Leeds Preview and Arteta Contract

Howdy doody folks?

Today we look forward to the Leeds game and discuss why Arteta has a shiny new contract.

Pedantic George

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53 comments on “Leeds Preview and Arteta Contract

  1. Positively Doo wop top ten?

    1. Little Anthony and the Imperials: Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
    2. The Flamingos: Ko Ko Ko
    3. The Harptones: Life is but a dream
    4. The Larks: Rockin’ in the rocket room
    5. The Clovers: Love bug
    6. The Turbans : Your Love
    7. The Flares : Foot stompin’
    8. The Paragons: Florence
    9. The Jewels. Heart of stone
    10 The Marcels : Blue Moon


  2. Hopefully they’ll be plenty of Doo whopping later this week after Tottenham get whupped.

    Happy to hear rumours of an extension for Elneny. Nketiah next after he Bamfored Leeds to score again away in the NLD & bring St.Totteringham home in answer to the spuds favourite song.


  3. Just seen the table.
    If you dare look up the Gunners are one point behind Chelsea? After the run of three defeats this current situation is interesting.

    Could my long held dream (since the December goal-rush heh!) of somehow catching Chelsea come true? They should win at Leeds?

    I’ll try not to think about it. Conte is obviously no muppet and will most likely set up as against Liverpool, which will be a tough challenge. but I remain hopeful!



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