Palace Preview & Arteta’s faultless Process.

Hello again.

In this latest offering of uninformed nonsense we look at the Palace game and babble on about how mistakes have been airbrushed out of Arteta’s history.

Pedantic George

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  1. I think everyones gone on holiday by mistake?

    Good to see the podcast in action. The international ‘break’ was duller than dull?Even poor old Will had to ruin his life to get the post Oscar ratings up(just what someone wanted?) to make it seem more interesting? Makes you wonder though,whose ethical more wayward; the active + antagonistic or the antagonised + reactive? Both seem to rise together in pain spreading? Seemed like a accident waiting to happen, sooner or later? Odd thing was a similar situ happen in Germany the day or so before.

    Shame about the AFCWo, much better in the second half. Have you guys ever thought about doing a show that covers them too?

    Thanks for the pod!



  2. Brilliant Saturday for us but shit Sunday with the spuds and chelski ladies both winning.
    Good to see ARSENAL ladies winning 5-0 a similar win for the men would be brilliant but 3 points of any description actually would be fantastic.

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  5. OT: if you guys get a chance have a look at CODA, it might not be a high art or attempting to be the greatest film ever, but it its well worth a watch.


  6. It’s very good. We really enjoyed it.


  7. Just can’t agree about Leno and Aaron, yes Leno is a good shot stopper but that strangely as it sounds is only a small part of keeping.
    Although Aaron made one mistake the other week previously to that he had made no mistakes leading to conceding a goal.
    Aaron has made some absolutely fantastic saves, some would say some he had no right to make.
    However great keepers are judged on their presence and he is the one that changed the confidence in our back four.
    I also can’t believe George said that he flapped at a few crosses when this is another area he is miles ahead of Dracula Leno who can’t stand crosses and very often just stands on his line.
    Take it from a very old CB Aaron is much better than Leno. Leno was lucky he benefited from a previous Mikel mistake in getting rid of Emi.
    Leno is a good keeper but both Emi and Aaron are better (and not just in distribution) and when he is sold he will not go to a mega team.


  8. COYG.


  9. Our game with the spuds will now be May 12th and will be shown live on Sky


  10. What a night to forget. The fear of injuries stacking up could be realised.


  11. What surprises me is that anyone can be surprised when we play like that.

    We have been doing it all season for large parts if not the entirety of games and managed to beat the even worse teams and lose to better ones.

    The only decent striker we have left after Arteta has removed Auba is Eddie and he only gets 10 minutes a game and shows in that 10 minutes more attacking nous than Lacazette in a whole game.

    Our midfield is so very lightweight in ability including one player who everyone says is world-class and yet who time and again misplaces passes and who when the going gets tough is “injured” and has to go off.

    We have no one capable of a defence-splitting pass (that is provided any of the attacking players can be bothered to run into a space) Arteta having removed the one that we had because he did not like him.

    Perhaps this is a blip or perhaps the chickens are coming home to roost.

    In the meantime, people will continue to see what they want to see, even if it is not there.

    Yes, I have not posted for a while, but that is because I cannot be bothered any more, especially whilst the ” Arteta is the greatest thing since sliced bread” and the “referee was to blame” crowd hold court.

    I believe that I can see rubbish when I see it, even if others can’t.

    I will now step back whilst the hate mail arrives.

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  12. Quelle surprise


  13. Yes jigsol that was not out of the ordinary, not a performance out of nowhere that was a real shocker but good old Mikel apologies to make it look like that.
    However if those of us who hadn’t been reeled in by the media’s mantra of “it’s ARSENAL’s to lose”, top four guaranteed and two hands on the trophy may have warned about this, especially as we had secured top four for the first time in history before the run in started, we must also realise last night wasn’t a disaster.
    In effect it probably just makes everyone wake up to the fact that we are going to have to play well against chelski, manure, hammers and of course the spuds, which we can do but it’s going to be difficult add to that away games at Southampton (our bogey ground) and Newcastle and people might start looking at the run in with a bit more realism.


  14. click like from me.


  15. Keiran needs surgery so is likely to miss the rest of the season which then begs the question who will be our run in left back.
    Tavares has the confidence of a pot of anxiety, so are we going to play him and hope he finds some kind of form.
    Xhaka once again proved he is our best midfielder by far and so it would be difficult to play him there especially against some of the fast wingers we are going to come up against.
    Saka is very good there but again you lose his ability further up the pitch.
    When Tommy comes back Cedric can play there and we could take a chance on a youngster but whichever option we decide on none are ideal.


  16. Actually I was totally forgetting big Bob or playing a back three although both have questions but more options none the less


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