Many will say they aren’t at the best at the moment but you could see they can cut anyone open at the flick of a switch.
    The spuds win was good especially because it was a derby but this victory was different level.
    The goal just before half time was excellent because Liverpool had been taking apart for a long time and to break like that and be that clinical is something we haven’t been great at in the past. Gabriel to Gabriel who played it in to Gabriel but Gabriel dummies for Saka to score.
    I was worried at half time, even though we were up, we would concede again at least once and Liverpool would overun us but we actually played better in the second half.
    All three goals were scored at critical times and I don’t think that is an accident, I believe we have learnt how to hurt teams when we need to.
    Martinelli, Tommy, Xhaka and Partey all could of been MOTM today and I actually thought it was Partey ‘s best performance in a ARSENAL shirt.
    Today this squad has taken a major step forward and I just feel like running round the block because I have that much adrenaline going through my body.
    All in all a fantastic performance and a fantastic day.

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  7. rumors that the reason Xhaka went mad at Henderson was cos the liverpool man had made a racist remark to Gabriel, its being said that the FA are investigating it, and that was what Oliver was speaking to Arteta and Klopp about near the end of the game.


  8. James Olley
    FA spokesperson: “We are aware of an incident that took place during the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. We are in dialogue with the match officials and will review the details of the incident.”
    FA wouldn’t clarify the details this stage.


  9. Gabriel in big trouble, he called Henderson a Tory

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  10. Does it make me sad to see a rival club hobbled after a superstar player like Mane was taken by a dishonourable superclub?

    In spite of that loss to their squad as Ian notes above Liverpool can still play Football. Unlike Aunty Bleeb’s and Levy’s legions who rose from the foul depths of bogland only to stink out N5 before they sank back under the sludge (What do I think of Tottenham?).


  11. I thought Partey struggled as he was outnumbered in the first half till Arteta rejigged the midfield at HT?

    Could be wrong but I think it was Partey in that first half who niggled Diaz and defanged Liverpool which was very genteel and considerate of him considering that Klopp was happy to drop his happy mask whilst gurning and grimacing & instruct his players to hack Ramsey off the park when he could back in the day.

    If it was intentional from Partey that is up there with the gentle gamesmanship (that’be thanks to double cup winner xhaka I think) that took out Pulisic in the last cup final.


  12. When thinking about our side before the start of the season I hadn’t reckoned on Martinelli blossoming as he has done. He looks a real handful now.


  13. Great win!!!

    Pretty much went blow for blow with a good Champions league side and came out on top and it was comfortable in the end even though the match officials wanted to play on till Monday.

    Partey stood out in the 2nd half after a shaky 1st and I thought Gabriel was weak when dealing with some over head balls.

    Saliba is class. There was a moment at end when I was thinking we need some one to calm the game down as liverpool were on their onslaught and he calmly cushioned a header back to Ramsdale, near our six yard box and the match was won. Loved it.

    Jesus will run through a brick wall for a goal, his hunger and determination is infectious.

    Hoping we can have some consistency now until we break for the worldcup.


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